Deerfield School fundraiser; Shaun Connors loves Wawa; Really dark; Gina’s pain answered by friends; Marcella Griner-Miller; Shep has Bridgeton’s answers; Carole Seabrook-Green says volunteer; On keeping our spending here; Jonas: Who would have guessed?; A prayer away


The column that says we’re seeking Deerfield School’s permission to hold a fundraiser for their PTO on Wednesday, Jan. 18, from 4 to 9 p.m., at DiLisi’s Ristorante in the Upper Deerfield Shopping Center, where 15 percent of your check will go toward needed programs in the school.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Shaun Connors, the brightest star in First United Methodist Church’s SHINE program, said on Christmas Day:

“I’ve had 2 Wawa coffees today. I see #3 in my future.

“Really need a new coffee maker.”

Had not been in a Wawa for maybe two or three years because Dunkin’ is always good for 2 to 3 24-ounce decafs with almond milk a day, but they were closed, so went to Wawa and slopped up the coffee counter trying to open two of those little half-and-half packets, then slopped up the counter trying to put two lids on the full cups, then the line to pay was so long and the coffee so hot, had to put it on the first snack rack available, but the lids were the wrong size, spilled more at the cash register and did a number on the seat getting in the car.

So maybe got to drink 35 of the 48 ounces.

Will go back to Dunkin’ tonight, if Bridgeton’s lights are back on.

“That’s all my niece wanted when she came up from school.

“Wawa coffee!”

— Deneen Newmaster

Believe us, there is nothing darker than a street with NO lights on, except Whitey Ruberts’ emergency light shining out his front door two houses from 7-Eleven.

Answering Gina Collini’s pain of missing her mother on Christmas:

“I’ve lost my father, my mother, my brother and my husband.

“I know your pain. Some days are far worse then others, then you wake up and start another one.

“I’m going with they are all still with me, but what I wouldn’t give for just one more hug. Merry Christmas, Gina. We’ll get through this.”

— Sheila Sullivan


“You have your friends who care tremendously about you, you co-workers who value you, the people you provide public service to can’t thank you enough.

“You are loved, and more than you realize. We are all here for you and we love you!”

— Darrell Fales

Let’s see, she hasn’t had a raise in 15 years.

Every time she turns on the TV, another blue comrade is gunned down.

We know the first feeling, but can’t imagine the fear that goes with the second.

The final word:

“You are right, Jack!

“Plus, I am forgetting the real reason for the day! I know there are people worse off than me, but like a guy once told me, ‘My pain is my own.'”

— Gina Collini

“My coffee was really good, Jack.

“Merry Christmas, my long-lost, dear friend.

“We will have to have coffee soon and catch up. We are way overdue.”

— Marcella Griner-Miller,


Glad to see you escaped from Delaware Avenue in Greenwich.

For a while, there, we thought you were going down with Shep.

Back to reality and Shep.

“I don’t lie If you don’t want to hear the truth, don’t ask.

“Bridgeton was beautiful. Food trucks aren’t the answer. You need to get real busness back, jobs, clean out the crap, too many rentals over loaded, industry.

“That’s what you need.”

— Shep

“You know what we say out here?

“WAWA is like the ‘Jack Hummel’ of Convenience Stores.’

“Awesome and all.”

— Richard Hoch

Spoken by the man who took down Five Guys.

Find out how he did that to the hamburger monster by tuning in Saturday, from 6 to 8 a.m., where his first guest every week is the rooster.

“It is nice to have verbal input, but to bring back Bridgeton, we need people with the answers to get involved.

“Action speaks louder than words. Volunteer.”

— Carole Seabrook Green

We would bet a Shep’s ransom that there are no better towns in the state for volunteering than Millville and Bridgeton.


Other towns can use their money to pay for everything.

“Wouldn’t it be great if the Amish Market folks would move to the Hopewell Township-Bridgeton area and take the money they make from our community home with them rather than currently taking it all home to PA?”

— Dave Hitchner

Did you mean Walmart?

Jonas King spent a fortune making Bridgetonopoly happen in Bridgeton.

He drives his mules and wagon in every city parade.

He advertises locally, including on TV.

Other than Bob Novick, know anybody else who does that?

Here is what Jonas King told us Saturday on the phone:

“Who would have guessed that in the poorest city in the poorest county in the state that we would have the greatest year that we did.”

“It’s not where you eat, it’s who you eat with that matters.”

— Erik Cagle

Surely, one of your high school teachers is good enough.

“Jack, I need to pick your brain!

“Are you able to check the newspaper’s archives about a man that hanged himself in a tree on the corner of Raymond Drive and Henry Street, Laurel Lake, NJ.

“I have been searching for several days. Thank you for any help your able to give me.”

— Lizann Loomis

If it was a suicide and he was not a public official, chances are it would not be covered in the newspaper.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: We just remembered that Deanna Speranza Murphy must stay away from bacteria, so we really erred in inviting her on the radio, but that quarantine being lifted is only a prayer away.

Deerfield School fundraiser; Shaun Connors loves Wawa; Really dark; Gina’s pain answered by friends; Marcella Griner-Miller; Shep has Bridgeton’s answers; Carole Seabrook-Green says volunteer; On keeping our spending here; Jonas: Who would have guessed?; A prayer away

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