John Paff coming on 92.1 FM; Souper Bowl Sunday at Bethel AME; Planner at city council meeting; DeQuinzio heads library board; Sanctuary cities; Shoutout to Bethel AME; Project Bulldog; Books by Michael Mickey Williams; Addicts not scumbags; Best Millville sandwiches back when; How George Linen evolved


The column that says today’s shows on 92.1 FM, starting with Mike Abbott spending 60 minutes running down Bridgeton at 11 o’clock, solved nothing about how to get foot traffic in the downtown, but revealed that planner Cindy Williams will be at city council Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. to answer any questions about the 401-page “plan” she submitted on the city park months ago, but council president Gladys Lugardo said on the phone today that there is still no plan, and both Jorje Romero of Bridgeton Main Street, and Father David Rivera, of Immaculate Conception Church, plan to be there to question the slow progress, and nobody else cares.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


Phone: 856-237-6645

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Good evening!

“Bethel AME Church of Millville is holding Souper Bowl Sunday.

“Bring your spare change to help change the lives of those in our community in need of “food assistance.

We have a “Sweet Surprise ” for everyone who attends!

“REMEMBER: Wear your favorite jersey and remember

“Service time for tomorrow is: 10 a.m.! See you there!”

— Pastor Charles Wilkins

All kinds of changes at the Bridgeton Library.

Not only has director Courtenay Reece left for the Millville Library, but Rosemary DeQuinzio has taken over the board of directors from Debbi Boykin-Greenberg.

Mike Abbott says Boykin-Greenberg’s term ran out without anybody realizing it, and she could no longer lead, and before she could be reappointed, DeQuinzio was installed.

We don’t understand why Bridgeton City Council delayed passing what park plan they have in order to spend more time looking at it, and we found out today — two weeks later, there is still no plan.

Sanctuary cities in New Jersey:

  • Bridgeton, New Jersey


  • Camden, New Jersey


  • Fort Lee, New Jersey


  • Hightstown, New Jersey


  • Jersey City, New Jersey


  • Newark, New Jersey


  • North Bergen, New Jersey


  • Passaic, New Jersey


  • Trenton, New Jersey


  • Union City, New Jersey


  • West New York, New Jersey

“Shoutout to Bethel AME Church. Thanks to Rev Wilkins and his amazing kitchen staff for a wonderful and hearty meal for our guests at Code Blue for Friday and Saturday night.

“They do so much to feed our community members that are less fortunate. Give them all the support they need to accomplish their wonderful goals!”

— Cindi S†anger Cooke,

spreading the good news

“Carolscatz has people interested in adopting small dogs. If you need to re-home your small dog, please contact me.”

— Carol Hickman

This woman is trying despite many setbacks and health issues.

She refuses to give up and we believe a million-dollar lottery ticket is in her future, and she’ll have it all spent on saving cats in six months.

Some people aren’t meant to take it with them.

“Was just sitting at the traffic light at 2nd and Broad was behind a car with a Hawaii license plate. How did they get here?”

— Charles Flickinger

Father Rivera said today outside 92.1 FM that the landscaping is inadequate.

It was in reference to rentals taking care of the outside of their homes in Bridgeton.

He didn’t like the bushes lining the front or the mulch spilled over the tie.

“Just want to thank you again to all the women of the Gateway center for inviting me down to speak to the kids about life and football!

“I really enjoyed myself. Good luck ladies with the journey you all are on.”

— Lynwood Mosley,

Bridgeton Midget Football coach

Amity Heights afterschool mentor

“We are having our first fundraiser for Project Bulldog.

“We are selling these hoodies. The price is $30.

“This fundraiser is for the changing of our colors to Maroon and White, the same color as our high school. We cannot make the complete order without at 2 dozen orders. The sale will be for the next 3 weeks. All orders must be in by Feb. 24.

“I’ll let everybody know Monday if we can get the kids hoodies. Thank you for all your help! Contact Curt Morgan, Samuel Miletta or myself. Thank you for your support.”

— Lynwood Mosley

Books written by Michael Mickey Williams, founder of Minor Adjustments and substance abuse counselor at First Step after a life of drug abuse.

He’s been a frequent guest on 92.1 FM on Saturdays.



 Retired Jersey City cop under indictment awarded $93,316.95 for unused vacation, compensatory and terminal leave days.

In a Jan. 25, 2017, written decision, Superior Court Judge Barry P. Sarkisian confirmed an arbitrator’s ruling that a retired Jersey City (Hudson County) police officer who “‘retired’ from the police force sometime after being arrested and indicted for on-the-job misconduct” is entitled under his union contract to $93.316.95 to compensate him for 202 accrued days off.

— John Paff

This is the kind of thing John Paff finds out for you.

Paff will be on 92.1 FM Saturday at noon with us and Mike Abbott.

“My opinion, Larry’s Bar had best cheeseburger sub, although the belly buster was great, too, from time when Jim from Jim’s Lunch moved out to Broad Street.

“Best cheesesteaks, John’s Bar and Shannon’s. Mom’s Place and Deluxe’s, as well as Rocky’s were great, too.

“Best burgers were, #1 Torelli’s, then Jim’s Lunch with 3rd being Deluxe.

“Just my opinion. Eat in them all often. Living in the Poconos. When I return to the area, all that is left is Jim’s Lunch and they don’t seem the same anymore. I guess nothing is the same as we remember them.”

— Jack Gilbert,

Millville Memory Lane

“I have been wondering how I escaped from the trap of living in the projects of Newark NJ?

“Growing up, I might have did as much dirt as everyone else that I called my crew. I really do not have to actually mention all that we did from 1979 to 1986. The streets were calling and it seemed easy to just be a hood kid.

“Then it hit me like a ton of bricks; it was nothing but GOD. He blessed me with a loving mother Mary Johnson-Linen, my granny Wilma Jessie, my grandmother Flettie, the birth of my daughter Alicia Lyons and my wife of 27 years, Lennita ‘Boo’ Linen.

“The almighty placed these women in my life to fill the void that I felt from missing a real strong male role model in the home. In two days, I will be 49 years young, never been in prison, traveled around the world several times and 4 beautiful children.

“Thank you, God, I accept the test that you provide for me to create my many testimonies. My female cousins, sisters and aunts, thank you too for my development. Next week, I’ll thank the male role models that help to mold me.”

— George Linen,


YOU CAN BOOK IT: Everybody remembers where they bought their subs and pizza, but not their vegetables.


John Paff coming on 92.1 FM; Souper Bowl Sunday at Bethel AME; Planner at city council meeting; DeQuinzio heads library board; Sanctuary cities; Shoutout to Bethel AME; Project Bulldog; Books by Michael Mickey Williams; Addicts not scumbags; Best Millville sandwiches back when; How George Linen evolved

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