Mickey, Steve Lane on 92.1 FM; Millville cat situation; Bridgeton better than Wilmington; Bryan Real on running a business; Pete Evans rolls 300; Veterans Home compliment


The column that says after the 11 o’clock hour sparring with Mike Abbott, we get serious on 92.1 FM Saturday finding out what Michael Mickey Williams’ means by staying in bis lane, and then former Bridgeton economic development director Steve Lane will explain how his Army Corps of Engineers can deepen the Cohansey River so barges can once again dock in Bridgeton and make the port authority a real port authority.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.

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Good evening!

“Hello, everyone.

“Through my foundation, I have recommended an east Vineland resident who is new to TNVR to join this site for guidance as she learns to care for a colony.

“I have advised her to reach out to a few of you whom I’ve become familiar with, and, as such, Sandy, Gail, and Robin.

“I’ve told her to reach out to y’all initially until she becomes familiar herself. Being new myself, I hope I haven’t overstepped my bounds, but I’m just trying to hook up a willing participant with the largest group of knowledgeable people I’m aware of.”

— Ric Kuhns,

Millville Community Cat Program

“Can anyone take a look at 2213 S 2nd street to check on the cats? It is an apartment complex.

“I was told there was a poisoning of a cat colony in Millville. That report turned out to be a year old. That is the post with a 732 area code and she was posting for someone else.

“I got wheels in motion, but that turned out to be waste of time.

“However, there seems to be issues with cats there, some in bad shape, 1 pregnant cat, kittens and a mess. If someone can drive by and get an update, that would at least bring it to light.

“What can be done will be dependent upon folks willingness to get involved. I just cannot do this myself and I am swamped here, so if someone can go into the area and see and post up, please do so.

“Thank you.”

— Gary E. Meyer,

Millville Community Cat Program

Where is the ACO, Gary?

Find him and ask him what his problem is with you.

Ask him why he’s hindering progress with cats’ lives at stake.

“Jack, any city that harbors as many illegals as Bridgeton will never be nice or financially stable.

“Sadly, what you say about Bridgeton is spot on and the reason I no longer live there.

“I call it a ‘dead city.’ Expensive taxes with no positive return. Move to Delaware and be happier!

“I pay $1,800 a year for over 3 acres, no sales tax, gas is now cheaper than New Jersey thanks to the tax hike. I get depressed when I have to see Bridgeton when I visit family.”

— Gina Collini

Still better than Wilmington.

What kind of crime-breeding, drug-dealing horror has that place become?

We were born and raised in Delaware, and went to school when pounding on locked school doors to take shortcuts was the biggest problem.

Seriously, Gina, heard some bad things about Newark and Christiana high schools, our old stomping grounds.

May be bigger problems than Bridgeton will ever have.

Steve Paul is really trying.

We’re driving him nuts, and the rest of his Main Street people run away from us.

If only we could get as excited about Bridgeton as we do about the presidency. One directly affects us, but people think they can do something about the other.

“I respect every Business Owner!

“I don’t care if they started from the bottom, inherited it, or got start up money!

“I don’t care! You still have to manage people, time, and funds, you still have to take risks! You still have to have a vision. You still have to have courage!”

— Bryan Real,

Takes A Village

High Scores for the week!

Pete Evans 300

Mike Sammons 735

Dana Wolbert 697

Heather Ripa 270

Great bowling!

— Campani’s Legacy Lanes


“Got to love it when I am walking in the hall of the Veterans Home and this little old man stops me to tell me I have a pretty face and then continues to tell me when I go on my honeymoon, he wants to be the mattress.

“I am dying right now.”

— Sheri Calabrese

Nobody there ever said that to Dan Mourning or Derick Glenn!

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Save your neighborhood and you won’t have to save the world.

Mickey, Steve Lane on 92.1 FM; Millville cat situation; Bridgeton better than Wilmington; Bryan Real on running a business; Pete Evans rolls 300; Veterans Home compliment

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