We did have fireworks, laser show; We have questions for Sam, Bob; Morton Avenue Auction; Enrico’s is here; Zoe Mulford in concert; A look back to 2010


The column that says when Joan Nowcid asked a question about a fireworks and laser light show on the Bridgeton Riverfront, we knew she must have been thinking of somewhere else, but …

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening again!

… Joan Nowcid, widow of the best golfing U.S. Marine, Len Nowcid, was right.

“The fireworks by the river were part of the tricentennial celebration.

“On New Year’s Eve, 1985 into 1986, they launched 300 aerial bombs — one for each year of the city’s existence. There was also a laser light show projected across the river into the Val Mode building.

“There was another fireworks display on New Year’s Eve at the end of 1986. It was a more conventional display.

“This was a great event both times. It lasted less than an hour, but ‘everyone’ was there. There were people in everything from pajamas to gowns and tuxedos. If you walked from Commerce to Broad Street, you could easily see at least 100 people you knew.

“It would be great if this could be done every year.”

— Sam Feinstein

Question 1: Who is ‘everyone”?

Question 2: How much did it cost?

Question 3: Does “everyone” still come to Bridgeton?

Question 4: Does M&B Clothing sell tuxedos?

Question 5: Was the Bridgeton Riverfront safer back then than it is now?

Question 6: Have you really lost “about 80 pounds,” or was Coxie kidding us?

“First year 1985 kicking off Tricentennial with a 300-pound cake.

“Following year, Laser Show so powerful special services were put into place to keep the show on.

“This event continued throughout the New Sweden celebration, so I think last one was 1989. First year 5,000 and second 10,000.”

— B0b Rose

Question 1: Who was the mayor?

Question 2: How much would you have to make to be the promoter for the “new” Donald Rainear Amphitheater?

Question 3: What kind of shows would you book, and could the venue be self-sustaining if we got Pascale Sykes to deepen Sunset Lake?

Question 4: Would you finally do something we asked of 20 years ago — book Willie Nelson, if Texas Roadhouse, which has a corner of the restaurant named after him — invites to the Millville eatery after your show, so, thus, it becomes the Texas Roadhouse Willie Nelson Show?

Question 5: How much did you fudge the audience numbers at Sunset Lake?

Run down Bridgeton and run your ass out of town and this column.

Your daddy didn’t do this to our town.

“I’m looking for a dog for my dad. Medium-sized mutt to a good home.

“Male preferred.”

— Allison Jacquet

The Cumberland County SPCA has a dozen.

Some cream-filled. Some glazed. But all sweet.

Looking for a family friendly place to have fun and grab some good deals?!

“Well you will definitely have to check out Morton Avenue Auction. We are open every Tuesday and Saturday evenings, starting at 6:30  p.m. We also have a hauler who comes from Pennsylvania every third Tuesday of each month who brings only food items, for this month, he will be at Morton Ave on Jan. 17.

Morton Ave. is also an authorized drop-off for Toys For Tots during the holiday season and we support 2 churches (one being The Parish of the Holy Cross in Bridgeton).

“If anyone has any questions, contact us at (856) 562-3007 or (856)562-3008.

“Happy New Year!”

—  Morton Avenue Auction Company
595 Sherman Avenue
Millville/Carmel, NJ, 08332
Owner: William Flinn Jr.
4% tax on all card transactions


Cranberry Plaza — 233 S. Broadway, Pennsville.

If they tell you they have the easy way to lose weight in the most comfortable country in the world, tell them to get lost, New York Times beat seller, or not.

They’re after some of the $4 billion spent on weight loss every year in this country.

Where do you think this was:

“Our specials are:

Prime Rib with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and string beans almondine.

We are also going to do stuffed Maine lobster tails with a lobster champagne sauce.

We’re also going to do one of the house specialty dishes which is Lobster Shrimp and Crab Fri Diablo over linguine.

“And also we’re going to do a dish called Veal Isabella that is filled with fresh spinach, sun-dried tomatoes in a champagne lobster sauce with a lobster tail, giant shrimp and jumbo lump crab.

“Our next special is Tortellini Napoli, a tri-colored tortellini tossed in a blush vodka sauce with shrimp, crab , mushrooms, roasted peppers and baked with fresh mozzarella cheese.”


Just around the bend past Shiloh.

