DiLisi’s funds big; Perfect use of jail wall; Food delivery expands; Ellen Rutherford’s name surfaces; Archetto rolls 719; House tour needs a sponsor; Acme building perfect to complete culinary domination; Two perfect Bridgeton photos; Rich Hoch pushes 92.1 FM Saturday offerings; Were we wrong about city park bathrooms?; Deerfield School needs you and we all need Deanna Speranza-Murphy


The column that says we are totally miffed that we were not notified that DiLisi’s Ristorante hidden in the bowels of the Upper Deerfield Shopping Center did not notify us of their fundraiser Wednesday to benefit a township school by donating 15 percent of every check, because it was so successful, the waiter made over $100 in tips.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays from 2 to 4 p.m.

Email: jhummel9794@gmail.com

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Good evening!

It’s crazy how simple things can be if you only let your mind expand.

Let’s talk about an obvious fundraiser for the county coffers that could lower taxes a little bit.

In Bridgeton, what is the one thing people should not have to look at on the heaviest traveled street in town — Broad Street?

The Cumberland County Jail!

Who really has to know the county jail is in Bridgeton other than visitors?

The jail has one huge bare wall that faces Broad Street, with “Cumberland County Jail” in letters deserved only by a courthouse, which is spelled wrong anyway.

And there are smaller bare spaces under the jail windows. It’s a great wall!

But, it would be a greater wall if it were covered with advertising so you couldn’t tell what is behind the wall.

Coming up Broad Street, everybody looks at the wall because of the two traffic lights at Atlantic and Fayette streets.

Really, who needs to advertise a jail?

Really, who could use that advertising money better than the poorest county in the state that continues to raise taxes every year?

You look at the wall next time you drive by or they let you out on work release and tell us.

And we’re not talking circus coming to town posters!

Guess who will soon start delivering?


As MSNBC likes to say, we learned it from a source close to the GOP.

Except MSNBC is lying out of their rear end because, right now, the GOP wouldn’t touch MSNBC with a long poll.

Get it?

Bridgeton Christmas House Tour needs a $150 sponsor!

Call Bridgeton Main Street at 856-453-8130.

Even if you can only give 15 percent of that.

On Nov. 21, 2016 at 9:30 a.m, students from the Bishop Schad Regional School will be presenting four (4) large boxes of socks collected by the students for the Cumberland County Code Blue Program.
Students will present the socks to:
  1. Dr. Rob Weinstein, Chair of the Cumberland County Code Blue Coalition/ President & Founder of the M25 Initiative/ Co-Founder of Code Blue
  2. Pastor Steve Harris, Millville Municipal Code Blue Coordinator/ M25 Initiative Board Member
  3. Rev. Ellen Rutherford, Vineland Representative on the Cumberland County Code Blue Steering Committee/ Co-Founder of Code Blue
  4. Mr. Carlos Mercado, Vice President of the M25 Initiative
The presentation will take place at Bishop Schad Regional School, 922 E Landis Ave, Vineland NJ 08360.
We are so glad to see Ellen Rutherford’s name in print again.
We are so thankful for what this pastor has done for both Bridgeton and Vineland, way beyond Code Blue, of which she was a founder.
A little history
Feb. 8, 2014

The scene was Trinity Episcopal Church in Vineland.

It was supposed to be filled with homeless people on this recent Friday afternoon, but the weather didn’t cooperate.

It wasn’t frigid.

That left Mayor Ruben Bermudez, Pastor Frank Ippolito and Pastor Ellen Rutherford to explain the wonderful coming together by the city.

The spacious church hall was filled with long tables, colorful blankets piled high against one wall and donated clothes hanging against another.

“We’re proud that Vineland was able to put together faith-based organizations to help out with the homeless situation we have in the city,” said Bermudez, who called the meeting.

Bermudez and Pastor Frank, of Calvary Chapel, first spoke and, within hours, Code Blue was born.

Vineland obviously heard what Bridgeton was doing because Pastor Ellen has St. Andrew’s Episcopal in that city.

St. Andrew’s was the county’s first church to host a warming center.

The key was the Vineland Friends of Faith, a group of 75 to 100 churches that may soon take the community to new heights.

“It’s even larger than the ministerium in the city,” explained Pastor Frank, “and we’ve kind of all gotten together.”

The mayor’s office, chief of police, fire chief, EMS office, everybody is on board.

“Even Inspira,” said Frank. “They’re washing all our linens.”

Church groups, women’s groups, ShopRite, donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts, they all answered.

