Shawn Bridges expanding debate team; Offensive line all-important; Message to Bridgeton City Council; BHS Class of ’58; We don’;t need lists and polls to tell us what we are; Shep on dead deer; Duker T having hand surgery; Jim Williams gone; Crazy drivers; DiLisi’s fundraiser overflowing;


The column that says Broad Street School teacher Shawn Bridges now has 5th-graders on his debate team, while any other schools who are doing it at all concentrate on 7th- and 8th-graders, and we want him on the radio Saturday to talk bout the good kids he has because that’s what Michael Mickey Williams said to do, and also because Mike Abbott has come down with the Boston flu.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Now that one has been traded, how did the Sixers wind up with three centers anyway?

As long as the Eagles do not have an offensive line ranked in the top 3 in the NFL, they will never get to the Super Bowl, even with St. Peter quarterbacking.

Suddenly, the Raiders have a great QB, but they also have the second best offensive line of all the hogs.

Bridgeton City Council is doing something … arguing.

“The minutes of the Council’s Sept. 6, 2016, closed meeting, however, show that only one ‘personnel’ matter was discussed.

“The minutes recite: ‘Councilman Spence inquired about the meaning of a remark made by Councilman Surrency at last Work Session.  Councilman Surrency responded that there was no meaning.’

“This discussion, which on its face does not involve the hiring, firing or discipline of specific a public employee, does not appear to qualify for a closed-door meeting under the OPMA’s personnel exception. Rather, it appears to be a skirmish between two Council members regarding a remark made during a previous public meeting.

“Similarly, the Aug. 16, 2016, closed minutes disclose that Councilman Zapolski distributed documents ‘that refuted claims made by Councilman Surrency’ during a previous meeting.

“Again, this appears to be more of a scuffle between two Council members than a confidential discussion regarding a specific public employee.”

— John Paff,

Open Public Records Act guru

We need John calling in by phone on Saturday to fill us in.

And we must say this about any governing body elected to serve the people from here to Washington, D.C.

You are elected to accomplish at all cost, especially in a place that is plummeting in ratables every year and forced to raise taxes. You didn’t run to get into name-calling and stalling.

Get over it and get it done, or your legacy will not be a pretty one!

“”I feel that life is passing me by too quick — time to socialize a bit with old friends and relax.”

— Elsie Girock Smith,

BHS Class of 1958

From Betty Dilks’ Class of 1958 newsletter …

Dear Classmates,

Our January luncheon turnout was outstanding as I heard from many of you via email and/or phone.  I did bump into Betty Higbee who shared that she and Janice Laws who was with her hubby, John attended as well as Jack McEnery who hails from Pitman.

Elsie Girock Smith attended January’s luncheon.   She said, “I enjoy your newsletters so much  and I print the pictures.”  Thank you so much for adding me to your list.  I am still working full time;  keeps the mind functioning .”

Also attending were Emma Price,  Mary Sanders, Ruth Ann Cossaboon, Pauline, Joan Hemple, Jean Ritter, Ginny Riley, Everett and Nancy, Pearl Riley, Gordon and Bev Tozer, Janice and Bill Richardson, Gennie Dillon and son, George, Joe A. and Rosemary, Frank Mossman, George and Angel, and George and Marian Moore.

Just think, that class was one year too early to achieve immortality.

The Class of ’59 anywhere is considered the creme de la creme.

Reference: Any Class of ’59 member

And “Class of ’57 Had A Dream.”

Let’s use our resources to compile a list.

No, wait, let’s take a poll.

And let’s make the list about the worst of anything in the state. Let’s not use the resource to do something about the worst, but let’s just list them, but why?

Do drive people away from these places?

Got news for you, the people who live in these places already know how poor, how unhealthy, how uneducated, how crime ridden and how drug ridden they are.

So what’s the purpose when you could be writing about those doing something about it who can use all the help they can get.

Like Shawn Bridges.

Like Jerry Young and Terry Gould.

Like Cindi Stanger Cooke.

Like Debbie Savigliano.

Like Bryan Real and John Fuqua and the Bridgeton and Millville PAL and the Pascale Sykes Foundation and CASA.

The last polls we remember were taken just before the presidential election and had Donald Trump at 33 percent.

How many poll takers did they fire?

The tributes are pouring in about the passing of Cumberland County College sports announcer Jim Williams …

“I can’t believe the news of Jim’s passing. We spoke via FB and text messages often about CCC sports.”

— Stu Berman

The CCC athletes who tugged on him to cover their game and not the other boys/girls must be devastated.

The fans loved him.

“Somme asshole shot a deer about a quarter-mile from my house about 9:30 last night.

“Cut one back strap out and left the rest. What a waste! It was a one-antler spike seen all year.”

— Shep

“Duker T will not be making soup next week due to carpal tunnel hand surgery on Friday.

“Will let you know when I will have soup again.”

— Bob Barber

About crazy driving …

“I guess NJDO vans don’t think they have to stop at busy 4-ways.

“Van 344 went through it at Centerton and Big Oak roads at 12:05 p.m. Wednesday.

“Glad I was paying attention.”

— safe driver

“Just got back from shopping and we saw a school bus with no kids, thank God, run a stop sign. People drive crazy.”

— observant driver

“I drive a white senior van for Salem County Specialized Transportation.

“I see crazy stuff all day. I’ve been run off the road I don’t know how many times, passed on the right, given the finger and, for what, to get one car ahead.

“When I see them at a light, I beep and wave to them.

— safe van driver

People need to get there in a hurry. That’s the way we’re programmed.

If we all wore jet packs, there would still be people who would want to get to Vineland in 2 minutes, not 3.

We’ll have the same problems in individual rockets going to Mars. We have to get there!

“I would like to thank everyone who came out to support my son at DiLisi’s Restaurant last night. The community support was just overwhelming.

“A big shoutout to Sal and Nancy DiLisi and their staff at the restaurant who did a remarkable job with the huge volume people who came out to support Jonathan.

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

— Fred G. Hovermann

“You are very welcome! Glad we can show our support! You are a wonderful family and very important to our community!

“Thank you for keeping us safe!”

— Nancy DiLisi,

DiLisi’s Ristorante & Pizza

Takeouts were included in the 15 percent fundraiser and so many calls came in, the list went from the counter down to the floor.

A friend of waitress Katie Doodle came to order two salads and they told him they would take an hour. The cars in the parking lot stretched all the way to Cornwell Drive. There was a wait to be seated.

Don’t ever say the area doesn’t turn out!

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Fundraising is the best way to feel the love!

Shawn Bridges expanding debate team; Offensive line all-important; Message to Bridgeton City Council; BHS Class of ’58; We don’;t need lists and polls to tell us what we are; Shep on dead deer; Duker T having hand surgery; Jim Williams gone; Crazy drivers; DiLisi’s fundraiser overflowing;

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