“The Old Owner of 56 West, Ron, had passed away on Christmas.”

Invite the mourners to our house.

Listen, if you don’t do anything else this coming Sunday, go listen to Zoe Mulford in concert at the Bridgeton Library starting at 4 p.m.

If all she sang were the two songs she performed Saturday on 92.1 FM, it would still be worth the price of admission.

Now living in Manchester, England, she wrote them herself, and how can you do better than doing everything your husband told you not to do, just before leaving him!

It will be a gathering of — hopefully — 30, so there will time to chat, and time for food, and besides, it’s a fundraiser for the library.



And she’s so comfortable to be around.

A look back.

Dec. 18, 2010

Good morning!

Milk, bread, toilet paper and prescription pills.
The snow is coming.
It’s a 70 percent chance after midnight and into Sunday and mostly Sunday night.
The roads will not be impassable.
The roads will be open hours after the snow stops.
Even if it snows 20 feet.

And here’s something to really get excited about.
The county is switching to brine.
The roads will never be impassable again.
Listen to this!
Brine is water saturated or nearly saturated with salt (usually sodium chloride).
It is used to preserve vegetables, fish, and meat, in a process known as brining (now less popular than historically).
Brine is also commonly used to age Halloumi and Feta cheeses, or for pickling foodstuffs, as a means of preserving them (or increasing for taste).
Brine is a common fluid used in large refrigeration installations for the transport of heat from place to place.
It is used because the addition of salt to water lowers the freezing temperature of the solution and the heat transport efficiency can be greatly enhanced for the comparatively low cost of the material.
At a concentration of 23.3 percent, the freezing point of CaCl2 brine is minus 40°C (233.15 K).

Get it?
The roads won’t be able to freeze.

We’ve never met Crystal Bidic.
But, we like her and the friends she chooses.
Bidic Autolines is hog-tied like a roped steer right now, and can do little to correct things.
They cannot even lease the franchise to somebody else.
Crystal Bidic e-mailed us this:
“To whom this may concern and to those who are obviously not concerned about my family,
“My name is Crystal Bidic and I am deeply saddened as I sit and write this letter.
“My husband, Nick Bidic, of Bidic Autolines, is going through an extremely difficult time right now.
“We are going to have to close a business that we have put all of our time and money into.
“Yes, unfortunately, there were several errors made and wrongful acts committed by some of our employees. BIG mistakes that we are paying for.
“To all of our customers: We are sorry we are unable to help you.
“Please trust me when I say it is beyond our control.
“I am truly disheartened by all of the negative publicity.
“Anyone who knows Nick knows that he is a wonderful, caring person.
“Together, we have done so much for the people in our community, helping them in any way we could.
“We have also taught our children to do the same.
“They are walking examples of the kind of people we are.
“Speaking of our children, has anyone thought about how all of this may be affecting them?
“So, before you write something about my husband, or gossip about our situation, remember, you are hurting a human being, his wife, his children, his family, his friends — all those who love him.’’

— Crystal Bidic

And here is what we told her:
How are your kids?
Are they healthy?
How is your husband?
Is he healthy?
We’d rather have Diana Campani Sorelle for a friend than a over-the-top successful automobile business.
The rest doesn’t matter.
All that matters are the things that you can’t control that haven’t gone wrong.
This, too, will pass.