The Friends of Faith swung into action after Frank contacted the mayor after his election and asked what could be done to help him.

“I ask that of every mayor,” said Frank. “He told me how about putting together something for the homeless.”

“That was on my agenda,” said Bermudez.

“Seventy-five or 80 people answered the call,” said Frank. “It was a great first meeting. We had no agenda and it was people of all faiths.”

Some 24 hours before the first deep freeze, Ippolito started making phone calls.

Within one hour, the office of emergency management had delivered cots.

Frank sent out a mass mailing on social media.

“My church is yours,” answered Pastor Ellen.

Three other churches offered their mangers, in case there was an overflow.

“Ellen likes being the center,” said Frank.

Food was needed.

“We got tons of food,” said Ellen. “Church groups, women’s groups, ShopRite, donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts, they all answered.”

Eight homeless came the first night and then the word got out. Thirteen straight nights, they slept and ate dinner and breakfast.

“We let them come in and eat, but not sleep during the day when it was really cold,” said Frank.

Volunteers poured in who don’t belong to a church.

“We do shifts of 5 to 8 p.m. and 8 to 11 p.m., then 11 to 6 a.m.,” said Ellen.

She said more than one volunteer has been touched by being able to serve.

“They told me they wanted to help, but never knew how they could,” she said. “Now they volunteer or they cook.”

Bermudez said it had already been in his heart to help the homeless and said everybody has responded.

First Presbyterian came into play when a boiler broke. Faith Bible is ready to answer the call. The fourth is in East Vineland away from center city, but the congregation has staffed Trinity. The police even offered the homeless rides.

But Ippolito has been most touched by the way the community has worked together.

He admitted that you don’t see that much anymore.

“I always felt Vineland has been one of the best-kept secrets because it’s a little taste of Mayberry,” he said.

“Vineland Friends of Faith aren’t even organized. It’s maybe 15 congregations. The 75 churches are the larger scope. We just put it out and whoever wants to help contacts us.”

Added Ellen, “Frank has been very instrumental in building bridges.”

“Typically,” offered Frank, “her church and my church don’t work together that well, but, for the life of us, we can’t figure out why.

“And, yet, here, we’ve made a great team.”

And to Pastor Frank Ippolito, that could develop into a lot more bridges being built in the community.

Pastor Frank Ippolito reminds us of Past0r Mike Schuelke.

Maybe they’re the same person.

Ellen Rutherford? A dead ringer for Mother Teresa.

What’s happening at Campani’s Legacy Lanes?

High Scores of Week 11-7-16
Monday Mixed
Stephanie Archetto 719
Byron Calakos 692
Wayne Gonzalez 664
Jamie Giedosh 664
Steve Buck 631
Tom Huck 627
Andrew DuBois 624
Brian Shiflet 623
Chris Huntley 621
Fred Kendall 621
Al Pierce 611
Heather Ripa 605
Bob DuBois 601
Dave Zieger Sr 601
Tuesday Mixed
Al Pierce 697
Dave Zieger 668
Donna Williamson 642
Diana Sorelle 636
Andrew Owens 612
Samantha Taylor 600
Tuesday Church
Pete 694
Sugie Henry Jr 655
Coffee Doughnut League
Donna 528
Golden Age
Charlie Brown 647
Phil Procida Jr 554
Paul Dodd 544
John Kutney 537
Dave Hitchner 536
Dom Deluke 501
Dr. Jacobsen 532
Mr. Morris 514
Wednesday Juniors
Eric Johnson 557
Carolece Henry 530
Johnnie Wilson 528
J & J Memorial League
Gary Beres 732
James Messeck 729
Al Pierce 707
Moe Thompson 704
Tyler Shumate 702
Dave Zieger 682
Howie Bailey 677
Wayne Gonzalez 676
Mike Sammons 671
Dave France 669
Bill Ziefel 660
Paul Lawrence 657
Mark Couch 628
Robert Fitzgerald 624
Eric Hollenweger 618
Phil Gannon III 617
Joe Giunta 614
Dean Gaines 614
Dave Zieger 614
Sugie Henry Sr 609
Friday Mixed
Austin Boone 740
Mike D 720
Mark Couch 694
Dana W 693
Tyler Shumate 671
Patrick Godbey 662
Bryson Cottman 659
Ray Mooney 649
Chad K 644
Kim Starcher 640
Roc 640
Orville Johnson 639
Al Pierce 634
Billy R 628
Rebecca Rauner 614
Steve Buck 609
Mike Pierce 606
Glenn Corbett 604
Karl M 603
Abe Jones 602
Mike Sammons 602

Stephanie Archetto rolls a 719 series?

