The Ungaro Connection; PAL rivalry!; Hospitals on divert; See your doctor in the morning? Really?; Looking at homeless people; For the Outlaw; EMS Cafe; And the angels sing; Neighborhood watch?; Help Deanna’s Kids


The column that says it’s always good to see Giuseppe Ungaro of Powder Puff Football in Somers Point fame when he makes the trek back to Millville where he used to cover Thunderbolt sports with a proverbial blanket in the same vein as Ed Hilt, but is now embedded in Glory Days magazine at the shore that profiles all the high school greats and their families, so look him up.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


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Good evening!

Where has all the local sports coverage gone?

Gone to regional every one.

The rivalry heats up!

“We will see you guys soon! This seems to be a good game coming up from what we have heard.”

— Bridgeton PAL to Millville PAL

“We are excited. Should be a fun and exciting game! Good luck to all. We will see you guys in a few hours!”

— Millville PAL response

“Bridgeton, Elmer and Vineland hospitals are on full divert.

“Add Scarlato’s Auto Repair to that list, too!

“As of 7 p.m., Cooper, J FK in Washington Township and Atlantic City Medical Center are also on divert.

“To the public: If you have a true emergency, call 911 and they will handle it accordingly. Divert does not mean you will be turned away!”

— Brian Scarlato

All of South Jersey is sick.

Is anybody in Washington investigating this?

Wait a minute!

Bridgeton worker says Bridgeton not on divert because they don’t house patients.

Scarlato says back, “Well, your big boss told our big bosses to not bring any patients there!”

Response: “Well i am just letting you know what security told me i walked out for break and there was an ER full of clients and they were taking patients back. Just talked to the security guard and he said that they aren’t on divert cause we don’t house patients, we don’t have an ICU or anything like that.”


Emergency rooms have been upsetting us since the construction of the new hospital began.

We told the Inspira flak jacket that we were going to spend a night in the Newcomb emergency room to see how long it took to be waited on.

“No, no, no,” he said. “Let us give you a midnight tour of the new hospital going up, and that’s what Patty Duke — the man in charge of building it — did.

In the middle of the night, we were climbing over pieces not yet in place hearing him say, “This is where the operating room will be.”

We never did get to do the ER gig, but we heard from enough people to make us think hospitals don’t want you going to the ER for anything that can possibly wait until you see your doctor in the morning.


You can’t get an appointment for three weeks! So let’s get together here and devise a plan instead of being divisive.

There has to be a place to go without waiting most of the night to be seen. Let’s stop playing games.

It can’t be, “Make them wait and maybe next time they won’t come back.”

It also can’t be, “Come one, come all, bring me me your tired … .”

All night doesn’t work. What is Plan B?

“Cherish every day as if it were your last, people. No excuses.”

— Jorje Romero

“Fight every day as if you won’t be around tomorrow, and you’ve never been more sure there won’t be anyone around to continue your fight!”

— Jack Hummel

Know what we’re getting tired of?

Hiding behind famous quotes, as if posting them is really going to make a difference.

People nod their heads, think, ah, yes, and don’t do anything. Yeah, you.

“I remember seeing a special on TV about a year ago about these so-called homeless people.

“They are part of a countrywide business and are not homeless. On that special, they said that a lot of these people earn over $100,000 a year and sometimes a lot more scamming people by pretending to be homeless.”

— stretching a point

Now, here is a woman who lives in Cumberland County who has not once not only not bothered to go to a Code Blue setting to find out for herself, but also has not even bothered to talk to a Code Blue advocate, or read about Code Blue in this county.

And here is more …

“A friend of mine asked one of those ‘homeless guys’ what he would like from Sonic and he said I don’t want the meal, I’ll just take the money.

“Needless to say, she drove off and he got nothing from her.

“I’ve bought some of them something from Wawa, gave them gloves when it was cold out, but they’ve scammed me too many times.

“It’s just a shame that some people really need help but you don’t know whether to believe them or not.

“My cousin worked with a guy that had a job and begged there in the evening. So sad.”

— my choice

You never bought any of them anything from Wawa, pal. Not if you had to listen to your friend and your cousin, and you haven’t “been scammed too many times.”

And then the angels sing …

“I’m not saying I agree with this at all, but I was told I was compared to the Mother Teresa on a local radio show yesterday.

“They were talking about individuals in our area that are doing things for the community.

“While it is an honor to be talked about in such a positive way, I am only a little clog in this vast network of individuals serving our community by volunteering time and effort to effect change.

“Thank you, Jack Hummel, for thinking of me in such a positive way, however. I am truly humbled.”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke

If the three above were standing at the pearly gates in front of Saint Peter, who would be the first one let in?


Cindi would be sent down below to continue her good work.

Robin Bundy at Outlaw’s Burger Barn & Creamery:

“Donnie had the Avocado Ranch Burger, and I had the Barn Burger. Both were excellent!

“Brought 3/4 of mine home because we had an order of boardwalk fries, which they brought out while we waited on our burgers.

“OMG, I was full by the time the burger got there, plus burger came with homemade chips! Yummy on everything!”

— Robin Bundy


Check out our themed days at EMS Cafe

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97 Quinton Marlboro Rd Quinton NJ across from Niblocks Pork Store Corner of Jericho Rd and Route 49
We cater.


Chicken potpie Friday.

“For those in Cedarwood Village, White Marsh, Rieck Ave and surrounding neighborhoods, it’s been a while since we have had a neighborhood watch meeting. We have several new members in our neighborhood.

“I have heard from several that they thought we were no longer in effect.

“I want to hear from all, if possible — Yes or No  — for a meeting. If enough individuals think it’s time for a meeting and vote YES, we will try to schedule one.

“I know our email system is out of date, also, so please pass this around to others you know of in the neighborhood that are not receiving it.

“We have had some positive results from this email system. One was a year ago when a lot of Christmas displays were stolen and, because of emails, we sent out an individual that didn’t even know theirs were stolen, went outside to find they were indeed victims. As a result, their items and almost all others were recovered.

“We have also been able to find and catch the intruders because when alerts were sent out individuals looked at their home security system videos! This is huge to be able to keep our neighborhood safe.

“As seen last week, we still have intruders that come into our neighborhood but quick acting by homeowners, neighbors and police have kept us safe.

“So let me know if you want a meeting. If not, we will still try to keep the updates going. Just because we do not have formal meetings does not mean… WE ARE NOT WATCHING and KEEPING ALERT!”

—Cindi Cooke,

Street Captain

“Upper Deerfield peeps,

“If any of you are interested in helping to socialize feral cats with the goal of finding them homes, please let me know.

“There is a project in the works that will help eradicate the overpopulation and if we can find homes for these cats, it will be wonderful.”

— Linda Eisenberg

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Remember tomorr0w night’s Deanna Speranza-Murphy Deerfield School fundraiser for her little kids at DiLisi’s Ristorante in the Upper Deerfield Shopping Center where you can walk in and say, “I’m here for Deanna’s Kids and the lasagna!”

The Ungaro Connection; PAL rivalry!; Hospitals on divert; See your doctor in the morning? Really?; Looking at homeless people; For the Outlaw; EMS Cafe; And the angels sing; Neighborhood watch?; Help Deanna’s Kids

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