D. Bailey Miles rides off into the sunset; Book sale at library; The man who demolished Mae’s Tavern; Changing Bridgeton Midget Football’s colors; System to track dogs; Council working behind scenes?; Campani’s Legacy Lanes


The column that says Tuesday’s Bridgeton City Council meeting was a waste of time, but there could be things going on behind scenes, in the smoke-filled back room that will result in a city park that rivals the success of the Cohanzick Zoo already there as the cornerstone, the apex, the acme, and what the heck was the New York Times doing at the Pascale Sykes seminar?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

How can the Phillies go into a season with no pitching and expect to improve attendance?

How can the Eagles expect to go .500 without receivers?

That Antonio Brown to the Eagles was created by the media to fill in the gap between football and baseball.

The Steelers usually make the playoffs.

The Steelers are a stable franchise.

Fallout on D. Bailey Miles deciding to abdicate the throne of Taking Back Millville after the city commission appointed “two convicted felons” to a board.

“You can’t give up. All you can do is refocus. You may feel like you failed, but all you did was to step back.”

— Mary Messeck

“I’m done, Jack. This commission makes no sense to me. I refuse to continue to bust my ass for this.”

— D. Bailey Miles

Bless you for all you did.

We know you didn’t expect the pushback you faced. You always had great answers to problems, the mark of a great leader.

Sorry it ended so badly for you. Best of luck as you move forward.

Book sale at Bridgeton Library all this week.

Kids books for 50 cents. Hardbacks for a dollar or two.

Mike Abbott will probably be there.

Memo to Pastor Rob Weinstein:

We know you are working tirelessly on a permanent place for homeless, but there is an immediate problem at Bridgeton Library, particularly the bathroom.

We believe you should know.

More on Seabreeze …

“I remember that place. I used to go down there and eat seafood dinners.

“They sent me down there to demo it. The person who owned it owned Cohanzick Country Club and bought for the liquor license.”

— Linwood Munyan

“I remember Rutledge Oldsmobile.”

— Melvin Rutledge

Do you remember:

The limo?

Lynn Cross?

More on changing Bridgeton Midget Football colors …

“What a dumb idea. You might as well change the name of the organization.”

— Jane Hemighaus

“If anybody knows me, you know I bleed green and gold along with the rest of my family. I even have the green and gold tattooed on me.

“Back when BMFL was thrown out of Cape May, I floated the idea of rebranding the league because the cheating allegations tarnished that history. To me, at the time, it made sense to retire the green and gold along with the individual team names for a more modern image, a rebirth.

“This was when the league decided to play travel ball, which allowed kids from all across the area and not just Bridgeton to compete across the region and nationally.

“The idea was ultimately shot down for the reasons everyone has stated above. When the Bulls were allowed to travel to Nationals in Florida, the coaches that traveled realized the difference that these opportunities gave the kids. We met and lived with teams like No Limit and Mentors of Tomorrow.

“They used the sport to help the kids achieve more in life. Bridgeton is the epitome of complacency. As Bryan Real said, he’s using the fire from the people before him to light his own torch and he’s getting backlash.

“Lynwood Mosley has a vision that could help these kids in a way that some people may not understand. Ask yourself if the green and gold is so important to the community. Where is the pride now? I don’t see the stands full anymore. I don’t see an endless supply of volunteers/supporters anymore.

“Now one group of people try to step up and fill that void and we focus on colors? Penn State used to be black and pink. The Phillies used to be powder blue. The Green Bay Packers used to be blue and yellow. Sometimes you need an outward change to spark an inward change. That is all that is being said.”

— Mike Solanik

We have problems and you focus on uniform colors?


We didn’t cheat. We had unruly fans, many who were drunk.

What do uniform colors have to do with improving a program? We were there when the Gems were unbeatable in Green and Gold.

We were also there when they played on fields carved out of woods in Cape May, and that league decided, why should we prepare football players for a high school that will be on our schedule?

Anybody remember the playoffs in the shadow of the Ferris wheel down there when we kicked ass game after game after game, and Coach Hunter chest-bumped his son?

Then we didn’t have a league to play in. We had to shut down for a season. With a hunger to play, kids signed up in Upper Deerfield. We lost our player base and paid for it.

Thanks mostly to Carl Hemple Jr., we got back into Tri-County.

It wasn’t anybody in Green and Gold uniforms who caused any of the problems mentioned above. It wasn’t the kids who ran out on the field in West Deptford. It wasn’t a kid, but a league official who wrote “Piss on Bridgeton” on a sign.

You want to start over by changing the history of the best thing Bridgeton has had going for it since 1955?

No way.

But, know this. Mike Solanik has done as much as anybody to interject good ideas into this franchise, the most successful in Tri-County history, although Millville and Penns Grove are coming on like gangbusters.

He has been a pillar, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have watched him and his mother work.

Will this make lost dogs obsolete?