And heads Bridgeton Little League, too?

Carl Hemple never bowled a 719, and he was president of BLL twice.

And how can a doctor bowl for Millville Senior High School?

C’mon, somebody, put something so great in the vacant Acme building at Carll’s Corner that we can call De Olde Towne Tavern, Bridgeton Family Restaurant, DiLisi’s and the Golden Pigeon Restaurant Row.

Marion Kennedy surfaces, and where has he been?


Advance tickets ($3 each) now available. Tickets can be used any night of the festival. Reserved parking is available too but limited spaces left.

Call 856-453-1675 for tickets to be mailed to you.

To really publicize the Festival of Lights or the Christmas House Tour, post photos of the same events in the past with the line people getting on the trolley or en masse in a preserved mansion or dozens of people smiling and enjoying the Festival of Lights,

Post-event photos get you nothing.

The zoo is Bridgeton’s crowning jewel in the city’s old moniker “Gem o’ Jersey.”

All we need is the 1,100-acre park around it developed.

But, apparently, cleaning the Augean Stables is easier, eh, Jason?


Put it on the jailhouse wall, Randy!

Who cares enough about the city park to keep it clean?

Look closely.

See how it skips a generation.


However, when it comes to originality, nobody beats the Cohanzick Zoo staff.


“Join me Saturday mornings 6 to 8 on Cruisin’ 92.1 WVLT.

“Good Ol’ Fashion, Two-Way Talk Radio at it’s finest on Saturday mornings.

“Me, 6 to 8 a.m., Jim Sauro, 8 to 10 a.m., Pearl Giordano, 10 to 11 a.m., open hour with special various hosts and then Jack Hummel and ‘Jack’s or Better noon til 2 p.m.

“See? Talk radio at it’s finest!”

— Richard Hoch,

scrappy leadoff hitter reminding you of Eddie Stanky

good fielder, better hitter

1.000 slugging percentage

Bridgeton City Park speaks.

“Hey, Jack.

“I talked to someone responsible for cleaning and maintaining those bathrooms.

“Got a look at the bathroom at Aiken and Washington (great shape. Now closed for the season, but closed on most days.

“The bathrooms at Sunset lake have broken pipes that were never repaired and had nothing to do with vandalism.

“The bathrooms in the woods were vandalized once and no effort was made to refurbish them in 25 years, and the bathrooms at Piney Point were damaged or vandalized and no effort was ever made to restore them.

“This was relayed to me by a city employee with 25-30 years.

“So where is the money allocated for the park upkeep, maintenance, repairs and improvements going? Maybe it’s going to fund 3-4 different offices or buildings used by staff.

“Maybe it’s time for the city to centralize its offices and maintenance facilities in one location to save the city and taxpayers some money, or put the money to better use.”

— Bridgeton City Park

The first thing we’re going to say is this person should run for mayor, and would you support someone thinking like this?

Before Councilman Mike Zapolski screams, there is no money being misappropriated.

It has always been said in stone that the bathrooms in the park were once perfect before they were destroyed by vandals. And without security, why keep fixing them over and over to simply be destroyed again?

This is a fairy tale?

We owe an apology to the suspected vandals?

Do we incorrectly cast a jaundiced eye at other citizens in our city?

Are the people working so hard in their respective communities not getting enough credit from those who simple bellow in the dark?

“Hi, Jack!

‘Can you work your magic and put this in your blog! It would be great for the school to have a good turnout!

“Thank you much!

“Love, Deanna.”


Here is a woman who was born to work with special children  to make them all that they can be who had it ripped away from her by cancer that she has battled like a barbarian unchained, and yet, they won’t let her return to her love?

Education desperately needs the Deanna Speranza-Murphys of New Jersey!

They need a jewel that says, “I can teach any child!”

But, for now, can you help the school where she was president of the board of eduction?

YOU CAN BOOK IT: We have met the greatest people in the world, and we’re  not done yet.

DiLisi’s funds big; Perfect use of jail wall; Food delivery expands; Ellen Rutherford’s name surfaces; Archetto rolls 719; House tour needs a sponsor; Acme building perfect to complete culinary domination; Two perfect Bridgeton photos; Rich Hoch pushes 92.1 FM Saturday offerings; Were we wrong about city park bathrooms?; Deerfield School needs you and we all need Deanna Speranza-Murphy

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