Carolscatz smilingh again; Jim Williams can play Job in the Christmas play; Zoe at Bridgeton Library; Code Blue guests need jeans; Jim Williams can’t catch a break; Bridgeton youth basketball on GoFundMe; Why is it not part of education?; CompleteCare transport sucks?; Soph Tyreke Brown all-state Group I; Don’t spend $300 on cat sanctuary; Emma Edwards certified


The column that says we just got back from a Carolscatz fundraiser at Texas Roadhouse and the customers were cold, but so cooperative with the effort, but the greatest thing was that the Roadhouse fed supporters of the veterans in the afternoon.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

“When it goes down hill …

“Two dogs down with problems. Claude has a tumor on her front shoulder. Doc gave me salve to put on it. If not gone in a month, operation time.

“Another went today. Old fats the beagle was laying on the couch; always has one leg probed up. Chess thinks he should lay with her, went down too hard and knocked her back hip out of socket.

“Fast run to Woodstown. Going to work on her tonight. It cost more for dogs then for ourselves, but shit happens and they are family.”

— Shep

It’s times like this that you almost love the guy.

“I’m sleeping outside in the bitter cold tonight to raise awareness about the sad fact that many animals are forced to sleep outside tonight and every night in treacherous below freezing conditions.

“It’s not right and it’s up to us to do something about it. We are their only voice.”

— Dave Westerman

The Friends of the Library will present a concert featuring Zoe Mulford on Sunday, Jan. 8, at 4 p.m., in the Bridgeton Free Public Library. Tickets are $15 per person or $25 for two. Tickets are available at Gallery 50.

Proceeds will be used to purchase books for the library.

Funding has been made possible in part by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State; the National Endowment for the Arts; the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders; and the Cumberland County Cultural & Heritage Commission.

— Courteney Reece

“I have 2 Code Blue guests in need of jeans. If some of you are discarding, they are both size 32 or size 34. Both guys are about5’7-5’8.
“Also, I am collecting used snow shovels. Several of our guests need them when real snow actually falls in our area. They earn money shoveling.”
— Cindi Stanger Cooke
“Someone upstairs must have it in for me.
“So I had an appointment to go to my regular doctor at CompleteCare, but needed to utilize LogisticCare in order to get from point A to point B and back  (partially because I’m not strong enough to get up and down the steps).
“So LogisticCare doesn’t show up anywhere near on time and I have to re-schedule my appointment to Monday. Hooray for another weekend of feeling like a prisoner in my own body and my own house.
“Again, someone upstairs must really have it in for me.”
— Jim Williams,
being tested by God before he hits the Pick 6
“Logistic care is horrible!
“I’m sorry,  Jim! My patients use it and end up waiting hours to be picked up … it’s horrible.
“My co workers have actually taken people home before because they’re old, have cancer and it’s just a sin to watch them sit there.”
— one who knows
What the hell, Curtis Edwards!
“Congrats, Tyreke Brown, for making All-State Group 1 as a sophomore.
“Tyreke was also 1st Team all-Conference both ways in probably the toughest Group 1 Division in the state.”
— Roland John
A little history
Feb. 17, 2105

Over the last three seasons the Penns Grove Twins have gone 35-1 in the Tri-County Midget Football League in southern New Jersey.

This past season, they went 12-0 and added yet another trophy to their case by winning the super bowl in a league that features 27 highly competitive teams from the Garden State.

It’s never a one-man effort when a team has the success Penns Grove has experienced over the last three seasons, but it’s hard to ignore the numbers and potential that class of 2019 running back Tyreke Brown has.

Brown is a 6-foot, 205-pound bull in the backfield that helped lead that Penns Grove team to the championship game with a huge performance.  In the championship game, Brown and Penns Grove took on a team that hadn’t allowed an offensive touchdown in nine straight games — that streak was snapped quickly and early.

Brown rumbled for over 250 yards rushing and three touchdowns in a game that was 26-0 at the half and in the same breath shot him to superstardom.  Did I mention Brown also had 13 tackles, an interception, forced a fumble and also recovered a fumble defensively?

