Mike Abbott surfaces again; Tracey Wells-Huggins coming; Code Blue needs; Jack Horner’s story; where are all of these historic tapes; Winter Photo Contest; Love Where You Are, Love Where You Live’?; Carolscatz sees a ray of sunshine; Campani’s Legacy Lanes; Country wasn’t built on fear, but Bridgeton is now


The column that hopes Tracey Wells-Huggins and Jorje Romero can come to an agreement on our future in Bridgeton Saturday at noon on 92.1 FM while the rest of the world is out shoveling snow, and, by the way, Mike Abbott has his own show at 11 a.m. and we’re going to expose him for what he is.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.

Email: jhummel9794@gmail.com

Phone: 856-237-6645

U.S. Army: RA13815980

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Good evening!

“Code Blue was active last night and Jan 5 and will remain open as of right now until Monday night, Jan 9. Because of this, we need a few more food items.

1 bottle of pancake syrup
plastic eating utensils
paper plates, cups, napkins, etc
13 gallon trash bags
Cleaning spray.
Ice Melt & snow shovel

“Also, a man’s boot size 8.5 is requested if anyone has it.

“Items can be dropped off at Incredible Bulk during the day or brought to Trinity Methodist Church after 5:30 p.m. on evenings we are open.

“Thank you so much for all your support.”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke

“P.S.: Many thanks to Millville Thunderbolt Club for providing our meal last night for Code Blue. (Thank you Bill from the Elks Club for arranging it and bringing it over to us). The guests loved it! It was very appreciated and much needed last night. Remember everyone support organizations that help support the citizens of Millville.”

“Jack Horner would have been 98 in April.

“He and my pop were the same age just a couple months apart. Jack’s family used to live in Greenwich. Pop talked about them, but I can’t remember which house.

“I miss the old man already, still going in taking care of Toto with help from a neighbor. She is a great little dog and needs a new home soon.”

— Shep

Allow Jack Horner to take you back to his childhood, a Bridgeton retained in memory, for a brief moment:

“On April 18, 1919, I came into this world at 2 a.m. at 1 Myrtle St. right next door to Lestourgeon’s Bakery.

“So I came into this world to the great smell of fresh baked bread, rolls, cinnamon buns, doughnuts, crullers, old-fashioned molasses and sugarcake.

“Oh, and apple mince, cherry, raisin and pumpkin pies.

“What a way to come into the world, and I lived in that world until I was 12 years old.

“And I remember the summers, for only a block away came the good smell of Pritchard’s Pride of the Farm ketchup to blend in with the varieties of the bakery.

“This was the Roaring ’20s, but still a more friendly time. And the place to be on a summer Saturday night in the ’20s and ’30s was downtown Bridgeton.

“People lined both sides of the sidewalk from Church Lane to Broad and Jefferson Street from Pearl to almost the bridge on Commerce Street.

“And music and singing. At the corner of Laurel and Commerce near Cumberland National Bank was always the Salvation Army in their dress uniforms with the drums, the horns and the tambourines and always their opening song ‘Brighten The Corner Where You Are,” and they did.

“Seems like I can still hear the clinging sound of the tambourines as as the girls would go through the crowd to collect money to help someone else.

“There was no air conditioning in those days so the only thing that stood between the people and the inside of the stores were the screen doors.

“So out came the great smells from the Texas Hot Wieners, The 5 and 10 and Weber’s Candy Store.

“Oh my, the aroma of the chocolate and peanuts from the famous clusters, the cinnamon and coconut from the Irish potatoes and fresh roasting nuts.

“And just across Laurel Street from Weber’s was another great smell. It came from Pisarski’s City Bakery. Fresh baked cake, pies, cinnamon buns and French pastry. Seems like I can still see Mrs. Pisarski placing the many baked goods in the display window and my favorite, the French twirls, and a close second, the creme and jelly doughnuts.

“The last great smell on Laurel Street was Barber’s Peanut Roaster. You could get hot roasted peanuts in the shell for five cents a bag and the bag had a picture of an elephant on it.

“Oh, my, times you remember.

“And to top off the great smells on a summer night came from P.J. Ritter’s and their famous catsup. It would blanket the town when they opened the kettles.

“And when they ran tobacco flavor, that was a bonus. Nothing just like it. My favorite catsup.

“When you get into your 80s and times dwindle, you think back to the good ol’ days and the many stories you could tell and reminisce about my hometown Bridgeton.

“It would be great to go back to those good ol’ days, maybe just for the smell of it.”

