Shep’s recruiter and the eww-ahh bush; Who ate the steaks?; Orville Moody: From sgt. to U.S. Open champion; Ben Tisa remembers boot camp; Shep’s phone call home; Buddy makes the front page; Code Blue Alert; Mike Trout at Legacy Lanes; Bryan Real spends 48 hours with teens; Jorje Romero’s weight loss plan; Duker T’s Super Bowl special


The column that says we all thought we had a lot to complain about until we got sick and then we suddenly realized how good we had it.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

“Gunney Nowcid was my recruiter back in Sept 19, 1964.

“He also got in contact with all those he recruited and tried to get a Marine Corps League started here in Bridgeton.”

— Shep

Sarge also taught us about the ew-ahh bush in front of one of the tees at Cohanzick Country Club.

When your tee shot went off line and hit the bush, the golfer went, “Ewww!”

But when the ball continued through the bush and continued down the fairway, you went, “Ahhhh!”

It was fun covering the Evening News tournaments for no pay on three straight weekends every summer until the tournament moved to Holly Hills.

The Holly Hills clubhouse had a strip steak on the menu and sometimes it got boring waiting for the last golfers to go off, getting back from driving the photographer around to take pictures and also waiting for the last golfers to come in.

So we would have a strip steak or two or three.

Bill Wranich ran the tournament, answering only to Publisher John T. Schofield.

“What’s all these steaks on the tab!” roared John T. while going over the bill one year.

“Those are Hummel’s,” Wranich told him.

“What did he do, feed all the golfers?” J.T. flicked his mustache.

“No, sir, he ate those himself,” the harried chairman replied.

In Korea, while we were RA13815980, we served on a compound where a 9-hole golf course snaked around the general’s helipad.

The tiny clubhouse was run by SSgt. Orville Moody.

Never in our wildest dreams did we think Moody and his Texas drawl would leave the Army 13 years in, go on the pro tour in 1967 through local qualifying and win the 1969 U.S. Open.



How small a world is it?

Also on Camp Red Cloud during that time were the bowling twins, Jack and Jim Justice, from Bridgeton.

We wrote a story on them for Stars & Stripes.

Not five years after coming home, who do we meet throwing away losing tickets at Liberty Bell Race Track in North Philly but the center on the I Corps Group Bullseye football team, who played when he was like 37 years old because they didn’t have a center.

It may have been 25 months away and not being able to eat a sub sandwich or see a blonde, but it was 20 years packed int0 3 1/2 worth of maturing for us, getting the responsibility we needed in life whether we liked it or not.

Nowhere else can you get that so quickly in civilian life. Elders just tell you to stay out of trouble and give you no responsibility.

“On this day in 1974 I was packing for a flight out of Philadelphia to Orlando, Jan. 3, to start boot camp for the Navy.

“We arrived at training camp the early morning of the 4th. Got to bed at 3 a.m. and awoken by trashcans rolling down the barracks floor at 5 a.m.

“During my time in boot, I endured much. Running, drills and being yelled at constantly!

“Four weeks into boot, I developed bronchitis, double pneumonia and, 4days later, while in hospital, I woke up red as a radish with Rubella measles.

“What a sick puppy I was. I survived it all and served 3 long years in the West Pacific where I traveled most of that part of the world, an experience I can’t and will never forget.

“With all this said, I know I live in the greatest country in the world and I would serve it again if called to do so! AMERICAN, I AM!”

— Ben Tisa

“Just thinking this a.m. (I know you don’t think I do it):

“Sent email to friend in Iraq and thought back to when we were in the bush.

“One time, we got to call home. Can’t remember where we were, but they took us to this big-ass machine half the size of a tractor trailer.

“We got to make a 3-minute call home.

“Now it’s nothing to keep in contact with family. Mail call was our highlight.”

— Shep

At Fort Polk, during a forgotten year in Louisiana while the Phillies were blowing the pennant, we were mail clerk for a few months.

