John Paff coming on 92.1 FM; Campani’s Legacy Lanes; Police Explorers; Leslie Bailey signed for March 4 on 92.1 FM; Call in tributes to Jim Williams; Shep on Goose Goslin; Jim Williams post; Millville Target helps Code Blue; Jorje Romero laments city park trash leavers; All the custard stands open


The column that says you never know who’s coming to 92.1 FM on Saturday at noon, because last week Jim Williams took a turn for the worse and couldn’t call in before passing, and we haven’t heard from West Cumberland Little League since the president popped in to our hospital room in Elmer and said, “I’ll be there.”

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


Phone: 856-237-6645

U.S. Army: RA13815980

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Good evening!

So we got John Paff, the man who specializes in Open Public Records Act requests from municipalities back on 92.1 FM again to talk about how infighting on Bridgeton City Council is not reason to go into executive session.

Some months ago, economic development director Kevin Rabago heard some derogatory comments about not having a plan for the future and remarked that if was going to get raked over the coals, is was going to be in executive session.

But he didn’t and they didn’t have to.

Why can’t we be like Fairfield, where slamming each other is the first order of business and usually leads to a lawsuit.

“The Police Explorers are a group of high school aged students who are interested in a career in law enforcement. We have an album dedicated for the Explorers if you want to see some of the Explorers we have in the program past and present.”

— Bridgeton PAL


South Jersey Community Reentry Coalition held at Cumberland County College Guest Speakers: Michael (Mickey) Williams Jr., founder Minor Adjustment Program/ Anywhere but Backward & Leslie Bailey, Senior Student/Social Service & Drug Alcohol Certification.

She’s coming on 92.1 FM to talk drugs and alcohol on March 4, at noon.

Jorje Romero and Mike Abbott will definitely be on.

We would like to do a tribute show to Jim Williams, the Cumberland County College sports announcer who we suddenly lost this week after a year of suffering without seeing sunshine.

If you want to call to talk about Jim, please do.


Jim pictured with Josh Lewis from Spike’s “Repo Games.”

 and post production.—

Correction: The BHS Class of ’58 newsletter is written by Loretta Dilks, not Betty Dilks.

Shep reminisces …

“Robin Roberts was a Phillies pitcher and Grandmom Shep used to cuss like hell when they lost, which was most of the time.

“As for my man Goose (Goslin), got a lot of stuff on him. Last time I saw him, he was sitting on Main Street so drunk he could not find his way back to Bayside.

“I drove him home and walked back to Greenwich.

“When he did move to Roadstown, Pop bought his truck.”

— Shep

Jim Williams on Jan. 27, 2017 …

“Tomorrow evening marks two weeks since coming to MeadowView Rehab.

“It’s been an interesting 13 days so far. I’ve gone from not walking with a walker to being able to walking down the hall with one, albeit wobbly at times.

“Transferring from sitting to standing is still difficult without some level of assistance. Yesterday, for instance, I couldn’t get from sitting in a wheelchair to standing on a scale without the help of others.

“Oh, by the way, I’m closer to my senior year weight having lost about 10 pounds since being here.

There have been embarrassing moments, to be sure, but the staff here has been accommodating to my needs.

Do I feel stronger? A little, I suppose. Do I notice progression in things? Yeah, I guess. I know this is a process that will take many more days and weeks.

“The support of friends like you and family truly does help more than you’ll ever know.”

— Jim Williams,

CCC Dukes sports announcer hoping to make spring training.

“Shoutout to Millville Target for their donation of a gift card to help us out at Millville Code Blue. They called me today and I went over and picked up the card this afternoon. This will be put to good use next time we have Code Blue.

“Looks like in a week or two we will be getting some more cold weather coming in.

“Don’t forget to support the businesses that help the citizens of Millville. If you go in make sure you let them know how much we appreciate their support of our community!”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke,

Millville Code Blue

“Started off strong and fizzled out running through the trails, lol.

“Used my cool down walk as an opportunity to clean up the park as I walked the paths. I must have picked up at least 20 plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

“Why are people so damn ignorant and dirty? How hard is to take your trash with you or place in a trash can?”

— Jorje Romero

Rita’s open.

So is Pennsville custard stand, Verona’s in Vineland and Blinker in Millville.

And all people can think about is when the cold will return.

You would have bitched about the taste of the fish and the staleness of the bread when Christ fed the 5,000.

If you’re going to doubt something, doubt the bad stuff.

