Shiloh paint party; Let’s hear in detail about downtown eating perks; What’s this about food trucks?; Bethany Grace Christmas breakfast for you; Don’t forget Melissa CASA; Campani’s Legacy Lanes; Outpouring after a tragedy; Author Eileen Bennett knows the feeling; Pictorial tribute to Sarah Feinstein; Ceil Smith towers above the rest; Burl Kimble unhinged; Roadhouse feeds police, firefighters


The column that is always a hammer looking for a nail, and can we have a painting party in Shiloh to make the old Noyes Servicenter look presentable while the other half of the party tackles the rotting wood on the side of Richardson’s Store.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Saturday at 1 p.m. on 92.1 FM we want to hear about every store in downtown Bridgeton, including an eatery called La Cabana, what the menu looks like and all about the owners.

We want to her about Fat Ks, Lets Do Linens, the computer store that is always busy, the status of the empty bar with the ugly awnings that just sits there, and how East Commerce Street has blossomed.

All from Bridgeton Main Street Director Steve Paul, if he isn’t wrestling in Delaware, former economic director Steve Lane and current city flame burning bright, Jorje Romero.

“Food trucks, hopefully, will bring some folks into the downtown. It’s working in Philly, NY, LA and yes, even Camden.

“All the food trucks sell different items and don’t compete with each other. It’s like a food court on wheels, or food caravan would be appropriate.”

— Jorje Romero

Are talking buying and sitting in your car to eat, or taking back to the office?

Carmelo’s has always delivered, Hopewell Sub & Pizza is delivering and so is DiLisi’s Ristorante in the Upper Deerfield Shopping Center, which is perfect for courthouse employees because the parking garage is too far away to get takeouts.

But, we can tell you this.

The courthouse is the immediate key to the success of the downtown. Nobody talks about that because we always had the Coach Room.

We don’t have Cosmo Terrigno’s eatery anymore, so what do the city planners do about that, and why haven’t they taken steps — not to replace the building, which Mayor Kelly has — but to make sure there is an alternative.

Is CASA’s Melissa Helmbrecht Kappeler part of Main Street yet?

CASA, backed by the super benevolent Pascale Sykes Foundation, helps everybody do everything. EVERYTHING!

And she and her elves are located in the Ashley-McCormick building. Twenty-five strong! After $30,000 in renovations on the third floor, and maybe soon to take over the second floor, after dear owner Hank Murad busted his guts trying to lift up the city, with maybe $1 million to bring back the old paperclip store.

Bethany Grace Community Church will hold its annual Christmas morning breakfast with Santa on Dec. 25, from 9 to 10 a.m.

The breakfast is free and open to members of the community. Children will receive presents and adults will receive socks, hats, and gloves — all donated from the community.

Bethany Grace Community Church is located in the poorest area south of Camden where over 50 percent of the children live below the poverty line.

Bethany Grace Community Church is located at 31 N. Pearl St., Bridgeton, NJ 08302. For more information, please visit or call 1-855-818-3810.

That’s 1 of every 2 living below the poverty level.

Franklin Drive brings it up to 1 in 5 poverty stricken.

What’s happening at Campani’s Legacy Lanes.

League High Scores 12-12-16
Monday Men’s
Brian Shiflet 237-245-204 686
Charlie Brown 189-249-224 662
Andrew Dubois 237-231-190 658
Jamie Giedosh 179-255-224 658
Wayne Gonzalez 224-234-198 656
Chris Huntley 201-223-221 645
Jeff Tanaguichi 220-208-211 639
Bob Collins 205-237-197 639
Alfred Pierce 189-174-266 629
Bob Dubois 199-192-227 618
Steve Gaburo 200-211-191 602
Billy Smith 207-169-224 600
Tuesday Mixed
Alfred Pierce 193-214-225 632
Bridgeton Church
Bobbie Hough 197-224-223 644
Ron Wilson 164-211-268 643
Pete Sams 202-159-267 628
Jim Boswell 189-224-192 605
Mr. Morris 219-190-225 634
Wednesday Juniors
Logan Riddle 256-171-238 665
Eric Johnson 231-176-203 610
Tanner U 159-219-168 546
Zach Slaboda 194-180-159 533
Leah Henry 212-137-164 513
Totiana Miranda 147-171-187 505
Noah Erianne 163-192-146 501
J & J Memorial
Bill Ziefle 256-210-248 713
Brian Shiflet 241-234-233 708
Mike Sammons 255-251-202 708
“Great job to our Millville PAL coaches!
“Our kids are loving the extra support and attention. Coach Joe LaBonne. Millville PAL Kenneth Scott.”
— Melissa Kuhlen
More on the outpouring of support for a mom who society let down, but a community will take care of her children.
“While the circumstances for this was heartbreaking, the outcome was a wonderful Christmas experience.
“As they say, it takes a village to raise a child and, in this case, it is going to take our village to help them heal.
“So many individuals and organizations came and donated from their hearts, it brought me to tears. This is only the pick-up at Incredible Bulk.
“There were several other pick-up locations, also. I was told a pizza place was donating a meal to the bereaved family tonight. Hopefully, someone else will make sure they have a Christmas dinner.
“Thank you so very much to everyone that went out of their way to help Tara’s kids! Thank you, Dave Vanaman, at Incredible Bulk, for allowing your business to be a drop-off point.
“Our community is the best!”
— Cindi Stanger Cook
Part of the outpouring.
“Heard that many woman that sign a restraining order go back and have them lifted.
“I guess it doesn’t really matter, because if they want to kill you, they will find a way.”
— Reva Christian
OK, you convinced me.
Forget it.
“I know you’re talking about spousal abuse on your radio show, Jack.
“I thought I knew what ‘spousal abuse’ was until I wrote my book, ‘Amanda’s Voice.’
“I interviewed experts on the subject. It opened up my eyes to so many things. People must realize that ‘abuse’ isn’t necessarily a black eye or broken rib. In fact, much of the spousal abuse we see in this country is well hidden behind closed doors.
“I’m sorry to go on like this, but you know how this hits close to home for me.”
— Author Eileen Bennett
A review:

