Derick Glenn goes way back; Liz Sooy can sing, and helps veterans!; Code Blue until Monday night; Coach Linen wins opener; EMS Cafe buffet Sunday morning; Rick Kott’s mom’s pocketbook stolen; Bryan Real misses ‘Big Mammas’; ‘Aladdin JR’ big hit; Campani’s Legacy Lanes; Sixers awful


The c0lumn that says Derick Glenn is doing great things for veterans in Millville through his “Celebrating Our Veterans” program, helping 25-30 of our heroes with their life needs.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


Phone: 856-237-6645

U.S. Army: RA13815980

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Good afternoon!

Derick Glenn was on 92.1 FM with us and Bridgeton advocate Jorje Romero, and Glenn — the former Derick “D” Clown — caused a lot of phone calls to the show from veterans.

A little history

Nov. 14, 2015

They had been dating for a little more than a year and Roberto Ortega was planning on taking his girlfriend Yolymary Valentin to the top of the World Trade Center as a romantic treat.

The date they had picked out was Sept. 11, 2001.

Ortega lived in Newark and worked late the night before, canceling the date and possibly saving the young couple’s lives. The World Trade Center attack changed Ortega’s life though, and that month he signed up to join the U.S. Navy.

A decade later, Ortega and Valentin were still together and have children. They moved away from Newark to Millville to escape the urban blight and the crime. Work was hard to come by and their apartment was close to being condemned. They appeared headed for homelessness until they met Derick Glenn, CEO and founder of Celebrating Our Veterans.

Now they have a house and their children have a yard to play in.

“Everything I have accomplished in the last five years is thanks to Derick,” Ortega said.

It’s Glenn’s dream to fix up the vacant homes in the Third Ward of Millville — where most blocks have a home that’s either boarded up or burned out — and have a homeless veterans family move into them. He is hoping to work with different banks, organizations and even the city to make his dream come true but it’s one he believes in.

The Ortega family is proof that a veteran’s family sometimes needs help with housing — even if they are too proud to ask for it.

“Most people, when they think of a homeless veteran, the stereotype is a man that looks similar to a bum with ragged clothes, long scruffy beard and long hair that sits on a corner asking for money,” Glenn said. “Does that still happen? Yes, there are still veterans that look like that. However, with the economy and the country the way it is right now, there is another image that most people do not even think about. That is the veteran family — the husband and wife with two or three or four children that have either been evicted from their apartments or their home has been foreclosed on. ”



Finding a home

By his own admission, Ortega is not the best at remembering names but, if you ask him about an event from his life, he knows the exact date it happened.

He entered the military on Sept. 26, 2001.

“We come from Newark, which is a crime infested area,” Ortega said. “I got robbed probably three times before I decided this was enough. I wanted to take my kids out of that environment to better their life down here — which we have accomplished.”

On Oct. 3, 2011, his family moved to Millville for better opportunities.

“Six months later, after I moved here, I damn near became homeless with my wife and five kids — four kids then.”

Their sewerage line was broken and methane gas leaked in the building. Each member of his family took their turn in the hospital because of illness and Valentin even had a miscarriage while at the apartment.

Ortega was working as a security guard at the Progresso facility in Vineland — one of two jobs he worked at the time — when he heard Glenn’s radio program. He wrote down Glenn’s phone number and told Valentin.

One day, while Valentin was at the hospital, Ortega finally made up his mind to call Glenn.

On Aug. 27, 2012, his family moved to a nicer place with help from Glenn and they lived there for the next few years. Ortega is employed as a truck driver.

Celebrating Our Veterans helped out Ortega and his family so, in return, Ortega did anything he could to repay the favors and give back himself.

Glenn acquired a house on Buck Street, a repossessed property from Wells Fargo, across the street from the current Celebrating Our Veterans headquarters. Ortega helped fix up the property.

It wasn’t until an unveiling ceremony a few months ago that he learned the house would be his. They currently rent it from Celebrating Our Veterans and hope to own it outright by next year. They receive housing support from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The family moved in on Sept. 1 and has been living in the very definition of comfort.