Pet Monitoring/Tracking and Locating System

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What’s happening at Campani’s Legacy Lanes:

BRIAN SHIFLET 216-269-247 732
ANDREW DUBOIS 223-269-235 727
RICK MALONE 213-227-238 678
RAY MOONEY 235-224-215 674
GARY MARTINELLI JR 248-198-205 651
VINCE GENDUSA 235-188-224 647
CHRIS HUNTLEY 162-234-249 645
FRED KENDALL 216-187-235 638
BOB COLLINS 209-204-221 634
ORVILLE JOHNSON 191-234-200 625
ANGEL MORENO 190-211-222 623
ALFRED PIERCE 193-198-231 622
STEPHANIE ARCHETTO 204-212-204 620
JIM SANTORO 233-203-184 620
DAVE ZIEGER SR 187-212-208 607
JIM CAMPBELL 216-182-208 606
JEFF TANAGUCHI 199-204-202 605
BOB DUBOIS 211-197-193 601
DAVE ZIEGER 256-276-157 689
MIKE LAMBERT 230-211-243 684
ALFRED PIERCE 170-226-247 643
BOBBIE HOUGH 213-267-187 667
DARLINGTON HENRY SR 209-209-243 661
GENE RICHARDS III 188-255-175 618
PHIL PROCIDA JR 215-190-210 615
DAVE HITCHNER 180-212-203 595
CHARLIE BROWN 198-201-162 561
PAUL DODD 168-177-186 531
EV DICKINSON 201-155-163 519
PHIL PROCIDA SR 145-175-184 514
ROE GRESMER 175-168-169 512
JOHN KUTNEY 174-171-166 511
ERIC JOHNSON 251-236-227 714
TOTIANA MIRANDA 168-232-226 626
ZACH SLOBODA 169-278-139 586
JOHNNIE WILSON 174-175-190 539
CAROLECE HENRY 208-151-157 516
DR JACOBSEN 200-128-200 528
JAYSON HAGUE 233-173-245 655
MIKE 184-188-190 562
ADRIAN 151-160-224 535
BRIAN KEEN 141-229-158 528
ARIEL 177-165-171 513
RAY MOONEY 278-267-276 821
JIM SANTORA 203-289-266 758
JAYSON HAGUE 248-227-255 730
DAVE WILLIAMSON 243-230-242 715
GARY BERES 256-215-224 695
BRIAN SHIFLET 245-257-191 693
DAVE ZIEGER 246-252-184 682
PHIL GANNON III 180-240-256 676
MIKE SAMMONS 203-223-247 673
MARK KAZOAKA 279-213-179 671
DENNIS BRADY 234-197-225 656
MOE THOMPSON 225-183-246 654
ALFRED PIERCE 207-233-212 652
WAYNE GONZALEZ 215-230-207 652
JOE GUINTA 191-225-234 650
JOE ANDERSON 1859-226-266 646
TYLER SHUMATE 177-250-215 642
JIM CAMPBELL 211-220-201 632
JAMIE MESSECK 202-237-193 632
DAVE FRANCE 219-207-202 628
SUGIE HENRY SR 212-244-171 627
HERB HESTON 268-205-154 627
FRED KENDALL 235-211-180 626
SHAWN DULOWE 187-222-213 622
DIANA SORELLE 215-205-201 621
BOB GALLAGHER 247-194-175 616
PAUL LAWRENCE 177-215-224 616
DEAN GAINES 183-221-209 613
DAN BENNETT 201-212-199 612
RICKY HOLLENWEGER 202-183-222 607
ERIC HOLLENWEGER 258-161-187 606
ROB ANDINO 189-204-212 605
BILL ZIEFLE 258-185-159 602
DAN MILLER 202-223-210 635
JOE COX 159-268-181 608
ERIC JOHNSON 185-210-192 587
WAYNE BUMP 152-212-222 586
STEVE MORRIS 171-216-184 571
LEAH HENRY 170-202-194 566
TIM JACOBSEN 158-198-181 537
ZACH SLOBODA 168-187-164 519
AUSTIN BOONE 233-214-266 713
FRED KENDALL 227-200-279 706
MIKE SAMMONS 237-221-244 702
GLENN CORBETT 234-255-204 693
PATRICK GODBEY 219-214-252 685
RAY MOONEY 215-264-202 681
MARK COUCH JR 226-213-236 675
ALFRED PIERCE 225-191-259 675
TINY LITTLE 204-230-236 670
SHANE HARRIS 190-193-277 660
DANA WOLBERT 215-238-202 655
CHRIS RAUNER 231-218-201 650
ABE JONES 256-168-212 636
ROB MAGDIN 159-230-246 635
ORVILLE JOHNSON 169-248-211 628
GARY STARCHER 213-181-232 626
JONATHAN MORENO 218-200-193 621
CHAD KOERNER 196-223-192 611
HEATHER RIPA 198-189-221 608
SID JOHNSON 244-172-187 603
BILLY ROB 182-182-238 602
PRISCILLA LOGAN 182-208-211 601
TRAVIS CLARKE 240-181-179 600

YOU CAN BOOK ITLet’s lose a few more games, Sixers, so more free agents will want to come here.

D. Bailey Miles rides off into the sunset; Book sale at library; The man who demolished Mae’s Tavern; Changing Bridgeton Midget Football’s colors; System to track dogs; Council working behind scenes?; Campani’s Legacy Lanes

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