We’ve got a Carolscatz sign, kinda; We don’t need government; Jorje Romero: Chain better than empty building; Mentors United, rise up!; Mike Zapolski fights back, but verbal uprising needed; If Code Blue has shown us anything …; IHOP waitresses; Reva loves Jane Hemighaus; Millville lighting contest; Cheryl Pace remembered


The column that says we picked up a flier for Thursday night’s fundraiser at Texas Roadhouse and had 200 copies run off at Staples for any diner who wants 10 percent of the cost of their meal donated to Carolscatz, the 501(c)3 girl in Laurel Lake who has been handling as many stray cats as possible at her home, and has transported others to Cape May to be spay/neutered, but the sign we’ve made won’t match your generosity, we’re sure.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Our speech to elementary school students once a week:

“Today, students, we will take another step in  preparing you for college, perhaps the first two years at Cumberland County College and then the final two at Rowan, so please tell your parents what we plan to do with your future.

“And you will graduate BHS because this town and this county need you.

“Just be glad you don’t live in Newark, where the graduation rate is 35 percent because the youth have been swallowed up by ‘the streets.’

“But we’re not going to let that happen here because we’ve got people like Jerry Young, Terry Gould, Lynwood Mosley, Shawn Bridges, John Fuqua, the whole PAL, the Herb Henry Basketball League, Albert Morgan, Albert Kelly, Father David Rivera, Sherman Denby, Carol, Green, Ali Steered Straight, Bob Thompson, Jonathan Cummings, ReviveSJ, Jorje Romero and Bryan Real.”

— not the Gettysburg Address, but more important for this area

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We don’t need a recreation commission squashed by city government with all the above in place.

I guess people see want they want.

“As an outsider, I see what you guys might be to blind to see. Bridgeton has more than a hundred businesses and, yes, it still needs to attract even more businesses to keep our residents working and bring folks from out town in to spend money.

“We also have valuable resources/assets that need to be utilized to their full potential.

“Stop bashing the town, come up with a solution or a plan to help turn this city around and turn it into the diamond it once was. Please don’t tell me it can’t be done people.

“Positive trumps negative every time.”

— Jorje Romero

“P.S.: We don’t need chain restaurants, but I will take a chain restaurant over an empty building anytime. Both options employ local residents.”

We’ve been hearing that speech out of the mouths of politicians since 1983 when Owens-Illinois left town.

Everybody knows it by heart.

Hollow words, Jorje. Words won’t do it, actions will. We need mentors. A hundred mentors. A thousand mentors.

Call it Mentors United or anything you want, but plan to go into neighborhoods in the city and get kids excited about life.

Call out the drug dealers and tell them, like Linda Solanik did one night at the Midget Football field, “You may get him one day,” she said to a loser, ” but you’re not going to have him while he is with us!”

Say they’re losers! Write it on signs. Let the little kids read it. Get real with the language. Put it in deadly terms. Put the statistics on the wall. How many go to jail. How many die.

You want to read a list of fallen heroes who were great kids until they reached high school? You want to see how screwed up they’ve become, and all because of hopelessness in poor neighborhoods.

“Jim should get the facts before he gets on Gladys’ case.

“I can come to your place, Jim, and explain it. It is one of the stupidest things I ever heard. Killing business in Bridgeton. Makes no sense.”

— Mike Abbott

“Hi, Jack,

“It never ceases to amaze me when people criticize a city issue that they think they know about — like the recent downtown ‘food truck.’
“First of all, an RFP is only an invitation to bid on something. There is no guarantee that the ‘something’ will happen. It is quite likely that when the details are finally known and discussed, new questions come up which need to be addressed; and, in that discussion, opinions may change.
“The public should know that city council is not a participant in formulating RFPs. We only see them a couple of days before we are asked to authorize them; and often we allow them to move forward in good faith.
“Yet, we reserve the right to disagree with them when we feel it is appropriate. What might sound like a good idea may not be for any number of reasons — the ‘devil is in the details.’
“Secondly, it would be illegal to commit to a contract (have a ‘deal… in place’) before getting council’s written approval. Hopefully, that really did not happen, because it would bring up a more serious problem.
“I suspect Mr. Kinkade might have a different opinion on the proposal if a food truck was operating in the vicinity of a downtown food service store that he owned and was paying the associated monthly overhead costs — utilities, taxes, payroll, etc.
“Know that Mrs. Lugardo-Hemple was not alone in the belief that there was a problem with the actual agreement presented to the council.
“I challenge anyone to produce a viable economic development strategy and marketing plan for the city of Bridgeton, or its central business district — that is being followed. One with a clear strategy, objectives that support that strategy, and assigned responsibilities with implementation priorities for those objectives.
“It doesn’t exist.
“Throwing projects on a wall to see what sticks without such a plan will not solve Bridgeton’s economic problems that are being driven by the fact that over 50% of Bridgeton’s properties are tax-exempt.
“Lastly, I encourage anyone who wishes to better understand why a particular decision was made by a council member to talk to that person rather than rely on someone else’s opinion or hearsay.
“Better yet, come to the council work sessions where these issues are discussed — hear it first-hand.”
— Mike Zapolski Sr.
City of Bridgeton

Mike, how long are you as a city councilman running this city going to keep asking the same question over and over, and not do anything about it?