T. Carl Hemple hasn’t been this excited since he heard the Bridgeton Jaycees are making a comeback.
“For the last 18 months, this newsletter has given nearly weekly attention to the Oldies/Greatest Hits stations that have helped to break, or at least dent, the once-rigid 300-song guidelines of the format.
“Some of those stations have crossed the line strategically; some were probably never that concerned with where that line was.
“They’ve all added to the excitement of the format’s recent resurgence.
“Now it’s your turn to help determine the greatest stations of the Greatest Hits format.
“Nearly 120 stations have been nominated in seven categories — from the stations you’ve read about all year to many that were suggested by readers.
“The categories range from those large market FMs that spike in the “oh, wow” songs occasionally to the AM outlets that exist to play what the FMs won’t.
“Overall, we were looking for Greatest Hits/Oldies stations for music lovers — stations that you can depend on to hear something different.
“But there were also some recent more mainstream success stories that were too big to deny — particularly in larger markets.
“There are seven categories, but there are a lot of others that we could have gotten to: Specialty Shows, Classic Rock/Classic Hits, Classic Country.
“Clicking on the name of any nominee will take you to their website, if one exists.
“The link to vote follows the listings.
KDES Palm Springs, Calif.
KKLZ Las Vegas
WAFN (Fun 92.7) Huntsville, Ala.
WAKY Louisville, Ky.
WCKM Glens Falls, N.Y.
WDRC-FM Hartford, Conn.
WFNE (Fun 106.7) Cape May
WHPH (The Peach) Birmingham, Ala.
WIBG Cape May
WLBW (The Wave) Ocean City, Md.
WLGZ (Legends 102.7) Rochester, N.Y.
WLNG Eastern Long Island, N.Y.
WNCL (Cool 101.9) Milford, Del.
WRLD (Boomer 95.3) Columbus, Ga.
WTIX-FM New Orleans
WVLT (Cruisin’ 92.1) Vineland.
Go to rossonradio@radio-info.com to vote for Hemple’s station, WVLT.

“On Wednesday, Dec. 8, Ron and Andi Manno lost their home on Landis Avenue at Rainbow Lake to a horrific fire.
“They lost everything except what they were wearing.
“Ron is a retired Bridgeton school teacher and Andi retired after serving as a teacher for many years at the Olivet School, in Pittsgrove Township.
“Traveling from his home in Rosenhayn, Ron excelled as a football lineman at Bridgeton High School and later at the University of Utah, where he was scouted by professional teams.
“Rather than pursue a possible football career, Ron chose to return to his hometown and move on to a teaching career in Bridgeton.
“Please keep the Mannos in your prayers during this holiday season.
“Those who wish to assist further may contact the Millville Woman’s Club or the Olivet School.
“Even though I know Ron and Andi will not be pleased with this small newspaper spot, it’s my own small way of helping dear old friends.’’

— Jerry Benfer

“Hi, Jack,
“I was curious if you knew anyone who might have an old picture of the Mauricetown draw bridge that I could get a copy of?
“I have many memories going over that bridge with my Dad and Mom heading to Ocean City back in the day.
“It was definitely one of the scariest bridges I think I ever had to go on.
“But, then, again, I was just a young’un!
“Just reminiscing about the good old days.
“Thanks so much!
“Have a wonderful holiday and a happy healthy New Year!’’

— Donna,
aka Jenn Kaysen Bogg’s mom

Shawn Stiles is back.
He’s starting a basketball league in Cumberland County for 18 to 35 year olds.
He’s looking for six to eight teams in a men’s league and four teams in a women’s league.
You listening, Angie Edwards?
“There are no leagues around for people 18 to 35,’’ he said Thursday night.
He plans to change that, starting Jan. 16, at the ALMS Center, run by Union Baptist Temple, in Bridgeton.
Games will be played from 1 to 7 p.m. on Sundays.
There will be a 12-game regular season plus playoffs.
You can enter a whole team if you want.
Registration is $100 per player.
“We don’t want to turn anyone away because of funding,’’ he said. “You can do fundraisers.’’
Call Shawn at 609-364-6994.

Stay off Route 55 if it snows Sunday.
It is the worst road this side of Buffalo for icy patches.
Maybe it’s the woods on both sides.

Here’s another clue.
As many as four accidents in scattered locations between exits 10 and 11 on Interstate 295 had the highway shut down for an extended period of time Thursday as snow began to fall in the late afternoon, shortly before 3 p.m.

Why is it we see more 18-wheeler oil trucks coming at us when it’s snowing than at any other time?

Some 7,800 children in New Jersey are living in foster homes.

How would you like to run The Manor, Don Rainear?
Here’s why.
The Salem County Board of Chosen Freeholders has voted along party lines to approve a transfer of $3.5 million to cover an increasing deficit facing the county nursing home.
The money to cover the nursing home debt was taken from the Salem County Landfill surplus.
The transfer was approved 4 to 3  with all Republican members of the board opposed to the move.
Salem County Improvement Authority Chair Michael Burke said SCIA is doing what it can to make cuts at the nursing home, but increasing operating costs make the transfer necessary.
“Our biggest cost is employees,” said Burke.
SCIA operates both the nursing home in Mannington and the landfill in Alloway Township.
He said most business plans allocate 30 percent of their budget for employee expenses.
The nursing home budget is reaching 65 percent for employees and their benefits and insurance, he said.
“You can’t operate a business like that,” said Burke. “But we are looking at additional cuts.”
Burke said ultimately the decision may be to privatize the home.
“It’s a reality,” he said. “But we could always put stipulations on the RFP (request for proposal) that the buyer would need to keep 50 beds for Medicaid (patients) and keep 50 percent of the employees.”

