Jordan Metcalf on the rise; Four-day week for Amish Market near; Former Bridgeton Police Chief John Bondi on 92.1 FM; Remembering Bowl-O-Drome; Reality Check youth event in Millville; Mary Bergmann loves her baseball; Fire, police give out candy


The column that says Jordan Metcalf is climbing 85-foot utility poles at climbing school in Tennessee while Texas Roadhouse tries to keep it together back here, but he’s coming home for four days for Thanksgiving and then going back until the December graduation ceremonies, so we’ll try to hold on.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


Phone: 856-237-6645

U.S. Army: RA13815980

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Good evening!

Second try tonight.

First one went into cyberspace trying to add Campani’s Legacy Lanes scores, so maybe it was John Campani playing one of his tricks after calling us “Flopper.”

Thanksgiving week hours at Greater Bridgeton Amish Market, 2 Cassidy Lane, Bridgeton, NJ 080302.

Thanksgiving Hours
Tuesday, Nov. 22 — OPEN
Wednesday, Nov. 23 — OPEN
Thursday, Nov. 24 — CLOSED
Friday, Nov. 25 — OPEN
Saturday, Nov. 26 — OPEN

It’s a four-day week for Jonas King & Co.

Of course, that doesn’t stop you from enjoying a real Amish lunch or dinner Friday and Saturday, and taking home a walnut cake packed with walnuts from Shady Maple smorgasboard and brought here by Mel and Maryanne Glick of Country Time Baking, where the sticky buns come out of the oven every hour.

Where Marlboro Market offers everything they did at the Cumberland-Salem line.

Where you can furnish your whole house with real, handmade Amish pine furniture that takes up the far end of the big, red, 25,000-square-foot barn.

“Thanks to G. Ward & S. Feinstein DMD et al for the Galanos info.”

— CBK,

Coveting Bridgeton Kindly

Former Bridgeton Police Chief John Bondi on 92.1 FM Saturday from noon to 2 p.m.

You’ll find out what it was like back in the day compared to how it is now, a d you can ask the questions on two-way talk radio.

We’ve asked Top 5 Bridgeton supporter Jorje Romero to come back and talk about his days as a Camden City cop where his car got torched and his house burned down.

Bondi now keeps order in Bridgeton Municipal Court, where they still haven’t collected $8 million in fines.

As the former Bowl-O-Drome burns:

“Jack Hummel,

“I’m not a bowler, but my Uncle Willie Comer, Charlie Brown, my Aunt Patricia Hickman and many others would disagree with you.

“Back in the early ’90s, the PBA was trying to come to the Bowl-0-Drome to hold competitions. I remember the gossip about that.

“Fairfield Township wouldn’t give them the liquor license. Who did they give the liquor license to?

“Cohansey Golf Course and the Toad Fish. Both out of business.

“Bowl-O-Drome could have still been running if Fairfield Township would have given them that license. I can remember when the Bowl-O-Drome used to be open — that large parking lot would be filled to the road.

“None of the other alleys had big parking lots like the Bowl-O-Drome, and I don’t recall seeing the cars packed in their lots like they used to be in the Bowl-O-Drome.”

— Lynette Capetillo

Perhaps you forget that the U-Sell Flea Market on South Delsea Drive used to be the parking lot for Delsea Lanes.

It goes forever!

The Cohanzick Country Club had a liquor license when we came here in 1968 — and way before that, so that had nothing to do with Bowl-O-Drome.

Also, we had many conversations with the last Drome owner, Joey Gardiner, at, of all places, Holly Hills, during an Evening News Golf Tournament.

We learned a lot.

We also knew his father and Jim Boyle, who fell off a ladder while working on the roof.

They helped run the Bridgeton Evening News Bowling Tournament, which was hurt by bowlers staying true to their home house.

Trish Bailey has added us to the closed group Trisha’s Custom and Personalized Holiday Decorations in Salem County.

Where is it?

And, Trish, are you from that famous shot up area Baileytown?


“Best World Series games I have ever watched.

“Both teams were very deserving, but the Cubs won my heart after I got over them beating the Dodgers. 108 years and they finally did it.

“The last game could have gone either way and a 10th inning with a rain delay gave the Cubs a chance to give each other a pep talk and encourage their teammates.

“Now my baseball watching is over until spring. It seems to be ‘raining’ yellow leaves outside my window, so fall is really here and we have Old Man Winter to face. Brrrrrr!

“Hurry up spring and more baseball.”

— Mary Bergmann

“The local Bridgeton Police Dept. was in the Halloween giving mood.”

— Mayor Albert Kelly


“Fire was, too!”

— Anthony Brago



Only D. Bailey Miles could come up with this.

A  nurse on a mission.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: Only in America can you be diagnosed with severe sleep apnea that killed the world’s best defensive end and have to wait until December to see a required pulmonologist.


Jordan Metcalf on the rise; Four-day week for Amish Market near; Former Bridgeton Police Chief John Bondi on 92.1 FM; Remembering Bowl-O-Drome; Reality Check youth event in Millville; Mary Bergmann loves her baseball; Fire, police give out candy

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