In an interview with (credit for the pictures, as well) after the game, Penns Grove head coach Gregory Martin called Brown “one of the most athletic players I ever coached” and went on to say that “he can throw, run, kick and catch.”

From top to bottom, the number of athletes coming out of the state of New Jersey in the 2019 class is very impressive, and Brown is certainly among the top three.

However, with his youth resume jam-packed with accomplishments, it’s time to turn the page and enter high school ball.  The big-time prospect has private schools from New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware all interested in his game.

We recently interviewed Brown to get his thoughts on his youth accomplishments, the future and how wrestling helps him on the gridiron.

Al Pops: Talk to me about your fall season.  You guys won your championship and had one of the better seasons in recent history.  What made this team so special?  Talk to me and help the country know why you guys were so good.

Tyreke Brown: What made the team special is that we have been together since we were 6-7 years old paying on the freshman level. We have a bond and there is not a weak link in the team. Everybody plays a role. In our junior season we won the championship. This season would have not been successful without everyone doing their jobs. In doing this we were able to capture the championship. Paying as a group that has been together for a few years helped us to become a good team. We were able to bounce off each other.

Pops: You went off in your championship game.  Tell me what was clicking for you on that day?  How were you able to have such a monster game?

Brown: As a team from a small town, we wanted to show everyone what we were capable of and what we represented. We had many players that were able to be versatile and play many different positions. We were out to prove we could be the best in Tri-County that’s what helped shape our team.  It was exciting. This game meant a lot to me as it was my final game in the midget league. As an 8th grader, I was proud to be a part of this championship team. I felt I learned and accomplished a great deal throughout my years in midget football. I just enjoy the game so much.

Al Pops: You’re a big, powerful running back with a lot of tools.  What do you think are your biggest strengths and weaknesses are as a running back?

Brown: Yes people say I’m a big powerful back. My strengths are that I have great vision, upper and lower body strength, elusiveness, power and great strides. I need to improve on my acceleration, footwork and change of direction speed

Al Pops: Have you reached a decision on where you will be attending high school?

Brown: No, I’m currently undecided. I have had some conversations with private schools such as McDonough (Maryland) and St. Augustine (New Jersey). My dad and I visited McDonough and also Saliseum in Delaware.

Al Pops: When people think about football states, NJ doesn’t really come to mind–especially not south jersey.  What do you want to tell the country about football in south jersey?

Brown: South Jersey is a place with many talented athletes. Because most of us are from small towns, a lot of athletes go unnoticed unless something big happens. I would like to tell the country to check out south Jersey. Come and scout us and see what we have to offer.. A lot of athletes leave to find exposure but I’m still here, so my work ethic has to increase by 10x the rate it is now to get to a D1 school.

Al Pops: You are also a very good wrestler.  Do you plan to continue to wrestle in high school?  Do you think it helps you for football or vise versa?

Brown: Yes I’m a good wrestler. Right now I’m going for the South Jersey state championship. My record is 16-0 and I just finished the national duals where I went 10-0 with 8 pins and 2 forfeits, beating some of best in the country. Football and wrestling go together. In wrestling you have to have strength, quickness, hand to hand combat skills and the ability to control your opponent. In wrestling your double leg takedown is the perfect way to tackle in football. What I learned in wrestling helped me become a better football athlete.

Al Pops: As your youth career is now over, what excites you about moving onto the next level of football?

Brown: What excites me about moving up to the next level is that I get to go against bigger and better competition.  There will also be older athletes that I can learn more from them. Coaches who will teach me a lot too.

Al Pops: Do you have any goals for your freshman year?  How about for your career in high school?

Brown: My goals this freshman year is to start for varsity;  my career goals for high school are to score 50 plus touchdowns and break many records.  I also want to be a leader and help out the team and other people.

Al Pops: If you had your choice, what three colleges would you want to go play at and why?