– Jack Horner

Jack Horner was a walking encyclopedia of Bridgeton history.

Just like Shep knows his Greenwich history.

Another dive into history

Oct. 15, 2009

“I just spent a very interesting morning with the Bridgeton crew.

“Owen Garrison, Bob Westcott and Joe Young met with me over coffee and I ran out of tape recording the first of our sharing sessions.

“We are scheduled to meet again, so this might grow into a regular thing.

“I am looking forward to absorbing as much information as possible.’’

— Joan McAllister,
Cumberland County Historical Society

Where are the tapes now, Joan?

What’s going to happen to the tapes Bob Crowe made of all the history meetings he held with Bridgeton’s pillars from the 1900s now that Crowe has moved to North Carolina.

He tried to get them on the radio, but was turned down.

Reba Lummis was worth the price of admission

Here is column stalwart Joe Young at his best in 2009:

 “Let’s see if you can handle my ‘Burnin’ Down the Outhouse Chili.’

“When it was judged hottest at a cookoff, the judges had placed a haz-mat sign on my pot.

“And you be on for 8-ball, especially bar rules.

“Sounds to me like you know some things about the white ball (cue ball).

“Interesting ball.

“Every shot depends on how you hit it and where you send it.

“I’ve been known to be in a barroom pool shootout for hours and never foul a shot, break a rule or miss a shot.

“Of course, all of that changes once I pick up a cue stick.

“Speaking of pool, my daughter and I went over to the Q-ball Lounge, in Vineland, Sunday for a Blaze 9-ball tournament.

“Donny “Mousy” Polo was there showing his expertise on the table. Plenty of participants from all over.

“We did get to play a couple of players that didn’t enter this particular event, even though they are in the tour.

“We shot 9-ball in the back room with Joe, a cousin to my daughter’s hubby and an ex-Octagon Ring/Cage fighter, and Tony.

“Great guys and shooters. Class.

“Rather than send us out with our tails between our legs, they coached us to a degree, improving our games.’’

— Joe Young

Camels caught up to Joe Young.


On taking pensions to Florida:

“Jack, we moved to Florida for the weather.

“Besides, NJ makes us pay state taxes if we live in NJ. NJ is a beautiful state, but it doesn’t check all of the boxes.”

— Joe Fusco

Then how about ordering from the Bridgeton Internet Catalogue?

We remember you and Jack Yellin holding a weight losing contest, but he didn’t tell you he took water pills, did he?

God bless that man and his sainted wife as she deals with his Alzheimer’s.


Don’t take Route 55 in bad weather!

There’s something about that road that is reason for fear. Vehicles go out of control because of icy patches.

The carnage is unbelievable, if you add it up.

Do you believe in curses? If it’s an indian curse, good for them for getting even.

Remember Love Where You Live?

“We see this overarching slogan serving as the ‘rallying cry’ for existing and new community initiatives to change our internal marketing, and to take pride in our communities.

“That way, we have more of an emotional call to action — with greater chance of buy-in.

“‘Love Where You Live’ can be tailored to each specific municipality,, and the campaign can mean something different to each one.”

— Love Where You Live, Cumberland County

Here are the names listed:

Deborah Boykin-Greenberg

David Ennis

D Bailey Miles

Prez Yves Salomon-Fernandez

Nicole Clements Wettstein

Larry Malone

Kim Ayres

Tony Novak

Jack Hummel

Bruce Peterson

Marla Pietrowski

Penny Watson

Jeanne B. Garrison

Lisa Jester

Mary Heisler

Tony Klock

Karla Rossini

Carlos Mercado

Richard Demarco

Peter Wine

Phyllis J Seidner

Michael Cagno

Michael Stein

Jorje Romero

What do these names mean?

“A few months ago, someone brought me a sick cat.

“They had no money to take it to the vet . My niece asked me to take it and get help. I was very limited on funds and taking it to the vet. Almost closed my bank account.

“The cat owner was to cone back a week later when funds came in and pay me the vet bill. I only received $40 instead and nothing more.

“My niece, who is disabled and on a fixed income, was homeless. And struggling. Promised me she would make this right and pay me the vet bill herself.

“It took a bit , but she has never let me down . Today she came and paid the bill .
Penny Hickman, I am so proud of you . And thank you for remembering me.”

— carolscatz,

keeping the faith

We both got screwed last month, Carol.

Did you get kissed first?

What’s this? A shooting behind the old post office in Bridgeton.

Guess that makes the who town dangerous.

Random shooting? Who cares? Now, we can’t drive through Bridgeton safely.

