One last chance to get even; God loves the common man — he made so many of us; Class of ’82 reunion; Dog chewed up in SPCAless Salem County; Quick, register for Millville Soccer; Beach Boys back to see Bob Rose, but not Wilson brother; Panera Bread was coming to Bridgeton; Paterson has a punter; Brandi Yellin in Marietta Hall of Fame; Betting the horses in heaven


The column that asks, why hold a Pro Bowl if nobody wants to go and no one wants to watch it, and no one should ever bet on it, and just how much are you stuck to your neighborhood bookie at this point, and do you expect to get it all back on the Super Bowl, and we suspect Delaware Park is probably ahead on its parlay betting on pro football, because it’s hard enough to figure one game, let alone three or four?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Give all the documentaries on famous people dying from drugs or alcohol, and given what all the studies on concussions have revealed, aren’t you glad you didn’t pursue your dreams of fame and a fast lane and just stayed an average person?

There are so many of us.

“The 35th Bridgeton High School Class of 1982 Reunion happens Saturday, Nov.18, at 6 p.m., at 6 p.m. at Eastlyn Golf Course, 4049 Italia Ave., Vineland NJ 08360

“Right now, tickets are available through the following ways and a Pay Pal account is going to be set up soon (more to follow):

“Tickets for the Class of 1982 Reunion can be purchased at the following:

“M&B Clothing (owner Michael Allen — 1982 graduate) E. Commerce St. Bridgeton, NJ (diagonal from Big John’s Pizzeria).

“Vineland Nutrition ( Wayne Magee Jr.) 942 S. Delsea Dr., Vineland NJ 08360

“Call or inbox Tina Marie Todd. She has tickets for sale.

“Call or inbox Karen D. Price. She has tickets for sale.

Thanks! Look forward to seeing everyone in NOVEMBER!”

— Joni Lee

Speaking of gatherings, why haven’t we seen Gia’s Catering mentioned lately?

“Here is a picture of the dog that was picked up in Pennsville by animal control.

“It was found on a person’s steps and apparently used in a pit bull fight. I shared this picture and story twice because of comments made by a woman stating she’s more than sure she seen this dog on a lost and found site as missing from its home.

“I have no idea why it never went thru when I shared it. The woman stated the eyes and markings is what she remembers the most but cannot remember the site she seen it on as she is a member of many lost and found pages.”

— Theresa Nye



This is why Salem County should have caring to have their SPCA charter returned because those letters stand for Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals.

We’re tired of hearing the county doesn’t have any money. We’re tired of hearing the county had the greatest tourism year ever a few years back, then had to gut the tourism department.

Somebody get a hold on the right things to do, especially in Pennsville, where everybody seems to be in fear of government when it comes to animals.

They work for you!

You only have 3 days left to register online for the Millville Soccer Association Spring 2017 Season.

Go to to register now!  Online ends on Friday, Jan. 27, at midnight.

There are two more In-Person registration times scheduled: Thursday, Jan. 26, 6:30-8 p.m.,  and Saturday, Jan. 28, 9 a.m.- noon.

Register now so your child doesn’t miss out on the Spring Season!

Go watch your child kick a soccer ball.

Pre sale begins at 10 a.m. for three great artists announced in the first wave of the 2017 Ocean City Boardwalk Concert Series.

The Temptations, June 26.

The Hooters, July 17 & 18.

The Beach Boys, Aug. 21 & 22. Visit

“Let Me In!”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke,

at Millville Code Blue tonight

Remember when Panera Bread came to city hall to talk about putting an outlet in Bridgeton as soon as the new Broad Street bridge was finished?

Instead, they’re in East Norriton, not to be confused with West Norriton, where Betty Jaworski lives.

As of 2010, males had a median income of $49,737 versus $33,642 for females.

But that could change if Karen Cox moves to Bridgeton.

Goldie Wulderk got Wawa to come to Carll’s Corner.

Ask her about it.

Bridgeton basketball guru John Fuqua could make every TV commercial Shaq is in, and do it as well.

Their voices are identical.

Coach George Linen, if you’re going to start a girls basketball dynasty at BHS, make sure you contact Mike Flynn with the Philadelphia Belles so you can get on the AAU circuit, where every one of Connecticut’s players come from.

You’ll love it as much as JROTC!

Attention, all you slackers out there!

“All Matt Wright League players need to report to the Alms Center today at 6:15 p.m. for games!

“Dinner will be served and we will go over the mandatory tutoring that will begin next Tuesday!

“We will also be discussing job readiness! Also, please return your Smile Smart applications!”

— John Fuqua

That’s called action, not anguish!

That’s called putting time in, not pontificating!

That’s called doing,  not documenting!

That’s called giving back, not griping!

Get off your fat ego and contribute!

“It is with IMMENSE pride that I share with you that my Nicky will be continuing his education and fulfilling his dream of playing college ball at William Paterson University.

“Nick will be the William Paterson Pioneer’s starting punter in the fall!

“This is one of my proudest and most fulfilling moments as a mother. There are few words that can express a parent’s feelings when they see their child’s lifelong dream come to fruition.

“The fact that Nick will remain in-state and be starting as a freshman is more than any of us could have ever wished for for him.

Nick Savigliano me, dad, Michael and Matty are so incredibly proud of you!!! Congrats son! I love you.”

— Debbie Savigliano,

Bianca’s Kids

A little history.

September 2015.

Bianca’s Kids turns a tragic loss into hope for thousands of children in need.

Experiencing the sudden loss of a loved one can raise more questions than answers, leaving many to wonder how they can ever recover from such a tragedy. That was the question on the mind of Williamstown’s Debbie Savigliano when she lost her niece in 2010.

