$1,000 price tag for Century Bakery info; CareCredit for that ER doggie bill; Jonas King big at Amish Market; Eat with Dave Rogers at UD Fire Co. No. 3 Sunday morning; Cat agony; Bid farewell to Batman; Bridgeton Library in Sheppard House; Romero, Linen and Schuelke on 92.1 FM?


The column that says, in order to end the rumors, we will tell you who is taking over Century Bakery if you give us $1,000, and, remember, we never said they were “closing next week” and we never said owner Wayne Ernst was going away. We made it very clear it would not be until next year.

By Jack Hummel

Radio: 92.1 FM WVLT Saturdays noon to 2 p.m.

Email: jhummel9794@gmail.com

Phone: 856-237-6645

U.S. Army: RA13815980

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Good evening!

Did you know that CareCredit covers veterinary, cosmetic surgery, vision, hearing and, new, retail prescriptions, beauty, cosmetics, fitness, vitamins and supplements?

It gives you a chance to pay off an emergency bill slowly before any interest starts.

Need that crown from Dr. Sam Feinstein?

Put it on your CareCredit card today.

Need to rush Bowser to the emergency animal hospital in New Castle?

All you need is the $4 for the bridge and patience coming home if a weed candles truck catches fire on the bridge.

Call 1-877-293-0766 and see how much you qualify for.

That was strictly public service.

Had the truck been hauling dynamite, how long would the wait have been?

Actually, not that long because they could re-route traffic to two lanes of the other span.

You’re not old enough if you don’t remember taking the ferry from New Castle across the Delaware River and posing like George Washington.



Have you met Jonas King at the Greater Bridgeton Amish Market?

What a man!

He went from tilling the land until his back gave out into eventually being the second best thing that ever happened to Hopewell Township, after Maryann Bickings.

You know that the Amish Market pulled out of Vineland, and it will never return there because that is Amish law.

Jonas King is who has kept it together in Hopewell, although not an original investor.

He has the airy Dutch Family Restaurant where his family does the cooking and some of the waitressing, so you know it’s genuine Amish.

He also has the furniture concession that has grown from pieces hanging here and there on the wall to a full-fledged, expanded venue at the far end of the Red Barn.

Hand-crafted Amish pine furniture from Lancaster County first made famous by Country Crow right up the road. You can’t beat it for the money.

Open Saturday all day.

Dave Rogers is one of those grizzled firefighters who never saw a pizza he didn’t like and has hyped the Upper Deerfield Fire Co. No. 3 all you can eat breakfast twice a year.

It happens again this Sunday on Cornwell Drive across from the former inspection station that used to make you repair your truck when the floor under the front seat was rusted away.

“Thanks, Jack,

“Still waiting for you to come to the breakfast!”

— Dave Rogers



What the hell!

“Linda Mander‎, 19 Cape May cats need barns.

“Dire situation. Healthy.

“Will be killed if taken to shelter.”

— Gail Ward

“The people that drop these cats off should have to sit and watch them get euthanized so they know first hand what is happening.”

— Gary E. Meyer

Millville Community Cat Program

“I agree, and they should be made to see them, the babies,  with UR and their eyes infected, ruptured, etc., and all because they didn’t spay/neuter.

“How many took their furbabies even when it’s free with the Bridgeton grant? People get them as pets and don’t even take to vet for shots, and let them roam around outside.

“Makes me so angry and upset!”

— Gail Ward

“Come and join us at City Hall at 7 p.m. this Sunday to bid a final farewell to Batman.

“As Gotham Month comes to a close in Bridgeton, the city and Mayor Kelly will be sending Batman off to fight crime until next year. We will be announcing the winners and handing out prizes for the essay contest and the window display contest.

“Don’t miss your last chance to take a picture with Batman! We hope to see you there!”

— Steve Paul,

Bridgeton Main Street

Let’s hope Dave Price, the Bridgeton musician/newspaperman/teacher/wit who is now moving from Atlanta back to Washington, D.C., comes back home again to regale us with stories never told.

He’s writing a book on music history.


“Dear Patrons of the Bridgeton Public Library,

“As many of you have heard, the Bridgeton Public Library has been temporarily closed due to a water related emergency.

“BPL has partnered with Bridgeton Main Street Association to create a pop-up library at 31 W Commerce St. — otherwise known, as the David Sheppard House.

“Library services will be offered on a limited basis from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. in this location now. Books, newspapers and coloring material will be at this location.

“Wi-Fi will be available to library patrons at our main library. Feel free to use our patio and Wi-Fi at the main library.

“Staff members will also accept requests to be filled on a 24-hour basis, as possible.

