The Carll family, as in Carll’s Corner; $3,000 deduction; Code Blue going statewide; Pit bull bait doing nicely; Millville Elks, Lynn’s Deli praised; Mother daughter?; The great Jane Hemighaus; Ye Greate Street Live!; Why not Norma Jean DeNoble?;


The column that says we met a woman from the family — that is, her husband’s family — that Carll’s Corner is named after, and she was heading a fundraiser at Texas Roadhouse loaded with cupcakes and other goodies, and we asked her if she was coming to our fundraiser at DiLisi’s at Carll’s Corner where two raffle baskets will both be worth well over $100 each, and the two winners will be pulled on Saturday, at 5 p.m., in case you want to come back to dine.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Hey, guess who gets an extra $3,000 deduction on our state income tax return starting this year?


Just for being a veteran.

But, do we get to deduct all the currency we changed into wan to keep the economy in South Korea for 25 months, 19 of which were spent living in the village of Uijongbu, which you may have heard of if you watched M*A*S*H.

That TV show was filmed in the states.

We lived in the real Uijongbu, although illegally.

The only worry we all had was they would change the color of the (Military Pay Certificates) MPC money, rendering the old money worthless. The last time they did that, people threw money over the compound fence in satchels, begging for it to be exchanged.

Thousands of illegally gained dollars worthless, for they were not supposed to be spent in the village. They were discontinued in 1973.


And you didn’t ever want to be caught with U.S. currency.

Yesterday, the N.J. Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee approved bill A815 ( substituting S1088 and it will now be headed to the full Senate for a vote.

The bi-partisan legislation sponsored by Senator Jeff Van Drew, Senator Thomas Kean, along with Assemblymen Bruce Land and Bob Andrzejcak, requires all 21 counties to work with Municipal Emergency Management Coordinators to ensure that there are Code Blue plans in place, which may be carried out by designated volunteer organizations.

Modeled after Cumberland County.

Pastor Robin Weinstein will be famous.

One of his favorite quotes:

““I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

— Mother Teresa

Who’s going to tell the homeless?

“Last week, you may have seen a post about a dog that was found in Pennsauken, but mistakenly labeled Salem County.


“Well, here he is. His name is now Tut. This poor boy was covered in dirt, blood, scabs and scars. Despite the condition he was in, Tut is a very nice boy. He loves everyone he meets, is laid back and calm, walks well on a leash and just ignores other dogs. He hasn’t been cat-tested yet.

“We are giving him some time to decompress and get used to his surroundings. Tut has been vaccinated, bathed, dewormed, well fed and receiving all the TLC he needs. He will be neutered, heart worm-tested and microchipped in the coming days.

“He is not quite ready for adoption yet, but we will let you know when he is. Tut is getting to know his foster dad. We want to make sure we know his true personality and make sure his life is stress free from this point forward. He certainly deserves it.

“If you would like to donate to help sponsor Tut’s care, you can do so via Paypal at

“Tut says thank you very much for helping him to a better life. The staff and volunteers also thank you for your support of all the dogs and cats at Almost Home. Please share!”

— Gail Ward


Tut now.

But the pond scum-sucking bastards who used him for bait are still out there crawling on the ground like the snakes that they are.

May they cross train tracks at the right time.

“The American people are acting just like they have raised their children with no respect, no morals and no standards. That’s why we have all the problems in our schools and around the country with the younger generations.

“Their parents are coming out of the closets.”

— Diane Ulbinsky

“I’ve been so busy I forgot to make a couple important Shoutouts

“Thank you so much for our fantastic Elks Club for providing Millville Code Blue guests again with a delicious meal on Sunday evening. As always, the meal was delicious!!

“Thank you so much Lynn from Lynn’s Homestyle Deli for once again providing Monday night’s dinner. As always delicious hearty and you can tell prepared with love.

“Please don’t forget to support the businesses that support the citizens of Millville. Make sure when you go in you tell them, thank you!”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke

Generosity, you can’t legislate.

Made a big mistake in the bowels of Texas Roadhouse tonight.

The crispy chicken fingers looked so good, we had to tell the woman sitting 2 feet from us that we were just getting up to leave and not trying to steal her chicken fingers.

She said go ahead and have one and the man across from her said, “We’re on a date.”

But there were two women across from him.

Mother and daughter, we asked.

“No, she’s my sister and we’re a year apart!” said crispy fingers.

And it all went downhill from there.

So glad we didn’t eat the crispy finger.

Jane Hardy was the first woman we fell in love with when we came to Bridgeton on March 4, 1968.

She worked the Owens-Illinois clubrooms with Salvy Blandino.

We’re both still kicking, but she is now Jane Sidorski Hemighaus, and she listens to us on Saturdays on 92.1 FM at noon.

“It sure was verbal Saturday. You almost needed boxing gloves.”

— Jane

Yeah, co-host Steve Lane and caller Alex from Buena got into a hissing match, but Steve later apologized after telling Alex to go take a hike.

Steve returns Saturday at 11 a.m. on 92.1 FM with host Mike Abbott.

This Saturday, we go after Jane because her kin, Katie Whitesall, won’t go on Jim Quinn’s TV show because she’s a match for a 7-year-old girl needing a bone marrow transplant.

The whole world should know this.

Katie says she will go on when she gets more information after we trapped her into talking to Quinn while she was waitressing at Texas Roadhouse.

