NFL smokes marijuana; War is hell; Millville Soccer Association, Millville PAL, Taking Back Millville; Gary E. Meyer allergic to cats, quells rumors; There’s a stripper in Fortescue, and has anybody seen D. Bailey Miles late at night; Everything on James Galanos; Deanna to Lancaster; Adoptions at Petco; One starfish saved …


The column that says over 50 percent of NFL players smoke marijuana and over 50 percent own guns, the latter to protect their families, so, in the off season, do we send over 50 percent of NFL into treatment before they got into stuff that gets them suspended and then they turn into Johnny Manziel?

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Does anybody think that none of our troops in Vietnam ever smoked weed while worrying about being ambushed in a strange by an enemy that knew every inch of the countryside?

Ask Warren Robinson about losing half your men and the other half is screaming in pain.

Ask Rocky Granato about having one hot meal the whole time he was in the bush in Vietnam and when he finally got another one, he ate even the mashed potatoes with his fingers.

“Troops on the ground” is an ugly, ugly proposition, especially when you’re the premier country in the world. Leaders must believe it delays World War III.

“The Millville Soccer Association honored Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October with pink field lines and pink corner flags.

“Some teams also acknowledged the month by wearing pink socks with their orange and blue uniforms.”

— Newell Branin Jr.


Rachel Lunemann fights for possession against an opponent for Millville Blaze U11 Girls team. 

That is what it is all about in Millville.

“The Millville Soccer Association recently held a Trunk or Treat at their complex at 1400 McCafferty Blvd in Millville.

“Nearly a dozen cars were decorated and their owners handed out treats to the large crowd of fun and not-so-scary costumed boys and girls that attended.  After the kids toured the cars, they were able to take their chance at some games and enjoy some treats.

“Alison Kolbe was this year’s winner of Best Decorated Car and walked away with a Millville Soccer Association Gift Package.

“MSA would to thank Megan Branin, president of the Millville High School Key Club, and the members of the club who helped run the games and concession stand during the event.

“Look for the Millville Soccer Association in this year’s Millville Christmas Parade on Friday Nov. 25.”

— Newell Branin Jr.

MSA Trunk or Treat 2016 - 4.jpg

A costumed participant waits her turn at a game of chance.

Combine the Millville Soccer Association with the Millville P9lice Athletic League and Taking Back Millville and you’ve getting more done for the betterment of the city than any five politicians could accomplish.

Millville Community Cat Program leader Gary E. Meyer is allergic to cats, but …

“I am also allergic to cats and have 5 at our home and still manage fine with no medicine.

“I learned a lot by searching and trying stuff. People are allergic to the cat’s saliva and they lick so it gets on their fur.”

— Gary E. Meyer,

happy to help you at 856-300-5138

And then there are the rumors …

“Sadly, I just heard a rumor about me that said I was looking for traps and volunteers to move feral cats in Millville government of Millville.

“This is sheer nonsense, as the cats are and always will come first.

“Please, folks, the rumors do no good and it is almost as if there is a deliberate undermining of cat welfare. PAWS BEFORE PERSONALITIES ALWAYS.

“If you have a question about someone, ask that person directly and in a respectful way to get the best answer to your question or concern.

“As cat advocates, let’s try and work together. Back biting and rumors do no good. I do know where this rumor originated from and it is one of our cat colony members in Millville, so please stop it.

“GOD knows how many other folks hear COMPLETE NONSENSE rumors …

“Some good news here on the kitty front.

“I am meeting with some high level contacts in the state next week personally in regard to RTF Return To Field program for Community Cats.

“I have obtained ordinances in other towns, worked with some other rescue groups that I am connected with where I live, and I will leave it at that and update as practical.

“Millville does not move nearly as fast as I would like it to, but I am trying my best at the local level and moved direct to the state level.

“I will name drop and group name drop if and when the time is ready, but the lack of cohesion in the community is something that is changing now on a broader scale.

“I cannot say much more beyond that at this point, as, sadly, there are some that would seek to derail cat progress for various reasons.”

— Gary E. Meyer,

Millville Community Cat Program

One in 5 people in Cumberland County is living below the poverty as the middle class slowly gets wiped out.

This is why many, many, many cat lovers cannot respond to offers of spay/neutering for feral cats at $50, or even less.

Even $20 times 15 feral cats in the neighborhood is too steep, especially if they are going to be replaced by 15 more.

Hurry, Gary, with the answer!

“I have to tell you, I just read your latest blog looking for the scoop behind the 46-pound stripper in Fortescue.

“I was simultaneously disappointed and relieved to see that I had misread your headlines. Clearly, I need sleep. Lol.”

— D. Bailey Miles.

as unselfish as any leader we have ever

In answer to CBK’s questions about James Galanos’ parents owning a store in Bridgeton:

“I have Susan Galanos as a waitress at the Riviera Restaurant, which was located at 31 South Laurel Street in 1947.

“Jim Galanos graduated from Bridgeton High School in 1942. His address is shown as 31 South Laurel Street. That was between The Enterprise and Hespelt’s Florist.”

“P.S.: The Riviera Restaurant was owned by Michael and Steven Demetriades in 1947.”

— Sam Feinstein,

not a hammer looking for a nail, but an intelligent, lowkey dentist/photographer serving his community not as a clanging bell, but sometimes wondering how patients can get confirmed appointments wrong.

“Ask Joan Dare Ballinger, who used to work at Martin Dye and used to eat lunch at the Galanos restaurant.”

— Gail Ward

Is Deanna Speranza-Murphy really going to Lancaster with at least 15 other girls so soon after slamming her cancer into remission at the U. of Penn?

“My bags are packed!”

— Deanna

They’re even staying overnight!

Shep on pushing over outhouses in Greenwich as a youth:

“We pushed over a few, but the trick or treat (here this year) was a nightmare.’

— Shep

Cat adoption weekend at Petco in Vineland on Saturday, Nov. 5, at 10 a.m.

When it’s all worth it:

“I saw one of my old students today from a previous school I worked at. He wrote this to me today and I am beyond moved. Teaching can be a thankless job at times, some places more than others. Although moments like this put everything into perspective.

“Keep up the good work buddy and know that I am very proud of you!”

— Anthony Busnardo

“Mr. Buzz!

“You gotta keep in touch with me. I gotta let you know how I’m doing.

“I’m doing a bunch of great things. I’m not a delinquent anymore.

“It took a lot. I can finally understand all the things you taught me.

“I’m at work. I will talk to you after. We have to meet up sometime again. I gotta tell you a lot of things.

“I know I let you down a couple of times, but you’re the best role model I ever had in my life. It brought tears to my eyes to see you again. I missed you, man.”

YOU CAN BOOK IT: There’s one starfish saved. There’s another starfish saved … .

NFL smokes marijuana; War is hell; Millville Soccer Association, Millville PAL, Taking Back Millville; Gary E. Meyer allergic to cats, quells rumors; There’s a stripper in Fortescue, and has anybody seen D. Bailey Miles late at night; Everything on James Galanos; Deanna to Lancaster; Adoptions at Petco; One starfish saved …

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