CBK responds to offer; Call us drunk?; Deanna Speranza-Murphy reacts; Jannette loves Roadhouse; CCSPCA desperate; Bulls, Whips win!


The column that says you know the world is off its axis when pro football commentary get more time on TV than the actual games, and fantasy football even bigger, and the last time the Eagles won, Dunkin’ Donuts at Carll’s Corner resembled the old car inspection line on the 31st of the month, and they may not let you do that in heaven, but Tony Romo is missing all of it on earth.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

“Thanks for the invite, Jack.

“I don’t need to be anonymous, either — it’s just my how sign-in on WordPress is written and since you seem to be Facebook friends with most of your readership, and I don’t know any of them, I just let it stand.

“I really don’t have any solutions, just minor suggestions (very minor). But I do have to say when I hear and see grown, supposedly educated people rail against the electoral college, it really makes me question their purported informed/educated stance.

“I mainly follow you to get the story of what is going on in Bridgeton. You have a folksy appeal and obviously have known a lot of the players for a long time.

“Also, most lamentable, there really aren’t any stories on council meetings, etc., in the local press, and though I do applaud your being such a tireless Bridgeton cheerleader, I can’t say I always agree.

“I don’t think I’d be any help presently, but, hey, when I get an idea, I’ll shoot you an email!

“Thanks for thinking of me.”


Champion for the people, not the buildings, CBK.

Buildings don’t have money, but people do, and that’s true in Bridgeton.

But, of the 1 in every 5 in the county living below the poverty level, we have the biggest share.

We also suffer the biggest share of outside fear, and we could say that’s not fair, but we remember the words of Bill Parcells: “We are what we are.”

And that negates all the things the media says all week about the Eagles — “We should have won those games.”

Somebody on Facebook asked yesterday if we were “drunk,” and he is a former colleague who once lamented, after being cut from the team, “Making fun of the way the publisher speaks while drunk at a picnic might not have been the best idea.”

“I worked in education for 20 years and I can tell you there is little value on education!

“When you try to tell young poor children there is a better way out, they look to their parents that are ‘generational poverty’ recipients and say they have free housing, food and don’t have to work!!

“Literally, they say that! The way out is education! I don’t know about schools anywhere else but Jersey and I can tell you we practically beg these children to try and do well!

“Parents aren’t involved, don’t even know what grade their student is in! My grandparents came here as immigrants. They NEVER went to school, NEVER learned to drive, but worked to supported 9 children with NO assistance!

“They also learned the language!

“They also were discriminated against because they were Italian, but they came here legally in a way America could assimilate them into society.

“We are flooded with illegals that are bogging down our resources and middle class .America is tired of paying for it! Try driving in Bridgeton with all the uninsured drivers!

“I get why they want to be here, but they have to come in a way we can assimilate them! Shame on their country for not making things better for them!

“This isn’t racist. This is economic and what our country can burden. It is also a matter of respect! Somewhere this country lost respect!

“Respect for elders, teachers, police officers, parents and ultimately themselves! How can everyone have tolerance when they have lost respect!”

— Deanna Speranza-Murphy,

former teacher retired by cancer

former BOE president, Deerfield

“P.S.: Generational poverty has to stop! The question is how to reach those that are stuck and don’t realize in many cases they hold the key to their situation!”

Saw the light when a black man in the family said he hated Trump for assuming all black people are poor and uneducated.

Nothing could be further from the truth. That’s called painting with a broad brush, which have been sold in record numbers in hardware stores in recent years.

“My grandchildren work at the Roadhouse and they do so much for the veterans and always have a project going on the help them.

“It is the best place for young people to work they have great respect for our veterans.”

— Jannette Angelo

Fed us Friday night!

You talking Katelyn, Jannette?

The CCSPCA is desperate for rescue or shelter pulls!

We have 196 cats in the building and no space left.

Please contact CCSPCA_rescue@yahoo.com if you can help.

Still in urgent need include the Brady Bunch litter, the Greek God kittens, and Delta and her kittens!

“Found out today Big Lots in Bridgeton closing end of January.”

— Dale Capps

Today in playoff action, the Big John Pizza BULLS defeated, Salem 32-0.

Joyce’s WHIPS defeated Gibbstown, 42-18.

The Fifth Ward Athletic Association GEMS were defeated by West Deptford and Cumberland Dairy PACKERS were defeated in 3 overtimes by Vineland, 12-6.

The PACKERS and GEMS fought hard, but they fell short.

The Big John Pizza BULLS and The Joyce’s WHIPS travel to Woodbury on Saturday, Nov. 19, at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. (WHIPS).


YOU CAN BOOK IT: Don’t forget your hometown in all this hubbub!

CBK responds to offer; Call us drunk?; Deanna Speranza-Murphy reacts; Jannette loves Roadhouse; CCSPCA desperate; Bulls, Whips win!

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