Making good time goes up in smoke; Once-a-once coming; Prizes for an NFL win; Shep gifted; G0 see ‘The Birth Of A Nation’; Midget Sophomore Thunderbolts standing tall; Where is teacher support?; Michael Mickey Williams and crack


The column that says interstates are great until an accident happens and traffic backs up for one hour and you wish you could hire a helicopter and see just how far the line stretches down I-95 on a Sunday night.

By Jack Hummel

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Good evening!

Sorry for being late!

The Eagles defeat the unbeaten Minnesota Vikings AND quarterback Sam Bradford, and that sets up a divisional showdown next week with Steve Lane’s 5-1 Dallas Cowboys, with rookie signal callers going mano a mano, or is that once a once?

The Cowboys have the best offensive line in football.

You’re drinking free coffee today.

In Atlanta, in every quarter the Falcons  score, you get $40 off a set of new tires — $160 in a big win — and if they win, half off a Papa John’s pizza.

In Denver, the day after a Broncos win, consumers in the Denver area enjoy a free small cup of coffee at Conoco gas stations, a free donut at King Soopers supermarket, and 50% off at Papa John’s with the code “BRONCOS.”

The day after a Broncos kicker successfully kicks a field goal of 35 yards or longer, Jack in the Box tacos are 35¢ (maximum: 6 tacos), and the day after the Broncos score three or more touchdowns, Arby’s roast beef sandwiches are $1 at participating locations in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska.



Too late!

“It’s the weekend at the Bait Box!

“Ray has some great special dishes this weekend.

“Fried Mahi Nuggets appetizer and Salmon Cakes Entree. Save room for Pam’s desserts. Personal favorite is the Fruit d’sloop with the homemake apple crumb Jim Beam topping over ice cream. Yum!”

— Jeff Guiliani

“If you have not had the opportunity to see the movie, ‘The Birth of A Nation,’ you are cheating yourself.

“Our past must be dealt with, not spoken about in one cold month, but every chance we get. In order for us to overcome the negative side of our history, we need to dialog the subject.

“I know none of my friends that are not of African descendants had nothing at all to do with slavery. If you could just imagine telling a Jewish American to ‘Let it go. Get over it, you are living in 2016.’

“Just imaging saying the same thing to me. My grandfather who served in WWII and Korea, he is the grandson of a slave. So that makes me third generation military, my sons and daughter fourth.

“We also third and fourth generation FREE. I voted last week. Need I say anything else.

“Every year of my daughter Mary’s life, she has stepped into the voting booth and cast my votes with me. This year, unfortunately, she will cast her own vote.

“She is excited and saddened at the same time. I voted for my grandfather, John Jessie, my hero. He left Alabama and moved to New Jersey so we could be who we are today.

“I love you, Granddaddy. I hope Heaven is everything I believe it to be.”

— George Linen



George Linen is absolutely one of the best things ever to happen to us, and to your kids at BHS.

“Come out and support the 6-0 MILLVILLE SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL (8- & 9-year olds)
on Sunday, Oct. 30, at 1 p.m., at 2 Sharp St., behind Lakeside School.

“A lot of people are on here just to hear negative things about our town, but forgot that it’s a lot of positive things that get looked past like Millville Midget Football.

“This program sent off a lot of kids to Division 1 colleges for academics and athletic scholarship. Also, we saved a lot of youth from the streets.

“We’re workin’ over here, and just need more support from MILLVILLE.”

— Willis Woody Humphries


Can you say Ryquell Armstead?

“There are so many good teachers out there doing a great job with very little support anymore!”

— Deanna Speranza-Murphy

Just love all our friends out there who keep saying we are great, like we’re the ones who made it so, so long ago, and we don’t see it slipping away.

We’re hanging the teachers out to dry.

“Why, when believers are going through something, do they stop going to church?

“When I was on crack, my mother used to say, just don’t stop going to church, Mickey, the WORD will WORK.

“I went to church CRACKED OUT OF MY MIND. My focus was and still is on the WORD, not people.

“I think we are too concerned about what people are going to say.”

— Michael Mickey Williams,

Minor Adjustments

A little history
Jan. 12, 2015

A graduation ceremony for a dozen inmates soon to get out of South Woods State Prison was held Friday morning at Kintock House.

It’s an eight-week course called “Minor Adjustments” created by Michael “Mickey” Williams Jr. and his wife, Lernell.

The residents all got certificates.

But there were no gowns, no hats, no graduation pictures.

No pomp and circumstance playing in the background.

This was graduation from one failed attempt at life hopefully into one of success.

“We gave them wrist bracelets that read, ‘Do You Have The Heart of a Champion?’ and ‘My Purpose is Greater Than My Struggle,”’ said Williams, who spent 20 years as a drug user from Atlantic City to Bridgeton.

They all wanted a third bracelet, one saying, “Anywhere But Backward.”

The phrase is the exclamation point on Williams’ speech he gives at graduation.

“You are somebody! You are unique! You are special! You possess the heart of a champion! And you are willing to go anywhere … but backward!” he screams.

And the crowd goes wild.


Some told Williams he helped them mature.

Some said he made them not to want to come back to jail.

“They all gave testimony,” said the author of four books on his climb out of the drug abyss. “And they jotted down the things that stuck to them.”

One broke down.

The 90-minute classes are held once a week.

“It’s our aim to try and take the brokenness that people sometimes feel or have inside due to being in incarceration or in rehabilitation and use it to push them into something greater!” stressed Williams.

“I tell them that my focus is to get them motivated. But motivation is only the start. It’s dedication that keeps you going.”

Dedication is an “inside job.”

This latest group to a man said they wanted to get out of jail and go teach others and try and help them, said Williams.

“It shocked me,” he said. “They said, ‘I want to do what you’re doing. I want to come back to the jail and help others.”’

In order to do that, they must live a certain lifestyle to get cleared to do that, said the man who gives motivational speeches all over South Jersey.

The classes themselves don’t drain Williams.

“One of the men went through all eight weeks of classes and he did something wrong, got sent back and missed graduation,” he revealed. “That’s what drains me.”

Drugs ruled Williams’ life for 22 years.

After getting clean, Williams got on the phone with David A. Hadley Sr., pastor of Glory Tabernacle church in Bridgeton, telling him what he felt God wanted him to do was pick up a mop and broom and help keep the church clean.

Hadley, who eventually hired Williams as a paid employee, told The Christian Post, “He has been faithful to the church and whatever I assign to his hands to do. I thank God for what he’s doing in his life and I can use 10 more just like him.”

Now he offers hope for others.

“They believe that just because they committed a crime that they can no longer be successful,” Williams said. “They believe that just because they have a criminal history they can no longer live a productive lifestyle. They believe that because they have an addiction they cannot succeed. What we need to do is use people like me who have lived those same lifestyles to show those individuals that they can have hope.

“They need to know that their purpose is greater than their struggles, they need to know that they have the heart of a champion, and they must be willing to go anywhere but backward!”



YOU CAN BOOK IT: Some call it Heroin & Hallelujah Hour some Saturdays when we’re on 92.1 FM, and we love the title.

Making good time goes up in smoke; Once-a-once coming; Prizes for an NFL win; Shep gifted; G0 see ‘The Birth Of A Nation’; Midget Sophomore Thunderbolts standing tall; Where is teacher support?; Michael Mickey Williams and crack

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