Union Hall Concert; Union Hall breakfast; Gina Collini remembers Cheryl Pace on 92.1 FM, but first, John Fuqua; First Love Unbroken Program; Linda Eisenberg takes the cat; Hampton Street ugly again; Memorial service for Jim Williams; National Pancake Day; Deanna’s hair coming back!


The column that says Byron Hitchner at DiLisi’s makes you feel good when he says, “My grandmother says you used to be famous” and then combs his 17-year-old, signature hair that he doesn’t know he’s going to lose in a few years, like his boss, Sal DiLisi, who brought his daughter Nancy to work today.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

One of the members of the North-West-Pittsgrove World Series Softball All Star team graduated from Cumberland Regional in January, a half-year early, so we’ll entertain no more talk about dumb jocks.

Want to know how a CRHS field hockey goalie winds up carrying a badge in New Castle County?

Tune in Saturday at 1 p.m. to 92.1 FM where Gina Collini, daughter of the legendary animal lover Cheryl Pace, who passed away at age 63 in 2014 will tell good police stories and good stories about her mom.



A little history.

Dec. 17, 2016

Eating good across the Delaware …

“So I drag myself into the Middletown Subway to get a meal before a long night ahead.

“Manager said get whatever you want, a man came in last week and paid for the next 10 police officers’ meals.

“I was like, WOW! I still got the sub of the day that was cheaper, but what a nice surprise!”

— Gina Collini,

County police officer

CRHS hockey goalie



But, first, Bridgeton PAL will talk success and you at noon, if you are part of their success in a basketball rivalry with Millville PAL.

John Fuqua looks on the bright side. The last time he was on, Debbie Savigliano of Bianca’s Kids gave John’s program $1,000.  She could be included.

A concert of gospel and blues will be held on Saturday, March 18, at 7 p.m., in the historic Union Hall, 904 Main St., Dividing Creek. The program will feature Jill Ransom & Jericho Road, Steve Byrne and guest musicians. Come out to the Union Hall for a great evening of music.

Your donations will benefit the Dividing Creek Historical Society as we continue to preserve and maintain the Union Hall.

Refreshments will be served. For more information call 609-805-8545 or856-447-4470.

An all you can eat breakfast will be held on Saturday, March 25, from 7 to 10:30 a.m. in the Union Hall, 904 Main St., Dividing Creek. The regular breakfast includes mackerel, sausage gravy, pancakes, sausage, home style potatoes, eggs, biscuits, muffins, toast and beverages.

Mackerel is served.as first come, first served. Breakfast is $10, children ages 3-8 is $5 and ages 2 and under is free. Takeouts are available. For more information call 856-447-4470 or 856-785-2013.

— Jean Nocon,

Dividing Creek Historical Society

They put on great shows at Union Hall, built as the home for three lodges in 1897 right on the main drag through Cedarville and into Dividing Creek.

Get Jean Nocon to take you up to the second floor.

The good thing about the refreshments is they have a certified kitchen, and if you can get Janice Laws to bake a cake, woo wee!

For everyone who loves the Lord and knows that He is able to transform lives, pass this website on.

Calling all angel Investors and supporters, there are no lost causes in the Kingdom.”

— Redeemed Royalty,

First Love Unbroken Program



Mike Abbott loves Heroin & Hallelujah shows.

“First Love Unbroken”

“Mission Statement”

To be “committed” to leading individuals to an “action” of gaining or regaining possession of  “sobriety” in exchange for a payment already “paid in full” from their First Love Unbroken.

Sobriety is the bank in which a “redeemed lifestyle” is housed, the richness of that lifestyle depends on how much you take from it.

“Vision Statement”

We will promote and develop a “wholeness” in men and women. A wholeness that comes from a “transformed” and “renewed” mind.

We will inspire these men and women who have gone through struggle, whom bears the mark of testimony, to have a vision of positive purpose for their future.

We will build lives with the understanding of self-worth through the eyes of the  One whose First Love is Unbroken.

Dealing with the physical aspect of the long term recovery process, we will initiate weight training and exercise programs; this portion of the training will be combined with a healthy balanced menu for all clients.

Scheduled sleep time, quiet time and relaxation training are essential for reprograming the body and preparing the individual for physical activity in his or her new life.

Dealing with discipline of the body will be one of the first parts of the program, but will continue throughout all phases and prayerfully will continue through their new found life.

Setting goals for our bodies will give us the ability to overcome obstacles that we and others can see. Confidence in our temple will give us motivation to become better disciples in the Kingdom.

We will have certified nutritionist, guess speakers and trainers to help inspire and motivate all clients and staff in this Redeemed walk of long term recovery in Christ.

First Love Unbroken, Inc.

148 N. Connecticut Avenue

Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401


“Hey, good job brother! Hey, Jack Hummel, this is my friend. He needs to get on your radio show to share his program.”

— Michael Mickey Williams Jr.,

Minor Adjustments

First Step

Remember the stubborn cat who refuses to live inside?

“Picking up a cat on Saturday from the CCSPCA. Apparently, he prefers the great outdoors no matter what, so my outdoor shelter will be his safe haven … stubborn cat!”

— Linda Eisenberg,

Rescue Dogs Rock


Let’s march for $1 trillion to be appropriated for curing cancer!

We used to live on the 100 block of Hampton Street, where a pizza delivery robbery took place. We were at both 164 and 193.

We also rented a room for $8 a week on lower Hampton Street after first coming to Bridgeton.

Hampton Street was a hot spot for gang fights maybe 10 years ago.

It has crept west from Giles Street. Rentals, rentals, rentals.

We knew South Giles Street is bumper to bumper with drug traffic. The scourge has been creeping toward Broad Street all the way from Cottage Avenue.

But don’t ask residents to complain, and, remember, it’s not just the projects that need mentoring.

There’s one suspect on the arrest list that totally surprised us because his father attended the violence meetings called by the mayor a couple of years ago.

Breaks your heart!

“Good evening.

“I just spoke with Cecilia and she gave me information about Jim Williams’ service, which she said to pass on.

“A memorial service will be conducted in the gymnasium of Cumberland County College on Saturday, March 25, from 6-9 p.m. It is the first available date, but she wanted to have it there since Jim loved The Dukes and this will be the last gift she can give him.

“Food and beverages will be served there also. People who have offered to prepare food, bring drinks, or supply paper products can contact me so that I can keep a list of what we have and keep track of what we will need.

“She is very overwhelmed and thankful for all the love that everyone is showing Jim. Everyone has given her so much support and she can’t thank you all enough.

“I will be posting updates on the planning and reminders as the date gets closer. Thank you all so much.”

— Marietta Clendaniel



National Pancake Day is just around the corner!

Join IHOP in restaurant on March 7, from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., for a FREE short stack of original buttermilk pancakes.

In return, they ask that you make a donation to our charitable partners. Every stack served helps us reach our goal of raising $3.5 million for children battling critical illnesses.

— IHOP adjoining Ramada Inn

Buckwheat pancakes are actually healthy!

YOU CAN BOOK IT: “My hair’s coming back! Yeah!” — Deanna Speranza-Murphy.

Union Hall Concert; Union Hall breakfast; Gina Collini remembers Cheryl Pace on 92.1 FM, but first, John Fuqua; First Love Unbroken Program; Linda Eisenberg takes the cat; Hampton Street ugly again; Memorial service for Jim Williams; National Pancake Day; Deanna’s hair coming back!

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