Must First Step do it alone, Trenton, Washington?; You don’t want to talk heroin?; Lynne Porreca Comparri explains Millville progress; What is Bridgeton doing?; Cindi Stanger Cooke’s awakening; Spay/neuter facts; Did Zoe play?; with poverty


The column that apologizes for the flaccid post yesterday, but we’ve been reenergized by a good meal at DiLisi’s in the Upper Deerfield Shopping Center and a talk with a counselor who works at First Step at the corner of Broad and Fayette streets, where the bourgeois who relax at the thought of the glass being half full and talk in general terms like liberty and freedom, but never lift up the mat to find the cockroaches and termites of society, and that is so sad to label those who do as stirrers of the pot.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

So we’re dying to get First Step on 92.1 FM, not this week, but maybe next week unless Bruce Riley is staying in the country and can assemble his gang of 3 to talk about drawing economic success into the county.

Meanwhile, back to the heroin epidemic sweeping South Jersey, and, guess what, Steve Tatz was right, Bridgeton has been labeled worse than both Vineland and Millville, even though Holly City residents swear they are in the epicenter of the heroin scourge.

The first thing you don’t want to give a damn about is these surveys that say who is the worst, because they are doing nothing with their intelligence to fix the problem, and the second thing is for you not tao read the surveys and say I told you so, and not do anything to help the situation.

When Mike Abbott hosts the 11 a.m. show on Saturdays in WVLT, he says at the beginning of his show, “No drugs and no religion!”

Really, Mike?

But you will talk about politics?

So Mike Abbott is not going to do anything to help First Step, a great start to getting off drugs. But you don’t need a survey or that organization to know it needs a lot more help and a lot more funding to be successful.

Two weeks of treatment is a waste of time and funds.

Thirty days of treatment is a waste of time and funds.

There are not enough beds. Does anybody else realize that? Does anybody else talk about that when the court system forces somebody to go the treatment?

Does anybody else realize that saying, “Maybe in two weeks, we’ll have a bed,” is not striking while the iron is hot and the sinner is willing?

Does it bother anybody that treatment centers simply stop answering the phone when they have no more room.

Does it bother anybody that the first question they ask you is, “Do you have any insurance?”

And 19 times out of 20, they already know the answer.

So we will go out on a limb and say First Step is in crisis, but that is no different than all of South Jersey. And those who are the first and last line of defense need to talk about it, much more so than who is our next president and who is surrounding him.

We have checks and balances for that, but not for something that causes bullets whizzing over your head — in Bridgeton, Millville and Vineland.

“Tyler and I took a tour of the Dunn house 1798, one of the oldest structures in Millville and by the Historical Society with a great tour.

“We both like old homes. I suggest you take a tour of it. It’s very interesting and educational, the history of our town

“Historical Society’s open Wednesdays and Sundays from 1 to 4 p.m. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the tour.”

— Bob McQuade,

Taking Back Millville

An answer to Lynn Miller’s questions about taking the rundown portion of Millville by storm.

“Dear Lynn,

“The department has two ordinances: One for foreclosure properties and one for vacant properties. Both ordinances involve a registration fee, which goes up every year, and a yearly inspection.

“The foreclosure ordinance was in place prior to my taking office, but was not enforced while the vacant property ordinance just took effect last year.

“Prior to my taking office and making the changes to the Department of Public Affairs, the registration fees collected were around $20,000; now they are over $400,000, and should continue to increase.

“The department in the past three years has been actively monitoring these properties and has worked very diligently in collecting the fees and enforcing the property codes. The number of violations and summons have dramatically increased.

“As far as the properties themselves, in the past three years, these properties have been assessed by the police department and the department of public affairs and over 50 demolitions have been done and are continuing to be done.

“The city also held an abandoned property tax sale which allowed the new owner to foreclose immediately and begin renovations. Unfortunately, not one bid was received. The city is now foreclosing on those properties. Once that is complete, then the city can hold a property sale.

“Two properties were also given to a local church by the owner to rehabilitate into single family homes. That is ongoing presently.

“With the rentals, over 300 were not being inspected when I took office. That has changed. The rental registration fees were not being collected aggressively and late fees were not always being charged; they now are. In this area, code enforcement has also increased.

