Beautiful 40 Bank St.; Mickey Williams speaking; We missed you, Jimmy, WCLL!; Cindi Stanger Cooke on homeless; Diabetes treatment $1 billion per day; Jerry Young, Terry Gould burn up the 92.1 FM phone lines; Reasons for drug addicts; Tracey Wells-Huggins’ wheelhouse; Bryan Real tells it like it is; Bianca’s Kids Comedy Night


The column that says downtown Bridgeton looks cheerful tonight, Steven Paul, of Bridgeton Main Street, with all the Latino restaurants open and the businesses lit up, but the best looking of all is 40 Bank St., the church of Pastor Russell Alston that is over 200 years old, but now looks brand new on the outside, and if the inside looks half as good, it should be a full house for Michael Mickey Williams, of Minor Adjustments and 92.1 FM fame, talking to the congregation at 11 a.m. Sunday.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


Phone: 856-237-6645

U.S. Army: RA13815980

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Good evening!

Cumberland County College sports announcer Jimmy Williams didn’t call 92.1 FM today and West Cumberland Little League didn’t show up, and neither notified us by 11 a.m., but it must have been God’s choosing because Lernell “The Apple” Williams did show up along with husband Michael and we learned that we only have to put the information out there about illegal drugs and what they can do to you, then accent the ones doing the right things because the addicts will not listen until they are ready.

By hyping the good, maybe some of the bad will take notice of what can be if you want it.

Lernell Williams should be a televangelist because she’s real and she gets down and deep with her emotions.

Next month, we’re going to find out how she likes to eat.

“There is not a face on homeless. Many of our homeless are working jobs, but they just don’t earn enough or make enough to do it on their own. Some are too proud to apply for benefits they are entitled to.

“I have one guy that holds down 2 jobs and is still homeless. Many will admit they have made mistakes. Some have not done anything, but life has done it to them.

“A spouse or loved one died and they lost everything because of it. Some of our guests actually belong to gyms … they pay $10 a month so they can take a daily shower. (yes I told them about that little trick).

“Almost all our guests are clean. It is a priority to them to clean up to keep from getting sick or stared at. I have a hair stylist that cuts their hair if they need it. All I have to do is give him a call.

“I make sure their clothes are clean, and changed and nice. While some of the clothes donated to us are not in great shape, many are brand new. I just gave away last week a gorgeous cape coat to one of our gals. It was a beautiful coat and if I saw it in the store I might have considered buying it myself.

“So, look around you carefully. Guy walking down the street in leather coat might be homeless. Person serving you your food might be homeless. Person next to you in gym might be homeless.

“We don’t put them on display. They are all around you right now. Some you can tell are homeless; some you cannot.”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke,

Millville Code Blue

Make that go viral, Cindi.

“The rate of obesity in America has nearly tripled over the past five decades, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said diabetes treatments cost Americans $1 billion per day.

“New research is also showing that sugar is responsible for many more health problems.”

— Dr. Richard Jacoby,

Scottsdale, Ariz.

One billion dollars per day?

Mike Abbott is a big baby when he gets sick.

“I had a very interesting time serving as cohost of ‘Talking with TL’ on Cruisin’ 92.1 this morning.

“Aside from talking about Tri City H.O.P.E.’s mission and projects, today’s topic was juvenile delinquency and what can be done to curb it. When the question, ‘who is to blame for and whose responsibility is it to fight to stem juvenile delinquency’, we had people call in with some interesting responses.

“One caller said that ‘we’ should stop feeding ‘them’ so that ‘they’ will die off and stop breeding. Needless to say, I thought that was a ridiculous suggestion.

“First of all, who are ‘we’ and who are ‘they’? I think delinquency is a multifaceted problem. Therefore, it needs to be dealt with from multiple angles.

“We need government help, we need law enforcement proactivity, we need family involvement, we need both secular and religious organizations on board and, of course, the schools have to be involved.

“There has to be parental responsibility, but there also has to be involvement from the proverbial village. Things are not going to change overnight, but unity will definitely help alleviate the problem.

“We can blame juvenile delinquency, gangs and drugs on whomever, but the problems are not going to go anywhere unless there is a solid unified effort to eradicate them.

“Feel free to comment!”

— Jerry Young,


Tri City Helping Other People Every day (HOPE)

Jerry, taking a cue from Michael Mickey Williams, name 10 young people who have been shining examples of what you want all to be in order to move forward.

