Jorje Romero on 92.1 FM after rant here; Camden rebuild only took Conway, Helmbrecht; Bridgeton food truck discussion; Code Blue is here; Gina Collini’s meal paid for; Shep stops shoplifting, gets dog back from vet; CCC mic man says come out to doubleheader; Sarge locks the heels of basketball world


The column that says Camden gets another $11.3 million to rebuild the city, and we must profess that if Bridgeton got all the funding that has been given to Camden so far, we would be the greatest city in South Jersey, let alone Cumberland County, and few people know that the greatest thing to happen to that city were Dr. Joe Conway and Bill Helmbrecht, who started a charter school that has gotten no recognition from Trenton, but has done absolute wonders for kids, and maybe Jorje Romero can tell us more about it Saturday at noon on 92.1 FM radio.


By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


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Good evening!

Bruce Riley, of internationally-based Ultra Clean, coming on 92.1 FM on a Saturday in late January to talk economic nuts and bolts.

You want to know about a possible food truck in Bridgeton in the parking lot by the boat ramp on the south side of the Broad Street bridge?

Nov. 1, 2016

Council work session

J-5 RESOLUTION, authorizing agreement with Sunrise Catering Mobile Food Vending, Block 124 Lot 1 and 2, Boat Ramp Area.

Mrs. Lugardo-Hemple questioned allowing a company from North Jersey to come into the city when the city has residents with food trucks as well as food merchants in the downtown area who pay taxes.

Mr. Spence agreed and questioned the location of the truck, and stating he does not think it is conducive to the area. He also spoke of the city ordinance which states vendors must move every 15 minutes if not vending.

Mr. Zapolski also spoke of the business owners in the downtown who pay taxes and utilities to be there. He also questioned the time of year this was starting and the location of the food truck, noting it was originally discussed to have a truck in the zoo/splash park area in the summer months.

There was a discussion regarding the details of the original request for proposals. It was agreed upon by all to remove resolution J-5 from the agenda.

Cumberland County Code Blue will be active the evenings of Friday, Dec. 16, Monday, Dec. 19 and Tuesday, Dec. 20 (weather conditions may warrant a change in status).

Warming Centers will be open from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. in the City of Bridgeton.

The Warming Center is located at Bethany Grace Community Church, 31 N. Pearl St.

In the City of Vineland, the warming center is located at 1st Presbyterian Church, 800 E. Landis Ave. until 8 p.m., and then overnight hours at Full Gospel Assembly, 1059 W. Landis Ave.

In the City of Millville, the warming center is located at Trinity United Methodist Church located at 100 S. 2nd St.

The Municipal Project Coordinators for the 2016-2017 season are:
City of Bridgeton: Mr. Nina Young, ext. 717 (
City of Millville: Rev. Stephen Harris, ext. 716 (
City of Vineland: Ms. Cathy Gardner, ext. 715 (

Please volunteer!

Volunteers: Please learn about how you can make referrals to the Housing First program for the chronically homeless at

— Dr. Rob Weinstein, President & Founder

The M25 Initiative



Jorje Romero ramps up his concerns for the city of Bridgeton:

“I’m not a politician, Jack. I just speak the truth.

“You can polish a pile of shit, but it’s still shit. We need to remove the shit (abandoned homes-factories-lots-enforce city codes) and start over from scratch.

“Real planning, not Band-Aid developments that don’t do anything but use up funds and make contractors and developers rich.

“Apply for federal, state, private grants for streets, parks, schools, waterways, lakes, etc. We don’t want handouts, we just want what everyone else has.

“This small town of Bridgeton has so much potential and people that really care. The 5% make it bad for the majority. Don’t let yourselves be discouraged in thinking that Bridgeton is not worth investing and/or living in.

“Plenty of folks are buying up homes and becoming rich. Be that investor, but do right by the city and invest wisely and consciously. Bring the home/business back to its former grandeur and others will follow.

“People usually flock to where the money is and, trust me, we have it in this town. Folks just continue to leave it in neighboring towns, hurting our town in the process.

