GoFundMe the greatest!; Shep calls for auction items; Steven Defelice loves Millville; Celebration of HOPE IV; More Mae Griffith memories; Gallery 50 opening Friday; Black History Month input sought; Aunt Betty’s; One more Latino needed; Bob Hutchings scorched Eagles; Jim Williams today; IHOP all you can eat pancakes; Gina Collini and Nails


The column that says it was fun tonight at DiLisi’s for the fundraiser for 3-year-old pit bull Gypsy, who had a $900 surgery to remove a growth on her hip, and we got a chance to talk with Linda Eisenberg, of Rescue Dogs Rock based out of Franklinville and we got a chance to catch up with long-time friend Cheri Desmarais and her family, and get this — GoFundMe, the company, made up the difference, PLUS!

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Good evening!

“Ye Greate Street Live on April 1 starring King Kong is always in need of good auction items.

“Got anything to donate? Contact Helen Reinhardt”

— Shep

Millville Soccer holding late registration on Friday Feb. 3, 630-8 p.m.

No late fees for this date!

Please share and spread the word!

“We can always find things to complain about what is wrong. We have a so many things to brag about.

“Millville is steeped with history, beautiful water ways and lakes surrounded by wooded areas and farm land, an amazing arts district with so many talented artists.

“We have several great restaurants downtown and, yes, we still have a downtown that we can continue to move forward and develop on its charm. I can go on and on.

“Please use this to reflect and share what you love about your community. Please do not complain just brag.”

— Steven Defelice

“My Uncle Frank ran a good sized Fishing/Crabbing/Oystering boat out of Fortescue.

“In the summer, we (myself, Uncle Frank, Dad, and Grandpop Springfield) would be on the bay all day working the boat, and would tie up to one of the old barges nearby.

“We would take a respite at Mae’s. I would have soda. Everyone else had shots and beer. We chased it with sandwiches. After a few hours we hit the bay, and the hot summer sun again on the way back to Fortescue!

“Good memories of those times!”

— Harry E. Springfield Jr.

“All are invited this coming Saturday, Feb. 4, to Wesley Memorial AME Zion Church located at 582 Morton Avenue, Rosenhayn for ‘A Celebration of HOPE IV’ presented by Tri City H.O.P.E.

“The doors open at 5 p.m. and the program begins at 6 p.m. This will be an evening of inspiration spread through songs and words of hope.

“Performers will include members of the newly formed Tri City H.O.P.E. Dance Team, spoken word artist Kelvonne Rhett, TEHILLAH, New York City’s Asha T. Robins, Nicole Reaves-Marshina and, featured performers, the South Jersey Men’s Community Choir.

“Speakers include 11-year-old Erica Lane and 15-year-old Yaeline Rodriguez along with Loretta LaTourette and Bianca’s Kids’ founder Debbie Savigliano.

“The opening prayer will be given by Candace Hills and Evangelist Angie Thomas will bring the closing/unity prayer.

“Nationally known juvenile advocate, Tracy Wells-Huggins will serve as hostess of ‘A Celebration of HOPE IV’. There will not be an admission charge, but a free will offering will be taken for those wishing to support Tri City H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Every day) financially.

“The program should end around 8:15 p.m.”

— Jerry Young

A little history

Nov. 18, 2012

“’A Celebration of HOPE’ turned out to be a successful event.

“Before the night was over, an estimated 175 people attended.

“All of the performers and speakers did a wonderful job.

“We had a variety of acts and speakers (tried to have something for everyone).

“We had asked for, at least, one person from each area municipality to take part in the unity prayer. We decided to open it up to any and everybody.

“All who were still in attendance formed a large circle and held hands as Pastor Roger Garrison led the unity prayer.

“The best part of the night was the networking that took place after the show ended.

“Black and white, old and young, Hispanic and white, Hispanic and black — you name it — stood networking not as individuals (or races even), but as brothers and sisters.

“Friends were made and doors were opened.

“That, in itself, made ‘A Celebration of HOPE’ a success.’’

— Jerry Young

Terry Gould

“Gallery 50 is back after taking a month off. The February show is full of whimsy and fun.

“Come to the reception on Friday night or any time that the gallery is open: Wednesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.

“This month’s sponsor is the Seeley Law Office.”

— Sam Feinstein

“Steak and eggs at Aunt Betty’s on the corner of Bridgeton and Greate St in Greenwich.

“I really like this little quaint spot. Thanks for the suggestion, Sam Feinstein and Karen Cox.”

— Jorje Romero

How many deli’s in Bridgeton?

There used to be deli’s everywhere.

“Looking for some intelligent input on the subject ‘Black History Month.’

“I’m currently teaching a group of young African American adults the value of their worth beyond western definition.

“One twelfth of a year! Really? How is it that the people who built this country are celebrated once a year for less than 30 days? Any thoughts?”

— Pastor Dave Ennis

The value of one’s culture is a personal thing that, if you are blessed enough to come from a family committed to such, is a given.

“There is no sin in acknowledging the different aspects of who we are in any way, shape or form.

“The implementation of a Black History Month/Year/Millenuim can very much be viewed as a means of trying to say, ‘Hey! We appreciate you!’ to a segment of marginalized folks who pretty much live every day KNOWING that even tho we may be ‘equal’ and in many cases even EXTRAORDINARY that some will never honor that.”

— Tracey Wells-Huggins,

Renewed Minds


Recovering Jim Williams, Cumberland County College’s talented announcer, minutes after getting his hair cut at Meadow View.

Where did the rest of him go?

“We are No. 9 on the list of youngest towns.

“How can we capitalize on this?

“How can we improve the town to keep these young people?

“Where are the jobs?

“How can we get industry, technology, restaurants, entertainment companies to move into town? We need to create or make this a destination spot for the region. We have the waterfront, 3 lakes, 1,100 acre park and a zoo.

“Come on, people, who will step up?!”

— Jorje Romero

Jorje is part of a three-person panel of Latinos — 43 percent of the population — on 92.1 FM Saturday, noon to 2 p.m.

Father David Rivera is also on the panel.

The third person is harder to find out of 28,000 x 43 percent of the population — 12,040.

And what is this about Latino merchants in Bridgeton afraid to talk for fear of retribution?

Is this like the sex slave trade that cost two people their lives a while ago?


In 1980, Bob Hutchings dribbles through Philadelphia Eagles like they’re nailed to the court for two points before going a worldwide coaching tour.

Stop into IHOP and get all the pancakes you want for one amazing price through Feb. 12.

All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes for all your moments together. Dine in. Limited time. Participation varies.


Our Gina Collini is fostering this dog that has roamed for so long, his nails are obscenely long.

And Linda Eisenberg placed him in Gina’s care

Now, don’t mess with Gina!

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Before you think Delaware is the greener grass on the other side of the fence, 1 in 8 there are living below the poverty level.


GoFundMe the greatest!; Shep calls for auction items; Steven Defelice loves Millville; Celebration of HOPE IV; More Mae Griffith memories; Gallery 50 opening Friday; Black History Month input sought; Aunt Betty’s; One more Latino needed; Bob Hutchings scorched Eagles; Jim Williams today; IHOP all you can eat pancakes; Gina Collini and Nails

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