“The city does have an abandoned property list that is being looked at presently and being updated. That procedure is in the process of being changed.

“Thank you for your suggestions. Any idea helps the city to reevaluate what they are doing.

“Please remember that the city has gotten to this point over a number of years and it will take time to fix it. Great strides have been made in the past three years and new processes and procedures are in place, which the staff is following, so progress will continue to be made.

“If you have any other questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.”

— Dr. Lynne Porreca Compari
Director of Revenue and Finance
City of Millville
PO Box 609
Millville, NJ 08332

“For a list of 20 homes for sale in the grid of Milville, please go to: Making Millville Shine One Home at a Time.”

— Lynn Miller

Is Bridgeton doing the same thing with code enforcement, Councilman Mike Zapolski?

Don’t tell us you don’t know.

We remember when Councilwoman Gladys Lugardo-Hemple used to ride through the city and take photos of abandoned properties, falling-down properties, ramshackle properties, ugly properties and properties ignored by absentee landlords.

Who publishes code enforcement’s report to the public every month?

“Jack Horner was laid to rest yesterday.

“Old and dreary day, but he is at peace. Now to find a good home for his little friend, Toto.

“That was his only worry.”

— Shep

Jack Hummel, I think I can honestly say I get the most out of Code Blue.

“Code Blue began a few years ago after my husband suddenly passed away. I was lost and floundering.

“The second or third night, I took in a bag of groceries and I’ve been there ever since. Purpose to go forward.”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke


“What a wonderful shelter they have and, Vicki, their director, is a PRO-TNVR person that does a TON of good work.

“This is an example of how things should be getting done and for the few folks in Camden County that can use this, even $25 for OWNED cats.”

— Gary E. Meyer,

Millville Community Cat Program

The Cumberland County SPCA had FREE spay/neuter programs that ran two years in Vineland and a year in Bridgeton through Petsmart grants.


There was a certain quota the first year in Vineland to be eligible the second year. They wound up going and knocking on doors.

The CCSPCA is applying for more grants from Petsmart, although that company has been sold and availability of grants is up in the air.

Anyone, including Millville, can apply for a Petco grant to include “community” cats, a soft term for feral.

“It’s been an absolutely amazing year in our ability to move our homeless animals out to our rescue partners and sister shelters.

“Last year, we saved more than a thousand lives in our transfer program and this year we are well on our way to far exceeding that number!

“It’s hard for us to believe that there are shelters that can adopt out more animals than what they take in from their own areas, but sure enough, we have been sending dogs, cats and kittens to high volume adoption facilities from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts.

“The big challenge for us is caring for these animals until they are ready for transfer or until our partners have space. This may involve holding a dog in the shelter for several weeks or raising a litter of kittens from newborn to the point where they weigh two pounds.

“In spite of having many great foster homes that are able to help house the animals until they can be sent on their way, we are struggling for more fosters to keep up with the demand.

” The other serious problem is the expense of caring for so many animals for such long periods of time, and, for this, we desperately need your help.
“All of these animals need vaccines (multiple, in the case of the young ones), internal and external parasite treatment and very often, antibiotics. As pet lovers yourselves, you know how expensive vet care is and our drug bills are astronomical.

“From the first six months of 2015 to the same period of this year, the transfer program has lowered the euthanasia rate by a whopping 35 percent and we are committed to dropping that number as low as it can possibly go.

“It is only through your generosity that we can afford to save so many pets from an early death. Your support is the only thing standing between life and death for thousands of animals, so please help in any way you can.”

— Cumberland County SPCA

Did the Zoe Mulford concert take place Sunday at Bridgeton Library, and, if so, how many were able to attend?

YOU CAN BOOK IT: We’ll side with the 1 in 5 in the county living in poverty and the 1 in 8 living in poverty in Delaware until somebody wakes up in Washington and does something other than pontificate.

Must First Step do it alone, Trenton, Washington?; You don’t want to talk heroin?; Lynne Porreca Comparri explains Millville progress; What is Bridgeton doing?; Cindi Stanger Cooke’s awakening; Spay/neuter facts; Did Zoe play?; with poverty

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