The sky is falling.

Was it downtown? No, we haven’t had a shooting downtown in 50 years.

Doesn’t matter.

Sleepover scheduled in pocket park at Commerce and Laurel. Only women invited. We want to prove to you how safe Bridgeton is.

What we’re up against, Steve Paul:

“Take a good look at Bridgeton.

“Empty stores with paper taped on the windows, a burned-out dinner on the riverfront and main road to go to the shore.

“Do you think that makes Bridgeton a town anyone descent would want to come live in? I DON’T think so. Maybe you start by cleaning up the mess that has been allowed to happen, don’t ya think?”

— she knows

“(She knows), you are one REAL and Intelligent WOMAN! You are ‘Right On Point!’ Seriously! Thank you!”

— one who also knows

What’s happening at Campani’s Legacy

League High Scores 12-26-16        
Monday Men’s
BOB COLLINS 211-226-289 726
BOB DUBOIS SR 233-216-238 687
ANDREW DUBOIS 270-185-224 679
DAVE ZIEGER SR 192-276-202 670
JOE DIPRIMIO JR 232-224-200 656
BRIAN SHIFLET 226-245-167 638
Alfred Pierce 179-247-200 626
WAYNE GONZALEZ 188-233-205 626
BILLY SMITH 221-158-235 614
TOM HUCK 226-213-163 602
JOE JOHNSON 164-245-193 602
JAMIE GIEDOSH 213-217-171 601
Tuesday Mixed
Alfred Pierce 222-278-178 678
Dave Zieger 226-247-201 674
Bridgeton Church
Bobbie Hough 197-216-236 649
Larry Davis 142-264-225 631
Leon F. 207-204-214 625
Coffee and Donut
Becky Miller 199-158-147 504
Golden Age
Phil Procida Jr 216-177-183 576
John Kutney 217-181-177 575
Wednesday Juniors
Zach Sloboda 203-159-246 608
Logan Riddle 230-200-153 583
Eric Johnson 209-172-190 571
Totiana Miranda 203-191-138 532
J & J Memorial
Mike Sammons 224-232-246 702
Stephanie Archetto 188-258-255 701
Mark Couch Jr 227-202-267 696
Jamie Messick 246-258-191 695
Herb Heston 192-245-258 695
Patrick Hebert 269-233-189 691
Howie Bailey 221-224-237 682
Dave Williamson 257-220-205 682
Dean Gaines 206-236-236 678
Ray Mooney 222-226-222 670
BJ Cottman 206-188-270 664
Brian Shiflet 267-191-204 662
Dave Zieger Sr 194-248-218 660
Jim Santora Jr 226-206-225 657
Alfred Pierce 223-213-219 655
Dave Hemple 209-248-196 653
Nick Durham 179-235-237 646
Dennis Brady 213-225-203 641
Mark Kazoaka 185-246-202 633
Mike Pettit 238-201-193 632
Diana Sorelle 232-213-183 628
Dan Bennett 192-211-229 627
John Muffley 223-201-202 626
Ted Grant 184-249-188 621
Ron Wilson 224-210-185 619
Wayne Gonzalez 213-230-172 615
Paul Lawrence 210-204-192 606
Bob Gallagher Jr 217-210-175 602
Phil Gannon III 186-208-208 602
Kenneth Pugh 231-176-193 600
Friday Mixed Social
Mike Defalco 279-239-223 741
Fred Kendall 278-204-244 726
Tiny Little 222-248-248 718
Tyler Shumate 205-300-213 718
Austin Boone 246-212-243 701
Mike Sammons 223-259-213 695
Gary Starcher 232-227-214 673
Ray Mooney 193-200-278 671
Bryson Cottman 263-232-169 664
Rob M 245-208-210 663
Travis Clarke 192-197-265 654
Orville Johnson 188-267-189 644
Patrick Godbey 207-211-219 637
Billy Rob 202-236-195 633
Darlington Henry Jr 210-162-248 620
Alfred Pierce 193-247-173 613
Heather Ripa 225-184-192 601
Friday Night Church
Leah Henry 171-247-197 615
Steve Morris 212-188-202 602

YOU CAN BOOK IT: This country wasn’t built on fear.

Mike Abbott surfaces again; Tracey Wells-Huggins coming; Code Blue needs; Jack Horner’s story; where are all of these historic tapes; Winter Photo Contest; Love Where You Are, Love Where You Live’?; Carolscatz sees a ray of sunshine; Campani’s Legacy Lanes; Country wasn’t built on fear, but Bridgeton is now

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