Queens, Kates, Fuqua on 92.1 FM; ShopRite for homeless?; Ed Guth Jr. catches bass; Campani Legacy Lanes; Carol V. Moore; Millville Class of ’77; Dunwoody, Ga., police story; Fred Weber passes and the candy world cries; Soroptimist has 50 gift boxes for children in need; Cedarville Fire Dept. hosts comedy show; Talented tonsil Jim Williams misses CCC opener; Shep not doing well; School uniforms and no state tests


The column that welcomes all the queens of the area to 92.1 FM Saturday from noon to 1 p.m., then “always a Bridgetonian” Charlie Kates calls in and John  Fuqua joins us in the studio with a special guest at 1 p. m.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.

Email: jhummel9794@gmail.com

Phone: 856-237-6645

U.S. Army: RA13815980

Google all columns at jackhummelblog

Good evening!

“When ShopRite closes at end of night, do they allow employees to have the remaining roasted chickens etc that are left.

“If so, please let me know, I would be willing to pick them up from employees or store at end of night to use at Code Blue.

“They are not only awesome as chicken dinner, but make wonderful chicken soup, etc., and this year I will have access to a certified kitchen!”

— Cindi Stanger Cooke

Contact the county board of health.

Don’t let happen to you what happened to Cinco de Mayo in Bridgeton.

Had to throw away all the food they had cooked for sale.



Ed Guth Jr. got this nice 3-pound bass while out fishing in his kayak on Sunset Lake in Bridgeton. He always throws them back.

What’s happening at Campani’s Legacy Lanes.

High Scores of Week 11-7-16
Monday Mixed
Stephanie Archetto 719
Byron Calakos 692
Wayne Gonzalez 664
Jamie Giedosh 664
Steve Buck 631
Tom Huck 627
Andrew DuBois 624
Brian Shiflet 623
Chris Huntley 621
Fred Kendall 621
Al Pierce 611
Heather Ripa 605
Bob DuBois 601
Dave Zieger Sr 601
Tuesday Mixed
Al Pierce 697
Dave Zieger 668
Donna Williamson 642
Diana Sorelle 636
Andrew Owens 612
Samantha Taylor 600
Tuesday Church
Pete 694
Sugie Henry Jr 655
Coffee Doughnut League
Donna 528
Golden Age
Charlie Brown 647
Phil Procida Jr 554
Paul Dodd 544
John Kutney 537
Dave Hitchner 536
Dom Deluke 501
Dr. Jacobsen 532
Mr. Morris 514
Wednesday Juniors
Eric Johnson 557
Carolece Henry 530
Johnnie Wilson 528
J & J Memorial League
Gary Beres 732
James Messeck 729
Al Pierce 707
Moe Thompson 704
Jim Santora 704
Tyler Shumate 702
Dave Zieger 682
Howie Bailey 677
Wayne Gonzalez 676
Mike Sammons 671
Dave France 669
Bill Ziefel 660
Paul Lawrence 657
Mark Couch 628
Robert Fitzgerald 624
Eric Hollenweger 618
Phil Gannon III 617
Joe Giunta 614
Dean Gaines 614
Dave Zieger 614
Sugie Henry Sr 609
Friday Mixed
Austin Boone 740
Mike D 720
Mark Couch 694
Dana W 693
Tyler Shumate 671
Patrick Godbey 662
Bryson Cottman 659
Ray Mooney 649
Chad K 644
Kim Starcher 640
Roc 640
Orville Johnson 639
Al Pierce 634
Billy R 628
Rebecca Rauner 614
Steve Buck 609
Mike Pierce 606
Glenn Corbett 604
Karl M 603
Abe Jones 602
Mike Sammons 602

They’re getting a little too familiar with the names, wouldn’t you say?

“Celebrate the holidays @ FAC!

“Join us for ongoing projects and great holiday sales! Gift cards for that I’m not sure what to get them, or how do I pick the right gift for them on your gift list.

“One of a kind yarn bowls by local artist Cathy Cramer. Want a one ball or hank of yarn crochet or knit project? Great crochet & knit gift baskets. Crocheted beaded earrings and cool stocking stuffers for the fiber art enthusiast on your list.”

— Carol V. Moore


“Black and white friendly cat was hit by car on McAuther Avenue in Upper Deerfield Township. At vet now.”

— Bruce ACO Barry

“Hello, MSHS Class of 1977.

