Steve Paul on 92.1 FM; Help Derick Glenn help veterans; Registered sex offenders in Bridgeton; Bridgeton population breakdown; 1971 Bridgeton Midget Football; Code Blue training Saturday; Bridgeton unif0rm store cloeses; Bless Tonya Allen; People who never see good


The column that says if you can’t be thankful in the richest country in the world with the most freedom, you really need to take a trip abroad, and if you can’t help the less fortunate at least at Christmas time, if not all year long, then maybe you are not as religious as you portend, but that is your business just like this observation is ours.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 a.m.


Phone: 856-237-6645

U.S. Army: RA13815980

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Good evening!

We believe we’re lucky enough to have Father David Rivera of Bridgeton as our guest on Saturday at noon on 92.1 FM, followed by Steve Paul, director of Bridgeton Main Street, hawking Sunday afternoon’s Bridgeton Holiday Parade at 3 p.m. and the Christmas House Tour on Dec. 3, and maybe you can call in and ask why we can’t call it the Bridgeton Christmas Parade.

Whoops! No Father Rivera.

Paul is also an assistant football coach at Cumberland Regional, but we won’t talk about that.

“Celebrating Our Veterans will be helping out our heroes again this year with Christmas.

“We have selected 10 families that need the most help in our veterans community.

“Please help us reach our goal so we make sure these 10 well-deserving families are taken care of at the most special time of the year. May God Bless you and thank you for your support!”

—Derick Glenn,

Founder & CEO

We’re so lucky to have Derick Glenn in Cumberland County, and happy it will be a lot longer because of all the weight he has lost.

Speaking of Steve Paul:

“We are still looking for volunteer singers for the mini-concert for the parade.

“Please contact my organization,

“Please spread the word, as well.”

— Steve Paul,

Bridgeton Main Street director

This is troubling!

According to our research of New Jersey and other state lists there were 50 registered sex offenders living in Bridgeton, New Jersey as of November 25, 2016.

“The ratio of number of residents in Bridgeton to the number of sex offenders is 506 to 1.

“Read more:”


Hope that includes inmates in South Woods!

Did you know Bridgeton  had 15 arsons in 2008?

And one less than that in 2009, but only one last year?

We had 121 assaults in 2014, the least in the last 13 years, but none in the zoo and none in the city park and none downtown. Again.


Population By Races

Race Population % of Total
Total Population 25,349 100
Hispanic or Latino 11,046 43
Black or African American 8,996 35
White 8,274 32
Some Other Race 6,518 25
Two or More Races 1,046 4
American Indian 350 1
Asian 153 Below 1%

But, as you can see, it adds up to more than 100 percent — 141 percent, and if you add up all the totals, it comes to way more than 25,349, twice as many.

Population By Races And Gender

Male Female Total
Total Population 14,576 10,773 25,349
Hispanic or Latino 6,294 4,752 11,046
Black or African American 5,377 3,619 8,996
White 4,758 3,516 8,274
Some Other Race 3,627 2,891 6,518
Two or More Races 554 492 1,046
American Indian 173 177 350
Asian 80 73 153

Are you surprised by the “Some Other Race”?

This, too, does not add up.

Did you know that, as a police officer, if your shift falls on Thanksgiving, nothing changes because it’s a holiday.

How about you, Gina Collini?

More on “Cats have to go, says husband.”

“In response again to ‘cat lover’s plea,’ it can’t be a colony of cats because she stated she didn’t want them ‘living outside.’

“And I am doing my part as I have four rescues inside and 5 outside that are all spayed and neutered.”

— cat lover

Sorry, we thought you could have an inside colony, as well.

Bridgeton Midget Football history:



Notice how we prepped Ralph Esquillin for Millville High’s undefeated 1975 team.

He accumulated 1,652 yards on 483 rushing attempts for a total of 3.4 yards per carry.

“Getting ready for our Volunteer Training Class for Code Blue.

“That’s at 9:30 tomorrow til 11:30.

“Anyone that is interested in more info about Code Blue, come on out for the training class. You can decide later if you want to take part. We’ll be happy to give you more information and answer any questions.

“We will be meeting at Trinity Methodist Church in the Ben Corson Hall. (Second Street … parking lot … behind Riggins Fuel).”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke

“So my husband just came in from a haircut and said the uniform store Enterprise in Bridgeton is gone!

“Store is empty!

“Anyone know what happened?”

— Robin Bundy

“I was with Mrs. Coursey the last day of business and she said business just got too slow.”

— Mike McCoy

After cooking Thanksgiving dinner at Bethany Grace Community Church:

“God is really touching my heart on a daily basis on helping his people.

“I’ll just be sitting in my room or somewhere and tears will start rolling down my eyes. I want to see God’s people happy and succeed in life.

“I can’t do it all, but God will continue to direct me on what to do. This battle is not mine; it’s the Lord’s, but I want him to continue to use me.


— Tonya Allen



Here is a woman who will never receive the Liberty Bell Award, be feted by the Soroptimists or enter the county Women’s Hall of Fame, but we wouldn’t trade her for all rich people in Princeton.

Hop Shing Kitchen was just mentioned of Facebook.

The Laurel Street takeout was headed for destruction with the proposed new library, but it stands there unsurrounded like Fort Apache — The Bronx.

At one time, that side of North Laurel Street was crowded with shops all the way down the block.

I shot a large buck today … with my camera, of course. They like the tall grass and water at my pond.

“He’s a frequent visiter and is entirely welcome. Grass and water not much of a Thanksgiving feast. Is it normal for it to have a white face?”

— Jim Filippello

“I truly cannot stand being around people who can never see none of the good in their life.

“They don’t have a clue how that reflects on the people around them, especially children.

“We all have problems or issues of some sort. Nobody goes through life without a few mountains to climb. It’s okay to VISIT a day of being upset or agitated, but don’t LIVE there.

“When you do, you are pushing away the good things that still are in your life.”

— Tracie Rugenus Miletta

YOU CAN BOOK IT:  Stress is killing people in this country every second.

Steve Paul on 92.1 FM; Help Derick Glenn help veterans; Registered sex offenders in Bridgeton; Bridgeton population breakdown; 1971 Bridgeton Midget Football; Code Blue training Saturday; Bridgeton unif0rm store cloeses; Bless Tonya Allen; People who never see good

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