Have we given them the proper accolades?

There is no we and they, as you already know, so we should ignore people who think that way as if they are not even there until they come around.

“Drug addiction may be considered as a result of the intersection between product, drug and environmental factors, educational factors and those factors configuring the intimate structure of personality.

“Among environmental factors, the most accepted are social and economic deprivations:

Parent’s unemployment.


Limited material conditions.

Disorganized families by divorce or abandonment.

Single parent families.

Living conditions in disorganized communities.

Excessive mobility from a community to another.

— Europe’s Journal of Psychology

So, there ARE some things we can do to cut down on the chances for addiction.

“Most of all, though, 1-2 decades of accessibility to drugs and alcohol, group affiliation to drug users, family antecedents of alcoholism, painful traumatic events — separations, death of a close person, etc.

” … An unfavorable self image, either unstructured, characterized by lack of self-confidence and inferiority complex, may generate a rebellious attitude, or, on the contrary, an attitude of withdrawal and retractility, social isolation and excessive timidity.

Addiction experts accept the idea that rebellious attitude and drugs are on the same side of the barricade, since drug consumption itself is socially disapproved, more than that, it is incriminated and legally punished.

“At the other extreme, sometimes timidity does not offer the opportunity of normal relationship accomplishments, generating maximum of discomfort.

“If the person discovers that there are substances able to cause a state of well being, spontaneity and lack of inhibition, the path toward the consumption decision may be extremely short.”

— Europe’s Journal of Psychology

” … The problem of why some individuals become addicts remains an open question, but biological psychologists may be zeroing in on a solution.

“It has long been known that addicts have under active dopamine systems and suffer from a decreased capacity to experience pleasure in their ordinary lives… .”

— Nigel Barber PhD

“Parents have been dis-empowered by systems historically. For example, discipline was removed from the homes in a catastrophic response to horrifying child abuse cases.

“DYFS (or DCP&P or CPS depending on what state u live) is the Boogie Man in disenfranchised neighborhoods many times. Fathers cannot live in subsidized homes with their children unless fiscal sanctions are imposed on many mothers who are already in the struggle.

“Familial histories may be strong precursors to risk, but do NOT have the final say! Allowing for expanded definitions of family to provide a broader base of support for young people is SOOOOO important!

“Also, respecting the value add of families being the experts on their own experiences while PARTNERING with them to devise an effective redirection plan is a must!

“OK, I’m done for now, but I can go on for DAYS on this subject matter. I live and breathe this!”

— Tracey Wells-Huggins,

responding to Jerry Young

“Hello, everyone.

“We would like to inform everyone that we are currently looking to hire someone to work the counter a few nights out of the week. If you are interested or know anyone interested, please send us a message or have them send us a message. Thank you!”

— Campani’s Legacy Lanes

“You’re full of passion and talent, and you’re literally living by some manmade society’s standard like your life is promised tomorrow!

“If you don’t break out of that damn cage and spread your wings to the heights that you envision, then you belong in that cage!

“We’re all victims of our circumstances (I was once in a cage), but it’s up to us to break free!

“WE LITERALLY ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE! Either we live it to the fullest (heaven) or the emptiness will live through us (hell)!

“Way too much talent and passion where we’re from, but we limit our heights in which we soar due to our immediate surrounding when our talent is meant for the world!

— Bryan Real,

Takes a Village

Bianca’s Kids Comedy Night with Master of Ceremonies the hilarious VIC DIBITTETO!

Opener – Eric Tartaglione.

Headliner – Joseph Anthony.

Feature – Tom Daddario.

June 15, at 7 p.m. at the Estate at Monroe, 1351 N. Black Horse Pike, Williamstown, NJ 08094. Tickets are $50 and include a buffet dinner and draft beer. Tables seat 10.

Reserve your seats by buying your tickets online via this link When you purchase your tickets online they will be waiting for you at the door under the name of the credit cards to purchase your tickets. Proceeds to benefit Bianca’s Kids.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: In seven years, tickets have not gone so fast.

Beautiful 40 Bank St.; Mickey Williams speaking; We missed you, Jimmy, WCLL!; Cindi Stanger Cooke on homeless; Diabetes treatment $1 billion per day; Jerry Young, Terry Gould burn up the 92.1 FM phone lines; Reasons for drug addicts; Tracey Wells-Huggins’ wheelhouse; Bryan Real tells it like it is; Bianca’s Kids Comedy Night

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