The Salem County Health Department distributed 667 doses of the radiation-blocking potassium iodide pills to the public at the county vo-tech school Wednesday night, officials said.

The gambling website Bodog.com is offering bets on what breed of dog Michael Vick might own in the next two years.

How about the odds of him coming to Cumberland County for a gala fundraiser for the SPCA?
And talking to kids.

“Jack, for going postal,
“I’m busted.
“I confess.
“My car is one of those parked illegally at the Bridgeton Post Office the other morning.
“The plates were not blurred out, as stated, so did the column take the pix despite denial? (Yes!).
“Why was I so inconsiderate on this occasion —something I’m usually not!
“1. I’m entitled to use one of those spaces due to a walking disability.
“I simply didn’t bother this time.
“2. I was rushing in to grab some mailing boxes and coming right out again.
“3. The parking lot was, indeed, nearly empty at that hour of the a.m.
“4. It was possible to get into and out of that spaces (though difficult, I’ll concede).
“I’ve often had to do it in the past and I share ‘Going Postal’s’ frustration.
“What were the odds of my impeding the parking of other handicapped folks that particular time?
“About as great, I guess, as having my car’s photo in the BEN column.
“You have my sincere apologies. I’ll never do it again!’’

— Grandma Jean

“P.S.: What gets me steamed in the post office parking lot is the regular line of SUVs along the curb with motors running.
“Another project for the candid photographer?

Know what gets us steamed?
The post office wouldn’t let Dolores Sharkey open her boxes for the Cumberland County Phone Cards for Wounded Warriors drive.
Dan Mayo is no longer the postmaster.
Apparently, he didn’t let the new postmaster know how we do things around here.

“Well, people around the Cedarville area, as you know, we will be in downtown Cedarville this morning ringing the bell for the Salvation Army.
“As you are reading this with your morning coffee, think about us out in the cold.
“If we can do it, so can you.
“So please come on out.
“Major Tom needs the help.
“Donation are down, but the veterans in the area who served you made the effort to come to Greenwich.
“Now, it’s your turn to step up!
“My friend, Linda, will be the headliner as all you down there know what a good lady she is, and how hard she works for you.
“Do it for her, as she has done it for you.
“Two young ladies and two old geezers — what a combination.
“Looking forward to another good day.’’
— Cpl. Edward S. Sheppard and team

Wouldn’t it be great if Vicki Jupin and the Meddings showed up?

“To Major Tom Pierce,
“The thank you belongs to all the good people who came out in support of my effort for you.
“They are the ones to thank.
“Banging a bell and busting chops is no talent.
“It’s the people and the veterans who  need the thank yous.
“Any time you need a bell banger, I will be glad to do it, if the people can stand my tactics.’’

— Shep

IMG_3722.jpgBill and Joan Rhubart, 333 Methodist Road, Newport, won Best of Show.

Best Victorian was won by Rusty and Patti Frye, 301 Baptist Road, Newport.

The Best Door first place winner was Neal Owens of 937 Union St., Dividing Creek.

The Downe Township Recreation Committee would like to congratulate the following winners of its Holiday Decoration/Lighting Contest this year. They had 12 entries who worked hard to make their homes beautiful.
The winners were:
~ Best of Show:  Bill and Joan Rhubart, 333 Methodist Road, Newport.
~ Original – 1st Place: Roy Blizzard, 530 Newport Neck Road, Newport

~ Original – 2nd Place: Terry and Jane Bowen, 178 Fortescue Road, Newport.

~ Original – Honorable Mention: Dave and Elaine Raudenbush.121 Garrison Ave., Fortescue, and Mary Belle Chance, 314 Methodist Road, Newport.

~ Victorian – 1st Place: Rusty and Patti Frye, 301 Baptist Road, Newport.

~ Victorian – 2nd Place: J. O’Brien, 306 Baptist Road, Newport.