“They have demonstrated already in two or three months their ability to care for this home and maintain the yard,” Glenn said. “They are tremendous tenants. They are incredible.”

Ortega and his family help maintain the headquarters across the street and volunteer when they can. Ortega was helping out Friday, handing out donated items to the visiting veterans.

Glenn wants to give them veterans as neighbors in the Third Ward. His project will help clean up the dilapidated, vacant homes and potentially help the neighborhood rebound from the recent rash of crime.

“We have a need, Celebrating Our Veterans has a need, this community has a need for housing for our veterans — affordable housing  — and it’s not happening.”

Glenn set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the project.

For more information about Celebrating our Veterans,

— Don Woods

Also from Derick Glenn.

Click the link below to support Liz Sooy and her latest hit release.

New holiday release by Lizz Sooy and Chris Orazi. Mastered at C.A.S. Music Productions 100% of the proceeds from this single are donated to Celebrating Our Veterans.

“As of now, Code Blue will be closed until Monday evening.

“Many thanks to the Elks Club for providing a awesome dinner for our guests last night at Code Blue. If you are in the Elks, thank you for all you do!”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke

“Bridgeton 45 – Pleasantville 10!

“Wow! God is awesome, everyone. Our Lady Bulldogs fought together and earned a good win.

“Practice 8:30 in the morning to get ready for next challenge Monday. Thank you to all that support the Bulldogs.”

— Coach George Linen

Breakfast buffet every Sunday 7 a.m. to 1 p.m at EMS Cafe in Quinton on Route 49 — the old Bradway’s.

Voted best breakfast in Salem County and in Top 11 in the state!

$8.99 all you can handle.

Phone: 856-935-0349.


“Well, we had plans to take a group Christmas Caroling.

“However, 5 minutes between my mom walking in the church and the next person arriving, someone walked in and stole her pocketbook.

“Tonight didn’t go quite the way we planned. Maybe next year.”

— Rick Kott,

Millville PAL

With the weather getting nasty, please remember, if you see an animal in Cumberland County that you think is suffering from cruelty or neglect, don’t wait to SAY something.

Make a phone call on their behalf (or fill out our online form) and our cruelty investigations team will go check out the situation and make sure the animal has everything required under the law.

— Cumberland County SPCA

“One thing that really bothers me and has me so furious today … smokers standing right at the entrances and exits of every store!

“Gets me coughing and starts nose running and gives me a headache. Really disrespectful! Killing everyone right along with themselves! So now my shopping is really enjoyable!

“Thanks! If your a smoker, think about others with sinus and lung problems please!”

— Missy Walker

“We have some awesome moms in my generation, but we’re lacking Future Big Mommas.

“The ‘Big Mamma’ role is like a real leadership responsibility. Responsible for handling and dealing with all personalities and problems in the family while uniting them together for the sake of FAMILY loving FAMILY!

“When ‘Big Mammas’ rest in heaven, nobody steps up and everyone goes to living their independent family lives, and the younger generation of siblings barely know each other.

“The New Big Mammas have to step up! Or maybe it’s the Big Fathers time.”

— Bryan Real


8th Grade Cast of “Aladdin JR” Woodruff School#mtishows #broadwayjr #theatrefamily #itheatrics— with Kai Chu, FredandMichelle Richmond, Diane Bischer Hudson, Barbi Branch Wilchensky, Melanie Bauer, Michelle Heisroth Lee, Lori Tomeo Maurer,Jodi Dafflitto-Dickinson and Rony Salvatierra at Woodruff School ACE Music.

“Incredibly grateful and full heart with all the families that came out and saw our pilot of Aladdin JR Broadway Pilot Edition.

“There are no words to describe how much fun we had tonight and appreciate it.”

— Director Spencer Lau

What’s happening at Campani’s Legacy Lanes.