How sickness spreads … 

“You pay my wages today and I will more than gladly stay my sick ass home.

“Yes, I get sick time, but other emergencies came up this month and I’ve already missed 2 days this year.

“So here I sit in the office sneezy, runny, coughy … and it sucks enough without you scolding me. sir.

“Good day!”

— Achoo!

“Can’t talk about cabbages … might give me gas!

“Hey, Jack … April 1 …Y e Greate Street Live at Greenwich School.

“Hear King Kong is going to be there, and so will Jane DE Noble and a cast of thousands!”

— Gregg Jones,


Ye Greate Street Live

You must be saving on makeup this year.

And why can’t Jane’s mother be in your skits? She’s helping save the library.

A little history

Sept. 26, 2014

The Bridgeton Library Board of Directors made lemonade out of lemons Thursday afternoon.

The lemons appeared when they didn’t have a quorum.

The lemonade came in the form of Norma Jean DeNoble,  78,  of Greenwich, who stirred the drink with a bold statement.

“If we knew the library were going to stay here, we’d raise the money necessary for an elevator,” she promised.


Nobody has mentioned an elevator in previous meetings.

Nobody mentioned elevator at Rally For Reading earlier this month when city and county officials made speeches.

“It’s why we formed in the first place,” said DeNoble, who is part of both Save The Library and Friends of the Library.

She believes she is the co-chair of Save The Library, which was formed to fix the structure of the historic building.

“Our first project was the roof,” said DeNoble. “After we got that done, we were turning our attention to the elevator. But then they said we weren’t saying here, so we gave up.”

“Yes, we looked into that,” said Board of Directors President Debbi Boykin-Greenberg. “I think the cost was $60,000.”

An elevator fund.

“We have a basement with the George Woodruff Indian Artifacts Collection that is not handicap accessible,” said DeNoble, “and a stage for shows that holds about 40 viewers.”

And a second floor.

Even if the building is ticketed for the Bridgeton Fire Department, as rumored, it still needs an elevator.

But the Bridgeton Library desperately wants to stay where it is.

It oozes from every pore of DeNoble.

For not having a quorum, it was a highly productive meeting.

The board discussed a lot of successes.

Librarian Courtenay Reece couldn’t say enough about “The Migrants” red-carpet event last Saturday at the Ashley-McCormick Center.

The made for TV movie was made in August 1973 in Cumberland County and starred Ron Howard, Cloris Leachman, Sissy Spacek and Cindy Williams.

It was shown on TV in February 1974.

“Everything went perfectly,” she said. “The meal with the Jersey Fresh vegetables from our farms was just right, and the people who had anything to do with the movie got up and talked.”

Not one glitch.

“Once we got started, it just rolled right along,” she praised.

Laughed Boykin-Greenberg, “At 5 o’clock, we still didn’t have the red carpet.”

Alan Meier found one on the second floor of the Ashley and they taped it together.

The event drew between 70 and 80 people and cleared $1,482.

Fran Ferrera brought up that, at the time, the freeholder board was upset with the way the film portrayed Cumberland County.

“And the film wound up saying it took place in North Carolina, not Cumberland County,” he said.

Former library director Gail Robinson played a nurse in the film and wound up the only local getting a star’s makeup.

“She didn’t wash her face for a week,” said DeNoble.

Reece reached out to Cloris Leachman’s agent to see if she could make it.

“She wanted something like $25,000,” she reported. “I told her it was a fundraiser.”

She answered, “No negotiations.”

As another surprise, Reece announced that Woodruff Energy sent the library a check for $5,000 “to use as the library sees fit to keep our library operating.”

“We strongly support the library as an essential part of Bridgeton,” the letter read in part.

The letter mentioned that the Indian artifacts collection is threatened if the library is closed in favor of a new, combined one on North Laurel Street.

The Dollar Bucket Drop at ShopRite and Walmart netted $791.35.

Somebody mentioned Salmon Ventures as a possible fundraising avenue.

Most hadn’t heard of them.

All they did was build the new Jim Hursey Stadium.

Boykin-Greenberg scribbled down the information.

“I know Ed Salmon well,” she said. “We crossed paths at BPU.”

The hardest thing to decide Thursday afternoon was when to hold the next meeting, since the September meeting didn’t happen on schedule.

You had to be there to see the negotiations.

Secretary Barbara Wilchensky said, “You should see my calendar.”

The first and third Tuesdays are city council for Gladys Lugardo-Hemple.

The fourth Thursday is the Bridgeton Housing Authority meeting, pulling away Lugardo-Hemple and Iris Santiago, whose appointment by the mayor is still not official.

“Tuesdays are not good for me,” mentioned Boykin-Greenberg.

“See, it’s just not me,” threw in Wilchensky.

The regularly scheduled meeting in October is the 23rd.

And the Zombie Prom is not long after that.

Wilchensky nodded her head at the 16th.

“It’s good for me,” added Boykin-Greenberg.

Norma Jean DeNoble gave a sigh of relief.

Sometime, she has to report how much money the Elevator Fund by the Save The Library group has raised.

“Gotta go!” announced Wilchensky. “Back To School Night at my daughter’s school.”



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The Carll family, as in Carll’s Corner; $3,000 deduction; Code Blue going statewide; Pit bull bait doing nicely; Millville Elks, Lynn’s Deli praised; Mother daughter?; The great Jane Hemighaus; Ye Greate Street Live!; Why not Norma Jean DeNoble?;

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