Romero, Rivera and Lugardo-Hemple; Scene at Dunkin’ Donuts; Taped interviews; Dom Valella looking for a radio partner; CCSPCA and AFF team up; ‘Nam ruined Shep; Code Blue is on — mobilize; Heroes Foundation Beef & Beer; We’ll pass on the fear


The column that says we’re looking for Jorje Romero, Father David Rivera and Gladys Lugardo-Hemple for an all-Latino panel on 92.1 FM this coming Saturday at noon so we can see what 43 percent of Bridgeton is doing to improve the town, and what they want from us gringos.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


Phone: 856-237-6645

U.S. Army: RA13815980

Google all columns at jackhummelblog

Good evening!

Scene at Dunkin’ Donuts in Bridgeton at 5 p.m.

Man in a $45,000 pickup truck so high he has to open the door to get his food at the drive-thru window.

He leaves, but stops maybe 40 feet down the exit and starts to back up. Directly behind him after cleaning out every donut in the place, we back up, also.

Turns out he wanted change to give something to a crippled woman who had just bent over and checked a drain.

He waved and we gave hum the thumbs up.

To you conservatives who also tell us to not feed the pigeons and gulls at the shore, get a life.

What the heck happened to all the taped interviews of yesterday’s Bridgeton star athletes when teacher Jim Davies was alive?

We know they were done.

Do you know, Bob Rose?

Dom Valella is looking for someone to go on 92.1 FM on a Saturday afternoon to talk about the All Sports Museum of Southern New Jersey.

He’s the co-curator along with Joe DeLuca.

The free rancher has been delivered from CCTEC to use for shrine expansion and cost figures for converting it from a house with a kitchen and bathroom are being gathered, as ordered by the business administrator, but no one has said who will pay for the renovations — the city or the people who run the shrine.

The buildings are owned by the city, but the memorabilia is owned by the committee, and the business administrator asked that that be documented, and John Casarow, who is on the board of directors, is doing that.

Maybe Casarow will come on with Valella.

The word on the street is the free building and the other one delivered to the park cost $90,000 each to find a new home.

But we haven’t seen the canceled check.

“Upon receiving an ear-tipped cat in Cumberland County, the CCSPCA will notify Animal Friends Foundation that an ear tipped cat has been turned in and where it was removed from.

“AFF will contact the Coordinator or contact person in that community who will notify caretakers in that area to determine if a colony cat is missing. Caretakers can then go to the shelter with proof of identification for the cat in order to have the cat released to them.

“If not identified and reclaimed by its original caretaker, other registered caretakers who manage colonies within the county may request to have the cat released for relocation to their colony.

“In order for this to work, a municipal coordinator or responsible contact person must be established in each Cumberland County community whose name and contact information will be kept on file with AFF.

“Millville and Vineland have municipal positions established by ordinance. However, there is no one currently assigned to the Vineland position.

“We need people to step up as a ‘contact person’ for each of the Cumberland County communities listed below. A community coordinator or contact person would be wise to have their own contact people in various parts of their city who are familiar with colony locations within their section.

“Those interested in representing their community are asked to contact Animal Friends Foundation by phone at 856-503-5572and leave your name and number or email us at animalfriendsfoundation@

“Representatives are needed for:

City of Vineland

City of Bridgeton

Commercial Township

Fairfield Township

Upper Deerfield Township

Maurice River Township

Deerfield Township

“We can’t sit around on our fingers waiting for someone else to step up on this one people because ear tipped cats that are not reclaimed will ultimately fall victim to the system. TNVR programs require participation by residents of the community in order to function properly.

“Community cats are a community problem that a community can fix, together. If everybody does a little, nobody does a lot.”

— Ric Kuhns
Director of Operations
Animal Friends Foundation

SPCA and cat lovers reach accord.


“I have been taken off my motorcycle, thrown through the windshield of a car, burned and many other things.

“These, I laughed off.

“‘Nam was the problem and the treatment coming home.”

— Shep

And no matter how many times he hears, “Thank you for your service,” it’s not going to change.

That’s what PTSD does.

Dan Mourning will never shake it. He lives with it, but he knows you will never understand.

And as for the government’s treatment of Agent Orange victims, they should just be getting out of jail.

We interviewed two of them who were affected.

That treatment was as bad as torture. If you can’t take care of your heroes, don’t send them to war.

And you wonder why we need change?

“Code Blue will be open on Sunday, Jan.29, and Monday, Jan. 30. Also for Wednesday, Feb.1, Thursday, Feb.2Friday, Feb.3 and Saturday, Feb. 4.

Looking for businesses to provide a meal 1st thru 4th. If you know of a business that would like to provide dinner for one of those nights for approximately 30-35 guests, please let me know, as our food must be prepared in a certified kitchen.

“If you know a business that would like to sponsor a meal that can be arranged, also, please have them contact me. Thanks.

“If you are a volunteer, please check your schedules to see if you are available for any of the above evenings. If so, please contact Susan Stowe. If you would like to fill out application to be a volunteer, please let us know.”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke

“Good morning, Jack.

“Heroes Foundation could use some plugs on the radio station. We have our benefit on Feb. 25.

“Also, when are you getting your tickets?”

— Pepi Dragotta

Tickets for the Beef and Beer will be available starting Wednesday, Jan. 25, at Poliseno’s Italian Deli and Catering!

Ticket cost is $40 and all proceeds supports the Heroes Foundation NJ.

A little history.

April 16, 2016

Today was a milestone for the Heroes Foundation! We have officially received all 11 AEDs. Thank you to Jersey Fire & Safety Products, LLC for discounting the AEDs and also donating to the Heroes Scholarship.
These AEDs will be distributed to the following organizations over the next few weeks, just in time for baseball season!

Cohansey Soccer
Pittsgrove Midget Football / Elmer Little League
Bridgeton Midget Football
North Cumberland Little League
West Cumberland Little League
Millville Midget Football
Bridgeton Little League
Pittsgrove Soccer
Commercial Township Little League
Upper Deerfield Midget Football
East Vineland Little League

You’re always welcome, Pepi. You can call 856-692-8888 and get a public service announcement done by Corey D’Amore.

And you can call the show any time between noon and 2 p.m. And since you were on SNJ Today, they should publicize it.

AEDs bring you back while having a heart attack, when there is only four minutes to respond.

Pepi Dragotta needed six bypasses after he collapsed during a father-son soccer game.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Another star down the Facebook tubes because watching fear is not healthy.

Romero, Rivera and Lugardo-Hemple; Scene at Dunkin’ Donuts; Taped interviews; Dom Valella looking for a radio partner; CCSPCA and AFF team up; ‘Nam ruined Shep; Code Blue is on — mobilize; Heroes Foundation Beef & Beer; We’ll pass on the fear

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