“Thank you to Main Street and Rutgers University. Visit us in our temporary home or call 856-451-2620 for more information.

“Please spread the word!


— The Staff of the Bridgeton Public Library

Will storytime talk about the ghost in the attic?

Oh, yeah, she’s still there.

We want JRROTC Commander Sgt. George Linen on 92.1 FM Saturday at noon with guest Jorje Romero, and this is why:

A little history.

June 3, 2013

It started with the presenting of the colors.

It ended with loud applause.

In between, the Bridgeton High School Air Force Jr. ROTC program made a lot of parents, teachers, administration and themselves proud at Gia’s Suburban House Friday night.

It was their 11th annual military ball.

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world,’’ said Board of Education President Angelia Edwards, who has been the program’s biggest supporter.

The night was a display of precision, respect, confidence and leadership you wouldn’t expect of high school students.

Unless you know Air Force Tech Sgt. (ret) George Linen Sr. and his ability to draw success out of his troops.

Call her Mama Linen.

That’s what they all call her.

She is a dynamic woman who married a dynamic man.

Friday night, she told the story from the inside.

“The come in shy, develop leadership skills and leave here as great scholars,’’ she said.

She didn’t have to get involved while working in the guidance office at the high school.

“It’s a passion,’’ she said. “I can’t count the times I have cried.’’

She started a parents support group.

Bridgeton Jr. ROTC Commanders Shannakay Thompson, left, and Diana Sandoval.

“They’re my children and I treat them like my children,’’ she said.

So many good stories to tell.

“One of our kids was in trouble in school and his first speech told us about his life,’’ she recalled. “It turned him a round and he’s now serving in Afghanistan.

“He always calls us and says, ‘Mom, dad, if not for you, I don’t know where I’d; be.’

“When they smile, I smile.’’

Last year, the program ran short of funds to go to the nationals despite a myriad of fundraisers.

When Board of Education President Angelia Edwards heard that, she vowed it would never happen again.

“Yes, now we have a place to practice (when it’s cold),’’ said Mama Linen, “and money is not a problem anymore.

“They’re working on getting everybody into the program who wants to get in.

“The kids want it.’’

She said her husband speaks to a lot of groups and churches.

“Me, I want to work behind the scenes,’’ she said. “Bless it forward.’’

She formed a parents support group.

“We’ve had cooperation from a lot of parents,’’ she said. “Yes, they’re there. I’m seen them’’

Her husband calls her a dynamic woman.

Clive and Juanita Thompson, of Cedarville, are on the parents committee.

They’ve bought in big time watching their daughter, Vice Commander Shannakay, mature into a leader.

“Yes, she’s sharp,’’ said Clive. “Yes, I knew she would do this well. She learned from her sister, Angel, who graduated in 2010.’’

She’s going to be a doctor.

“She was a shy girl and now her face lights up when she talks about Sgt. Linen,’’ said her mother.

She’s going to be an anesthesiologist.

Shannakay said all the things he likes about the program, then realizing it’s coming to an end, broke down.

The next day, there would be a new commander.

“Bridgeton High School is a very good school,’’ said Clive. “It has very good teachers and a very good superintendent and a very good principal.

“You have to show the students the way.

“You have to trust in the teachers.’’

“Never put kids down.’’

Mayor Albert Kelly showed his support.

“This is great,’’ he said. “I appreciate the students who took up the challenge of ROTC. I was in ROTC in college, so I know what it takes. It shows here in the city of Bridgeton that we have students willing to do this.’’

Edwards called it “a beautiful program. I’m always here to support the sergeant (Linen) and the children in any way I can.’’

The POW/MIA ceremony built around an empty chair and a small table reminded all “to remember.

“It is set for one and occupies a place of dignity and honor …

“The chair is empty. They are not here.’’

Commander Diana Sandoval broke down announcing that during the trip to Washington, D.C., a flag was flown over the Air Force Memorial on May 18 in honor of Sgt. Linen’s “dedication.’’

Added Sandoval, “We could never give back all that they have given to us.’’

Eight members of the ROTC program going into the military were honored along with their mothers.

— nj.com

And we’d like Mike Schuelke on, too.

A panel discussion.

YOU CAN BOOK IT: And with a phone call from Buena Alex.

$1,000 price tag for Century Bakery info; CareCredit for that ER doggie bill; Jonas King big at Amish Market; Eat with Dave Rogers at UD Fire Co. No. 3 Sunday morning; Cat agony; Bid farewell to Batman; Bridgeton Library in Sheppard House; Romero, Linen and Schuelke on 92.1 FM?

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