“’Amanda’s Voice’ 2nd ED is a journey of trauma, tragedy and forgiveness. It is the story of a massacre of an entire family — with the exception of one sibling, teenager Amanda Bennett.

“In this book, her grandmother, Eileen Bennett, a retired newspaper reporter, relates the story of the murders in chilling detail — the May 2006 night that Amanda lost her mother Wendy, 35; brother Scotty, 12; and sister Melanie, 6.

“Their husband and father, Scott Sr., 40, had shot them as they slept before turning the gun on himself.

“It is through Amanda, who lives her life with the strength, dignity and forgiveness rarely seen in one so young, that the rest of the family finds hope and forgiveness.

“For Eileen and her husband Chick, a retired police officer, it is a journey that leads them to the New Jersey Statehouse in 2007, where they joined other victims’ families, me, and other anti-death penalty advocates in the successful move to abolish the death penalty in New Jersey.

“What could have been a story of revenge and bitterness instead tells the tale of the power of forgiveness in the human spirit.”

— Sister Helen Prejean,

author of “Dead Man Walking,” which was nominated for a 1993 Pulitzer Prize.



OK, I’m back in the game!
Our sympathy to the fools in Millville who let crime blur the good people and the good things they do for others.
And to those who say get out while the getting is good, seek a new life.
“FYI:Trinity United Methodist Church. 4 p.m. Sundays.
“Community lunch. Everyone invited.”
— Loys Shirley
“A few days ago, you exchanged comments with others regarding the lack of code enforcement in Bridgeton.
:My thoughts: It’s just like the rules in professional sports: Rules are broken on most every play, but most aren’t penalized depending on who and what happened.
“If they were enforced, the games would go on and on and … .”
— Dave Hitchner
We subscribe to the Broken Window Theory.
If the house next door has blankets on the windows, then why can’t I?
It makes the whole city look bad.
If we were asking landlords to spend $5,000 painting each house, we could see the problem. North Pearl Street is an entrance into the city.
It is a blight that has lasted too long, and we don’t understand why Bob Thompson, the biggest stakeholder in the city, doesn’t call out his fellow landlords after, he, himself donated $1,000,000 to build a beautiful stadium, and spent another $1 million fixing up the McGear building at Commerce and Laurel streets.
Fix the damn windows!
“Strange, the things we do after the fact.
“For years, Barbi made up about 200 bags of candy prior to Halloween and took it to the Cystic Fibrosis Center to be given to the children arriving prior to Halloween.
“She died in 2000 and her brother still makes up those bags of candy and we take it to the CF center each year.
“But why? One might ask. I do not have a good answer. Perhaps … just because.”
— Fred Wilson
A man was getting a haircut and told the barber he was in a hurry.
“I’m going to see my wife in the home. She has Alzheimer’s. I’m there at the same time every day.”
“But why the hurry?” asked the barber. “She won’t know you’re late.”
Said the man, “But I will.”
“I never met Sarah, but her mommy said she wanted her memory kept alive.She placed a video about Sarah on FB and I remember I cried for days It was so beautiful and touching, just like Sarah and Gloria.
“Rest in peace, Gloria and Sarah.”
— Reva Christian
Go to to see a pictorial tribute to Sarah Ann Feinstein.
Ceil Smith is the most important woman in Salem County over at least the last 66 years.
And probably longer.
Burl Kimble on Facebook rants that would make Shep blush:
“Hell, no! Why should I? I’m a rude, crude, socially unacceptable, deplorable, white male.
“It’s my privilege to do and say whatever I damn well please! Hahahahaha.”
— Burl Kimble,
retired BPD officer
YOU CAN BOOK IT: Kudos to Texas Roadhouse for feeding Millville Police and firefighters tonight.
Shiloh paint party; Let’s hear in detail about downtown eating perks; What’s this about food trucks?; Bethany Grace Christmas breakfast for you; Don’t forget Melissa CASA; Campani’s Legacy Lanes; Outpouring after a tragedy; Author Eileen Bennett knows the feeling; Pictorial tribute to Sarah Feinstein; Ceil Smith towers above the rest; Burl Kimble unhinged; Roadhouse feeds police, firefighters

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