“Yes, the administration has to do more to retain and attract more businesses, which I see as slow or nonexistent at the moment. Taxes are also astronomical for folks with a decent home and pennies for smaller homes or even investment properties.

“We have many issues, but complaining won’t change them, so go to city council with ideas and suggestions. If politicians don’t do their job, we vote them out and replace them with someone that will.”

— Jorje Romero

“In a few nights of Code Blue, we more than tripled the number of guests spending the night.

“I expect a full house tonight!

“If you want to help, there are many ways. I know not everyone can volunteer their time, but you can help by supporting us!

“Spreading the word is one of the biggest helps. Maybe just mentioning us to the right person will result in a meal or another need filled. We do have some certified kitchens available to prepare meals if donation is made for the meal.

“If you know someone that works at a frozen food factory, etc., maybe they can mention it to their boss.”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke

When Code Blue started in Millville, they had one guest the first night.

Now, it’s a full house.

Eating good across the Delaware …

“So I drag myself into the Middletown Subway to get a meal before a long night ahead.

“Manager said get whatever you want, a man came in last week and paid for the next 10 police officers’ meals.

“I was like, WOW! I still got the sub of the day that was cheaper, but what a nice surprise!”

— Gina Collini,

County police officer

CRHS hockey goalie

Shep stops a shoplifting at Tractor Supply!

Uses his Vietnam jungle experience.

“Dear Smartphone,

“How can you tell me that the high temperature will be 28° and the low will be 20° while simultaneously telling me that the current temperature is 15°?

“I thought you were smarter than that.”

— Sam Feinstein

“Random: I haven’t shown proof of my college degree since I graduated.

“No employer ever asked about my GPA, either. I’m lucky my college experience was priceless, or I’d feel so bamboozled right now.”

— Bryan Real,

Takes A Village

“P.S.: It’s all good, though, because soon as I start hiring for my organization, I want everything: Degree, transcript, experience, Sallie Mae, all that.”

“Well, today came a lot faster than I thought it would, my last day at Bridgeton Fire Department.

“Exactly a year ago yesterday during training, the Denver Drill got me.

“That set off probably the worst year so far (and hopefully the last). Shoulder surgeries, physical therapy, light duty, not being able to do anything ‘fun’ with the kids and the end of a career at BFD.

“Thank you to everyone that I’ve crossed paths with while here, I’ve learned something from everyone. It’s been fun but I guess it’s true, everything happens for a reason.”

— Andrea Oswald

We remember you and the arrangements you made for the needy little Millville boy’s visit and coin drop.

“Dog update:

“Fats got home this a.m. Hip Joint was 2 inches out of place. Doc said he had to push hard to get it back in. Said that was a good thing.

“No running, jumping or stairs for six weeks. That’s going to be hard.

“Cost $650, but she’s family, and it’s only money.”

— Shep



“Even though I’m not physically going to be live on the mic, I cordially invite you out to Saturday’s basketball doubleheader at CCC in Vineland as Brookdale takes on Cumberland starting at noon.

“Between games, as part of CCC’s year-long 50th anniversary celebration, members from the 2014 Dukes baseball team that shattered the glass ceiling and won the college’s first ever Region XIX title and ultimately finished as the runner-up in the Division III JUCO World Series will be honored.

“They’re a special bunch of young men and helped change the course of the athletics program I’m proud to be associated with for the better.”

— Jim Williams,

down but not out

That’s Sarge courtside …

“Bridgeton Lady’s Basketball begins a new chapter 12/16/16.

“New coaches, all new team and new concept; Commitment, Sacrifice, Honor and Family (team).

“If I can get the ladies to believe, we will be successful. Come by and help support the Ladies tonight against Pleasentville. Game starts at 17:30 hrs. God bless the families that will be represented on the court tonight.”

— Coach George Linen

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Sarge brings the steely Newark survival mentality to the court, and failure is not an option.

Jorje Romero on 92.1 FM after rant here; Camden rebuild only took Conway, Helmbrecht; Bridgeton food truck discussion; Code Blue is here; Gina Collini’s meal paid for; Shep stops shoplifting, gets dog back from vet; CCC mic man says come out to doubleheader; Sarge locks the heels of basketball world

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