Mario D’Agostino remembered; Broad Street School Debate Team; Shep in suit; Alex Calabrese; Race driver Pete Visconti; Jorje Romero for fitness director; Fix Sunset Lake; Donut Day Tuesday, and what not to eat; Couch, Shiflet and Mooney famous bowlers; Seven Sisters documented; Bob Thompson’s legacy



The column that says every time we come across Mario D’Agostino, we remember that time in Queens New York when he managed the North Cumberland Softball All Stars in the Eastern Regionals, and they won  their first two games and were declared the favorites, only to lose, and we will never forget the Long Island Expressway, where tow trucks ride up and down all day long waiting for accidents.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Mario D’Agostino is also the man who helped Jim Bergmann work on the tombstones at Broad Street Cemetery before his stroke a couple of years ago, gut we saw him at DiLisi’s, so we know he’s eating well.

The Broad Street School Debate Team is alive and well all the way down to 5th grade, which is unheard of …

“Dear Mr. Hummel,

“We have two remaining competitions:

“1) March 18/Final GSDL event at Cedar Hill Prep School, Somerset.

“(2) May 6/Eastern States Nationals at Clifton T. Barkalow Middle School in Freehold.

“We are waiting to hear exactly how many teams will qualify for the Eastern Nationals.  We practice every Tuesday and Wednesday at Broad Street School. I will ask Ms. Guess for approval to be interviewed either on the air or at Broad Street on Monday.

“Thank you for being a voice for our program.”

— Shawn Bridges,


7th & 8th Grade Teacher

8th Grade Class Advisor

Debate Team Co-Advisor

School Improvement Team

District Data Team

District Evaluation & Assessment Committee

School Safety Team

Cultural Diversity Team

“Be civil to all, sociable to many, familiar with few, friend to one, enemy to none.”

— Benjamin Franklin

The tongue has no bones, but is strong enough to break a heart.

Bob Thompson’s legacy …

April 2, 2011.

Who knew Bob Thompson has initials after his name, like Flavia Alaya?

The man has a master’s.

The man taught school full time and fixed up houses in his spare time.

That’s how he got started.

Know what else he did?

The biggest landlord in Bridgeton hired students to help him after school.

But, there’s more to this story.
Thompson not that long ago sent out 1,000 letters to tenants in an effort to have them become homeowners and not renters.
He asked them to contact him to see if they qualify, telling them local banks could help them.
He got four responses.
Three of them didn’t qualify.

On suddenly becoming a suit …

“Actually, I had to attend a funeral.

“For all those who went to school in Greenwich with me, Kenny Mosley died last night. He also went to BHS and lost part of one finger in wood working class.”

— Shep



“After I cut out all the news sources and unfollowed those who post nothing but political posts, constantly, it is amazing on the small amount of notifications I get from Facebook.

“I do my best to avoid politics, not always successful. But it is refreshing not to bother with it on Facebook. It really boils down to I do not care how much you love or hate the President. If that is your whole life you’ve become a boor.

“There’s a lot more to life than politics, that’s for sure.”

— Alex Calabrese

It’s always somebody trying to tell you how to think.

“My thoughts for the day:

“I watched the races at Volusia last night, and every late model driver heat race winner and the ones in redraw expressed there displeasure with the hard slick one lane racing surface, stating that if they don’t work on the track, where you start is where you will finish.

“The track crew did a good job and the late model race was a good and entertaining race. The winner drove from mid-pack to win.

“In the Modified race, the track was on its way back to where it was and racy for only a few laps. Not good racing and not entertaining. I hope promoters took notice that no one likes slick one lane tracks fans or drivers.”

— Pete Visconti,

Rosenhayn Rocket

From our radio partner …

“I’m happy I forced myself out of bed and went on a much-needed run this morning. It was bit cold, but I warmed up soon enough.

“Three miles in 9:15-9:46 a.m.. I guess the cold put a pep in my step. But I still need a lot of improvement. I would like to drop my times down by 2 minutes, 30 seconds or better. I didn’t have my phone so I had to use the clock on the kitchen stove.”

— Jorje Romero

Jorje, you could be Mayor Albert Kelly’s city fitness director.

Bob Thompson will make sure you can have the high school stadium track any morning.

Now, let’s get bullyish, if you describe it as such.

Sunset Lake is a disaster, under than to look at. It is not deep enough to stay unpolluted. This summer — like the others before the flood — is going to be marred by days or weeks of no swimming because of pollution because the lake is not deep enough.

