Hey, you Cowboy fans!; Hey, you, yourself!; Want to fiddle around?; Jim Cook Jr. and dad make music; Pastor Albert Morgan takes BOE reins; Tri City Boxing plans; Pants, much more for shorts wearer; ‘We’ taking back Millville from ‘them’


The column that says what happened to the Giants on Sunday would have happened to the Eagles had they gone 9-7, so what was the point of making the playoffs, anyway?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

The only way to get off the election crap:

“I actually lived in Green Bay for 7 years, still root for the Eagles, but, yes, a Packer Fan 2nd.

“Been inside the Frozen Tundra numerous times, the Packer Hall of Fame, drank beer with former coaches and players, and even still being a huge Eagles fan, and always will be, the fan base and knowledge of football is 2nd to none when it comes to a Packer fans.

“Yes, they’re who I root for after the Eagles, because I do have ties there, not like all these Cowboy fans who most have never been to Texas, who got lost somewhere years ago because Dallas was always on TV, cheerleaders became famous, and they have a star on their helmet.

“Now I am not talking about all Cowboy fans, some actually do know who Tom Landry and Calvin Hill were, and know it was Jackie Smith who dropped a sure TD pass in the Super Bowl, but most most so called Cowboy fans don’t.”

— Wayne McAllister

“Listen, Wayne McAllister, I’ve been to Dallas games in Texas several times. I try to go once a year.

“Nevertheless, I’m a Cowboys fan because when I grew up, there were only 3 television channels. The Eagles couldn’t sell out the stadium, so the NFL blacked out the game.

“We saw the Packers, Giants, Browns and Cowboys. I liked the Cowboys, and have ever since. That was 1969.

“Now, I actually don’t think YOU have the right to question any Cowboys fandom. You can’t judge anyone.

“How many Eagles fans of today know about Tommy McDonald, or Chuck Bednarik, or Bill Bergey?

“Don’t you worry about what you call so called Cowboys fans, because we stay true to our team no matter what. You happen to have Green Bay roots. So what! You’re an Eagles fan, and who you drank beer with means nothing, not to me anyway.

“I played with professional athletes, and know some personally. Not just casually. So whoever you are directing this response to, I don’t know, but it ain’t me, Wayne MvAllister.”

— Steve Lane

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— Renee Brecht



“Did a surprise performance of some Christmas carols with Dad during my little trip home over the holidays.

“It was so fun to perform again, especially with Dad. Thanks for snapping this picture, Kelly!”

— Jim Cook Jr.,

back in South Korea




“If all goes as planned, Tri City Boxing will be hosting another amateur boxing show next fall.”

— Jerry Young

For the guy who walked into Millville Code Blue wearing shorts:

“Two hours ago, I made the original post, and within literally a couple minutes my phone rang.

“Also, someone made a drive over to make sure he had what he needed. Wish I could be there when this guy wakes up and finds out he has a whole change warm clothes in them morning, next to his cot.

“Thank you so very very much to those that donated the items needed to make sure he stayed toasty warm when he has to face the cold again.

“For those of you that think this town is no longer a fit place, come to Code Blue for a few evenings and see for yourself the heart of Millville.”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke

“(Somebody) mentioned to me that he thinks it was because of the prison.

“My response was: OMGoodness! You said one very huge mouthful right there. I’m not opposed to the prison. I’m opposed to the culture that family/friends of this caliber have brought to Millville.

“Their thought process is so different from what I was raised to believe. When it was my town, if it wasn’t yours, you didn’t touch it. If it was hurt, you helped it. If it needed fixing, you pitched in.

“They brought their culture to Millville and have run amok stealing, shooting, burglarizing and putting general fear into the hearts of those who made this Holly City so great.

“Here’s the other side of the coin …

“We also have a culture. Our culture is not to make waves, be courteous and kind and move out of the way of thugs and problem people. I can’t tell you how many times as a child, I was told to just walk away from trouble. That the world is full of ugly that you do not want to be a part of. This is exactly what we Millvillian’s did. We saw it, we moved, and it grew into a huge monster.

“Now we have to take responsibility for what we thought was the right thing to do. We need to move back into our old neighborhoods. That is why I proposed that we begin by moving into homes from 6th street out to the high school. Once we have infiltrated those blocks, we can begin to move toward town.

“My next plan of attack is to ask everyone who sits on counsel to adopt a ‘no more Section 8’ in Millville. We have enough. Also, make all the owners of these homes clean up their dwellings or risk the fines of having the city do it for them.

“It’s a long road and I don’t see those who run the city going out of their way to put the squeeze on these slumlords. So, that is why we have to Take Back Millville the way we lost it, One Home at a Time!”

— Lynn Miller

Wo are “we,” Lynn?

Who are “they”?

And how do we differentiate “we” from “they”?

Do we need two people in the “new” neighborhood to vouch for someone wanting to come in?

Only those of the same religion?

Only those members of Taking Back Millville?


YOU CAN BOOK IT: Never shovel snow on a full stomach.

Hey, you Cowboy fans!; Hey, you, yourself!; Want to fiddle around?; Jim Cook Jr. and dad make music; Pastor Albert Morgan takes BOE reins; Tri City Boxing plans; Pants, much more for shorts wearer; ‘We’ taking back Millville from ‘them’

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