Blood coming from where?; Enrico’s up and coming eatery; Sock hop for homeless; Cat trappers needed; Who’s helping here?; Sandra Johnson comes clean; Carolscatz’s babies ready for adoption; Jimmy Williams on 92.1 FM followed by WCLL’s dilemma; Campani’s Legacy Lanes; Don’t throw stones if you can’t spell


The column that asks, did you ever wake up in the morning and you had blood around your mouth and inside your sleep apnea cup, and on the pillow case and sheet two days in a row with no pain anywhere, and it wasn’t the lungs or the stomach or the mouth or the throw, and, three days later in Elmer hospital, it was blamed on the blood thinner, Xeralto, but you have to admit, it does sound better than an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE).

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


Phone: 856-237-6645

U.S. Army: RA13815980

Google all columns except for none Monday and Tuesday at jackhummelblog

Good evening!

And now we’re back!

We have the menu for Enrico’s, just west of Shiloh on Router 49 where, any night but Sunday, you’ll see 10 cars parked for dinner in the small Italian eatery gaining momentum.

It features nine Frankie’s Famous Hamburgers, with the Roads House Burger having bacon,m pastrami, ham, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, carmalized red onions and onion rings for $11.95.

Also, hot sandwiches, Enrico’s hoagies (Italian Supreme with sharp provolone, hot sopressata, pepperoni, genoa salami, prosciutto, mortadella, capicola, roasted red peppers, olives, capers, long hots, roasted garlic and a drizzle of aged balsamic glaze), seafood, chicken, veal, pastas from the kitchen, salads and desserts (lemonchello mascarpone cake).

Also, a full line of deli meats and cheeses at 1145 Shiloh Pike.

Call 856-455-4759 or go to

Open 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Just right for Alex from Buena, who has been looking for some place to eat lunch in western Cumberland County.

Apologies to nurse BB at Elmer hospital.

A 281-pound German running naked through the borough was only a threat. Besides, waitress Meagan of Mama Mia’s lives there and we wouldn’t want to chance it.

2017 Second Annual Sock Hop
Friday, March 3, 2017 at 7 PM – 10 PM

Raffle * Prizes * Music * Malt Shop-Type Foods
Ticket: $50 Per Person

A night of fun to benefit the Cumberland County Code Blue Coalition, Housing First, and other related projects to help the homeless and poor.

Homeless invited free?

If you don’t like homeless, hungry, raggedy, cold people, read Matthew Verse 25 in the Bible, prepare your defense so you don’t hold up the line above.

We need community cat (feral) trappers for Burlington County.

We have had great success with our low-cost spay/neuter partnership with People For Animals, especially with community cats. We are often asked to help residents trap cats for surgery because the caretaker doesn’t have traps or experience trapping.

If you can help trap community cats, please email us at We’ll add you to our “volunteer trappers” contact list. We’ll notify you when we need help trapping cats.

Hundreds of feral cats are euthanized in Burlington County every year. Can you be part of the solution? Community cats are neutered, vaccinated, ear tipped and returned to field. An ear tip is the universally accepted way to identify a neutered and vaccinated cat.

Friends of Burlington County Animal Shelter

“That’s great they can do this! Why can’t Cumberland County?

“Mr. Mayors, ACOs of Cumberland County, SPCA of Cumberland County, city officials of Cumberland County, look around you.

“More and more towns, cities and counties CAN DO THIS? WHY CAN’T YOU? Are they smarter? Do they care more? Do they see a resolution to a problem that you won’t even consider is a problem? Do they care more about wasting taxpayers money? Do they know how to work and communicate together better than you?

“Cumberland County has all the resources that Burlington County has. So, taxpayers, next election, ask the right question. Instead of, are you going to raise my taxes, ask ARE YOU GOING TO PUT IN A TNR PROGRAM SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR THE EUTHANIZATION EXPENSES FROM MY TAX MONEY. USE THAT MONEY TO ESTABLISH A STRONG TNR PROGRAM, because our taxes won’t go down, even if the city saved that money, AND STOP KILLING ANIMALS THAT THE TAXPAYERS DON’T WANT KILLED. TNR is the only way that works, look around, the whole state will have the program.


— animal lover ramping it up

“Lifeguard recertification/review course at the Vineland YMCA, March 24 and 25th.

“Register at the Y.”

— Cathy Cooper

Speaking of our addiction …

“Hi, Jack,

“I was in a rut myself. The truth is, I’ve slipped a lot this past holiday season.

