Bondi, Kott headed to 92.1 FM; Flashlight corn maze at Amish Market; Jorje Romero talks like a mayor; Batman goodbye Sunday at 7 p.m.; Three downtown properties updated; Bridgeton Christmas House Tour; Johnson Reeves playground; Mayor Kelly’s 15-point plan; Deanna likes pop-up library at Sheppard House; Campani’s Legacy Lanes; Greenwich Christmas House Tour


The column that says we’re going to have Chief John Bondi and Millville Police PAL guru Rick Kott, and retired officer Jim Filapello if we can get him on 92.1 FM Saturday at noon to discuss what they learned as police officers and what they think about today, and don’t call the show unless you bring passion.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WFLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.


Phone: 856-237-6645

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Good evening!

Now that the time is changing tonight, flashlight corn maze Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Bridgeton Amish Market.

So mulled over Jonas King over his cellphone today while driving kids around in his wagon pulled by two mules as, inside, Mike Abbott, Jorje Romero and yours truly solved every problem in Bridgeton with fruit cups — sausage, eggs and home fries — and a green salad, and you can figure out who ate what.

Millville man wants to know why there have been three ODs recently in the area where he used to play as a kid off 9th Street, and the area is not targeted by police

Somebody called Bridgeton gadfly Mike Abbott during today’s show and said Jorje Romero talked like he is the mayor of Bridgeton.

Romero hosted the Batman gala at his home in October, and will be there Sunday at 7 p.m. on the city hall annex steps to say goodbye to Gotham Month.

And Romero is also related to Batman.

He is Latino and he cares enough about his city to invest his time in volunteering. Anybody who does that deserves a piece of the pie.

He should be the next mayor.

Romero is hyping the Bridgeton Christmas House Tour on Dec. 3.

Just show up at 1 p.m. at the Sheppard House at the entrance to the city park and marvel at the fabulous Victorian homes that have been maintained or restored from the 1800s.

Tour tickets also provide a horse drawn wagon ride on the west side, as well as Christmas Caroling by the Off Broad Street Players.

You’ll love it.

How does Jorje Romero not know Melissa Helmbrecht Kappeler of the Pascale Sykes Foundation pouring $40 million for economic development into four counties in South Jersey when Romero has investors looking for financing to locate in downtown Bridgeton?

How does he not know Jonathan Cummings of ReviveSJ?

The man has developed an after-school program at Bridgeton Villas and English as a second language classes in the downtown.

Conversational ESL classes are offered to the public free of charge starting on Tuesday Sept. 27, 2016. The classes are separated into three different levels — beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Reviving the Johnson Reeves playground in an at-risk neighborhood was his baby.

They tell us it’s staying in your own lane.

We’re going to get them on 92.1 FM talking together in one lane for two hours.

Romero, Kappeler and Cummings side-by-side, or as they say in baseball, back-to-back-to-back.

With Buena Alex calling on the phone, saying, “I don’t have the answer.”

The JC Penney building on N. Laurel Street has been sold.

S.R. Riley’s on E. Commerce Street is being remodeled to open as a Mexican eatery.

Romero knows someone interested in buying Angie’s Bridgeton Grill.

Romero for the next Bridgeton mayor.


Why Bridgeton?

  1. Of the 6,182 households in Bridgeton, 26.3% had a female householder with no husband present.
  2. 26.6% of the population living below the poverty line, of these, 33.3% are less than 18 years old.
  3. 77.4% graduation rate of students, with only 17.4% of graduates attending a four-year college or university and 34.4% attending a two-year college.
  4. 28% of the students attending Bridgeton High were suspended during the school year.

In addition to the very real needs presented above, there is also a great opportunity as the Mayor Albert Kelly of Bridgeton has put together a 15-point plan to encourage individuals and organizations to get involved in bringing about change in the city.

This plan was developed following two shootings in 2010. One of the main points of this plan is the Adopt-A-Block Program.

