Call ahead seating; Meeting again 37 years later; Two votes for Sheetz; Where was D. Bailey Miles?; Dave Hitchner wants a Coach Room; Spring forward; PAL tournament in A.C.; Bob Shryock, Ed Hilt Hall of Famers Saturday; CCC campus in downtown Millville will do what?


The column that says if they don’t answer the call-ahead-seating extension at Texas Roadhouse, it either means Al Solanik and the Bridgeton Midget Football clan has inundated the place or it’s a typical Friday night and IHOP is a less-busy place for the post-surgery meal, and, boy, was the Ramada Inn parking lot loaded, so does that mean Dakota Prime is the new place to try?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Great story coming out of the Inspira Vineland waiting room.

A woman who traveled in her teenage years with a group of four or five other couples got married to her man and got divorced.

A man in that group also got married to his girl, then got divorced.

Thirty-seven years later, the woman’s son totals his car and she walks into the body shop and there stands the man she once knew as a friend.

“Are you married?” he asked.

“No,” she answered. “Are you?”

“No, and I’m looking for a good woman,” he said with a hug. The hug did it. That was six months ago. They’re getting married in August.

But, first, he had to get a new shoulder.

A vote for a new deli …

“Always stop at Sheetz in Winchester, Va., before getting on 81 when I go to my childhood home to visit. My grandchildren love it.”

— Jane Uhland,

missed at Dr. Levitsky’s

“Love Sheetz.”

— Linda Solanik


Where does D. Bailey Miles fit into all this?

By the way, we asked for her at Inspira today, but either they’re withholding information or she’s on another shift.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if a quality restaurant would find a home where the Coach Room was? Too bad we will have to go so far away.”

— Dave Hitchner

Guess where Dave Hitchner used to take all celebrities coming to the Bridgeton Invitational Baseball Tournament?

The Coach Room.

Time to spring forward Sunday at 2 a.m.

The PAL tournament is tomorrow morning in A.C.!

Bus leaves at 8 a.m.

Who’s buying lunch? The odds are 2 to 1 on Mayor Albert Kelly, and 5 to 2 on Pascale Sykes.

Well, that’s another Saturday John Fuqua won’t make it to the radio station.

Ed Hilt and Bob Shryock getting inducted into the All Sports Museum of Southern New Jersey Saturday at 11 a.m. at 8 Burt St., Bridgeton, NJ 08302.

The 1980 Phillies and 1980 Eagles should be there for Hilt. He covered both for the Press of Atlantic City his first year there.

Shryock is still writing his column for the South Jersey Times.

Both can tell you of low points in their excellent careers, especially Shryock, who was unceremoniously let go by the Woodbury Times when Harte-Hank took over.

He went to the Courier-Post and made lemonade out of lemons before returning triumphantly to the Times after Harte-Hank unceremoniously left town.

You never know in the newspaper business.

We had the pleasure of growing old reading both.

This about the Cumberland County College campus revitalizing the Millvlle downtown …

“I think no amount of foot traffic for coffee and donuts is going to overcome the lack of real estate taxes, increased public spending of taxpayers money instead of private capital and even less downtown parking.”

— Taking Back Millville

Led to this …

“But wait, 60 students buying coffee at the UEZ tax rate is 60 X $2 a cup is $120 times the UEZ rate. I’ll round it up to $4 in taxes a day for $6+ million plus other kickbacks, or I mean contracts, err I mean grants, or loans, well sorry so much slush money, or I mean investments into this project I simply can’t keep track.

“So many ways this could have been done differently, but it is for the politically connected to decide. Rinse, repeat and then wonder why it does not work, blame the previous administrations and then repeat.

“Did I miss anything in my quick off the cuff post? My building is about the same square footage and I invested $355,000 of my own money into my building in Millville, not taxpayers, and if it was them spending taxpayer money it would have been 6+ Million, but, then again, the people would buy coffee.”

— Gary E. Meyer

Which led to this …

“The question is, is Vineland, Millville and Bridgeton actually graduating kids with the skills to even make change at a cash register. I heard passing is 50. Really, 70 used to be the line.

“And there is so many remedial courses at colleges only support my theory we’re just passing kids. Giving free CCC college tuition is great, but, in the ’90s, kids would drop their courses and free tuition would be refunded back to them to spend on vacations and clothing.

“Please note, I’m not saying 100%, but I deal with a lot of residents that graduated from the 1990s through 2010s, and they don’t have the basic skills or ambition to get ahead.”

— Taking Back Millville

Only shoppers can revitalize downtowns, and they’ve all fled to the malls or Walmarts — or both, and we’re all them.

YOU CAN BOOK ITUnique purchases only go so far.

Call ahead seating; Meeting again 37 years later; Two votes for Sheetz; Where was D. Bailey Miles?; Dave Hitchner wants a Coach Room; Spring forward; PAL tournament in A.C.; Bob Shryock, Ed Hilt Hall of Famers Saturday; CCC campus in downtown Millville will do what?

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