It is the only public swimming venue in the city.

We made lemonade out of lemons with the storm thanks to the new, state-of-the-art raceway and promenade winding through the park, and now we have an inoperable lake that no one is trying to fix.

And how long will the amphitheater lie fallow, and how long will it take for promoter Bob Rose’s triumphant return to the city, and we’re not shilling for him because he’s never asked anything from us, and now he owns all the Ocean City entertainment dates.

Somebody do something! The taxes will go up next year and the year after that and the year after that because ratables (the tax base) in the city is only going down unless somebody like Rob Weinstein grabs the spiral by the throat and chokes it to death.

Mark Couch Jr. has bowled 10 300 games.

Should he be in the All Sports Museum of Southern New Jersey, where no bowler’s legacy resides, except maybe Peg Gray?

In the Ray Massie Tournament at Campani’s Legacy Lanes, Couch won the singles with a 743 series.

Brian Shiflet and Ray Mooney won doubles as Shiflet rolled a 741 and Mooney a 723 for a 1464 aggregate.

That’s two more candidates for the sports hall of fame. There might be 50 300 among them.

Fat Tuesday is this week.

Is Pastor Donald Johnston cooking the pancake breakfast?

Is Century Bakery going to be mobbed? Is a whale’s rear end wet?

There will no donuts left.

A little history.


Bridgeton’s Wayne Ersnt says a lot of people forget Donut Day, then lament it’s passing later on.

“’My grandparents immigrated from Austria, so they brought the tradition with them.

“Polish bakeries do Paczki Day, which is pretty much the same thing.

Among the special items in big demand: “Tire” donuts big enough to share with a friend- or two or three; square Fastnacht donuts “said to bring good luck,” and peanut butter buttercream filled donuts.

He also says people who don’t give up sweets for Lent also come out on Fat Tuesday.

Here is a sampling of ShopSmart’s unhealthy health foods and what to try instead:

Their colors may be mesmerizing, but they’re usually high in calories and fat and they don’t count as a serving of vegetables.

TRY THIS instead! Have some air-popped popcorn or dried veggies. Try the Just Tomatoes brand of dried vegetables because they have no added fat, salt, or anything else.

It’s usually high in sugar, fat, and calories and relatively low in vitamins and minerals. There are about 400 calories in a cup.

TRY THIS instead! Have a bowl of an airy, oat-based cereal, like Cheerios, which topped ShopSmart’s last tests of kid-friendly cereals. For extra crunch and sweetness, add just a sprinkling of granola on top.

A lot of turkey hot dogs are surprisingly high in fat, and some are even higher in fat than regular hot dogs. They also might contain loads of sodium and nitrates.

TRY THIS instead! A turkey breast sandwich is a better choice. But if you’re really craving that hot dog, read packages and go for the turkey version with the least fat.

While vitamin infused waters do have some added nutrients, they’re often loaded with sugar and sometimes caffeine.

TRY THIS instead! Have plain old H2O with a squeeze from a lemon, lime or orange slices.

They’re usually huge — enough for two people sometimes — and high in calories and sometimes fat. White flour tortillas often have 300 to 400 calories alone, and offer little nutritional value.

TRY THIS instead! Have a sandwich on whole-grain or whole-wheat bread. When shopping for bread, make sure whole grain is first on the ingredient list.


Seven Sisters history.

Dec. 2, 2o09

More on the Seven Sisters.

There are six buildings joined together on West Commerce Street, in Bridgeton.

Next to them is Woodruff Paints.

Many people mistakenly think Woodruff’s is the seventh sister.

There are only six sisters left of the Seven Sisters because 2 W. Commerce St. fell into the river during the flood of 1934.

It was owned by Sam Feinstein’s grandfather.

“It was the only building he ever bought as an investment,’’ said the present-day Feinstein, a dentist on Franklin Street. “After it fell in the river, he never bought another one. Imagine coming out of the Great Depression and making what looked like a safe investment …’’

YOU CAN BOOK IT: And the diets start on Wednesday end on St. Patrick’s Day.

Mario D’Agostino remembered; Broad Street School Debate Team; Shep in suit; Alex Calabrese; Race driver Pete Visconti; Jorje Romero for fitness director; Fix Sunset Lake; Donut Day Tuesday, and what not to eat; Couch, Shiflet and Mooney famous bowlers; Seven Sisters documented; Bob Thompson’s legacy

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