Thanks-a-lot cookies?; Eating in bulk; Gypsy needs a biopsy; Jorje Romero talks opening eatery; Ashley-McCormick testament to Bridgeton’s lack of ingenuity; Zoo signage; How comprehensive park plan is;


The column that says we never knew that 63,000,000 fellow citizens who believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness could be so destructive to the process.

By Jack Hummel

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Good morning!


“You obviously have never sat down to have 2 Girl Scout cookies and ended up eating the entire sleeve of them.

“Also, remember they now have 3 kinds of Vegan cookies .. Lemonade, Smore’s & Thanks-a-lot…. and they are actually all pretty tasty.

“Smore’s is the newest flavor. How do I know so much?

“I’m the cookie MomMom for 2 troops for the second year. I have a kitchen FULL of cases of these tasty delights!”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke

Cindi, you don’t understand.

In our world, eating is about bulk. If it’s a salad, it’s about how big the salad is. If it’s about Snickers, it’s about how big the bar is. If it’s about potato chips, it’s about the whole bag. If it’s about Girl Scout cookies, it’s about every Thin Mint in the box, not sleeve.

For, with us, eating is not about hunger. It’s about a well-stretched esophagus and fast hands that can consume a 32-ounce steak in 10 minutes.

But not because we’re hungry. It’s a mental thing, which means it would do no good to get a band around the stomach, for the hunger would still be there.

“A couple months ago, we noticed a small bump on our Gypsys back leg. We didn’t think it was anything to worry about, as she gets little bumps here and there and they always go away.

“But this bump is just getting bigger. I took her to our vet, who recommended removing it as soon as possible and having it sent off for a biopsy. I eagerly agreed and waited for the estimate.

“Over 800!  I was very upset, as I know that I cannot afford this.

“I’m on my own taking care of my kids living paycheck-to-paycheck still trying to catch up from this past Christmas.

“Gypsy is not just a dog. She is part of our family. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her,m as she is an extremely friendly pit bull to people and all animals.

“She is only 3 years old and has a lot more life to live. I would never ask for any donations, but in this situation I am desperate. I would hate to let it go and it be cancer and it be too late to save her.

“Please help by donating anything you can and sharing this GoFundMe with anybody you can. I thank anybody who is willing to help or even share this post. Thank you, all!”

— Cheri Desmarais,



“I would love to own my own alternative/healthy food restaurant.”

— Jorje Romero

So open one where Acme left at Carll’s Corner.

Or where BigLots left across the street.

What’s the problem?

Actually, the first floor of the Ashley-McCormick Center has a professional kitchen and we guarantee they will rent the floor out as a restaurant.

It has never made money, and there is a captive dining crowd on the third floor called Court Appointed Special Advocates — 25 strong and hungry, and all professionals.

What is so disturbing is why that site has never been used as a cooking school paying full rent.

Main Street talked about a commercial cooking place on North Laurel Street where you could rent out the kitchen because you didn’t have one big enough at home.

And here sat the Ashley-McCormick with Hank Murad making $1 million in renovations begging for tenants — hoping the MakerSpace could go there — and with a theater in-house, and no one — count ’em — no one could turn it into a presentation venue?

And this city doesn’t trust an outsider to develop the park?

“How about proposing a Popup Paleo at the Ashley-McCormick as one of a special events series sponsored by Bridgeton Main Street?

“AND, next up, maybe a ‘Repair Cafe’ sponsored by CHABA, or as part of out next CHABA-Con.”

— Flavia Alaya,

CHABA founder

Has anybody decided how we could have a sign on Broad Street hill announcing that the Cohanzick Zoo is one block away?

The zoo has been there since, when, 1937?

Broad Street (Route 49) can’t support a Wawa, maybe, but it sure could make shore traffic think about a later day trip to Bridgeton to visit the zoo, which has never been run better.

Do we put the sign on top of the Cohansey Hotel for westbound traffic?

Or Scarani’s service station?

Do we lease a spot in the parking lot of Rudolphi’s Italian Bakery at Broad and Atlantic that reads “ZOO” with an arrow pointing north for all traffic?

Here is the financial part of planner Cindy Williams’ city park whateveryouwantocallit — but not a plan

It calls for $100,000 in grants, which was not mentioned in the presentation. It also calls for another $100,000 in free money.

The plan suggests that Williams be hired to implement the plan at a salary of $49,500, plus 20 percent of the increase in revenue.

$20,000 for advertising.

So much for signage, etc.

The plan is in a 400-page report.

This is how comprehensive it is:

“The selected firm shall provide, as one of the task deliverables, a summary report listing the number and size of signs, the location of each sign, whether the sign is on city, county or state traffic artery, primary agency contacts, vendor quotes for producing the signage, installation timeline and other information related to this task.”

— Park Plan Implementation RFP

Why would you let someone prepare a 400-page, soup-to-nuts concept and not act on it when your town is on life support?

Memo to Councilmen Mike Zapolski and Bill Spence:

The landfill needs to be capped to proceed with the 400-page plan.

Mayor Aitken Drive needs to be repaved to allow the big machinery involved to cap the landfill.

You need to approve both, then specifically explain what you want changed in the 400-page park plan so it can move forward.

And don’t say you haven’t seen a plan.

You go to city hall and get a copy and bring it to a work session — with suggestions, corrections and additions. We don’t care if it’s not your job, we don’t care if it’s showing weakness, we just don’t care.

Do SOMETHING to get this plan moving!

YOU CAN BOOK ITYou wanted Cindy Williams, Bill Spence, and she did her part, so offer copious comments on her work and what changes need to be made.

Thanks-a-lot cookies?; Eating in bulk; Gypsy needs a biopsy; Jorje Romero talks opening eatery; Ashley-McCormick testament to Bridgeton’s lack of ingenuity; Zoo signage; How comprehensive park plan is;

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