Nothing like animal lovers; On beating food obsession; Sweeney speaks in Bridgeton; Throwing money at education; About homeless on warmer days; Top Dog’s mini pizza bites; Anybody buy locally anymore?; Top scores at Campani’s; Defriended haven’t changed


The column that says when you’re an animal lover and you have a great vet, it’s a good day to be an animal lover, and when a tech at an orthopedic setting told us she spent $5,000 on a surgery for her pet that lived only another five months — and she would do it again — it erased all the bad memories of pit bull fighting and other cruelty to animals.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

On beating food obsession …

“There are a few medical complications in connection with it.

“Find activities which you enjoy and consider a diet pill if you think as if you take some extra support.

“You must consume less than your burn in calories and energy.”


Nobody has that much energy.

At one time in the early 1990s, we could do 2 hours, 45 minutes on a Stairmaster (probably not correctly!) without stopping.

And burned out.

Thinking about going every day, even with Jim Quinn and Bob Smith there for encouragement — not to mention Mary Corson — was too much.

Everything in moderation, the Pakistani urologist said. And he was right. But, what if a healthy grilled chicken salad needed a piece of carrot cake with ice cream to reach satisfaction.

What if you can’t pass a 32-ounce steak in the case on payday at Texas Roadhouse? What if the cinnamon rolls in the basket have your name written on each one?

What if the metal appetizer basket at DiLisi’s contains little strips of pizza along with bread sticks that can only be savored by ramming the ends in the little butter cups in the bottom of diet breaker?

It’s not about being hungry. It may be the same as the degenerate bettor who they wants to lose. Maybe we subconsciously want to be fat to ward off social commitments.

Who knows?

Not the people who offer solutions that Americans spend $4 billion on annually.

But, anyway, down 61 pounds until determination is overcome by alternative hunger.

Speaking to a meeting of the Bridgeton Rotary Club, Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney said that the role of state government and local civic organizations is critically important in helping to address the needs of the disadvantaged and to provide support for communities.

How long are we going to hear this without action being taken?

When are we going to attack the inner city problems with a vengeance to make sure poor people don’t have to be caught up in gangs, crime and drugs?

Why does Newark have to be a hell hole?

Why do low-income complexes have to be 10 stories high and 10 apartments wide, all in one building? Because it saves money? You save pennies and wind up spending dollars on police protection as the complexes turn ugly.

Unfortunately, Steve Sweeney can’t bring ratables to Bridgeton. He can’t wave a magic wand and create jobs, for there are no state projects like there are federal contracts.

But that’s OK because Bridgeton already has the human resources to pull itself up to a successful community.

Those that say never have never met those resources. They have never listened to those resources, so how could they know?

It would be much easier if every 1 in 5 people were not living below the poverty level in Cumberland County.

“Education is the most powerful tool we have for helping people be successful. That’s why I’ve been so busy over the last year talking about bringing full funding to every school district in New Jersey. For Bridgeton, full funding would provide an additional $21.5 million.”

— Steve Sweeney speaking to Bridgeton Rotary

Is it about throwing money at education?

Will $21.5 million in additional funding raise the graduation level in Bridgeton?>

Have you ever talked to educators off the record. What they — a lot of therm not just a few — is sobering.

That’s who Steve Sweeney needs to unpublicized call to his office.

About homeless on warmer days …

“… I am going around a couple days a week and handing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to those I can find and I did drop off a couple boxes of bagged lunches that the Millville Police Department handed out when they find them in the evening hours.

“If you want to do something to help, consider going over to TOP DOG Pizza and Burgers and making a donation toward a meal for some one. You will get a receipt to show you made the donation.

“Even though it’s beautiful in the day, we still have rather cold nights. By paying it forward at TOP DOG, you can feed those that need it, plus they get to sit inside a nice warm place for an hour or so while they enjoy their meal.”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke,

Millville Code Blue


Stop in and try a mini deep dish pizza bite at Top Dog Pizza & Burgers at 

1601 N High St, Ste J, Millville, New Jersey.
Call 856-237-3274.
“Seriously? Doesn’t anyone deal locally anymore? Stop in my store and we’ll hook you up with whatever your needs are, Bob.
“Remember all you Internet shoppers, if you don’t support your local small businesses they WILL all go away.”
— Chris Jespersen,
C & J Electronics
Yes, Latinos buy locally.
“High Scores for the week!

Mike Defalco – 778

Ray Mooney III – 299

Priscilla Logan – 661
Stephanie Archetto – 251

Ron Wilson – 634
John Kutney – 231
Roe Gresmer – 507/188

Johnnie Wilson – 663
Zach Sloboda – 244
Totiana Miranda – 569/216

“Great bowling!”

— Campani’s Legacy Lanes

YOU CAN BOOK ITWe see nothing has changed with the people we defriended.



Nothing like animal lovers; On beating food obsession; Sweeney speaks in Bridgeton; Throwing money at education; About homeless on warmer days; Top Dog’s mini pizza bites; Anybody buy locally anymore?; Top scores at Campani’s; Defriended haven’t changed

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