Last chance for degenerate bettors; Shep surprises Marine buddy Russ DeCamp; Quilts of Valor; Come on radio, Jim Williams; Dave Hitchner’s take; 51st Invitational?; Soccer wave of future; Celebration of HOPE IV


The column that says all the degenerate bettors will use the Super Bowl as their last chance to get even on the season, and they’ll count on Las Vegas experts to pull them through which won’t happen because scared money never wins, and they call it a disease because once you’re hooked, the car, the house and the marriage all go.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Maybe we can get one column in before the Super Bowl starts.

Take the over 58 1/2 because you don’t know whether the best coach in the NFL is going to continue to work his magic or the new team to the big time is going to be able to stand the pressure.

If both have their good moments, it should be a high scoring game and you won’t care who wins.

Or just enjoy the game and wish it were Steve Lane’s Cowboys playing instead of Atlanta.

Who roots for the Falcons around here?

We probably should ask the wife’s nephew, who coaches the offensive line for Houston who he likes.

But he had his own problems this season.

One bettor put $1.1 million on the Falcons to win.

The Super Bowl can bring losses to those betting on it all, and it can be tempting to those dealing with gambling addition.

While America cheers on their favorite teams, some have more on the line than the average fan.

“Super Bowl is probably one of the biggest gambling days of the year,” said Gambling Addiction Counselor, Jim Harrison.

According to the American Gaming Association, fans will wager an estimated $4.7 billion this Super Bowl.

“I’ve had clients who have literally lost over $300,000 gambling,” said Harrison.

Harrison is a gambling counselor in Milwaukee. He says the wagers placed on the Super Bowl are often not taken as seriously and can be seen as harmless and fun.

“In reality it is betting, it is gambling,” said Harrison.

Those compulsive gamblers see it as a day to make up for other sports losses this season.

“During the year, they have their fantasy football and at the end of the season, if they lose, well now they’re going to win in their mind,” Harrison explains.

Harrison says it’s not harmless at all for those with an addiction — betting is done with bookies and online and it could bring losses.

— Ashley Sears,


Shep surprised his old Marine buddy, Russ DeCamp, on his  birthday in Cape May.

“If you want to shout out to someone, try the Valor Quilt Ladies.

“They are great and help fill a hole.

“It was a pleasure to get Russ DeCamp. Trish, his wife, helped make it possible to pull it off.”

— Shep

The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.

Mailing Address:
Quilts of Valor Foundation
P.O. Box 191
Winterset, IA 50273


For Membership questions please send to

For IT Help Desk question please send to

Please do NOT mail quilts/QOVs to this address. If you need a destination, fill out our Request Destination form.

  • Individuals join for a $20 annual membership fee.
  • Groups join for $30 plus $5 per member annually.
  • A Life Membership is $1,000

“So, apparently three weeks at Meadow View actually de-conditioned me to the point that I can’t get stand up to get out of my bed here at home.

“I’ve been home since Friday night since apparently insurance only covered me for 3 weeks of rehab. Yeah, I can’t figure it out either. I’m dejected, defeated and downright depressed even typing it out on here, but you folks deserve an update, so there it be.

“On a lighter note when it comes to today’s big game give me New England over Atlanta 31-23. If I had some coin to play with I’d seriously consider putting a few down on the under.”

— Jim Williams,

CCC Dukes sports announcer

Hoping to get Jim on the radio by phone Saturday, Feb. 18, from noon to 2 p.m. on 92.1 FM, where the talk is all local and includes calls from you.

More on saving Bridgeton:

“It’s all a pipe dream.

“A billionaire should be found who wants to invest in re-creating a thriving small community, then rid the city of where incredibly bad housing is located and then start over, saving those areas that are truly historic and memorable.”

— Dave Hitchner

Will there be a 51st Bridgeton Invitational Baseball Tournament, Dave?

Is baseball dead in the city?

Semi-pro ball is known only if you go watch the games.

The high school program is non-competitive.

If Bridgeton Little League switched to soccer tomorrow, 600 kids would turn out.

But the gringos have, for the most part, never played or rooted for a favorite team in soccer and think Messi is a misspelling  of messy.

Except in Millville and the Cohansey Soccer Club in Upper Deerfield

With 43 percent of the population being Latino, it’s only natural that soccer will be the wave of the future.

