Be Big League, Phillies!; Code Blue Saturday, Sunday; Deerfield School doing it; Candlight vigil for Trooper Williams; BBs not funny, not intelligent; Gallery 50 open 7 days a week; Chessie the B&O WWII cat and the little blonde from Niagara Falls that got away; Campani’s Legacy Lanes


The column that says it’s about time the Phillies remember that they are in a major market and stop watching all the major trades being completed because the fan base has eroded enough, and, seriously, do we have to watch this Sixers team lose night after night during the greatest con job ever pulled off on a city?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Dr. Robin Weinstein, chair of the Cumberland County Code Blue Coalition and president of the M25 Initiative, announced that Mayor Albert Kelly has activated the Cumberland County Code Blue Program for the evenings of Dec. 9 and 10 for the hours of 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Code Blue provides emergency warming centers at designated churches in the municipalities of Bridgeton, Millville, and Vineland.

Nobody homeless in Port Norris or Laurel Lake.

Now all we need is for a warming place for 6 to 9 a.m. when the sun is fully established.

Tough getting off a warm cot and going outside at 6 a.m. unless you feel like you’ve got yours and to hell with those who can’t make it on their own, which is another negative education takes away.

Raising funds in a money desert:

“Jack, our student council and NJHS students sell baked goods the first Wednesday of each month during lunch.

“And the moms that are answering (on Facebook) are some of them.

“However, I had softball, PTO and a Walmart pit stop, so I didn’t bake this time around. Bought goods this time.”

— Lisa Marie

Can you offer some on Facebook?

“I want to go.”

— Courteney Reece

“I would be there if I could!

“Can’t step foot in a school, but I can bake! Give me dates!

“If I am well, I will send in baked goods! Miss you all!”

— Deanna Speranza-Murphy

Can we hold a Deanna Speranza-Murphy Get-Well Bake Sale to benefit Deerfield School in front of Walmart?

Or would Shop-Rite be better?

DS-MG-WBS, with ingredients paid for from proceeds, if necessary. Why do top-notch bakers have to go broke at fundraisers?

Ah, Courteney, homemade baked goods at the library after school?

If there is one thing the SHINE after-school program has proven, it is food — snacks, a meal or a banquet — draws kids.

Cookies reign supreme, followed by brownies and Verna Herman’s anything from Verna’s Flightline

“This is from Chief Hughes:

“As many of you are already aware, we lost one of our troopers from the Port Norris Barracks.

“I have been speaking with our deputy mayor of Maurice River Township and we will be hosting a candlelight vigil at the Leesburg Vol. Fire Dept on Dec 8, this Thursday, at 7 p.m.

“We want to show our support to NJSP and the family of Trooper Frankie Williams.

“We are inviting all Emergency Responders of Cumberland County and, of course, the community to show our respects. Please spread the word to all personnel and community.

“There will be possible news coverage and possible politicians attending to pay respect, as well. Hoping to show our law enforcement that we all care about them with this small gesture. Hope to see you all there.”

“The NJ State Police Barracks in Port Norris is just down the road from us.

“That is where Trooper Frankie Williams, the trooper who was killed in a violent crash Monday night, was stationed.

“There are flowers and notes at the door to the barracks. Our little town, with no local police, always looked to the State Police for protection. There seems to be a sad pall over the community.”

— Eileen Bennett


“I just had one of my ferals go to the Animal Clinic of Millville for his teeth to get taken out due to feline Stomatitis, causing repeated infections.

“While there, they checked a little lump I found and discovered it was a BB that someone shot at the cat. I am PO’d  and wish I would have seen it to protect the cat, but happy the cat is OK.

“I am picking him up shortly, but makes me nervous having my kitties outdoors. This could have occurred before he was integrated into my colony as he is a CCSPCA death row rescue that came in ear tipped, but has been here almost a year and is doing great, often staying in my warehouse overnight.”

— Gary E. Meyer

And shooter not a college graduate or thinking about going to college.

Gallery 50, Inc., our local non-profit art gallery, is now open SEVEN DAYS A WEEK until Christmas for your convenience.

“The Holiday Shoppe hours are Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.”

— Sam Feinstein,

Bridgeton Community Bulletin Board


What they’re doing across the filthy river:

“I have a precious kitten here that I got from Animal Control in Philly about a month ago.

“She and 4 siblings came with Feline Distemper, of course, not diagnosed when Anne and I picked up the 3-week-olds. She’s the only one I could pull through. Tough month with lots of sub Q fluids, bottles, meds, etc.

“All is well now and she looks exactly like the B & O Train kitten, Chessie, from the war years that we won. Check her  out on Google. I’m the little blonde girl in the ads, or always thought I was. I loved that kitten. You would know.

“I’m pulling in 8 pups shortly when they  can travel on transit from NC. A little too iffy yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to get them in a week or two. I’ll send pictures.

“Have pictures of Chessie but they’re on my phone. I could text you them if I had your number. I can’t figure out how to get pictures from my phone to my computer. I’ll get my grand kids to help over Christmas. Eventually.”

— The class of the Class of ’59



“And I guess that’s why they call it the blues.

