Texas Roadhouse packed; Throwing away food; TNVR progresses; Shep feeding cat colony; $35 spay/neuter; Millville Code Blue instructions; Arnaldo Santos writes gang book;


The column that says when the waiting area where you hold the device that lights up so you can be seated is full, and the entryway is packed, and it’s only three days after Christmas, you know Texas Roadhouse is doing something right.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Did you know that when a piece of meat is served to you, and it’s not how you ordered it, it cannot go back to the kitchen.

It has to be thrown away, whether it’s a 6-ounce filet or  32-ounce bellywhopper.

So think twice before you send it back.

Or call us once it goes back to the kitchen.

There are reasons for this, including making sure the poor stay hungry so they’ll try and pull out of their poverty on their own. Imagine how bad Code Blue would turn if 32-ounce steaks showed up for all instead of going to the pig farm.

You know how people Dumpster dive at pizza houses to grab the pies thrown away?

We saw a guy thrown five out of a Dumpster one night in Vineland after the store closed. Whop! Whop! Whop! Whop! Whop!

Imagine what a steakhouse meat trash can must hold.

Why do people — especially women — order something and then not eat it all, and also not take it home?

Watch the busboys sometime.

“As the year draws to a close, I’m happy to say that the number of vouchers issued continues to increase each year, even in years when no grant support was received.

“This indicates that support for TNVR as a means for lowering the number of free roaming cats is slowly increasing in the private sector.

“As more city governments get on board with TNVR over euthanasia, the yearly increase in cat populations we experience now will end and the magic of lowering thru attrition will begin.”

— Ric Kuhns

“With Aunt Betty’s closing for the month, I’ve been stocking up on cat food from there.

“Been getting more cats at the old man’s farm every couple of days.

“Costs me a lot to feed them all.”

— Shep

Start a feral colony in the Big!Lots building once they clear out of Carll’s Corner.

Think of the attention you’ll receive from Shep’s Cat House.

It might bring back memories of Vietnam.

“$35 Spay/Neuter for Ferals and that is a CHEAP price thanks to donations from folks supporting NJ Aid for Animals.”

— Gary E. Meyer


If cat colonies by state law have to go through the government and the animal control officer doesn’t like the man who is doing the most by far, and the hatred is such that he won’t work with him, what is the solution?

Get a new ACO?

Get a new animal coordinator?

Get new both?

Get the police department run under the mayor of Millville at the table with the other two, and don’t come out until a solution is found?

“Code Blue Donation alert:

“Effective immediately, we can only accept bedding to include sheets, pillows, pillow cases and quilts that are newly purchased and UNOPENED.

“Also, AS OF RIGHT NOW, no donations will be accepted of used jackets, clothes etc until further notice. We have no storage space for these items at the location we are at.

“Plus, I wash everything before we hand out to guests to ensure that everything is clean and hygienic. Right now, the trunk of my car is filled with items to be washed.

“Our guests are homeless and while they appreciate a couple changes of clothes they have to carry all” possessions with them everyday so they don’t want a lot of stuff.(they travel light).

We have no children at Code Blue, so we cannot utilize children’s items. I will let you know if we have specific requests. That said, I do have a specific request. We need a heavy coat for a gentleman size 4x or 5x! Thank you so much for understanding! Millville rocks!


— Cindi Stanger Cooke

Speaking of downtown Bridgeton.

“Hank Murad, what a great guy!

“Please tell him I said hello.”

— Deanna Speranza-Murphy

Please tell your brothers to forget about retiring, and get the chief on a diet.

“Amazon Books-Coming-Soon!

“I am excited! My new book is being released soon. Keep an eye out for one of the best street gangs books ever written. I am asking all my Facebook friends to please spread the word.”

— Arnaldo Santos


YOU CAN BOOK IT: See you at the Amish Market tomorrow waiting for Mel and Maryanne Glick to take a sticky buns loaded with nuts out of the oven every hour.

Texas Roadhouse packed; Throwing away food; TNVR progresses; Shep feeding cat colony; $35 spay/neuter; Millville Code Blue instructions; Arnaldo Santos writes gang book;

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