Bianca Yodice was just 21 years old when she was struck and killed while crossing a busy highway in Edison on her way to work at a daycare center. Savigliano says Yodice had a passion for working with children and wanted to pursue it as a career after college. “She cared for all children and had a special interest in helping children with separation anxiety. She knew how to make them feel safe,” Savigliano says.

Inspired by her niece’s passion for children and motivated by her grief, Savigliano decided to take this sad event and turn it into something positive for others. “I wanted her name to be associated with something besides the accident, a way to celebrate the girl who loved kids,” she says. Later that year, Savigliano joined with family members Vanessa Andricola and Gabriella Michael to found Bianca’s Kids, an organization that grants wishes to children in South Jersey and beyond.

“In the beginning, we used our relationships with resource development offices to help children in need receive Christmas gifts, things they really wanted,” says Savigliano. “The first year, we provided for 120 children; the second year it was 1,200. Eventually, it evolved from Christmas gifts to prom dresses, Easter baskets and granting wishes.”

To date, Bianca’s Kids has helped over 12,000 children in and around New Jersey. They have been recognized as a 2015 top-rated nonprofit by, which is based solely on user reviews.

No matter the size of the wish, Bianca’s Kids does their best to grant it. “Every child wants something different,” Savigliano says. “Sometimes it’s as small as uniforms for school, or an iPad to keep them entertained during chemotherapy treatments.”

All wishes are reviewed by Savigliano and the board of Bianca’s Kids. “We look at every aspect of their need, their circumstances, the financial need,” she says. “We don’t wait for a child to be dying to grant a wish.”

Wishes have included celebrity meet and greets, providing school supplies, bikes for kids battling cancer, and even a prom for a girl named Tiffany, for whom Bianca’s Kids provided the dress, wig, makeup and transportation. Sadly, Tiffany passed a few weeks after having her wish granted.

One of the most impactful wishes granted by Bianca’s Kids involved the family of 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale, who was murdered in 2012. Bianca’s Kids assisted the family by helping to organize volunteers to search for Pasquale, raising money for the Autumn Pasquale Memorial Fund, providing all of the Christmas gifts on Pasquale’s siblings’ lists, and later sent A.J. Pasquale to spend a day at Eagles training camp and Natalie Pasquale to a Justin Bieber concert.

Savigliano says Anthony Pasquale, Autumn’s father, and his children made a wish to Bianca’s Kids to have the park Autumn frequented renamed in her memory. Bianca’s Kids granted that wish and on the one-year anniversary of Autumn’s death, conducted a dedication ceremony of the new Autumn Pasquale Memorial Park.

Bianca’s Kids often relies on its hometown connections to support the wishes it receives. “We have vendors who have offered their services for free if a wish comes in that suits them,” Savigliano says. “We have a gym vendor who has offered free cheerleading classes, and an auto body shop that will fix cars. … It’s great to have those connections because we know we can immediately grant those wishes.”

Savigliano says the organization is always looking for vendor partners who can give their time or offer a service. “No matter who you are or what you do, there are ways to help. You could tutor for free, provide manicures for foster children going to prom,” she says. “Everyone in this life has an opportunity to become someone’s hero.”

Bianca’s Kids is a volunteer organization and receives no government grants. Board members make time for the organization in between raising families, working or going to school.

“We raise donations one dollar at a time all through private donations, and every dollar goes to the children,” says Savigliano, a fact she publicizes on their website. “I want our supporters to feel confident in where their money is going. Through our website and Facebook page we’re able to share the wishes we’re granting so donors can see their donation dollars at work.”

Savigliano doesn’t think about how much money is being raised on a daily basis. “We don’t set any minimum goals. We feel the numbers that matter are the number of lives we touch, the number of kids we can bring joy to,” she says.

Now, the organization has an opportunity to reach a wider audience and share its mission. Recently, Bianca’s Kids was offered its own 30-minute weekly talk show on Episodes are available via streaming video or podcast. Savigliano says the talk show is a chance to tell the stories of the wishes Bianca’s Kids has granted and how their lives have changed because of it. The first episode’s guest was Anthony Pasquale. For an idea that came about over a single text message between family, Savigliano says she never would have dreamed Bianca’s Kids would become what it is today.

“When you lose someone in the manner we lost Bianca—a vibrant, healthy 21-year-old who was just walking to work—your life changes,” she says. “Few things can pull you from that abyss of grief. It would be easy to live an angry and painful life. She’s never coming back and there is a hole in my heart, but with every wish we grant, that hole fills up a little bit, healing more and more. There is euphoria in creating hope for others, and I hope through our work we inspire others to find healing.”

For more information about Bianca’s Kids, visit or follow them on Faceboo

Liz Hunter,

South Jersey magazine

Ask Jerry Young about Debbie.


BHS softball pitcher Brandi Yellin in a proud moment.

Her father will find out one day.

There has to be harness racing in heaven, and Jack and Arnold Yellin, and Jim Beattie and us will be together watching on the same cloud.

Nobody loses in heaven! Right?

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Why would a beautiful animal like a horse make it to heaven over troublemaking humans?

One last chance to get even; God loves the common man — he made so many of us; Class of ’82 reunion; Dog chewed up in SPCAless Salem County; Quick, register for Millville Soccer; Beach Boys back to see Bob Rose, but not Wilson brother; Panera Bread was coming to Bridgeton; Paterson has a punter; Brandi Yellin in Marietta Hall of Fame; Betting the horses in heaven

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