“We have a date and location for our class reunion. It will be Saturday, June 17, 2017, at Steakouts Homeplate route 40, Elmer.

“It will be very casual dress at a summertime BBQ.

“I am putting a link on here to Steakouts facebook page that also has their website.
Barbara Jeffries Mongelluzzo and I confirmed the date and will be announcing many more details soon.

“This facility is handicap accessible and has a beautiful outdoor facility with a full bar, band stage, volleyball nets, horseshoes and it also has a fountain and hammocks. Talk about a relaxing atmosphere. They have it.

“There is also a full-band stage and a pool table for people who like to play pool.

“For anyone that gets overheated from being outside, there is a full bar with banquet facilities and air conditioning inside the building.

“For our dancing pleasure, there will be live music on the band stage.

“As the plans are finalized we will update you with all the details. So put this date on your calenders. I am so looking forward to get together with everyone.

“Here is the link and btw the food is awesome there.

— Darlene Morris Madara,

Millville Class of 1977

Did you beat Bridgeton that year?

“It’s 1 a.m. and an officer on patrol sees three young people hanging out near a business that is closed.

“He stops and talks with the trio. The officer learns that the young people are best of friends and that they stick together because there’s safety in numbers.

“The officer figures out that they’re homeless and by the looks of their clothes, they are not ready for the winter.

“The three were polite and very respectful toward the officer. They explained that they were just trying to stay warm and out of trouble. One of them said that he is trying to get home to Biloxi, MS. He said his grandfather was ill and wants to see him before it is too late.

“The on-duty officers put their money together and bought the young man a bus ticket home.

“We’re hoping to help the two that are staying in Atlanta with some warm clothes. In the past the residents of Dunwoody have always helped us help others and we’re hoping you all can help with this situation. Here’s what were looking for:

– XL medium to heavy coat/jacket.
– Large men’s long underwear tops and bottoms
– Size 10 boots/shoes
– winter beanie cap
– sleeping bag

– L (female) medium to heavy coat/jacket
– Size 10 (female) shoes (something warm but not too heavy)
– medium long underwear tops and bottoms.
– Large sweat pants top and bottoms
– winter beanie cap
– sleeping bag

“If you can help with any of these items please contact Lt. Fidel Espinoza at fidel.espinoza@dunwoodyga.gov. I’ll be meeting with the two Tuesday night.

“Thank you!”

— Dunwoody (Georgia) Police Department

Why do we print this?

It’s where former reporter, editor, teacher, band member and Washington, D.C., wit David Price lives.

“Sad news today.

“Fred Weber III, owner of Weber’s Candy in Bridgeton, has died.

“I did a story on the store’s 100th anniversary. A very nice man. Prayers to the family.”

— Eileen Bennett,

worldwide reporter

A little history

Sept. 11, 2011

As the Easter holiday boosted the profits of national candy companies, Weber’s Candy store here on Laurel Street held the line.

The past two summers have been increasingly difficult for William, Frederick and Harriett Weber so they’ve decided to close for the season as of 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 25.

“We decided we weren’t going to do it again,” Fred said from behind the cash register and a shop full of his product.

No date to reopen in the fall has been scheduled, though Harriett said “the plan is to reopen.” The shop has been open since 1888 and is in its fourth generation of family ownership.

Fred said Easter sales were “pretty good. They could always be better.”

His counter tops still housed dozens of chocolate eggs for holiday shoppers. At this point, its not clear if they’re coming.

“After the holidays store traffic really slows down,” said Harriett.

Weber’s has been a Bridgeton fixture for over a century but  the times have changed and left such traditions behind.

“You can get candy anywhere,” said Harriett. On top of that, the generation that grew up frequenting shops like Weber’s for treats is no more.

Anyone can get a piece of Weber’s chocolate, they’ve shipped items “from California to Florida,” according to Harriett.

Not every buyer is a supplier either. She said a great number of orders are from people who grew up in the area eating Weber’s chocolate and have since moved off.

“We’ve had a very loyal customer base all these years,” said Fred. Shipping orders have remained about the same as always but foot traffic remains a problem.

Harriett noted teenagers who came in and remarked that they had been here with grandparents. Those grandparents are gone you can get your fix for chocolate at any
convenience store.

A candy bar might do in a pinch but its no rival to what lined the shelves at Weber’s Wednesday. Ornate, almost too good to eat items made on site were ready and waiting for customers.

Weber’s is offering all shop-made items at half-price and possible discounts to come on other items.

