92.1 FM lineup snow driven; Code Blue in shorts!; Millville Code Blue shorthanded, may have to shut down!; Lynn Miller Taking Back Millville; Chic-Fil-A comes through; Great neighbor


The column that says we’ll remember this in April when it warms up, but the poor people in a weather rut in Florida won’t be able to appreciate it because the scenery never changes, which is pretty much like it is if you’re not the lead dog, and is our jealousy showing?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Tracey Wells-Huggins and Pastor Russell Alston were supposed to be on 92.1 FM with us Saturday, but, then the snow happened and both agreed to call in, along Cindi Stanger Cooke of Millville Code Blue, and Mike Abbott was supposed to have his own show at 11 a.m., but he begged off.

The only one to make it on was Cindi, who thanked a hundred Millville people for supporting Code Blue, along with generous businesses preparing meals.

We’ll get Pastor Russell on this week, and we’ve got to make room for international businessman Bruce Riley and his gang, along with planner Cindy Williams, who will talk the future of downtown Bridgeton with Jorje Romero and Main Street’s Steve Paul.

It could be a good month.

Man walks into Code Blue wearing shorts.

A man after our own heart. We wore shorts all last winter, much to the amazement of Councilman Mike Zapolski. You leave the house, walk 20 feet to the car, ride to your destination, walk 20 feet to the store, come out, walk 20 feet to your car, drive home, walk 20 feet to the house.

You needed the heavy jacket gloves, scarf and hat for exactly 80 feet, and the rest of the time you walked around overheated, with no place to put your woolens.

C’mon, people, toughen up!

Zoe Mulford concert at Bridgeton Library today was on, then off, then on again after Dean Dellaquila cleaned off the steps.

Hope it wasn’t canceled!



Glad she was able to play on 92.1 FM last week. What a tremendous folk singer. Can’t wait to see her headline a Bob Rose folk festival at Sunset Lake next summer after the ego logjam breaks in the city power houses.

Who wants to be on Friends of the Park put together by Sam Feinstein by acclamation, working with Cindy Williams and Karen Cox, plus Bridgeton Community Bulletin Board.

We have a feeling Sarah Feinstein is commissioning this, because she always got things done, or questioned why not.

Wouldn’t it be great if more than a dozen people cared enough †o cry out?

“We’re Taking Back Millville one home at a time!

“My daughter just bought a home on the fringes of a not-so-good neighborhood. She plans to live there with her three children and my two grand dogs.

“She will have security lights, cameras and a fence installed to deter any idiots who think they can barge in and take what is not theirs.

“Please buy a home from 6th street to the Sr. High and show these creeps what we’re all about. Once we infiltrate that area, we can begin to move closer to town.

“It’s the ONLY way!”

— Lynn Miller

Better yet, form a Community Development Group to buy up one block at a time, rehab or tear down and make the whole block beautiful family-oriented again.

Sell high and use the profits to do another block.

AHOME proved you can’t do it one eyesore at a time, because one rehab does not a safe community make.

“Shoutout to the Chic-fil-A at Cumberland Mall!

“When they found out that their restaurant was closing early yesterday, because of the snow, they called! Code Blue became the recipient of all the food they had prepared that they would not be able to sell.

“It was wonderful. The timing was perfect, also. When I got the call asking, I happened to be in the Cumberland Mall at my granddaughter’s birthday party. I was able to go over right then and pick up the food so the wonderful employees could load it into my car and then they could go home.

“Thank you so much, Chic-fil-A, for thinking of us instead of throwing that food away. It was enough to feed all and they appreciated it very much!

“If you go into Chic-Fil-A, make sure you tell them thank you from Millville Code Blue! Support the businesses that support the citizens of our town!”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke,

Millville Code Blue food elf

“Code Blue Wish List: We will be open again tonight and tomorrow night. Needed are
soup spoons, coffee, plates, bowls, cups
Salad dressing, fresh fruit

“We also need of a pair of woman’s waterproof boots size 9 (hers has holes in bottom)

“Tonight I expect many of our guests to arrive in wet clothes since they will be walking in the snow. I can use lots of clean sweat pants in sizes large and up. That way they can change out of the wet items.

“Items may be dropped off at Incredible Bulk. After 5:30 they may can be dropped off at Trinity Methodist Church. Ben Corson Hall. Thank you so very much!”

Cindi, we thanked the owner of Texas Roadhouse for contributing while we fed bottomless stomach Jorje Romero Saturday afternoon.

He even dared to try a Cactus Blossom (shaped like a heart attack) after we made him look up the vitals on Facebook. A little over 200 calories.

But he found it greasy.

“Need volunteers tonight!

“Please, if at all possible, contact Susan Stowe. Situation is bad. Just had 2 more call in that they cannot make it. Hate to have to wake them up and close our doors if we can’t get shift coverage.”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke

“To quote Steve Mason, ‘Less money than you have is called debt. Less money than you’ll EVER have is called South Jersey.'”

— Ernie Trionfo

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Neighbors don’t come any better than Dave Leyman.

92.1 FM lineup snow driven; Code Blue in shorts!; Millville Code Blue shorthanded, may have to shut down!; Lynn Miller Taking Back Millville; Chic-Fil-A comes through; Great neighbor

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