    1. Goals and objectives of the Adopt-A-Block program
      1. Involve 46 local churches
      2. Check out the needs
      3. Guide people to assist the smaller churches
      4. Deter drug and alcohol abuse
      5. Deter violence
    2. How to implement them
      1. Bridgeton Christian Ministers Association
      2. Evangelism
      3. Knock on doors
      4. Hand out literature
      5. Radio
      6. Follow up

We are excited that the city officials recognize the need for change and recognize the need for individuals to personally get involved and build relationships in order for this to happen.

A little history

June 23, 2014

In what Mayor Albert Kelly calls a “game-changing” partnership, Lowe’s of Millville, R&S Construction of Bridgeton, Ranch Hope and regional nonprofit Revive South Jersey came together recently for a volunteer effort aimed at rehabilitating the Johnson Reeves Playground in the city’s Milltown section.

“We are extremely fortunate to have corporate partners, community groups and volunteers who are willing to donate their talents and resources to make our city a better place,” Kelly said. “For this playground, it makes all the difference.”

The restoration of Johnson Reeves Playground is a multiphase effort that will include a new entrance, playground equipment, basketball hoops, soccer goals and other improvements with the goal of opening a restored park for the Milltown neighborhood and providing organized recreation activities for children.

The June 6 kickoff was made possible by Lowe’s, which donated $1,500 in roofing materials, flowers and mulch, as well as nearly a dozen store volunteers to lend some muscle.

“We’ve done several community projects in Vineland and Millville, so we were delighted to come to Bridgeton” said Lowe’s manager Frank Vegliante said. “Lowe’s does a number of projects to give back to our customers, so we welcome these kinds of opportunities” Vegliante added.

Bridgeton-based R&S Construction volunteered to provide technical expertise and equipment for a roof replacement at the playground clubhouse.

“When the city called asking for help on the project, we wanted to participate,” said Sangeeta Scott, company president. “We care about Bridgeton. It’s where we live and work, so we did not hesitate to volunteer”

While volunteers from Lowe’s and R& Construction labored on the roof, Ranch Hope Independent Living Program Coordinator Doug Cooper supervised Charlie Pitts and Reed Francis as they cut weeds, removed limbs and trimmed grass throughout the playground.

“Ranch Hope’s Independent Living Program is a real opportunity for our youth,” Cooper said. “TD Bank provided $10,000 in funding to Ranch Hope to make this program possible, and the result is that we can give them hands-on experience and a resume, while helping communities with projects like this.”

Bringing the whole effort together and coordinating the volunteers was the work of Revive South Jersey, a nonprofit group partnering with churches, businesses and other organizations to strengthen families and communities throughout the region.

“We’ve done a lot of work in Bridgeton over the months, including a weekly program of lessons, activities, crafts and games with the children at Bridgeton Villas Apartments,” said Jon Cummings, executive director for Revive South Jersey. “The Johnson Reeves project is right in line with what we do, which is focused on strengthening individuals, families and communities.”

— Daily Journal

We forgot to salute super children’s teacher Deanna Speranza-Murphy on the show today, and we’re going to set aside time every time she wants to call for her take.

“Love the idea of the library going to the Sheppard House!

“Maybe we should have 2 locations. I don’t think you can have too many libraries!”

— Deanna Speranza-Murphy

“Jack Hummel, we can try to help ourselves the best that we can, but in the end, the government supersedes!

“But God has the final say. I believe this is a part of the end of times (my beliefs as I was taught at a very early age by my grandfather, who was a Baptist preacher).

“Like I said, God help us all!”

— Tammara Tammi Williams

What if he’s already here?

“I’ve decided I’m not going to drink the Yuengling. Taking the high road and making the tough decision with the things you love is what makes or breaks leadership.

“We’re going to have integrity and dignity and we’re going to do the right thing always.”

— Jim Cook Jr.


