When the snow stops; Sad dog story; Jean Nocon’s bus going to Chet Adkins; Cindy Williams cancels; Let’s meet in the big room; Don’t mumble!; Don’t change Midget Football colors; Noted author coming on 92.1 FM Aug. 18; John Paff on this week at noon; Jorje Romero on health kick; Get there quickly before the mortal meter expires; D. Bailey Miles finished?


The column that says if snows 2 feet on Thursday the roads will be clear by Friday morning, so we don’t get to experience the ruggedness of our grandparents where you could be shut in for a week, so you had to run to the general store for enough provisions for seven days, and, did you notice, the only way you ever die in westerns is by a bullet and not a heart attack or cancer?

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.

Email: jhummel9794@gmail.com

Phone: 846-237-6645

U.S. Army: RA13815980

Good evening!

“I’m sorry for being petty. Not petty, really — my concerns are valid. I’m sorry for expressing my valid concerns in a petty way. People will figure it out. They don’t need me to tell them.

“In the meantime, I think I’m done fighting for this city. I’ve been banging my head against a wall for a while now, and I think I’ve hit my threshold.”

— D. Bailey Miles,


Taking Back Millville

Sad news at the Roadhouse tonight.

A manager’s daughter’s dog suddenly developed liver failure and the family, which the dog originally brought together, was given only one day to say goodbye.

You don’t get over that in a hurry.

They had a waiting list on a Tuesday night!

Obviously, it’s a dining experience that your want for your family, and it was also kids night, which includes a guy who blows up balloons and makes animals out of them.

But it’s being part of a crowd, and you want what everybody else wants, complete with the big trays of food passing by while you’re waiting for yours.

It all tells you, as you try to talk over the din, that you’re in the right place.

The Dividing Creek Historical Society is sponsoring a bus trip to see Trace Adkins in concert at the American Music Theater in Lancaster on May 21.

We will stop for dinner before the show at the Olive Garden. The bus will leave the Walmart parking lot in Millville at 2:15 p.m. and return around 11:30 p.m.

The cost is $115 and includes the bus, driver’s gratuity and the show. Dinner is on your own.

Make checks payable to the Dividing Creek Historical Society. The deadline is March 19. The proceeds will benefit the DCHS as we continue to maintain and restore the Union Hall. For more information contact Linda at 856-785-2013.

Jean Nocon,


Dividing Creek Historical Society

Cumberland County Women’s Hall of Fame

Can we sing country songs on the way up and back.

“Country Roads?”

Will somebody bring a guitar?

Can somebody go backstage and see if Trace will come to the amphitheater in Bridgeton?

Cindy Williams canceled again tonight for Bridgeton City Council’s work session, which is on the verge of getting too big for the judge’s chambers.

Since court always ends before 4:30 p.m., there is no reason not to hold the work session in the big courtroom, especially with the sickness that is going around because too many people gather in close quarters.

The other problem we saw is that Cindy Williams was scheduled to answer any questions about the city park plans in just 10 minutes.

Dean Dellaquila takes 10 minutes to get his voice up to a rant at a work session.

In fact, put us on the record as saying it’s always hurry up, hurry up when something important takes time because, by law, the council meeting has to start by 6 p.m.


Let somebody blow the whistle if the debate goes to 10 p.m.

“We can always come back to the work session,” is the usual cry.

But that’s like taking 50 minutes to review a challenge in the NFL. Who cares after that?

Also, there is no microphones in the work session and officials who speak so low you can’t hear them are RUDE! Why do you think people attend. Kudos to Dean Dellaquila who speaks like he has a built-in microphone.

We’ll apologize before saying March Madness means nothing to us.

We saw Erik Cagle sweat out the finals in a pool with Erma Oliver the year Kentucky was playing somebody. He watched parts of it in the board room at the News.

We told him he had it made, but Kentucky went down the tubes. Cagle had to fight through a multitude of “experts” to reach the finals, and the depression that followed didn’t look worth it.

Now Bob Hutchings will put out a hit on us.

“What is the purpose for the BMFL to change their colors after more than 60 years. This is a league that can barely make ends meet that to spend a lot of money changing the helmet colors, jerseys the color of the building doesn’t make fiscal sense.

“How about all those championship jackets that the kids wear are green and yellow. To change to be maroon and white like BHS loses the identity of the league.

“There are several communities with Midget Football that their colors are different than their high school. Examples: Woodstown Pirates are black & white while the high school is blue and orange.

“Keep green and yellow and spend your money wisely like a scoreboard that doesn’t work most of the time.”

— Joe Blandino

“That would be absolutely absurd to change the colors.

“When the day comes that the school board wants to fund the league, maybe … just maybe you could think about it.

“Green and gold for life.”

— Pepi Dragotta

“I think that it is absurd to change those traditional colors of BRIDGETON MIDGET LEAGUE FOOTBALL.

“There is so much history wrapped up in those colors. Championship colors that every player that came through the ranks at BMLF can associate with.

“You are taught the basics and fundamentals of the game while wearing green and yellow. Highly appropriate because Vince Lombardi stressed fundamental football.