“In July, I was 198 — a great achievement for me having released 82 pounds. But, slowly, the food was dogging me. Chips or chocolate while picking up something from the drugstore, eating it in the car before dinner, eating more than my share of goodies at work and at the in-laws at Christmas and New Year’s.

“I was stuck back at 205 into the fall and up and down 5 pounds into Thanksgiving, playing in the food. I’d still been going to Overeaters Anonymous (OA) meetings, but doing the 12 steps less, writing and reading less, reaching out to others less, yet still exercising.

“By Jan. 5, right after Christmas break, I weighed 216 — I gained 18 pounds!

“But I’m trying to get back on track. I realized I lost my OA workbook and that was like a wake-up call. I don’t know where it is. I’ve been feeding fear and worry over my job. I stress every day.

“But I’m trying to find my way back, and to do so, I need to write this for the column, get it all out.

“Since Jan. 5, I’ve cleaned the slate, albeit some bumpy days, and I’ve been determined to have a plan and cleaner food. I’m even trying green smoothies.

“So, today, I can face forward and say I lost 14 of the 18 pounds I gained since July, now 202, and 4 more to get back to where I left off.

“I know it’s not about the weight loss, but it is. Part of the definition of abstinence is working toward or maintaining a healthy body weight, and I’m doing that. I’m ready to get there, and give God the work woes.

“Just wanted to share. Hope you’re well.”

— the former Sandra Johnson,

Ex-Newser living in Houston and fighting stress

Of course it’s stress.

When we used to finish four columns each day at work, we wanted reward. Jorje Romero would go out and run 5 miles. Jim Quinn would tighten his stomach sleeve. Don Woods would comb his hair.

We would pull out of the drawer the last of six packs of Lance’s peanut butter and crackers, six to a pack with each containing 30 calories, so it was really 180 per pack x 6.

Not that much, if you did ‘t include the two ham and cheese sandwiches on Kaiser rolls from Bud’s Market in Quinton eaten before starting the columns.

But, washed down with two diet Cokes — no calories.

Fast forward to tonight and 59 pounds down, BUT NO RELIEF IN FINDING THE REASON FOR DYING FOR COMFORT FOOD!

So we’ll put it back on.

“All new babies are ready for adoption . All have been combo tested for feline aids feline leukemia and heart worms all tested negative. They have first shots and been dewormed.

“Litter trained and ready to go.

“Adoption application, with vet references needed and a donation of $90 per kitten. There is also a deposit of $50 per kitten refunded after certification of neutering and microchipping is received. Kittens are 8 weeks old.”

— Carol Hickman



Jimmy Williams, the Cumberland County College sports announcer headed for the Hall of Fame, is coming on 92.1 FM WVLT with us Saturday from noon to 1 p.m.

He’s been hospitalized since the baseball and softball seasons ended last spring.

He’s more depressed than the rest of us.

He needs an hour of cheering up. Now, you can make a donation of $100,000 at the top of the show or tell him how much he means to the sports community.

If Stu Berman does not call in promising dinner with Jimmy at any place he chooses when he gets well, we will boycott and Hambletonian.

At 1 p.m., the new president of West Cumberland Little League will be on the show at 92.1 FM.

Not sure if you know, but traveling ball is strangling Little Leagues.

We do not blame parents/players who want to improve play by stepping up in class. That is how Mike Trout made it.

But it doesn’t leave enough players at WCLL to make up more than three 10-12 teams and one 13-14 team. This is an organization that went to the mid-Atlantics every year.

The only division doing well is Farm League, 9-11.

Do we combine municipalities into one county league, although Vineland might be able to go it alone?

Traveling ball practices three nights a week and plays on the weekend.

Two days a week is not enough for Little League, and traveling players would be playing or practicing seven days a week, and limiting the number of pitches limits the number of pitchers.

Got a solution?

Call in Saturday at 1 p.m. at 856-696-0092.

On behalf of West Cumberland Little League, we would like to send our condolences to Tom McCarville , District D3 LL & his family on the passing of his wife. Funeral Thursday morning at 10 a.m. out of Pancoast Funeral Home.

What’s happening at Campani’s Legacy Lanes.