What’s happening at Campani’s Legacy Lanes …

BRIAN SHIFLET 246-215-230 691
ORVILLE JOHNSON 243-236-177 656
BOB DUBOIS 214-216-224 654
TOM HUCK 211-187-244 642
BYRON CALAKOS 201-255-175 631
STEPHANIE ARCHETTO 172-203-251 626
JOE DIMPRIMO JR 199-178-245 622
CHRIS HUNTLEY 202-204-215 621
HARRY WEEKS 267-206-148 621
FRED KENDALL 222-232-163 617
CHARLIE BROWN 157-235-224 616
ALFRED PIERCE 180-277-154 611
ALFRED PIERCE 259-236-238 733
DAVE ZIEGER 231-201-197 629
SAMANTHA TAYLOR 209-237-171 617
MARK LACY 199-185-231 615
NATE LANGSTON JR 216-233-161 610
MIKE LAMBERT 214-211-177 602
RON WILSON 192-220-222 634
PETE SAMS 208-202-206 616
STEVE 236-180-198 614
PAUL DODD 211-209-179 599
JOHN KUTNEY 231-178-177 586
GARY MARTINELLI SR 196-146-222 564
DAVE HITCHNER 197-181-170 548
CHARLIE BROWN 139-194-211 544
PHIL PROCIDA JR 182-204-146 532
ROE GRESMER 188-151-168 507
JOHNNIE WILSON 215-211-237 663
TYLER MASSIE 204-204-171 579
TOTIANA MIRANDA 176-216-177 569
LOGAN RIDDLE 169-225-172 566
ERIC JOHNSON 135-174-223 552
CAROLECE HENRY 158-161-195 514
JAYSON HAGUE 232-196-223 651
RON BYRD 186-215-182 583
BRIAN KEEN 190-165-160 515
DON HEBERT 177-186-151 514
RAY MOONEY 299-236-228 763
TYLER SHUMATE 270-205-270 745
DAVE FRANCE 226-270-224 720
DAVE HEMPLE 256-258-182 696
JAMES MESSECK 196-253-243 692
GARY BERES 214-279-191 684
BRYSON COTTMAN 181-288-215 684
MARK KAZAOKA 224-233-226 683
JOE ANDERSON 240-226-205 671
SID JOHNSON 165-247-256 668
DENNIS BRADY 253-223-191 667
JIM SANTORA 236-256-195 667
DAVE WILLIAMSON 221-235-204 660
SUGIE HENRY SR 214-226-209 649
MIKE PETIT 234-221-189 644
RICKY HOLLENWEGER 203-214-224 641
HERB HESTON 215-190-233 638
DEAN GAINES 166-269-201 636
BRIAN SHIFLET 179-199-255 633
JAYSON HAGUE 195-202-224 621
PATRICK HEBERT 219-220-182 621
BOBBY HOUGH 246-203-168 617
ALFRED PIERCE 179-190-246 615
JUSTO LOPEZ 247-224-144 615
NICHOLAS DURHAM 185-227-202 614
WAYNE GONZALES 201-168-245 614
KENNETH PUGH 226-204-179 609
PAUL LAWRENCE 184-174-247 605
DAVE RUSSO 180-232-191 603
HOWIE BAILEY 228-177-197 602
KARL HERMAN 188-192-221 601
JEFF TANIGUCHI 186-230-185 601
ROBERT FITZGERALD 204-219-178 601
JOE COX 180-266-182 628
DAN MILLER 180-183-246 609
DANNY MILLER 206-203-169 578
ZACHARY SLOBODA 192-132-244 568
TIM JACOBSEN 213-161-188 562
STEVE MORRIS 172-177-210 559
TRACEY MILLER 200-185-152 537
WAYNE BUMP 192-190-153 535
ERIC JOHNSON 198-158-178 534
JERRY GROOVER 156-203-149 508
MIKE DEFALCO JR 266-255-257 778
DAVE ZIEGER 286-247-234 767
PETER EVANS 220-289-257 766
RAY MOONEY 235-256-251 742
FISH SAMMONS 192-246-275 713
TRAVIS CLARKE 236-231-235 702
TINY LITTLE 248-234-197 679
AL CARTER 226-216-227 669
BRIAN SHIFLET 195-227-247 669
PRISCILLA LOGAN 235-201-225 661
GARY STARCHER 235-213-204 652
MARK COUCH JR 246-193-212 651
MIKE PIERCE 244-179-222 645
AL PIERCE 265-168-209 642
ABE JONES 235-211-193 639
AUSTIN BOONE 192-199-247 638
SID JOHNSON 243-170-215 628
JON PIERRE 224-207-196 627
BRYSON COTTMAN 189-211-225 625
KARL HERMAN 186-234-191 611
SHANE HARRIS 212-192-204 608
PATRICK HEBERT 202-180-224 606

YOU CAN BOOK IT: If you want to galvanize an effort, keep posting ad nauseum about how great you were before losing, and the other side will get more embedded with every word.

John Paff coming on 92.1 FM; Campani’s Legacy Lanes; Police Explorers; Leslie Bailey signed for March 4 on 92.1 FM; Call in tributes to Jim Williams; Shep on Goose Goslin; Jim Williams post; Millville Target helps Code Blue; Jorje Romero laments city park trash leavers; All the custard stands open

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