Women’s march; Fran Sykes contacts us; Michael DeLeon’s column; Cat, dog lover contacts Millville Community Cat Program; Bucket filling; Code Blue Sunday, Monday; Jorje Romero on school financial waste; Deanna Speranza-Murphy appreciative; Gypsy; Dolly Speranza on the drug carnage


Somebody called today to ask if we wanted somebody who was in the women’s march to come on 92.1 FM Saturday and explain herself, and we tried to save the message, but accidentally erased it, so please call back, and if you can localize it, you’ll fit right in.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.

Email: jhummel9794@gmail.com

Phone: 856-237-6645

U.S. Army: RA13815980

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Good evening!

“PSA : Another young person fell victim to the heroin epidemic today. You may know that person or not. You may know someone or not. It may even be a family member or not.

“If it’s ‘them or not,’ well, you are fortunate that this hasn’t touched your life. If you are like the rest of us, I am sorry, AGAIN, as it keeps happening over and over .

“God help our young people. It is bigger than us. Please pray for those struggling every day trying to stay one step ahead of Satan himself disguised as a dealer, bottle, pill, powder, syringe.

“It’s taking them and we have to stop it. I don’t know how. I don’t have the answers, but I will stand and fight with every person it preys on, family member or addict.

“Their struggle is real. Please share if you think it will help. Please let’s try to raise awareness before it claims one more life, one more precious life.”

— Dolly Speranza

Guess who got a personal invitation from Fran Sykes, who heads the Pascale Sykes Foundation that is currently spreading $40,000,000 around Gloucester, Cumberland, Salem and northern Atlantic County to spur the economy.

And if you want to be part of that, get somebody to write a grant that includes everything Fran Sykes wants to hear from the idea all the way to the finish line, and if it involves keeping families together, you’ll have a place in her heart forever.

Her latest help around here went to Bridgeton PAL basketball.

Anyway, she had our wrong address, apologized and invited us to her next executive session. At the last one we attended at the big Fitness Connection, we wondered why SNJ Today’s Ken Pustizzi wasn’t there.

And said so.

This time, we’re looking for Bruce Riley’s presence.

Working Together For Working Families is a one-day conference designed to expand the national conversation on how to strengthen low-income, working class families. Presented by the Pascale Sykes Foundation, the program will feature a panel discussion and presentations on building strong families by experts from nationally renowned foundations, award-winning authors and key policy makers.

For more event details, full agenda and to register now, please visit
For any additional information, please email events@pascalesykesfoundation.com

What is a continental lunch?

We could do without the New York Times.

No objective credibility here.

You going, Jerry Young? John Fuqua? Dr. Robin Weinstein? Cindi Stanger Cooke? Dave Ennis?

Mickey Brandt, who we knew when he owned a local TV station, wrote a story in The Grapevine about locals who participated in the women’s march in Washington, and was the one who wants to know if we want one or two of them on 92.1 FM.

We doubt if any of them will come on, including Lisa Garrison, Cindy Zirkle, Merry Woodruff, Jeanne Doremus, Meghan Wren and Karla Rossini.

Saturday at 1 p.m. is open.

Also in The Grapevine is a guest column by Michael DeLeon, who hosts “Road To Recovery” on SNJ Today.

He details his story of addiction and its repercussions, as well as his road to recovery.

And we will ask any marchers that we run across, when are you going to march against the drugs that are tearing our towns apart?


And we get no answer.

When is First Step in Bridgeton going to get funding that allows for more than a 30-day treatment for substance abuse, and when is that going to be important enough to march?

Thirty days is a joke! Ask anyone who knows anything about treatment.

That animal cruelty photo we ran the other day was from Pennsauken, not Salem County, but we do not apologize for the rant on that county not having SPCA cruelty agents.

That is unf0rgivable.

TO: Millville Community Cat Program.
“Hi, I am Kate.
“I am new in here, Ric gave me your FB handle so I could join. I have read the posts and I am in the right place.
“Recently had a feral cat neutered and placed with a wonderful rescue called The Funny Farm, but, sadly, they are filled up.
“Right now, I am feeding three cats who were starving. They will need attention, too, from disease and pregnancy. Please give me a heads-up on the right way to do things.
“I must say that I am fed up with the cavalier attitude toward stray cats in the Laurel Lake area. It is a scandal with cats who are owned, roaming free to contribute to the growing number of homeless cats.
“Cats are not a nuisance animal! I want to be part of the solution.
“I am a dog person but I do like to think there is a little dog in everyone!”
— Kathleen Murray Dierks
When will we be able to stop saying “the area’s first black woman (fill in the blank)” and not have it make headlines, but, instead, let it be considered a common occurrence.
“At respect week a couple years ago, our kids at Rieck Avenue School learned about Bucket filling.
“The idea is that everyone has an invisible bucket to fill and we can fill each other up with respect and kindness. When we do this, we are bucket filling. When we don’t, we are bucket dipping.
“Every single day we are challenged to make positive choices and to refrain from bucket dipping or doing unkind and disrespectful acts to others. I think this is a wonderful lesson, and hopefully some of us as adults will remember it too.
“Let’s fill our buckets! Lets not dip out of our buckets. Respect for others, even if their opinions are different from ours.”
— Cindi Stanger Cooke
Code Blue has been called for Sunday, Jan. 29, and Monday, Jan. 30.
If you are a registered volunteer please check your schedules. If available, please contact Susan Stowe. If not volunteering, consider it.
“School financial waste is out of control in this state, I agree.
“But why can’t teachers live well after dedicating their lives to educate our children, our most prized possessions. An uneducated populous is disastrous for all.
“We need better checks and balances and true world skills need to be taught in schools. Kids don’t even know how to balance and savings/checking account or pay a bill online. But they can post crap on Instagram.
“This state is out of control and the politicians are driving us into the abyss.”
— Jorje Romero
It’s not the teachers!
It’s not the administrators!
It’s the mandated curriculum not fitting the pupils!
And the angels sing …
“Jack, thank you so much for arranging the fundraiser for Deerfield School.
“Thanks to Sal for his kindness and support. I surely would of been there if I could have.
“If I can, I’ll come out and support Gypsy, as I have 2 rescue pit bulls.”
— Deanna Speranza-Murphy
Wednesday, Feb. 1, from 4 to 9 p.m., at DiLisi’s Ristorante & Pizza in the Upper Deerfield Shopping Center.
Sal and Nancy DiLisi will donate 15 percent of your bill to Gypsy’s $900 surgery bill for the lump on the 3-year-old pit bull’s hip.
Us and Cheri, and all the pizza you want to eat, with Byron Hitchner riding shotgun.
Waiting for fliers.
YOU CAN BOOK IT: Always got along better with the common man.
Women’s march; Fran Sykes contacts us; Michael DeLeon’s column; Cat, dog lover contacts Millville Community Cat Program; Bucket filling; Code Blue Sunday, Monday; Jorje Romero on school financial waste; Deanna Speranza-Murphy appreciative; Gypsy; Dolly Speranza on the drug carnage

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