“While I agree we all should take a stand for what we believe in; think of ALL the companies, CEOs, manufacturers, etc., that haven’t openly stated an opinion on any topic that is very close to you.

“There are thousands of ‘conservative value’ businesses/moguls out there. It’s all well and good to end you support for one based on their publicly stated positions; however, if you take a close look at the companies behind the brands you buy you’ll find many of them support people or ideals you’re against.

“For example, Proctor & Gamble, one of the largest presences in a grocery store world wide makes things like Charmin, Tide, and Gillette are very much a right leaning conservative funding corporation.

“Not to mention the number of companies who’ve been complicit in aiding terrorism, weapons proliferation, or a myriad of human rights atrocities the world over.

“I apologize if this sounds reductive because it’s not meant to, but to stop drinking a beverage over their vocal support for a political candidate seems frivolous to me when I am fairly confident we all go complete unaware to the fact that we’re giving our money to companies that do far worse.

“You know I respect you, Jim, and trust your judgment, intelligence, and opinion so please don’t think this is an attack in anyway. Just my 9 a.m. soapbox moment is all. Hugz!”

— Myki Quinn

We’re bragging about the number of lives saved by Narcon?

Where is the treatment?

Send 100,000 troops to Mexico and help that country wipe out the vicious drug cartels that kill the children and grandchildren of people opposing them.

Show no mercy.

Who’s high at Campani’s Legacy Lanes.

High Scores wk of 10/17/16
Monday Mixed
Chris Huntley 238-229-230 697
Bob Dubois 224-201-234 659
Fred Kendall 189-247-212 648
Brian Shiflet 237-211-177 625
Harry Weeks 216-158-246 614
Tuesday Mixed
Brian Shiflet 219-300-247 766
Dave Zieger 200-246-279 725
Nate Langston Jr 207-202-197 606
Bridgeton Church
Pete Sams 191-233-186 610
Golden Age
Charlie Brown 162-230-167 559
Roe Gresmer 159-152-178 576
Coffee and Donut
Angela Hess 182-150-144 476
SJ Industrial
Al Pierce 278-232-277 787
Mark Couch 223-246-264 734
Tyler Shumate 269-185-280 734
James Messeck 258-275-191 724
Dave Hemple 257-242-223 722
Dave Williamson 266-237-201 704
Roger Estlow 226-248-214 688
Mark Kazoaka 258-204-226 688
Dave France 212-206-266 684
Dean Gaines 226-216-218 660
Ray Mooney 256-201-200 657
Dave Zieger 255-231-167 653
Ron Wilson 223-257-169 649
John Muffley 162-227-255 644


Presented by the Cumberland County Historical Society

No other Christmas tour can duplicate the historical warm coziness that Greenwich offers!

You are free to stroll on your own and participate in any or all of our timely seasonal events throughout the day.

Sunday, Dec. 11, noon to 5 p.m.

Admission $15 (Children under 12 free)

Free parking.

Tickets available on the day of event at the doctor’s office on the grounds of the Gibbon House, 960 Ye Greate St., Greenwich, NJ 08323 and Morris Goodwin School, 839 Ye Greate St., Greenwich, New Jersey 08323.

Queens are going to be on 92.1 FM Saturday, Nov. 19, at noon to spend 45 minutes talking about Project Thanksgiving that collects turkeys at supermarkets for the hungry at Thanksgiving, then they’re going out to those ShopRites to greet you wearing their tiaras.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: We have the brains to fix education and the local economy in Bridgeton.

Bondi, Kott headed to 92.1 FM; Flashlight corn maze at Amish Market; Jorje Romero talks like a mayor; Batman goodbye Sunday at 7 p.m.; Three downtown properties updated; Bridgeton Christmas House Tour; Johnson Reeves playground; Mayor Kelly’s 15-point plan; Deanna likes pop-up library at Sheppard House; Campani’s Legacy Lanes; Greenwich Christmas House Tour

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