In a dietary rut; High winds!; Don’t tell Shep he can’t do it; Tyler Pipe cleanup; GPS for dogs; Coaches needed; Bellybuster without bread; Why ID check?; Star Bound raises $21,000 for CHOP; 15 lost pounds found


The column that says you’re in a rut when you only have to say “two” and the Dunkin’ Donuts worker replies “I got it” and DiLisi’s Katie automatically brings your order and any of the Texas Roadhouse guys and gals does the same, but, other than Mama Mia’s in Salem, we wouldn’t change anything.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

The National Weather Service has issued a High Wind Warning for all of South Jersey and Delaware from midnight tonight until 6 p.m. tomorrow.

Ever wonder why no one has the street name, “Pizza”?

“Being a Libertarian is like being the only sober person in the car and nobody will let you drive.”

— John Paff

“Jack, never say I can’t do something.

“I will die trying to prove there is nothing this kid can’t do.

“One day smoke free yesterday, so far this a.m. My morning starts at 2 a.m. Shaky, but hanging in.”

— Shep


Ronnie Downs questioning his own memory.

“I remember when Rutledge Oldsmobile had Harold Carmichael and Wilbert Montgomery there for autographs.

“Is this right?”

— Ronnie Downs

Mike Abbott says he is not having a funeral.

Small world. Neither are we.

We told him to just go downtown and shake the hand of a homeless man when we die.

And then Ronnie gives everybody a tip …

“Does anyone know what is going on at the old Tyler pipe location on Rosenhayn Avenue. It has been closed for years and an eyesore right by the railroad tracks.

“Someone has been clearing trees and overgrown bushes and weeds this week. I haven’t read anything on FB or the BEN column.”

— Ronnie Downs

“Site being prepared for full demolition.”

— Robert Stevens

It’s probably Mayor Albert Kelly bringing back Bridgeton without the rest of us knowing it.

After all, he brought us the successfully-attended splash park, the most foot traffic we have had in Bridgeton since the Cohanzick Zoo started.

Councilman Bill Spence was going to have something even more foot bearing, and even found the perfect planner to accomplish it along with a firm called Land Dimensions to offer guidance, but it has gone off the tracks.

And, guess what, nobody else cares enough to force it back on the tracks!

:”Just bought a few GPS trackers for my babies, so I don’t need to worry about them from getting snatched.

“Thought other dog lovers may be interested, as well. These regularly are more than $99.”

— Donna Moschella

Why wouldn’t you buy one?

Why would you risk anguishing over a lost member of your family.

Won’t it be great when you can have one installed on your teen? And promise only to use it when return-home-time is passed?

And why wouldn’t it be invented by now?

Give D. Bailey Miles a few months to become D. Bailey Miles again.

We know how much she is needed.

“We need you!

“Do you want to help your community? Do you like to help kids have fun? Are you a leader? Millville Soccer is looking for you!

“We are looking for a few adult volunteers to help coach some young boys and girls in soccer. It’ll only take about 2-3 hours a week of your time for the Spring Season. Please consider helping these kids. No soccer experience necessary. We can provide you with all of the resources needed.

“If you are interested, please respond here or call the clubhouse at 856-293-8700. Thank you!”

— Millville Soccer Association


No successful recreation program in a city has to beg for coaches.

Sudden thought:

Convicted felons cannot take part in Little League.

Everybody but Oprah says you shouldn’t eat bread.

Why do you need bread, anyway?

Who says you can’t get a Ed Guth Jr.-made bellybuster starting with lettuce on the bottom, then the dinner plate-huge hamburger, then the cheese, tomatoes, raw onions, pickles and mayonnaise … all on a plate without any bread held together with toothpicks like a club sandwich.

Or eat paleo like Jorje Romero, a last name which is Italian, by the way, but Jorje the man is Latino, and speaks perfect English, and that is why we so desperately need him in the city of Bridgeton in an important position, and we suggest the contact the government people who stand up for the rights of migrant workers.

They’re the ones who started the community garden on Church Street attended by reporters from every area newspaper, and when is the last time you read a story about those watchdogs?

Crime sells?

But would the documented prevention of crime sell bigger?

Wouldn’t it be sad if Jorje Romero became can’t get jog he wants because he was a Camden police officer? Are you kidding us? He may have witnessed it, but he wouldn’t have left if he wanted parts of it.

But, after all, we’ve watched perceptions rule for 50 years.

“I don’t usually Cry this much!

“First, Pastor Joe transferred to another Nazarene Church after a little over 3 years in Bridgeton.

“TODAY: Pastor Tim Greene is leaving the Cohansey Baptist after only 10 months.

” St. Theresa ‘s Parish seems to keep their priests for a very short time, also.

“God ALWAYS seems to take away the very BEST way, way, way too soon.

“God Speed, Pastor Tim Greene.”

— Bonnie McKnight

It’s so true, Bonnie.

That’s why the rest of us are still here.

By the way, Jonas King loved Pastor Joe.

“I am so glad my father taught me restraint while on his death bed.

“The conversation we had before he passed came to pass today. I was at Boscov’s waiting in line to pay for my item.

“Two women were in front of me. They spent $450 and paid with a credit card. My item was $7. I paid with a credit card, but, before I could pay, I had to produce a picture ID.

“But the 2 women didn’t. My first notion was to speak some unflattering words, but I smiled, showed my ID and walked away.”

— black shopper

Find out if it’s store policy.

Or was it this cashier’s policy?

Not in 2017!

So many heroin overdoses in Louisville, Kentucky, they handout overdose kits to the public. They had 75 overdoses in two weeks. That’s crazy.

And right in the middle of the color cartoon, I started to cry.

Sad movies always make me cry.

“It’s the HEART of the matter.

“Erosion starts inside before it’s seen outside.”

— Lernell Apple Williams,

Minor Adjustments

Kudos to Bridgeton’s Star Bound Gymnastics Academy for raising $21,000 for CHOP.

— Linda Fisher Solanik,

Kenny’s kid

“Recently, I lost 15 pounds.

“After an exhausting, statewide search, I finally found them again.

“They were in the refrigerator.”

— any dieter

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Fifty years ago, we told off the racists and lost half the city, and now we’ve told off the haters, and never felt better.

In a dietary rut; High winds!; Don’t tell Shep he can’t do it; Tyler Pipe cleanup; GPS for dogs; Coaches needed; Bellybuster without bread; Why ID check?; Star Bound raises $21,000 for CHOP; 15 lost pounds found

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