“So it’s been almost 6 months since the pancreatitis onset and I’m still not where I should be. I’m unable to hold much of anything down food-wise and am still weak from all the time spent in bed at Cooper and Inspira.

“Newest setback, though, came today … a rescheduled appointment at the 11th hour. I had to reschedule because apparently I was going to see the wrong doctor … this falls solely on Cooper, mind you.

“So now, Monday, I go up to Voorhees to maybe get some answers.

“And you think your holidays are bad?”

— Jim Williams,

Cumberland County College tonsil

Jim, you’ve added 20 years to your life with the weight loss.

Of course, you have to survive this.

It’s ALL about the wings here at EMS Cafe between Quinton and Salem on Route 49 on Wednesdays.



Legacy Lanes HIGH SCORES of the week:

Ray Mooney 825!

Mike DeFalco 300!

Donna Williamson 625 248!

Great bowling everyone!

“Come hang out with us at Fitness Connection at 5:30 a.m. on Monday for Dominick’s Bootcamp class!

“That will put some cardio in your life!”

— Nina Woodward

“I would like to take this time to thank everyone that went on Easy Goin’ Charters this year.

“It would appear that the 2016 season has come to an end with this cold front moving in this weekend. This cold front will most likely stop the fall striper run to the Upper Delaware Bay Area.

“For this reason, I will be pulling the boat this week to have it winterized. I would also like to thank Sundog Marina for a great season and for keep Easy Goin’ Charters moving forward with this fishing season.

“Hope to see everyone next year and hope to see some new faces on the boat in this up coming 2017 season.”

— Richard Zanni

What’s happening at Pike Lanes:

high scores 11/28/2016
Monday Nite Out
brian shiflet 203 235 277 715
chris huntley 212 213 256 681
jamie giedosh 203 236 234 673
roger parkin 171 288 213 672
bob dubois 247 192 203 642
dave zeiger sr 199 206 221 626
al pierce 234 224 177 625
andrew dubois 201 185 236 622
steve meehan 237 192 192 621
charlie brown 236 197 192 619
vince gendusa 198 214 199 611
joe johnson 237 117 256 610
jim campbell 150 219 234 603
al davis 182 236 185 603
billy smith 160 171 269 600
Tuesday Mixed
Donna Williamson 200 177 248 625
al pierce 248 221 190 659
Golden Age League
charlie brown 160 200 210 570
phil procido jr 188 194 166 548
dom deluke 165 164 180 509
Coffee Donut
becky miller 116 156 198 470
cindy gates 166 172 127 465
logan u 209 201 220 630
totiana miranda 164 154 240 558
johnnie wilson 140 175 204 519
SJ Industrial League
Ray Mooney 279 290 256 825
Mark Kazaoka 277 297 192 766
Mike Sammons 221-258-236 715
jayson hague 279 221 202 702
brian shiflet 247 246 223 696
mark couch 257 205 217 679
dave hemple 269 188 213 670
Tyler Shumate 170-244-253 667
Bob Gallaher 201 232 233 666
Joe Giunta 222-222-220 664
Joe Anderson 203-215-244 662
jim campbell 216 225 203 644
Jamie Messeck 205-213-225 643
Dave Zieger 211-201-215 627
gary beres 210 195 221 626
Wayne Gonzales 165-199-257 621
Dave williamson 212 222 184 618
Howie Bailey 233-173-213 616
Bryson Cottman 191-206-218 615
Phil Gannon III 215-195-205 615
mike pettit 174 222 218 614
Sid Johnson 190-228-195 613
dean gaines 235 203 174 612
Dennis Brady 239-191-189 611
john muffley 209 173 228 609
harry jackson 211 164 234 609
Brian Urban 233-194-180 607
Al Pierce 181-225-200 606
George Bailey 178-197-229 604
Millville High School
Tyler Massie 193-122-142 457
Jessica Reed 150-149-133 430
Friday Church
Dan Miller 199-166-200 565
Steve Morris 190-194-171 555
Tracey Miller 213-202-130 545
Friday Mixed
Mike DeFalco 300-243-229 772
Pete Evans 277-257-216 750
Tyler Shumate 179-253-276 708
Al Pierce 220-279-205 704
Billy Robb 235-191-270 696
Mark Couch 220-235-235 690
Abe Jones 234-213-241 688
Tiny Little 191-258-238 687
Rob Magdin Jr. 278-208-198 684
Glenn Corbett 265-223-192 680
Pat Godbey 188-236-248 672
Travis Clark 238-212-219 669
Austin Boone 207-192-267 666
Karl Munson 226-192-223 641
Steve Buck 203-189-245 637
Doug Boone 257-200-179 636
Bryson Cottman 243-222-167 632
Mike Sammons 174-224-221 619
Gary Starcher 216-203-183 602
Becky Rauner 194-205-181 580

YOU CAN BOOK IT: It’s a great day to be a Thunderbolt!

Be Big League, Phillies!; Code Blue Saturday, Sunday; Deerfield School doing it; Candlight vigil for Trooper Williams; BBs not funny, not intelligent; Gallery 50 open 7 days a week; Chessie the B&O WWII cat and the little blonde from Niagara Falls that got away; Campani’s Legacy Lanes

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