Listen tomorr0w; Working at night; Shep’s demons reappear; GPS collars for dogs; A lot of Andrews out there; Go see Linda Eisenberg at The Spot; Goodbye, motel!; Homes for immigrants; Ron Massie Tournament; Jim Sauro cooking; Lynwood Mosley speaking to kids


The column that says it should be an interesting show tomorrow on 92.1 FM from noon to 2 p.m. with Father David Rivera and Jorje Rivera and, maybe, just maybe, the famous Mr. Pete Centeno’s wife, who we met in Dr. David Watts’ waiting room and who raised four children not her own and is right on with today’s problems.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


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Good evening!

Funny how when you’ve worked at night for 25 years of your life, and when you first did it how you wondered what you were missing while sleeping during the day, and then you found out everything happens at night anyway because people work during the day, and now there are still no mornings.

Frank Ono and the boys holding their usual Sunday morning breakfast at the Golden Pigeon this weekend.

Frank and his family were among those in an internment camp in California after Dec. 7, 1941.

Frank was pulled out of college and his father’s work boat stripped.

Frank eventually came to Seabrook and raised a family you wouldn’t believe how successful.

“Up at 1:05 this morning, earlier than normal, usually about 2:30 a.m., but the brain works, and the snap, crackle, whiz of bullets and your friend’s head blown off and shit like that makes sleeping hard.”

— Shep

And all the thanks you give him “for giving your service” won’t make it go away.

But don’t stop saying it.

“Just snagged a few of these GPS collars for my babies, so I don’t need to be worried about my dogs from running away.

“Figured other dog lovers may be interested, too.”

— Donnie Moschella

“That story about Andrew made me cry.

“I feel so sad for him and his family though I don’t know them, I can feel their hurt through reading what they wrote about him.”

— Gina Collini

Gina, as a police officer in Delaware, you must run into a lot of people desperate for money because they suffer from substance abuse.

It will become an epidemic because of the recent heroin invasion, but nobody seems to care.

“Thanks for the plug, Jack.

“The Spot (618 E. Landis Ave., Vineland) has some amazing treasures, a downstairs filled with antiques and collectibles, handmade Native American items, jewelry and much more!”

— Linda Eisenberg,

A Novel Idea — Chapter II

Rescue Dogs Rock

Shep wants to know where it’s located. He’s going to buy a present for us.

“It’s the name of it. It’s on Landis Ave. They have a lot of nice and unique items! Great for gift shopping or treating yourself!”

— Gina Collini

“Linda, what are the hours of The Spot? Keep saying I’m going to get there. Going to make it a priority now.”

— Jane Uhland

“Jane, open Tuesday through Saturday, 10-7. Sunday is 10-5. See you soon!”

— Linda

“Remember, everyone, to support the businesses and organizations that do so much for the citizens of Millville. If you know an Elk, make sure you tell them thank you from Code Blue!”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke

We’re going to get a Lidl — another German supermarket — where the Highway 77 motel is now. (I just hope somebody saves that iconic ’50s sign!).”

— Penny Watson

What an upgrade!

That place has sucked since the Bronkeshes left!

We don’t need Section 8 motels in Bridgeton.

You know about the proposal for 28 new homes rented to immigrants that will be placed on land sold at 40 percent its value and managed by Gateway.

What do you think?

Do you really care as much as the people putting it together?

Is this the right way to do rentals?

Would you march on city council to prevent it?

You know, the HOPE VI project was supposed to be about building and selling affordable homes. But nobody wanted to buy those homes. Nobody did buy those homes.

But they look nice, so that’s an improvement.

Does anybody remember what Realtor Bob Thompson said about HOPE VI while standing on the city hall steps?

Thompson is the last of old Bridgeton.

Campani’s Legacy Lanes would like to inform everyone that we will be hosting the Ron Massie Open Tournament on Feb. 25-26.

Highest average of 2015-2016 season. Non-sanctioned bowlers will use highest average as of December 31, 2016. The entry fee will be $25 per event. If you are interested in doing singles, doubles, and team event, the total will be $75.

Any more questions or interested, please feel free to message us on Facebook or give us a call at 856-221-3269.

Weekly High Scores!
Austin Boone 777
Pete Evans 300

Heather Ripa 639
Dana Wolbert 255

Great Bowling! Weekly 300’s! Love it!

“I’ll be helping cook breakfast for the Vineland/Buena PBA Sunday. It will start at 7 a.m. to 11:30. Will be at the North Italy, 414 Virano Lane. All you can eat for only $10.

“Come on out and support our Law Enforcement. Great time, Great price, Great people.”

— Jim Sauro


“Well, tomorrow morning I was invited to come out and speak to some kids at the Gateway Center!

“I just want thank God for allowing me to be able to have this opportunity to go out and speak to these kids. It’s always a blessing, especially when you get the call and the lady on the other end says the person who referred me spoke so highly of me.

“I just ask to help me be an inspiration or influence to at least one of the kids I speak to. Already in 2017, I have spoken to the youth 4-5 times at different venues and it’s only been 1 month.

“I have been invited to speak to these kids. It’s an honor that people even see me and appreciate my time I put in with the community and the kids. It means a lot to me.

“Thank you, Gateway. and thanks for the referral.”

— Lynwood Mosley

Why don’t you tell them how needed they are right now at their age, and not just somebody who needs to follow orders and stay out of the way and just to study hard.

Tell them how much they are needed right now in today’s world. In this city’s world. In their neighborhood’s world. In their block’s world.

Tell them you don’t have all the answers, and you’re not perfect, and neither does anybody else.

Tell them to make a difference today and not wait until they are grown.

Tell them they count more than anyone is going to tell them.

And tell them to never forget it.

And tell them about this …

“I am just speechless and feeling so blessed. After my hydration appointment, Tom took me to Texas Roadhouse as yesterday nothing I ate sat real well.

“Usually, after hydration, I am hungry. I ordered the chicken critters. I could only eat two and began to feel ill and thus my whole meal, salad, bake potato, corn, etc, kind of just sat on the table.

“The waitress came and was concerned that I had not eaten and wanted to know if something was wrong with the meal. As quickly as I could and in a low tone of voice, I explained that I was currently undergoing chemotherapy and just was not real hungry.

“I told her the food was great, I just could not eat it and I asked for to-go containers.

“When she came back to the table, she was crying. As she handed me the containers, she also handed me my check explaining that a young bus boy named Mikey, who had been close by waiting to clear my table heard me explaining why I could not eat the meal, had paid for my meal!

“His momma is also battling cancer! This was a young boy, who I am sure is struggling, yet he did this!

“I hugged and kissed and thanked him and told him I would be praying for his momma. I am so touched, so humbled, so grateful! Thank you, Mikey! Texasroad House, you truly need to recognize this young man!You have a GEM! Feeling so BLESSED! Wonderful, BEAUTIFUL YOUNG MAN!!!!

— Cindi Abele


Beauty and the beast in Philly for her ongoing cancer treatment.

Love you, Deanna Speranza-Murphy!

If only all political money was channeled into cancer research, which is why we hate all billionaires who don’t do just that.

We’ll start out even in the hereafter.

Courtenay Reece has left Bridgeton Library?
For Millville?
We still love you.
YOU CAN BOOK IT:  If you’re going to talk manure, bring a shovel!

Listen tomorr0w; Working at night; Shep’s demons reappear; GPS collars for dogs; A lot of Andrews out there; Go see Linda Eisenberg at The Spot; Goodbye, motel!; Homes for immigrants; Ron Massie Tournament; Jim Sauro cooking; Lynwood Mosley speaking to kids

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