Brown: Oregon: It’s been my dream university since I was young. Also a player named Todd Doxey went there and I knew him personally. He passed away before he could finish his career. Another reason is because they have a great atmosphere and very supporting to their student-athletes. Stanford: It is a very intelligent university and they help their students excel as student-athletes. Florida State: They have great athletes coming out of FSU.

Al Pops: Are you going to any camps this off-season?

Brown: I will be attending a couple of combines. On March 15, I will be attending the N-P-F-A combine in Pitman, NJ. Also, I have been invited to play in all-American game( top 100) in Miami, FL. July 2-4 this year. I will be playing in 14u all-star team out of Delaware. They are called NO LIMIT. I will be going to an FBU camp, too.

Al Pops: Last question.  You are only in the 8th grade and the country doesn’t know about you yet.  How would you describe yourself to tell coaches, scouts and fans?  Tell us who you are as a football player.

Brown: I’m a young, hungry but humble athlete who is willing to work for any spot or playing time on any team. Also, I’m a young man who is coachable and willing to drive and strive for greatness and go the extra mile to better myself.

— Alan Popadines

“Here at C & J Electronics at 1023B N. Pearl Street, I’m finalizing my last order of Samsung TVS and Blu-ray players for delivery by Christmas.

“If you have contemplated a new set for the holidays, call me before 3 p.m. tomorrow and I’ll get it in Friday or Monday. I guarantee I’ll match or beat any store prices and in most cases, Internet prices! 856-455-0086. Sizes 19″-75″ diagonal. HD, ultra HD and 3D HD.”

— Chris Jespersen

“Next fundraiser for Carolscatz at Texas Roadhouse is Thursday, Jan. 19.

“Not the Thursday before.

“Mark your calendars. No excuses. Let’s pack the house.”

— Carol Hickman,


We met a woman tonight at the Roadhouse who told us about a cat sanctuary in Maryland where they’ll take cats if you pay $300 a piece.

This is to let you know that, without even asking, Carolscatz will take your cat for, say, $250,and you don’t even have to drive to Maryland.

In fact, Gary E. Myer would settle for $200.

“The holiday concert for the little ones is such a sweet school tradition here at Deerfield Township School. It’s so nice to see so much support from families for this program.

“I’m not sure how our music teacher, Todd Welcz, does it, working only 2 days a week for us on top four other jobs. Kudos to you.”

— Lisa Marie


Bait Box remodeling.

“Bridgeton kids between the ages 15-17 have a basketball league that will help keep them off the streets for the next three months.

“The games will be played at Bridgeton High School on Saturdays and Sundays from Jan. 7 to March 4.

“In order to help keep the registration fee at $30 for the students, we need to raise money! I am reaching out to all Bridgeton residents because we have always taken care of our own!

“Our kids are trying to stay out of trouble and I firmly believe it’s our responsibility as adults to give them an outlet! Thus, basketball is an outlet for our kids and they need your help!

— John Fuqua,

Why are we not playing at the ALMS Center at half the cost?

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

And, pray tell, why is basketball not considered part of a well-rounded education at Bridgeton High School that keeps kids out of drug houses and on the right track for learning instead of a $5,000 charge to people who already volunteer their time, and now have to also raise money?

Is it a state law it can’t be added into the budget?

“College or no college?

“It doesn’t matter. If a person wants to live in there old hometown, they will stay or return. We need to have the right amenities, schooling, and services to retain anyone willing to call Bridgeton home.”

— Jorje Romero

Jorje, you’ve got words down pat to run for office.

That’s what all politicians say.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Emma Edwards is now a certified home health aide.

Carolscatz smilingh again; Jim Williams can play Job in the Christmas play; Zoe at Bridgeton Library; Code Blue guests need jeans; Jim Williams can’t catch a break; Bridgeton youth basketball on GoFundMe; Why is it not part of education?; CompleteCare transport sucks?; Soph Tyreke Brown all-state Group I; Don’t spend $300 on cat sanctuary; Emma Edwards certified

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