League High Scores 12-5-16
Monday Men’s
Brian Shiflet 203-239-245 687
Bob DuBois 216-233-221 670
Al Pierce 274-165-218 657
Gary Martinelli 208-220-229 657
Bob Collins 233-209-183 625
Rick Malone 237-165-214 616
Steve Gaburo 204-235-175 614
Jamie Giedosh 227-189-193 609
Tom Huck 172-214-220 606
Stephanie Archetto 190-242-172 604
Dave Zieger Sr 230-209-162 601
Chris Huntley 192-195-213 600
Tuesday Mixed
Al Pierce 256-224-245 725
Andrew Owens 203-180-235 618
Nate Langston Jr 234-170-211 615
Golden Age
Charlie Brown 183-183-183 549
Paul Dodd 158-192-181 531
Charlie Dayton 150-169-211 530
Phil Procida Jr 187-184-158 529
Gary Bidwell 173-163-177 513
Greg Cavaliero 171-176-164 511
Dave Hitchner 170-170-170 510
Tyler Massie 177-183-143 503
Mr Morris 167-167-167 501
Wednesday Juniors
Zach Slaboda 159-242-180 581
Carolece Henry 178-217-182 577
Johnnie Wilson 202-170-181 553
Logan Riddle 169-164-193 526
Eric Johnson 171-192-157 520
Totiana Miranda 169-197-143 509
Leah Henry 193-191-124 508
J & J Memorial
James Messeck 197-279-239 715
Mike Sammons 217-191-300 708
Brian Shiflet 173-258-276 707
Mark Kazoaka 279-181-231 691
Jayson Hague 264-235-192 691
Pat Hebert 181-257-245 683
John Spatola 239-195-244 678
Karl Munzon 267-178-231 676
Bob Gallaher 198-300-177 675
Dave Russo 213-213-245 675
Sugie Henry Jr 235-247-188 670
Sugie Henry Sr 224-217-226 667
Mark Couch 207-232-226 665
Bill Ziefel 215-245-201 661
Paul Lawrence 246-211-202 659
Howie Bailey 235-218-206 659
Sid Johnson 257-157-228 642
Dean Gaines 185-192-259 636
Rob Andino 223-211-200 634
Wayne Gonzalez 178-255-201 634
Robert Fitzgerald 212-246-175 633
Dave Hemple 195-213-225 633
Joe Giunta 232-174-226 632
Dave Zieger 245-199-188 631
Fred Kendall 215-205-206 626
Tyler Shumate 186-223-217 626
Charlie Higbee 224-185-212 621
Gary Bere 222-200-186 608
Jim Santora 188-212-205 605
Herb Heston 192-181-231 604
Ray Mooney 203-224-175 602
John Muffley 202-215-185 602
Donna Williamson 182-215-203 600
Friday Church
Jerry Groover 248-224-159 631
Eric Johnson 211-187-210 608
Friday Mixed
Austin Boone 258-265-235 758
Shaggy Rauner 276-253-224 753
Pete Evans 253-246-245 744
Billy Robb 246-237-259 742
Gary Starcher 234-280-212 726
Rob Magdin 278-258-181 717
Mike Sammons 233-223-235 691
Tyler Shumate 236-192-259 687
Al Pierce 194-198-276 668
Tiny Little 247-239-182 668
Shane Harris 195-214-246 655
Bryson Cottman 233-198-219 650
Glenn Corbett 214-228-205 647
Abe Jones 225-235-186 646
Ray Mooney 206-233-207 646
Dana Wolbert 146-268-232 646
Fred Kendall 259-198-188 645
Orville Johnson 231-215-196 642
Mike Deflaco 248-187-206 641
Dave Zieger 227-212-200 639
Priscilla Logan 222-196-221 639
Karl Munson 211-214-201 626
Sid Johnson 185-199-235 619
Patrick Godbey 171-236-206 613
Mark Couch 225-163-220 608
Al Carter 171-232-205 603

YOU CAN BOOK IT: The Sixers are not a work in progress.




Derick Glenn goes way back; Liz Sooy can sing, and helps veterans!; Code Blue until Monday night; Coach Linen wins opener; EMS Cafe buffet Sunday morning; Rick Kott’s mom’s pocketbook stolen; Bryan Real misses ‘Big Mammas’; ‘Aladdin JR’ big hit; Campani’s Legacy Lanes; Sixers awful

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