Child’s brain development; Snow not as bad for retailers; Mel Glick and the W on his sticky buns baking hat; The Sixers debate rages on; Lynn Miller thinking big; HOPE VI didn’t end crime, drugs; Legacy Lanes; Henderson pitching at age 77; Demetrica Todd-Ruiz new Vineland judge


The column that says 85 percent of a child’s brain is developed by the time they are 3 years old, and what does that tell you about interaction at an early age, like reading 1,000 books to them by the time they are 4, even if it’s the same book, giving early childhood learning schools at least a chance to get them on their way to college, despite what Gov. Christie believes.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Every time it snows, it kills retailers, but with brine, the roads are clear within hours, so it’s better than the old days when Mike Gaimari was contracted to plow the News parking lot so we could get to work, then we had to clean off the satellite dish with a broom in order to get Associated Press stories, and it wasn’t even a new broom

Two more months — just 60 days — and we won’t have to worry about this mess, and then we’ll have a gentle spring with no bugs and no humidity before sliding into the shore season with sand in your shorts, pizzas on the boardwalk and dinner at the Tuckahoe Inn, then we’ll gripe about the August heat and the electric bill.

Mel Glick and his sticky buns every hour at the Amish Market is not typically Amish.

He wears a Washington Nationals baseball cap, whereas Maryanne Glick bakes in the traditional garb.

And the sticky buns come out fresh every hour today and Saturday.

So does the pizza at DiLisi’s right in the heart of the Upper Deerfield Shopping Center, where on Wednesday, Jan. 18, 15 percent of your check will go to Deerfield School to help students get the well-rounded education so important today.

Not 10 percent, but 15 percent.

Just walk in and say why you’re there.

Is the tanking finally over?

“Trust the process!

“The NBA appears to be the league that is both the easiest and hardest to turn things around.

“They have to be the only team with three quasi number one picks. Embid was the third pick, but would have been first if he wasn’t injured at the time. Same for Noel who was picked sixth. Simmons was the first pick. On top of that, they have a third pick (Okafor), another first rounder (Saric), and more in the pipeline.

“Combine the Sixers’ rise with the decline of superstars on the current contenders, and I think a championship is forthcoming!”

— Michael Schenck

“Stop, Jack!

“They will never see another dime of mine. What they did was a disgrace to professional sports, college sports, on down to sandlot sports.

“You play the game to win the game, period. The great Sixers that sweated and worked hard to put W up night in and night out to make the Sixers a respectable professional organization.

“I am talking about Hal Greer, Billy Cunningham,Wilt Chamberlain, Dr. J, Bobby Jones, Moses Malone, Charles Barkley, Rick Mahorn, and Allen Iverson .

“Then to watch this management group come in and try to lose to get a lottery pick year after year, disgraceful to the ex-players and their fans.

“Just think if two-thirds of the NBA teams took this approach what kind of game would we be watching if both teams were trying to lose. Pathetic is the answer.

“You find a coach and assistant coaches, then you draft players and sign free agents that fit into your system and then you coach your players up.

“When was the last time the SA Spurs had a lottery pick , 18 years ago, maybe . They compete every year and they are one of the elite teams in the NBA and all of professional sports.

“The Sixers should have been fined by the NBA , it is like cheating as far as I am concerned.

“End of rant for now.”

— Ronnie Downs

Irrelevant for how many years in one of the biggest sports markets in the country?

Ben Simmons is the new Carson Wentz.

Youngest teams in the NBA.

  • #8 Charlotte Hornets.
  • #7 Toronto Raptors. Average Age – 25.1.
  • #6 Orlando Magic. Average Age – 24.7.
  • #5 Boston Celtics. Average Age – 24.5.
  • Tied #3 Portland Trail Blazers. Average Age – 24.3.
  • Tied #3 Philadelphia 76ers. Average Age – 24.3.
  • Tied #1 Utah Jazz. Average Age – 24.1.
  • Tied #1 Milwaukee Bucks. Average Age – 24.1.

Lynn Miller comes up with another idea:

“I had another idea: It seems that some people would really like to work. Many people in Millville need someone to help them clean a garage, shovel snow, hang Christmas lights, mow grass, paint something, fix a thing or two or just help with whatever needs attention.

