Toto finds a new home; Janine Robbins will make the call; NOW is time to lose weight; Sixer tickets in Miami; Joe Ungaro and the process; Millville PD answers injured cat call


The column that says Jack Horner’s Toto has found a new home and it’s not that far from her old home, and Janine Robbins — all 95 pounds of her with rocks in her pockets — is going to call 92.1 FM Saturday at 1 p.m. to tell us why she is the greatest teacher since Deanna Speranza-Murphy and about the two — count ’em — two fundraisers her Deerfield School has going for them.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


Phone: 856-237-6645

U.S. Army: RA13815980

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Good evening!

“By the way Janine Robbins and I taught together for years at Durand.

“She now teaches at Deerfield and is one of the best teachers I have ever seen. She is about 5 feet tall, 95 pounds with rocks in her pockets, but those kids love her and she gets results!

“She is also an avid women’s soccer player! Great person all around!”

— Deanna Speranza-Murphy

Good things come in small packages!

Listen, these are miserable times.

It still get dark early and if it’s not snowing, it’s pouring down rain that will freeze at night and make driving dangerous.

And you spent all your money on Christmas and the price of heating oil is going up again and the credit card bills are rolling in, so maybe you only look at the mail every other day.

So … why not make the most of the lemon season by making lemonade while looking forward to the spring and old clothes that will suddenly fit again, and getting reunited with 34th Street again instead of hiding at 59th Street in Ocean City.

Goodbye, muffin top, as hard as hunger is to stand.

Get on those scales every morning — one day at a time, just like a recovering addict — and have something to smile about during these foreboding months.

Even with the Soroptimist pigouts. Even with the Texas Roadhouse coupons you bought in December. Even with the Cumberland County Women’s Hall of Fame banquet/with dessert.

It is time to get your old self back, and not lament again in May. The reason you may not be feeling that great is because the blood in your feet never gets to your head.

“Jack, Toto has a new home as of today when I get there this a.m. — a bath, a combing and to her new home.

“Best part is it is in the same complex as she lives in. A lady there did not know of Jack’s passing. Just found out. A neighbor that helps in middle of the day found out this lady lost her dog a couple of months ago and wanted another.

“She has seen me walking Toto many times. They had a meet and greet. I had another one with her yesterday with her. She said she would spoil Toto rotten.

“I told her it can’t be because Jack and I already did. She will be about 100 yards from her home and I can come visit any time, which is the one thing I wanted to do.

“Hope this all works out well for Toto and the lady. I’ll be giving updates on Toto.

“Best news I have had lately.”

— Shep

“I just purchased 76ers tickets vs the Miami Heat on March 1.

“The only problem is, the game will be played in Miami not Philadelphia!

“Will anyone be in Miami on March 1? They are really good seats!”

— Mark Rodi,

former trainer

Center For Health & Fitness

Sell them on StubHub.

Two days into C-PAC. Slept 8 hours both nights.

Machine is hooked up to headquarters. If we don’t use it enough nights, health care won’t pay for it.

They say it helps with losing weight while saving your life in the middle of your sleep, unlike Reggie White, who died from sleep apnea.

We’ll say this: You wake up wide awake! No yawning.

Looking forward to discussing The Process with former News sportswriter Joe Ungaro next week.

He is a die-hard Sixers fan who says the tanking will lead to success.

We disagree. Guess Ben Simmons will decide the issue. Maybe we’ll get Derrick Rose to go with Simmons.

Can Sixers get one legitimate free agent? Just one.

“I thought this was awesome and had to share. This happened today and the lady was God sent for this little furbaby.
And thanks also to Anthony Cillis, ACO, for his help in getting this kitty to the vet. Baby is now at SPCA.”

— Gail Ward

“Just wanted to take a minute and give a big THANK YOU to Millville PD and Millville Animal Control!

“I got done work early today, came home to let my dog out, and was leaving for Target. There was a black mound in the middle of the road that I thought was a dead animal … until someone else hit it and it’s head popped up. A young or malnourished black cat was bleeding right in the middle of my road. I grabbed a blanket out of my trunk, scooped up lil black kitty and knocked on a few doors with no luck of an owner.

“I called my vet who gave me Animal Control’s number. I called a few times and left a message. Under advice from my Mom, I called the Police Station itself who informed me Animal Control was out for the weekend. The officer said, however, that she would send out an officer to pick up lil black kitty and go from there. A half-second after hanging up, Animal Control called back! Luckily for me he had forgotten his radio.

“He asked my location and came out right away. Even with traffic, the officer was there very quickly! He scooped up lil black kitty and out him/her in a carrier to get checked out. Lil black kitty didn’t go quietly, it still had some fight in it…lol!

“I am really grateful for both Millville PD offering an officer’s help and then the Animal Control officer forgetting something at the office.

“I wish lil black kitty the best. I hope it’s OK. It was bleeding pretty bad.

“Thank you, Millville PD and Millville Animal Control again! You guys were awesome!!

“RIP to my black & white Converse sneakers, though. Lil black kitty bled all over them. A small price to pay to help you lil black kitty.”

Hats off to Millville PD for agreeing to send an officer.

And to Animal Control Officer Anthony Cills for calling back.

“Off for the weekend” is never, ever something you want to hear when calling a police department.

If a newspaper is never off for the weekend, don’t let us hear it from a police department.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Now, if we can just get Anthony Cills to work with the Millville Community Cat Program coordinator.

Toto finds a new home; Janine Robbins will make the call; NOW is time to lose weight; Sixer tickets in Miami; Joe Ungaro and the process; Millville PD answers injured cat call

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