If you are really concerned about an economic development plan in Bridgeton, do something about it — even if we were a monarchy.

Do something so out of the box it will surprise even you. But make sure it moves the city forward. Put it in  gear, even if it’s low-low, because over 25,000 people are counting on you.

And don’t say it’s not your job description!

Just because you are not the marshal doesn’t mean you can’t spell out the problem and offer a solution as Mike Zapolski, 60 years as an engineer, who is tired of all the bullcrap.

Say you’re not going to do anything with the city park, if that’s the case. Screw it! We’re sorry if we ballyhooed it too much when we covered Bridgeton. Sorry if we got excited while assholes snicker in the background that they knew nothing would happen.

Because it’s Bridgeton.

Or better yet, turn the project over to Bob Thompson, someone who cares $2 million worth about his city, who came to city council one night and donated $1,000 toward a project and then promised a community swimming pool for ALL the children in the city.

For God’s  sake, if Code Blue has shown you anything, solutions can be found for anything if you call enough caring people together.

Lunch today at IHOP after surgery welcomed two more waitresses into our fold.

One has three children and is waiting for medical license to come from the state and the other is 17 years old and a homeschooled junior.

Both from Vineland.

The 17-year-old was the only one who smiled when we entered, and that’s not good enough. Both were going home in 5 minutes, but stayed an extra half-hour to talk and then did their final chores.

“Jim Kinkade Jr.,

“I went today and looked again. I was wrong on the light. I had Atlantic Street mixed up with Laurel.”

— Mike Abbott

“Maybe the tech industry should be recruited to come to downtown Bridgeton and replace what is there (Google, Ebay, Amazon, etc. like what happened a few years ago in San Francisco).”

— Dave Hitchner

“Millville residents!

“My daughter, Samantha Cruz, is in charge of the Holiday Home Lighting Contest for the city of Millville.

“We were discussing the contest and the fact that many of the homes that are decorated so nicely do not enter the contest. She said that the home does not have to be entered by the resident and anyone can enter any address in the contest.

“If you know of a home that is nice, and wish to enter it, you can call 856-825-7000, ext. 7394. Leave the address of the display and the name, if possible.

“The address must be within the city limits of Millville to be entered and considered by the judges.”

— Terry Pangburn

“I wanted to post a little reminder to all.

“If you see an individual or know an individual that needs to come to Code Blue, call our Millville Police desk. 856-825-3111.

“They will gladly send an officer over to pick them up and bring them to us. After curfew, they MUST be escorted by a police officer, as we will not open the door if a police officer is not with them for safety reasons.”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke

“Mary E. Bergmann, I so agree with you. Mel!”

— Debbie Boykin-Greenberg

“Jane Hemighaus, a beauty with wisdom!”

— Reva Christian

“I go into Kohl’s and damn if they didn’t have a Christmas song on that reminded me of my mom.

“Naturally, I start crying and try so hard to stop. This woman comes from nowhere and asks, ‘Arer you OK?’

“I said, yes, but that the song reminded me of my mom. She asked if I wanted a hug. I accepted without hesitation! Thank you God, I know you and mom had a hand in that!

“Remember, random acts of kindness happen all the time.”

— Gina Collini,

remembering Cheryl Pace



A little history.

March 19, 2016.

Never get into a political debate with Peggy Gentile-Van Meter.
She will tackle you in your own backfield and fist pump the crowd.
YOU CAN BOOK IT: Mike Zapolski is the key to going to Trenton or Washington to save Bridgeton for the short term.
“Jack Hummel, I’ll take you to some local restaurants before going on your show next.”
— Steve Paul,
Bridgeton Main Street
They must have a house salad with grilled chicken.
Congestive heart failure will do that to you.
You eat the pizza from Carmelo’s, even calling up nightly to see “what’s on the rack,” and the deluxe Italian sub from Hopewell Sub & Pizza and three glazed donuts a day from Dunkin’ Donuts and you wind up at Cooper — everybody does — and you suddenly knew how Bob Rose felt and Wayne Magee, but not Gary Cooper and Cordie Cooper, because they didn’t make it.
The second one will be fatal.
“Jack Hummel, there are several personally owned stores in Bridgeton and you know it!
“I bought 12 pairs of gloves today.”
— Peggy Gentile-Van Meter
How would I know?
Where do they advertise?
Steve Paul told me about the clothing store.
At least Millville stores are pushed on the Internet.
In advertising the holiday parade or the house tour, did any of those names come up?
At least Randy’s Bicycles was in a really nice trade magazine in Dr. David Watts’ office today.
Did you know Tracey’s Corner sells new appliances? We didn’t until we went to interview the owner.
Did you know at least two stores on East Commerce Street do not take credit cards? How far back in the Dark Ages is that?
How many downtown stores sponsor city sports teams?
YOU CAN BOOK IT: You could have at least mentioned where you got the gloves.
We’ve got a Carolscatz sign, kinda; We don’t need government; Jorje Romero: Chain better than empty building; Mentors United, rise up!; Mike Zapolski fights back, but verbal uprising needed; If Code Blue has shown us anything …; IHOP waitresses; Reva loves Jane Hemighaus; Millville lighting contest; Cheryl Pace remembered

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