Cut, Nelson, cut!; 3rd place in Christmas parade; Code Blue M0nday and Tuesday; Ear plugs needed for Code Blue; Toys For Tots hurting; Buy Goldfinch House!; Bloviators, unite against Alex!; Bucket List for your mind; Hopewell Shopping Center lights


The column that says if Nelson Agholor had cut up between his blocks on that jet sweep today, the Eagles would have won the football game and the talking heads after the game would have sung a different tune, if they haven’t forgotten the words, about the great call.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Millville Soccer Christmas Parade 2016-3.jpg

Geoff Dash, Anna Goehle and Newell Branin Jr accept the 3rd Place Award from the Greater Millville Chamber of Commerce.

“The Millville Soccer Association’s entry in the Millville Christmas Parade was awarded 3rd Place on Wednesday, Dec. 14, at The Millville Chamber of Commerce’s December Luncheon Meeting.

“Our float depicted a key component in the ‘150 Years of the history of Millville,’ in which it displayed a scene from one of our many glass factories, ‘Thunderbolt Glassworks.’

“We had a ‘working’ glass furnace and a live glass blower creating one of the thousands of hand-blown Christmas ornaments and packing them to be shipped around the world.

“Many of his ornaments can be seen cooling, hanging from the ceiling of his workshop. Our players rode on the float sitting on old wooden crates where the hand-blown ornaments would be packed and delivered to create more Christmas traditions.

“We would like to thank Perryman’s Excavating, Geoff Dash & Family, Anna Goehle and all of the volunteers who donated their time or materials to help build this float!

“Also, thank you to the Greater Millville Chamber of Commerce and Wheaton Arts for the hand-blown glass vase.”

— Newell Branin Jr.

Millville Soccer Christmas Parade 2016-1.jpg

Millville Soccer Association‘s float in the Christmas parade.

“Monday and Tuesday nights, Code Blue will be in effect. Our needs are simple. Case water, milk, paper plates. Ear plugs.

“Thank you for your support.

“Also a tub of soft margarine.”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke

Ear plugs?

Somebody has sleep apnea.

By the way, the charge submitted to insurance for our sleep apnea test?



“Please think about donating any toys or cash gifts to U.S. Marines TOYS FOR TOTS this week.

“I went there Friday to get toys for my foster kids and they had nothing! They had to cancel orders for 150 families.

“The building is located on Landis Avenue in Vineland. If you make a left off Delsea, go all the way down the street. It is the building on the left right after the last light before 55.

“Thank you if you can help make some kids Christmas happy!”

— Lois Amelia

 “It’s my understanding they are picking up in Millville Tuesday.
“Several boxes are full.”
— Taking Back Millville
“What happen to the the Goldfinch Assisted Living on Reeves Road?
“Looks like they stole the air units. Why can’t the city take it over for veterans or seniors like the Hopewell Place?”
— Dale Capps
On learning new words.
“Jack, that my friend Susan’s job. She corrects my spelling.
“A Bloviator is someone who spews forth hot air.”
— Alex Calabrese
“Wear deodorant and run your life in the right direction.
“Think more.
“Talk less, but softly speak your mind.
“Mind your manners.
“Be creative, forever.
“Try on someone else’s shoes.
“Wash your feet and brush your teeth.
“When you find a flaw, work on it.
“Admit wrong-doing and accept constructive criticism.
“Be a good parent!
“Think about what your mom would say.
“Drive slower and eat better.
“Learn from your mistakes.
“Love unconditionally.
“Clean the fridge at least once a month.
“Love yourself.
“Change yourself and things around you for the better as often as you can, even if it’s difficult. 

“But still drink milk from the carton because life is short and you’ve already got a lot to do … no sense in adding dirty dishes to the list if you don’t have to. Just my opinion.”

— Shannon Rose

“Thank you, Upper Deerfield!

“Once again, Santa visited the neighborhoods, escorted by the Fire Department, and it was beautiful.

“I don’t have small kids in the house anymore but each year reminds me of the excitement experienced by my kids and grandkids. Way to go, guys!”

— Linda Eisenberg

Did Dave have a piece of pizza in his mouth?

“All That Dance Studio dancers and staff:


“This was our BEST SHOW to date. Beautiful choreography, incredible dancing, and good teamwork! You should be extremely proud of your accomplishments.

“Rest up.

“Happy and Healthy Holidays and see you in The New Year!

“P.S. The June Show is ‘When I Grow Up … .’

“Much love.

— Miss Meredith and Staff

Know what’s neat about the Hopewell Shopping Center?
Hair Barn and Anytime Fitness have no covering on their windows so you can look inside.
That says a lot about an area.
YOU CAN BOOK IT: Let there be Vegas-type lights in downtown Bridgeton.




Cut, Nelson, cut!; 3rd place in Christmas parade; Code Blue M0nday and Tuesday; Ear plugs needed for Code Blue; Toys For Tots hurting; Buy Goldfinch House!; Bloviators, unite against Alex!; Bucket List for your mind; Hopewell Shopping Center lights

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