The two plan to “kick back and relax” this summer and they’ve earned it after all these years of operation.

Typically, Weber’s was present at the Farmers Market in Bridgeton, the Bayshore area festivals, the craft fair in Greenwich and events in Lower Alloways Creek. There aren’t any chocolate-conducive holidays to speak of over the summer but Fred said they could usually “break even” on income and expenses.

“We decided why give up our time and pay the overhead costs,” said Harriett. Both she and her husband are well into their retirement years, except they haven’t retired.

Weber’s have been open for 123 consecutive years but the writing is undeniably on the wall.

A sign out front says they are closed Saturday and another alerts passersby of a “huge inventory sale.”

— Greg Adomaitis

We’ll never forget Fred Weber doing his part for the Bridgeton Farmers Market by grilling turkey reuben sandwiches on the Riverfront.

He never stopped loving his city. And we’ll never forget Harriett Weber (“with two ts”).

Their store was a national landmark like no other because they shipped candy everywhere.

Soroptimist International of Cumberland County is contributing over 50 gift shoe-boxes to children in need.

However, still have not received any names, private message is acceptable, too.

Thanksgiving is coming and they have not heard from anyone about a family in need for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Also, a Christmas tree,a dinner, and toys for a family in need?

— Peggy Gentile-Van Meter

From the voice of Cumberland County College:

“Well, the day has come and ultimately here I am, still at home.

“Tonight’s the home opener for CCC men’s hoops against Union, but due to some complications from my ‘summer from hell’ I won’t be on site announcing.

“Attendees will hear my voice though, as through the magic of technology, I pre-recorded my usual spiel prior to the announcement of starting lineups.

“It’s the first time in over a decade I’ve missed an opening night/day and this one pains me a lot as I was looking forward to seeing the newly renovated gym in person.

“Oh well. Thanks to my colleagues for being understanding.”

— Jim Williams

He could be the Wally Pipp of Cumberland County College.

Or the Tony Romo.

Who was your replacement tonight?

“Each Wednesday night until Dec. 21, Bridgeton PAL is changing skate times from 4 to 6 p.m. to a new time, 5 to 7 p.m.

“Invite friends. We will sign up new members at the skating rink..

“No worries! Just come on out and skate every Wednesday until the last day of skating on Dec. 21.”

— Bridgeton PAL

“Just wanted to say great job to Upper Deerfield Public Works!

“A deer was hit in front of our house last night, and they were there first thing this morning to clean it all up!

“Keep up the good work! Thank you!”

— Megan Davis,

Shear Mania

That doesn’t happen much anymore. They usually put them in the nearest field for the buzzards to feast on.

Friends of Cedarville Fire Dept.:

This Saturday night, we are hosting a great comedy show with promoter Mike KC, a Vineland firefighter.

The show is $20 and we have a few tix available at the door. The doors open at 6 and we have $5 sandwiches, roast pork and hot roast beef. This is a BYOB affair. Show starts at 7.

Please txt me if you want tickets. I have a limited amount left and I would like to see a sellout. This fundraiser is to restore our 1941 Diamond T Firetruck.

There will be a 50/50 also. So bring your wife or girlfriend, but not both! See you there!”

— Cedarville Fire Department

“Been putting up with this way too long.

“Say they can’t find any thing wrong with foot, had small piece in it.

“I am getting tired of not feeling good. Lost more weight. Wore a 17 1/2 shirt, now it would go around 2 times .

“Shoulders are hanging halfway to elbow. No fire in me. This is not right.

“Headaches back. Yesterday, vision was out of wack and light-headed. Got 2 doctor’s appointments Thursday a.m.”

— Shep

We pray it’s at a real hospital and not the VA.

“Two wishes of mine:

“That all schools would have school uniforms so everyone would feel equal and that your mental capabilities were not measured by state tests, because there’s more to being smart than just a number!

“Rant over, have a great Tuesday!”

— Michelle Heisroth Lee

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Couldn’t have said it any better.


Queens, Kates, Fuqua on 92.1 FM; ShopRite for homeless?; Ed Guth Jr. catches bass; Campani Legacy Lanes; Carol V. Moore; Millville Class of ’77; Dunwoody, Ga., police story; Fred Weber passes and the candy world cries; Soroptimist has 50 gift boxes for children in need; Cedarville Fire Dept. hosts comedy show; Talented tonsil Jim Williams misses CCC opener; Shep not doing well; School uniforms and no state tests

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