“Then, when it is time, and you have earned it, you graduate to BRIDGETON BULLDOG MAROON AND WHITE. Wearing Bulldog colors is something to aspire to, and to appreciate. Not to mention that the expenditure is totally unnecessary.

“I never played in BML, but I know that I represented Bridgeton Senior High School to the best of my ability.”

— Steve Lane

“That is a disgrace to the founding fathers! My grandfather-in-law, Edgar Joyce, is turning in his grave.”

— Bob Blake



“Changing colors just to be more like the high school is not a good enough reason. The tradition of BMFL and all those that have come through the years is what the league is built upon.

“The school system nor the city have supported the league. The expense of changing is just too far fetched as fundraising attempts in this area are hard pressed.

“The program is known for the level of play and the championships that have been won. Earn the right to wear Maroon and White once you have built the basics on Green and Gold!”

— Linda Carman

Don’t fix it if it’s not broke.

If you really want to accomplish something, schedule regular sessions where exciting, riveting substance abuse speakers talk to the kids.

There is no greater time to go wrong than in the Midget Football age group.


Saturday, Feb.25, from 1 to 3 p.m.

Meet Young Adult Author Christy Sloat, who resides in Franklinville with her husband, two daughters and her Chihuahua, Sophie. Christy loves reading and writing and can often be found curled up in a bookstore, reading.

She is the best selling author of 10 novels, including The Visitors Series, The Past Lives Series and we all remember the captivating story, “The Brown House,” based on true events.

Join us and check out her books! Refreshments will be served.

— Linda Eisenberg,

The Spot

618 E. Landis Ave., Vineland

Rescue Dogs Rock

“I’m scheduled to be on Jack Hummel‘s ‘Jack’s Or Better’ radio program on WVLT 92.1 FM in Vineland on Saturday, Feb.11, between noon and 1 p.m.”

— John Paff

And with Mike Abbott, too, who loves how John Paff spends his own money on Open Public Records Accounts to see what governments have paid out to settle lawsuits they don’t want to talk about.

He covers the waterfront, not just one county.

Jorje Romero ran for 59.58 minutes today for a distance of 3.99 miles at 270 pounds.

“Just shy of my 5-mile goal today. My running times are terrible. But running in sand, dirt, mud and grass is not as is easy as it seems.

“I’m glad I forced myself out the door today. I feel great. Get and stay fit people so that you can enjoy living life 24/7-365. God bless.”

— Jorje,

also eating paleo

“Shoutout to Plainfield Methodist Church in Franklinville for their donation of canned goods that we received today.

“Thank you very much, Scott Sweigert ,for meeting me at Cumberland Mall today and delivering the packages to me. We really appreciate it!”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke,

Millville Code Blue

The woman barely has time to think, let alone fire up the bulldozer.

“Frank and I spent most the day cooking for veterans shelter. I’m tired.”

— Officer Gina Collini,

Delaware police officer

former CRHS hockey goalie

State police pull over car on Route 55 between Vineland and Millville.

One of the two cars leaves the stop. You can see him in your rear-view mirror.

Pickup following us oblivious to the move and pulls out to pass us suddenly doing the speed limit.

Lights! Action!

Bet you didn’t know those little yellow school buses can do 80.

Even on Route 540 between Quinton and Centerton. Probably empty. Hopefully, empty. Couldn’t see through rear window. Surely, late for something at 3:30 p.m.

Headed toward Schalick at Centerton light.

“Thursday’s snow looks like it won’t affect us too bad. As of now ,Philly to New York City look like the jackpot zone with 4 to 8 inches. We would be lucky to get a inch or two.

“Look out next week! A lot of long-range models have very cold air going all the way to Florida with a huge blizzard tracking up the East Coast. It’s 8 to 10 days out so it could change, but the indicators are there for a good thump of cold and moisture.

“Winter isn’t giving up yet!”

— Brian Scarlato,

fire chief

Cedarville weather predictor


Isn’t that New Jersey in the red?

“My wife and kids took me to Texas Roadhouse for my birthday dinner. Several times they brought out the horse saddle for birthdays.

“I told my waitress it’s my birthday, but please don’t do that to me. She gave me the devious look.

“So I took off outside. My wife and kids come outside cracking up. My wife said the waitress came clapping with other employees with the saddle. The waitress said,’Where did he go?’

“Chuck is out!”

— Charles Thompson

Whatever they yell after they gather around a birthday, no one has ever understood.

It’s just loud noise asking for a “Hee Haw” at the end.

“Dear Salem County,

“Not to complain, but all traffic north and south seems to be going down my little road because of the Rt 540 diversion. Is it a good idea that cement mixers and tractor trailers be going across our little causeway that you all spent so much money trying to repair?

“Just saw a dump truck take air over the Mannington Meadow Causeway.”

— wondering

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Everybody is in a hurry to get there before the mortal meter expires.

When the snow stops; Sad dog story; Jean Nocon’s bus going to Chet Adkins; Cindy Williams cancels; Let’s meet in the big room; Don’t mumble!; Don’t change Midget Football colors; Noted author coming on 92.1 FM Aug. 18; John Paff on this week at noon; Jorje Romero on health kick; Get there quickly before the mortal meter expires; D. Bailey Miles finished?

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