“My mom had the Bridgeton Evening News sent to us overseas.

“But it was very slow. You wouldn’t get any for a month, then you would get 25 of them.

“HAM radio operators used to help the servicemen out. Now HAM radio guys are mostly emergency backup.”

— Harry Maines

It was the same for us getting the News-Journal.

Sorting through the 25 one month, there was one of our five best buddies growing up handcuffed on a curb with a Band-Aid over his nose.

He had just been arrested for robbing his latest bank.

Harvard grad who once told us he took a drug in school that made his arm turn fiery red. Got perfect score on his SATs.

Of course, that’s not this state’s beloved PARCC.

“Code Blue Alert.

“There is a possibility of Code Blue Activation for Jan 5, 6 and 7.

“Mayor Albert Kelly, from Bridgeton, will make the official call.

“If Code blue is activated, we will need a few nonperishable items. Soft margarine, bread and milk and cases of water are always needed.

“Volunteers might want to look at their schedules to see if they possibly are available on any of those dates. Thank you, everyone.”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke

It would be nice to maintain our Bridgeton as a Victorian town, but a quick view of most of the surrounding downtown area says differently.”

— Dave Hitchner

How is the new addition to the All Sports Museum of Southern New Jersey coming, Dave?

Did the free building from CCTEC really cost $90,000 to move, or is that throwing manure in the game?

When is Mike Trout getting inducted?

“We are at Legacy Lanes bowling and Mike Trout is here bowling.

“The kids got his autograph. They are so excited.”

— Larry Pollock

Is Carson Wentz with him?

“I’ve spent the last 48 hours with Teen Boys in a Group Home.

“This morning is my final day with them and they’ve really impacted me more than I impacted them. They gave me a new dream of owning group homes along with The Village Mentors program.

“I’ve literally was there with them throughout all the Holidays, Kwanzaa, and NYE. I truly thank God for allowing me to focus, find my purpose, and trust in him/her as God is my light, energy, and universe!”

— Bryan Real,

Takes A Village

“It looks like I escaped from a mental facility. Don’t call Bridgeton PD if you see me running around people.

“Going on my yearly ‘New You Run.’

“I’m on my 6th year. It’s not the distance, but the thought of starting the new year on a healthy and positive note.

“I’m starting off 2017 at 277 pound, 50 pounds heavier than last year. Not good.

“So I started my Paleo way of eating yesterday. This time, it’s a permanent transition. It’s the only thing that has ever worked for me. Wish me luck and God bless folks.

“Stay fit, positive and health this and every year.”

— Jorje Romero


This is what you can’t see belly up to the mic most Saturdays at noon on 92.1 FM.

Put him, us and Steve Paul on three consecutive stools at Los Palmos and you’ve got the old Dill’s Seafood tilting.

Paleo is a little known Indian word meaning weight coming.

“To be FIT, you must practice frequency, intensity and time. Getting out there is key.”

— Courtenay Reece,

champion swimmer

Campani’s Legacy Lanes

Weekly High Scores

Mike DeFalco 741

Bob Collins 289

Stephanie Archetto 701 258

Mike Trout ?

Great Bowling!

“Duker T is taking orders for Super Bowl Sunday jalapeño trays stuffed with sausage rice and cheese topped with bacon or long hot peppers stuffed with prosciutto and provolone cheese drissed with a garlic olive olive.

“Call for details. 856-558-3012. Must order no walk-ins.”

— Bob Barber

YOU CAN BOOK: Jorje Romero will be 225 pounds by July 4 and his picnic in the park.

Shep’s recruiter and the eww-ahh bush; Who ate the steaks?; Orville Moody: From sgt. to U.S. Open champion; Ben Tisa remembers boot camp; Shep’s phone call home; Buddy makes the front page; Code Blue Alert; Mike Trout at Legacy Lanes; Bryan Real spends 48 hours with teens; Jorje Romero’s weight loss plan; Duker T’s Super Bowl special

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