“Those who want to work could meet at City Hall MondayFriday at 8 a.m. People who need labor for a day or so can go there, ask questions about their skills, choose who they want, take them to the job and return them at 4pm or a negotiated time.

“Stipulations would be that they show you a current photo ID (over 18 years old) that you would take a picture of with your phone before letting them in your car.

“You would pay them at the end of each day according to what you have worked out. You would make your own Job Sheet for them to sign, stating how long they will work and for how much a day and include a line that says that they will not hold you liable for any injuries. Nothing fancy, just a quick agreement. It can even be hand written or you can make a fill-in-the-blank and make copies. They would be responsible for their own taxes and use the 1099 form.

“I know this is not an end-all, be-all, but it would be a way for people who want and need money to earn it honestly. We could call it Helping Hands and get the paper/social media to advertise it.

“Could this be done? Would you use a service like this?”

— Lynn Miller

“Looking for community volunteer ideas for Monday, Volunteer Day: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

“Ages are middle school up. Please let me know, as I have a few people requesting.

“Thank you.”

— Peggy Gentile-Van Meter

“It’s not just the cities that are overrun with vacant houses.

“Many townships are suffering, as well. We need a concerted effort, perhaps as a component of Love Where You Live (LWYL), to halt the general systemic decline.”

— Cindy Zirkle

We need an explosion!

We’ve got a lot of quiet organizations working diligently to save their own, but no one successfully working to save the whole community.

Sadly, the ones having the most ambition have the least money.


— Dave Hitchner

Yes, one ghetto block at a time.

But we did that with HOPE VI, so the houses changed, but the people didn’t.

Still gangs and drug-ridden.

I can still dance, love to jitterbug and will be on the mound in the spring going on 77 years old.

“Hope to get fast pitch team together for 40 and older league in Vineland. In 2015, I was oldest pitcher and player in league. Our team didn’t get in last year.”

— Rondy Ray Henderson

A little history

Aug. 10.2012


“Read your article on my injury.

“I am fine.

“Took a line drive to the stomach off the bat of Pete Visconti during playoff game, which we lost.

“Twenty years ago, he hit one off the top of my head, but I got up and ended up winning the game.

“It was a one-pitch fall league in Millville.

“I had my first losing season the mound in Rec League at 5-6.

“Our team, Anytime Fitness, finished 6-12.

“We did win a playoff game over Big Bucks, 23-21.

“Bob Turner had two home runs with 7 RBI.

“Allen Sloan and J.P. Parrish were both 4-for-4.

“C.J. Martin had three hits and scored four runs for Big Bucks.

“We lost three straight games to Most Hated, went 17-0 for the season.

“I’m still pitching in Olivet Church League and 8-4 for First Wesleyan.’’

— Rondy Ray Henderson Sr.

And get this from the same 4-year-old column:

“What’s the problem?

“You mad that I couldn’t do lunch?

“I am nothing more then bones now.

“Went through the radiation fine.

“When I went for the 3-month check-up, things were going downhill.

“I used to weigh 205 pounds.

“Now I’m down to 175, last I knew.

“I took up 5 inches on my belt.

“I look and feel like crap.

“Only good news is, they say all my health misuses for the past 40-some years is Agent Orange-related.

“In October, they will start working on my kidneys.

“I just don’t care to eat anything.

“You eat more in one meal than I eat in a week.

“I guess no one misses my rants or writing.’’

— Shep

And, just today, he believes he has found a home for Toto.

“Super congratulations to Demetrica Todd-Ruiz on becoming the FIRST African-American woman to be appointed Municipal Court Judge in Vineland, New Jersey!

“Our people need you!”

— Bryan Real

What’s happening at Campani’s Legacy Lanes.