~ Animated – 1st Place: Bill and Joanne Hayes, 506 Church Street, Dividing Creek.

~ Animated – 2nd Place: Joe Mathis, 556 Ackley Road, Newport.

~ Animated – Honorable Mention: Armstrong Family, 128 Main Street, Newport.

~ Best Door – 1st Place: Neal Owens, 937 Union Street, Dividing Creek

~ Best Door – 2nd Place: Sam and Helen Blizzard, 425 Baptist Road, Newport

This happened Friday, but just to let you know what’s going on.
“Dear motorsports enthusiast,
“Just a quick reminder that we are having cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and a presentation from the president and chief engineer of Riley Technologies this evening, Friday, Dec. 17, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Classic Car Club Manhattan (located at 250 Hudson Street, corner of  Broome Street).
“Learn about the MkXXII, Riley’s latest high performing Track Day car, and hear about a ground floor opportunity to invest in Riley Technologies, Inc., a privately held business.
“Please RSVP to carlos@olmpllc.com.
“We will begin promptly at 6 p.m.
“Hope to see you there.’’

— Brad

Donald would probably have notified us earlier, but he was busy on the radio with his many fans Thursday morning.

Upper Deerfield EMS will be holding their 2nd annual breakfast with Santa today, from 7 to 11 a.m.
The all-you-can-eat breakfast will be held at the Seabrook Fire Hall, on Parsonage Road, in Seabrook.
Menu includes pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage gravy and biscuits, sausage links, home fries, coffee and juice. Tickets are available at the door as well as take out.
We will also deliver orders of 10 or more. Hope to see you there.
Tickets are $7, with children under 3 eating free.
Included in the price of the ticket is a free picture of your little one sitting on Santa’s lap.

“Attached is a Bridgeton High School graduation picture from 1922(see below) that I got from a very nice lady in Hopewell this summer.
“The picture is much larger than this and in a very nice original frame.
“I cropped it in hopes of making the folks more recognizable
“I am sending a second e-mail with the list of graduates.
“You will find a lot of names that are known to a great many of your readers, including Ralph Brandt, class president, and Fred Weber.
“I would be happy to gift this to someone who could display for others to enjoy or if someone wanted to reproduce it for family members of these students.

— Harry in Hopewell

The 1922 graduating class at Bridgeton High School. Quick, which one is Fred Weber? Top row  Chas. Gann, David Fox, Harold Shimp, Edgar Hand, Francis Stout, Claude Hughes, Kenneth Sheppard, Fred Weber, Melbourne Beebe. Row 2, John Frederick, Norman Graves, Nathan Rabin, Orville Bradway, Jacob Barsky, William Meyer, Albert Hitchner. Row 3, Mahlon Trout, Jay Garrison, John Wood, Meyer Tepper, Thomas Walker, Lorenzo Paynter, Edward Laws, Legrand Loper, George Dare. Row 4, Morris Lobel, Joseph Goldberg, Boyd Smith, Louis Katz, Harris Richmond, Edgar Meyers, Wm. Shillingsburg, George Scull. Row 5, Anna Stadler, Alberta Mulford, Mabel Lummis, Hazel Perry, Esther Brineshultz, Eleanor Carll, Mary Vence, Justine Servais, Pearl Dawson, Annabelle Bowe, Marguerite Duffield, Helen Peachey, Marie Cheeseman, Ruth Richards, Mary Atkinson, Minnie Serata, Anna Dusavitz, Lillian Opperman. Row 6, Ruth Leavens, Eleanor Winn, Marion Husted, Marion McCouch, Hazel Shalick, Gladys Bateman, Thelma Smith, Gertrude Harris, Alvenia Bates, Mary Rocap, Elizabeth Bolton, Anna Bacon, Genevieve Degen, Mollie Shapiro, Sarah Labow, Katherine Burger, Alma Harris, Lorelle Custis, Emma Wright, Mildred Riley. Row 7, Florence Kinkle, Marguerite Johnson, Mary Loyrez, Gertrude Miller, Frederica Weber, Lois Stokely, Ethel Creamer, Pearl Stretch, Freida Elsner, Dorothy Boyd, Thelma Bacon, Carolyn Francis, Lillian Nelson, Alice Mickel, Gertrude Mixner, Lena Casarow, Reba Hess. Row 8, Edmund Wisham, Elvira Bacon, Bois Conahey, treasurer; Minnie Lanning, secretary; Margaret Cole, vice president; Ralph Brandt, president; David Patchell, Samuel Delp.