Sunday soccer in the recreation center is already the most popular venue in the city, and no one has to encourage it.

All ages turn out to play and watch.

They don’t need seven registration dates.

“Last night, thanks to many, ‘A Celebration of HOPE IV’ was a huge success.

“As usual, Pastor Wayne DeShields and the congregation of Wesley Memorial AME Zion Church opened their sanctuary for us to use for ‘ACoH IV’.

“When some others want to charge us for usage of their sanctuaries, Wesley not only lets us use theirs, they provide refreshments for our guests.

“As I said last night, we are treated as family by Wesley.

Tracey Wells-Huggins served as hostess for ‘ACoH IV’. I can’t say enough about this young lady’s willingness to help others when called.

“The South Jersey Men’s Community Choir opened and closed the program for us. This choir, made up of men representing 34 congregations from throughout South Jersey, has blessed us and those in attendance at the last three Celebrations.

“Mr. Barry Ballard, Bishop Floyd T. Myrie, Albert Kelly and the rest of the choir members, we thank you all for your ongoing support.

“Miss Candace T. Hills, thank you for doing the opening prayer. When I called on you, there was no hesitation. We have some great young people in this world and you are one of them.

“Zamyra and Tashai, two members of the newly formed Tri City H.O.P.E. Dancers did a praise dance to Tasha Cobbs’ ‘Break Every Chain’. They did it with limited practice and with Zamyra being a bit under the weather. I’m proud to say that they are my grand daughters.

“Next up was their 11-year-old sister, Erica, who did a speech about why she has hope. She let everyone know that she elected Jesus Christ as the head of her life.

Nicole Reaves-Marshina, you are a jewel. Thank you for coming to our aid when we call on you.

“Loretta LaTourette, we asked you one time if you would be willing to speak. You assured us that you would speak and was at Wesley an hour before the program was scheduled to start. It is people like you that inspire us to do what we do.

“Next up was Tammy and Yolanda collectively known as TEHILLAH. This was our first time calling on the powerful voices of TEHILLA, but won’t be the last time. When speaking to your manager, Carla, on the phone, she praised Tri City H.O.P.E. for what we do. We wouldn’t be successful without others like you all that are willing to walk the walk with us.

“Then came a speech by Tri City H.O.P.E.’s youth spokesperson, Yaeline Rodriguez. You know how we feel about you. You’re going to be blessed to go to the top!

“Singer, songwriter and recording artist Asha T Robin, you’re a constant supporter of Tri City H.O.P.E. and Tri City Boxing. You don’t hesitate to bring your talents all the way from New York when we call on you. It’s not often that you can call on somebody to make an appearance a few days out from a program and they agree to perform. We asked you and not only did you agree to perform, you composed a song just for ‘ACoH IV’. Thank you so much!

“Next, there was a short presentation of Tri City H.O.P.E.’S 2017 HOPE Award to our hostess, Tracey Wells-Huggins. She tirelessly travels the country advocating on behalf of youth and families. As busy as her schedule is, Tracey finds time to help us out. When you ask her for advice, she gives it the way it should be given. She doesn’t sugarcoat things, she tells like it is. Tracey abides by the scripture Romans 12:2. She is not conformed to this world. Her transformation came by the renewing of her mind. That is why she spreads the will of God.

Kelvonne Rhett, what can I say to this super talented young lady, other than thank you, thank you, thank you. She is a singer, spoken word artist, praise dancer and author. She has a testimony, and when you hear it, you will be moved. She might cry, but it’s never a broken tear.

“After the South Jersey Men’s Community Choir did two more rousing selections, Evangelist Angie Thomas from St. Philip’s Missionary Baptist Church closed the program out with a very moving unity prayer. I asked Evangelist Thomas to do a prayer at ‘ACoH III’, but she was unavailable. She told me that I could put her down for ‘ACoH IV’, and I’m glad that I did. She really lets the spirit use her. Thank you Evangelist Thomas.

“Everyone, be assured that we are already planning ‘A Celebration of HOPE V’.”

— Jerry Young

YOU CAN BOOK IT: If everybody should stay in their lane, we want to be in Jerry Young’s lane.

Last chance for degenerate bettors; Shep surprises Marine buddy Russ DeCamp; Quilts of Valor; Come on radio, Jim Williams; Dave Hitchner’s take; 51st Invitational?; Soccer wave of future; Celebration of HOPE IV

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