Down 58; Can we hold a Jimmy Williams Day; Joe Young remembered; Renew vows with driver’s license; Ratable rant from 2011; Ethan, Pat birthdays Feb. 10

The column that says, when the next time a heart doctor can squeeze in a new patient is April 5, something has to change with the eating habits in this country, starting with the fast-food drive-thrus, and did we mention there was a long line tonight at Wendy’s, and, by the way, what are you going to do with all that bread and milk?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening again!

58 pound down, baby!

We and Sam are doing it!

Not as many chins as a Chinese phone book anymore.

The Jimmy Williams saga continues …

“So it’s now rehab facility number 3 for me. Another Genesis, this time in Cape May Courthouse.

“So at least I’m closer to home.

“Got here last night after a 48-or-so-hour stay at Inspira and I’m hoping I get more time to strengthen up here.”

— Jim Williams

Has anybody ever announced a basketball game from a rehab facility.

We know some announcers that should be in rehab.

Jimmy may celebrate a one-year anniversary in rehab.

How popular was the late Joe Young, who wrote in Hopewellese, in 2011?

A little history.

May 10, 2011

“Back to my recent wanderings.

“I’m truly amazed at how many people know of me.

“Many due to my BEN writings.

“Others due to my memorable shenanigans.

“I’m frequently asked if I’m the Joe Young that writes to BEN.

“Saturday, me and Marie, a girl that I dated in 1960 who contacted me about a year and a half ago and living far away, went to the car cruise at Bennigan’s, over in Vineland.

“After checking out the custom cars and street rods, we were walking back to my car when I was approached by a young woman.

“She called me by name, but I had to ask for her name.

“Holy cow, a girl I knew from my early days of motorcycle riding.

“Now, I hadn’t seen this girl since the ‘60s, but she remembered me.

“We had a great conversation recalling those days when she was probably only 16 or so.

“Sunday, we strolled through Higbee’s giant yard sale in Fortescue, one of my old stomping grounds.

“Remember, I lived in Fortescue back around 1950.

“Moved out just a couple of weeks before the tidal wave hit.

“We’re standing in front of a vendor’s table while Marie negotiated a price on something she wanted.

“A fellow looks at me and asks if I’m Joe Young.

“Yeah, I replied, and how do I know you?

“‘You don’t,’ he said,

“‘I recognized your voice.’

“How’s that, I asked.

“He told me that he heard me on the radio when I was on the QBC ‘Around the County Live’ and he recognized my voice.


“Then, at another table, the vendor said, ‘Joe Young, right?’

“Right. How did you know.

“He said that he attended the POW-MIA Awareness Motorcycle Club’s events back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

“He even mentioned me being the founder of the club.

“More memories shared.

“I’m attaching a pic of the building my mom operated as a cafe back in 1950.

“This is where I lived.

“The gas pump, lube oil tank and signs were gone when we moved in.

“Sam Engle’s place.

“Long gone structure that was at the dead end when entering Fortescue.

“Mom’s sign is in my garage — Subs and Sandwiches.

“No offense, Mom, but were you also operating a speakeasy?

“I mainly grew up in Hopewell, but I have fantastic memories of Fortescue.

“The bay is still in my blood.

“Oh, and, yes, the boardwalk was there back then.

“The water was so clear I could chase and catch crabs with a net.’’

— Joe Young



The Camels got him.

Who would have thought that when we don’t have a desert within miles?

“Interesting conversation I had tonight.

“Question: If you knew you had to renew your marriage license every 4 years (like you renew your driver’s license), do you think it would make you work harder at the relationship to keep it?”

— Barbara Fralinger

If you had to look at a picture of yourself once a week, would you still weigh the same after a month, would you do something about your eating habits?

“I just got the call. I will be sitting in for Jim Sauro this Saturday morning, Feb. 11, now 6 to 10 a.m.

“WOO-HOO! Cruisin’ 92.1 WVLT…Baby!”

— Richard Hoch

Mike Abbott joins us at noon as we talk to John Paff, the man who OPRAs everything municipalities don’t want you know about lawsuit payouts.

OPRA equals Open Public Records Act.

No. 10 caller wins a Cadillac Escalade.

From 2011 …


“Two very nice Millville residents are celebrating their birthdays on Feb. 10:

~ Pat Witt, Millville’s artist laureate, who is the true inspiration for Millville’s arts district.

~ Ethan Aronoff, whom you know.’’

—  the one who knows everything

Rant from Feb. 8, 2011

What Bridgeton needs is ratables.
Not Wednesday or Thursday or next week.
So, who’s burning the midnight oil doing this?
Do we just field the nibbles that come in?
Are we actively seeking relocation?
Is there one person in the city you can tell you without looking it up every possibility we have of landing the next ratable?
Who’s possible?
Who’s probable?
Who could care less?
Is this on the front burner?
Yes, we have taxi problems and we have crime problems and we have drug problems.
But, there are people getting paid good money to take care of these problems.
Who’s in charge of putting on the lipstick after a pep talk of what we’re looking for and contacting everybody in sight?

Six years later, the quest is even more desperate.

But we need the desperate, not the comfortable, to make it happen.

A survey of the top firms in the country we might like with one question:

Why would you not relocate to Cumberland County?

Might be good to hear an outsider’s view other than those stupid, worthless, worst-of lists that keep popping up.

Let the city hire Jorje Rivera to find out the answers.

He’s done more to try and bring progress into the city in one year than most officials have in 10.

Whatever happened to the Job Partnership Training Act (JPTA) in Cumberland County?

And did it work?

YOU CAN BOOK IT: How do you figure plumbing and electrical courses will bring in ratables.

Down 58; Can we hold a Jimmy Williams Day; Joe Young remembered; Renew vows with driver’s license; Ratable rant from 2011; Ethan, Pat birthdays Feb. 10

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