In an effort to ensure that all citizens throughout the area receive a flu shot, CompleteCare Health Network is offering free flu shots at their health centers located throughout Gloucester, Cumberland and Cape May counties.
The vaccines will be available while supplies last and are offered free of charge to all.
While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone over the age of six months get vaccinated, people over the age of 50 are particularly at risk for complications due to influenza.
CompleteCare, urges all seniors to get the flu shot now, free of charge and at any of the locations listed below. For more information or to schedule an appointment call (856) 451-4700 or (609) 465-0258:
~ Vineland Rite Care (Inside of ShopRite), 215 N. Delsea Drive, Vineland
~ Upper Deerfield Rite Care (Inside of ShopRite), 1000 N. Pearl St., Bridgeton
~ Bayshore Community Health Center, 8879 Highland Ave., Port Norris
~ Vineland Women’s Health Center, 484 Brewster Rd., Vineland
~ Vineland Adult Medical and Specialty Center, 1038 East Chestnut Ave., Suite 110, Vineland
~ Vineland Community Health Center, 319 Landis Ave, Vineland
~ Millville Community Health Center, 1200 N. High Street, Millville.

“Good day T-Bolt Nation & Friends.
“On Monday, Jan. 24, the Millville Elks Lodge will host the 63rd annual Sports Frolic.
“This year’s guest speaker will be our own Mike Trout with Mayor Tim as toastmaster.
“Surely, this will not be a dull evening and a great opportunity to meet a future American baseball legend.
“Cocktail-social: 5-7 p.m.
“Dinner: 7 p.m.
“Awards ceremony following
“Cost is $25 per person.
“Please obtain tickets by calling Kevin at (856) 825-9854 or Rob at (609) 247-4402.
“Merry Christmas, happy holidays and enjoy a fantastic 2011!’’

— Mac
No. 33 HOF

Today, at 2 p.m., David and Mary Fuentes and the Tearing Down The Walls Ministry will be out on the corner of East Commerce and Pearl Street (across from the high-rise) to hand out hats, gloves, sweaters, coats and candy canes.
They will also have live music and a Christmas scene.

We always wanted to spend Christmas Eve at the SPCA shelter.
We wanted to take each animal out of its cage and into the get-acquainted room and feed them treats and let them know somebody does care.
Not that they would know it was a special night.
But, we would.
Now, the SPCA is asking you to take home an animal for the holidays.
And bring the pet back on Dec. 30.
Yeah, right.
What are the chances?
The last animal that came home from the SPCA for the weekend stayed 14 years.
Anyway, families with an approved adoption application will be able to take an SPCA animal for adoption home and give them an extra-special holiday.
On Dec. 30, when their holiday vacation is over, they will return to the shelter where the family will fill out a profile to share with adopters.
The information the shelter will learn about the animals through this program will be very helpful in finding them forever homes
Wesley is a lovely, young Dutch rabbit who would love to enjoy rockin’ around your Christmas tree.
They have our overly-friendly rats, Adonis, Adora, and Aggie, who were abandoned at a vet’s office.
As the SPCA says, “The CCSPCA is a little bit like the Island of Misfit Toys from the classic movie Rudolph — here they don’t want to stay.
“We want to make sure our pets for adoption aren’t misfits this year.
“All our animals wish that they’ll be home for Christmas.
“Help us make sure it’s not only in their dreams!’’

If you can’t do that, can you bring Wesley some rabbit food?

Christmas Eve, the shelter is open from 10 a.m. to noon.

Pet Photos with Santa at Petsmart today and Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Bring your pets to Pet Smart on South Delsea Drive to be photographed with Santa.
Digital photos ready on the spot come with a festive frame for only $9.99.
Partial proceeds donated to the CCSPCA.

Merry Christmas from Janice and John Laws!

MY KIND OF TOWN: Where the snow in the weather forecast for Sunday has disappeared from the radar.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Never look back, Don Woods might be gaining on you.

We did have fireworks, laser show; We have questions for Sam, Bob; Morton Avenue Auction; Enrico’s is here; Zoe Mulford in concert; A look back to 2010

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