BRIAN SHIFLET 246-232-237 715
ORVILLE JOHNSON 254-245-210 709
CHRIS HUNTLEY 253-258-197 708
RICK MALONE 225-202-246 673
ALFRED PIERCE 190-246-234 670
BYRON CALAKOS 233-199-211 643
LARRY ORANGE 203-247-192 642
BILLY SMITH 208-246-186 640
BOB DUBOIS 191-244-197 632
ANDREW DUBOIS 236-241-153 630
STEVE MEEHAN 250-185-192 627
DAVE ZIEGER SR 229-230-162 621
WAYNE GONZALEZ 215-213-185 613
CHARLIE BROWNE 199-235-171 605
DOUG RILEY 183-235-185 603
STEVEN GABURO 212-188-202 602
FRANK GWAZDACZ 213-196-191 600
ALFRED PIERCE 215-246-268 729
DAVID ZIEGER 290-229-200 719
MIKE LAMBERT 234-180-194 608
PETE SAMMS 201-188-257 646
BOBBIE HOUGH 191-222-223 636
BOB MURPHY 191-212-203 606
DAVE HITCHNER 210-201-222 633
PHIL PROCIDA JR 173-172-204 549
PAUL DODD 174-188-179 541
RANDY DICKINSON 186-168-174 528
CHARLIE DAYTON 199-156-166 521
JOHN KUTNEY 167-149-191 507
DONNA MORRIS 158-216-148 522
JOHNNIE WILSON 167-208-235 610
TOTIANA MIRANDA 268-152-182 602
ERIC JOHNSON 180-219-166 565
MR MORRIS 212-157-167 536
JAYSON HAGUE 226-247-239 712
JIM MONCRIEF 135-207-191 533
ARIEL 152-179-193 524
MIKE 138-170-197 505
DAVE WILLIAMSON 254-256-256 766
RAY MOONEY 266-234-248 748
BRIAN SHIFLET 279-204-222 705
STEPHANIE ARCHETTO 227-249-233 699
GARY BERES 248-230-215 693
PAUL LAWRENCE 221-224-233 678
MARK COUCH JR 203-252-221 670
FRED KENDALL 268-201-197 666
SUGIE HENRY SR 269-204-183 656
MOE THOMPSON 255-159-238 652
MARK KAZOAKA 265-216-168 649
HARRY JACKSON 220-184-245 649
DAVE FRANCE 219-180-248 647
JAYSON HAGUE 181-193-269 643
GREG SABLA 221-226-193 640
RICKY HOLLENWEGER 245-183-203 631
JAMES MESSECK 193-201-236 630
DAVE HEMPLE 193-199-236 628
HERB HESTON 191-198-235 624
BRIAN URBAN 190-223-206 619
JEFF TANIGUICHI 223-192-202 617
MIKE SAMMONS 223-207-186 616
DENNIS BRADY 209-203-204 616
JIM SANTORA JR 215-207-193 615
DAN BENNETT 198-201-215 614
HOWIE BAILEY 194-208-211 613
PHIL GANNON 196-203-211 610
WAYNE GONZALEZ 257-199-148 604
BRYSON COTTMAN 187-201-213 601
JOE ANDERSON 191-222-187 600
JOE COX 197-213-199 609
ZACH SLOBODA 215-161-231 607
DANNY MILLER 180-214-210 604
MIKE SAMMONS 237-258-279 774
TINY LITTLE 290-195-253 738
RAY MOONEY 221-240-246 707
ALFRED PIERCE 234-223-220 677
PATRICK GODBEY 205-245-221 671
AUSTIN BOONE 219-183-268 670
PETE EVANS 164-236-268 668
FRED KENDALL 220-228-208 656
TRAVIS CLARKE 223-232-193 648
MYRON SHUMATE 220-207-219 646
PRISCILLA LOGAN 243-209-193 645
ABE JONES 245-171-216 632
JAIME ARCHETTO 157-207-267 631
AL CARTER 227-201-192 620
TYLER SHUMATE 204-227-187 618
HEATHER RIPA 215-198-202 615
CHRIS RAUNER 219-188-197 604
SUGIE HENRY 159-210-235 604

YOU CAN BOOK IT: If you can’t spell three-letter words, don’t knock people taking English classes.

Blood coming from where?; Enrico’s up and coming eatery; Sock hop for homeless; Cat trappers needed; Who’s helping here?; Sandra Johnson comes clean; Carolscatz’s babies ready for adoption; Jimmy Williams on 92.1 FM followed by WCLL’s dilemma; Campani’s Legacy Lanes; Don’t throw stones if you can’t spell

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