IHOP flooded; Ed Guth Jr.lauded; Amish Market open four days this week; Tribute to Shep, who will ring bell again this year; Jack Horner watch ‘Human Fly’ climb Cumberland Hotel; Jorge takes Civil Service exam; Derick Glenn champions Drew Airey; CCSPCA transfers saving lives!


The column that says it doesn’t get any busier than the IHOP  at the Ramada Inn on a Sunday morning where some had to wait for a seat and others sat at the high-tops, and we thought high-tops were on for serious drinkers — not coffee.

By Jack Hummel

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Good afternoon!

Remember today, Eagles fans, that nobody hits harder than the Seattle Seahawks’ defensive secondary.

Does anybody know if Chase Daniels is ready at a moment’s notice if tragic strikes?

Ed Guth Jr. the big dog in the wheel at Hopewell Sub & Pizza, which now delivers for orders $10 and more.

The bearded, top-rated grill man and recreational fishermen told us their delivery radius is 7 miles.

You know how restaurants automatically add 18 percent for parties of 6 or more?

We say if you’re being delivered to, the eatery should automatically add $5 to the bill.

If you want to add $5 more, appreciate it.

Guess who is open five days this week?

The Amish Market in Hopewell Township. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

That means Mel and Maryanne Glick will be working overtime pulling the hot sticky buns out of the oven every hour. Especially the ones topped with nuts.

Marty’s Candies will have everything from fudge to chocolate-covered pretzels to round out your Thanksgiving week.

Ask for a sit-down with coffee with Jonas King in his Dutch Family Restaurant and learn how to run a business. Ask him if he’s in the Bridgeton Holiday Parade again this year with his 20-mule team Borax.

There are outlets in South Jersey, in case you think Lancaster won’t let them happen.

“And they have all the brand names,” the woman told us.

That means Jonas can add them to the end of the Amish Market.

Look at this tribute!

I am so thankful that I have met Shep. He says what he thinks and feels. His heart overflows with love.

“Shep, I wish I could make some of your pain go away. We are proud to call you ‘Our American Hero.’

“The old bat has spoken.”

— Reva Christian

Seriously, Shep is probably the best example of PTSD we have ever met, and the only one who drowned it in alcohol and came out the other side cold stone sober.

That, alone, makes him our hero.

After admonishing us for not saying when the stories were written about him, Greenwich Shep ranted for a page about having to give up on the dike project and politics before adding …

“… Aunt Betty asked me to ring the Salvation Army bell again.

“Was not going to, as this is hard on the joints, but I will suffer to help others in need.

“No date set yet, but I will be there. (Collection) dropped a couple hundred last year. Didn’t like that, but it is what it is, and will do my best.

“Old Jack (Horner) is home with 24-hour day care. Some days, he is a handful; other days, his old self.”

— Shep

Sounds like you mirror each other!

A little history

Sept.21, 2011

“Hey, Jack,
“August 1929.
“I was there.
“Bob Westcott was there.
“Jack Vermullen was there.
“Bob Dilks was there.
“The News was there to see the Human Fly scale the Cumberland Hotel.
“A major part of the city’s population came to see his death-defying feat.
“The late Harvey Porch also was there shooting photographs of the crowd.
“The perilous occupation of the Human Fly, whose name was Harry Gardiner, was scaling tall buildings.
“In this case, the nine-story Cumberland Hotel at the corner of East Commerce and North Pearl streets, in Bridgeton.
“Jack, the climbing of the hotel window to window sounds like it may not have been so difficult.
“But, Jack, he was climbing the corner windows of the hotel.
“That would be the west corner of the hotel blindfolded.
“The higher he went, the more exciting it got.
“At the top window, he removed the blindfold.
“Jack, I would call it breathtaking and gut-wrenching.
“That is what I felt as a 10-year-old boy as this man swung from the top window over to the corner of the hotel and pulled himself over the cornice on the hotel roof.
“Jack, that climb was 82 years ago and I still get that funny feeling when I talk about it.
“The News wrote an article several years later on Gardiner and his climb.
“This one featured a rubber inner tube tragedy where the tube broke and the Human Fly fell to his death.’’
— Jack Horner

“P.S.: Jack, they always counted the hotel has nine floors. That included the sub-floor. My friend, Don Zinnie, at one time had his barbershop there.’’

Jack Horner is a walking Bridgeton history book who has CDs of himself playing the organ.

Shep also railed about Greenwich having the highest tax rate.

Our school girl, Deanna Speranza-Murphy, says don’t feel like the Lone Ranger.

“I don’t know who in Deerfield is paying $3,000? I pay almost $9,000! Absolutely unacceptable!

“All this and we have to fundraise for the school! I also have no water, sewer and have the pleasure of going to the dump!”

— Deanna

The dumps are where all townships should hold their community meetings every Saturday.

“I know it’s cold, but not cold enough for Code Blue for tonight.

“No call has been made. I will let everyone know if it is called for Monday or Tuesday night!”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke

“Just completed my last Law Enforcement Civil Service Exam. I scored a 97.6 on my previous exam. I hope I did just as well on this one.”

— Jorje Romero

Will somebody offer this man a job?


Is there anything this man doesn’t do?

I will be playing one of the greatest roles ever next week as ‘SANTA CLAUS’ in the Millville Christmas Parade.

“I have chosen to do this in honor of my veteran friend, Drew Airey, who will always be the greatest Santa ever.

“Drew has been battling cancer for several years and he has always been an inspiration to me!

“God Bless you, Drew!”

— Derick Glenn

The Cumberland County SPCA gets 4.5 out of 5 stars in rating by 32 people on the Internet.

“It’s been an absolutely amazing year in our ability to move our homeless animals out to our rescue partners and sister shelters.

“Last year, we saved more than a thousand lives in our transfer program and this year we are well on our way to far exceeding that number! It’s hard for us to believe that there are shelters that can adopt out more animals than what they take in from their own areas, but sure enough, we have been sending dogs, cats and kittens to high volume adoption facilities from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts.

“The big challenge for us is caring for these animals until they are ready for transfer or until our partners have space. This may involve holding a dog in the shelter for several weeks or raising a litter of kittens from newborn to the point where they weigh two pounds. In spite of having many great foster homes that are able to help house the animals until they can be sent on their way, we are struggling for more fosters to keep up with the demand.

“The other serious problem is the expense of caring for so many animals for such long periods of time, and for this, we desperately need your help. All of these animals need vaccines (multiple, in the case of the young ones), internal and external parasite treatment and very often, antibiotics. As pet lovers yourselves, you know how expensive vet care is and our drug bills are astronomical.

“From the first six months of 2015 to the same period of this year, the transfer program has lowered the euthanasia rate by a whopping thirty-five percent and we are committed to dropping that number as low as it can possibly go. It is only through your generosity that we can afford to save so many pets from an early death. Your support is the only thing standing between life and death for thousands of animals, so please help in any way you can.”


YOU CAN BOOK IT: They can’t live without us.

IHOP flooded; Ed Guth Jr.lauded; Amish Market open four days this week; Tribute to Shep, who will ring bell again this year; Jack Horner watch ‘Human Fly’ climb Cumberland Hotel; Jorge takes Civil Service exam; Derick Glenn champions Drew Airey; CCSPCA transfers saving lives!

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