Monday Mens
BOB DUBOIS JR 201-227-265 693
BRIAN SHIFLET 224-215-244 683
JIM CAMPBELL 222-191-266 679
DAVE ZIEGER 197-234-216 647
JEFF TANAGUCHI 232-191-195 618
CHRIS HUNTLEY 236-191-188 615
WAYNE GONZALEZ 170-232-212 614
FRED KENDALL 212-188-213 613
BRIAN MCGUIGAN 187-207-211 605
RAY OTERO 231-162-208 601
GARY MARTINELLI JR 178-231-192 601
Tuesday Mixed
NATE LANGSTON JR 237-215-178 630
MARK LACY 220-168-214 620
Dave Zieger 165-258-193 616
ALFRED PIERCE 180-210-214 604
Bridgeton Church
JIM Boswell 182-204-287 673
ED Campbell 233-205-231 669
PAUL LAWRENCE 201-236-210 647
BOBBIE HOUGH 234-164-221 619
Coffee and Donut
DONNA MORRIS 158-180-192 530
ANGELA H 152-157-192 501
Golden Age
CHARLIE BROWN 189-244-248 681
PAUL DODD 236-202-159 597
ROE GRESMER 217-182-193 592
CHARLIE DAYTON 180-191-195 566
DOM RODRIGUEZ 156-150-222 528
John Kutney 184-161-179 524
JOANNE DUFFY 182-169-159 510
DOM DELUKE 157-149-200 506
Wednesday Juniors
ERIC JOHNSON 190-200-260 650
ZACH SLOBODA 195-188-164 546
TYLER MASSEY 139-195-200 534
Totiana Miranda 203-191-138 532
DR JACOBSON 180-219-243 642
TYLER MASSIE 164-236-198 598
MR MORRIS 189-166-204 559
PAT HEBERT 234-255-224 713
MARK COUCH JR 263-200-247 710
PAUL LAWRENCE 235-246-212 693
DARLINGTON HENRY SR 214-235-224 673
JOHN SPATOLA 245-200-204 669
BILL ZIEFLE 243-181-233 657
HERB HESTON 173-203-277 653
BOB GALLAGHER JR 193-233-225 651
DAN BENNETT 181-218-247 646
MIKE SAMMONS 245-161-231 637
JOE ANDERSON 173-215-246 634
JAMES MESSECK 206-225-203 634
MARK KAZOAKA 215-248-201 628
DEAN GAINES 223-237-215 627
TYLER SHUMATE 196-248-182 626
BRIAN SHIFLET 190-207-225 625
DAVE ZIEGER 208-232-183 623
DAVE HEMPLE 212-221-188 621
DIANA SORELLE 196-244-180 620
RAY MOONEY 205-184-225 614
STEPHANIE ARCHETTO 183-222-209 614
MIKE PETTIT 237-196-180 613
JIM SANTORA 197-203-204 604
WINSTON JOSEPH 204-210-189 603
Friday Mixed Social
TYLER SHUMATE 266-266-216 748
BILLY ROB 300-204-242 746
ABE JONES 233-259-234 726
MIKE SAMMONS 214-298-205 717
JONATHAN MORENO 210-246-241 697
AUSTIN BOONE 237-203-247 687
MIKE DEFALCO JR 244-245-172 661
TRAVIS CLARKE 246-167-243 656
KARL MUNSON 183-228-244 655
ROB MAGDIN JR 246-208-200 654
BRYSON COTTMAN 245-214-192 651
DANA WOLBERT 214-210-222 646
ALFRED PIERCE 198-230-208 636
RAYMOND MOONEY 180-206-249 635
PATRICK GODBEY 234-202-195 631
SHANE HARRIS 201-211-210 622
GARY STARCHER 255-189-170 614
FRED KENDALL 232-169-203 604
ORVILLE JOHNSON 213-197-192 602
BILL ZIEFLE 207-214-180 601
HEATHER RIPA 209-189-203 601
Friday Night Church
ERIC JOHNSON 246-213-224 683
DAN MILLER 231-239-189 659
ZACH SLOBODA 184-178-233 595
STEVE MORRIS 214-161-213 588
TIM JACOBSEN 205-179-200 584
WAYNE BUMP 182-179-208 569
JERRY GROOVER 187-183-184 554
DAVE HITCHNER 189-170-188 547
LEANNE MILLER 158-192-190 540
CAROLECE HENRY 152-156-203 511
TRACEY MILLER 166-185-159 510

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Child’s brain development; Snow not as bad for retailers; Mel Glick and the W on his sticky buns baking hat; The Sixers debate rages on; Lynn Miller thinking big; HOPE VI didn’t end crime, drugs; Legacy Lanes; Henderson pitching at age 77; Demetrica Todd-Ruiz new Vineland judge

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